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Create your own Smash Bros. Move set!

Character: Blue (Rainbow Friends)

Size: Ganondorf’s size
Speed: Has Incineroar’s speed
Weight: Around Ridley’s weight
Strength: Wario

Jab: Blue punches 2 times before using both hands
Up tilt: Same as Squirtle (Pokemon Trainer)
Down tilt: Same as King K. Rool, only this time he uses his hands
Side tilt: Blue swings his hand
Neutral air: Blue spins while his limbs are all spread out
Forward air: Same effect as DK’s
Back air: Blue throws his crown
Down air: Stomps his foot downward
Side smash: Blue does a single punch
Up smash: Same as Mario
Down smash: Same as King K. Rool
Dash attack: Blue charges at the opponent before falling over, as if he tripped on something

This next one will involve the other rainbow friends

Grab: Blue will grab with one hand
Pummel: He pummels by punching
Forward throw: Green slams the opponent before throwing them
Back throw: Orange bites the opponent then tosses them behind Blue
Up throw: Blue does an uppercut
Down throw: Purple drags the opponent into the ground

B: Blue creates a puddle from his drool, this puddle will act like the banana peel item slipping anyone who stepped in it (this doesn’t affect Blue) only 1 puddle can appear at a time. If you use this again the previous puddle disappears Blue will also have to wait for a few seconds before he can make another puddle
Side B: Same as King K. Rool
Up B: Yellow flies down and carries Blue (but due to Blue being a heavy character Yellow can only fly a short distance before he drops Blue)
Down B: Blue does his jumpscare

Final Smash: Blue charges forwards and anybody hit by him will be pulled into a cinematic, It plays out with the opponent(s) in the play place with Blue running towards them, then the other rainbow friends join in and beat the living daylights out of the opponent(s) then Blue finally reaches the opponent(s) and knocks them toward a vent. Then the cinematic ends with Purple dragging them into the vent

Entrance: Blue bursts through the metal doors (the one you see at the end of the first chapter)
Up taunt: Blue turns into a cardboard version of himself
Down taunt: Blue tries to jumpscare someone but then they end up hiding in a box with Blue looking confused
Side taunt: A Looky appears right in front of Blue for a few seconds before rolling away (the Looky is different every time you use this)
Stage: Odd World
Victory Screen 1: Blue celebrates with a party hat on his head
Victory Screen 2: Blue joins the other rainbow friends for a party
Victory Screen 3: Blue sleeps on his throne with Red saying “Where’s Blue? we’re going to be late.”
Alternates: Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, Dark Blue (which is just Blue but his color got darker)
Kirby hat: Kirby has a crown on his head and also a button eye on top with some drool coming out
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Character: Dynamite Anton

Size: Wario's Height
Speed: Pikachu's Speed (Since Anton Blast is a Fast-Paced Game)
Weight: Wario's Weight
Strength: Kinda like Pikachu

Jab: Swings his Hammer Left and Right on his POV, and a Slam to the Ground
Up tilt: Swings his Hammer Upwards
Down tilt: A Roll
Forward tilt: Swings his Hammer Left to his POV
Forward aerial: A Kick
Neutral aerial: Does a Frontflip Along with his Hammer
Back aerial: A Backwards Punch
Down aerial: Goes to the Ground and Slams his Hammer to the Ground
Forward Smash: Slide
Down Smash: He Slams his Hammer to the Ground
Up Smash: He Swings his Head
Dash attack: Shoulder Bash
B: Explode Block Connected to his Down B (When Kirby Inhales him, his Down B will become his Neutral B)
Side B: Ball (Can Clutch With his Jab, Side and Up tilt, Down Smash, and his Neutral and Down Aerial)
Up B: Concrete Launch (Can find on Bolier City while preparing in happy hour)
Down B: Explotion Time (When he doesn't place a Explode Block, a Exploding radius will activate)
                        Stuff (I'm Tired to do this)
Up Taunt:
Down Taunt:
Side Taunt:
Victory Screen 1:
Victory Screen 2:
Victory Screen 3:
Kirby hat:
dynamite anton.jpg
Aight everyone knows this is never gonna happen but I'ma do it anyway

Character: Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
Size: Almost as tall as Terry
Speed: Almost as fast as Captain Falcon
Weight: Less than Mythra
Strength: Slightly more than Shulk with Buster Art (yes, I'm making Goku a class cannon, don't question my methods-)
Jab: Goku's light autocombo in Dragon Ball FighterZ
Up tilt: Flip kick
Down tilt: Goku uppercuts anyone in range (yes, his down tilt is an anti-air)
Forward tilt: Goku dashes forward before delivering a punch
Forward aerial: Double axe hand (spike) just like DK, only much faster
Neutral aerial: Goku shoots a fast-moving Ki blast diagonally downwards
Back aerial: Same as Marth/Lucina/Roy (I think that's it)
Down aerial: Goku slams into the ground (if any) at high speed
Forward Smash: Just a straight heavy punch
Down Smash: Creates stationary Ki blasts on both sides
Up Smash: A 2-hit uppercut
Dash attack: A mini-Kamehameha diagonally downwards stopping on platforms and platforms only (don't question my methods-)
B: Kamehameha (a projectile that can be charged and launches further at higher levels of charge)
Side B: Super God Fist (a dashing punch that travels a moderate distance)
Up B: Instant Transmission (teleport)
Down B: Universal Counter
Final Smash: Super Kamehameha (a powerful Final Smash involving a targeting recital)
Entrance: Teleports onto the stage with Instant Transmission and stretches. His quote depends on the enemy he's facing.
Against 3-7 others: "I got a feeling this is gonna take a while..."
Against Link and/or Mario: "Show me everything you got!"
Against Ganondorf, Bowser, Sephiroth, Dark Samus, King K. Rool and/or Kazuya: "It's too late for you to apologize now."
Against Luigi: "How 'bout I start this one?"
Against Shulk: "This guy's not gonna be easy to take down."
Against Ryu, Ken or Terry: "I'll put some effort into this one."
Against Hero: "You look kinda familiar!"
Against anyone else: "This'll be a good match."
Up Taunt: Goku stretches and says out loud that he's "ready to fight" (he's not lying)
Down Taunt: Goku looks like he's going to perform a Kamehameha, but instead confetti appears from his hands
Side Taunt: Goku spins his Power Pole (this deals damage)
Stage: World Tournament Arena
Victory Screen 1: Super Saiyan Goku's victory screen from Dragon Ball FighterZ (Quote depends on the enemy)
Victory Screen 2: Goku's victory screen from Dragon Ball FighterZ (Quote depends on the enemy)
Victory Screen 3: Super Saiyan Blue Goku's victory screen from Dragon Ball FighterZ (Quote depends on the enemy)
Against Sonic, Bayonetta, Rosalina, Ness, Pit, Mewtwo or Cloud: "Phew!"
Against Kirby: "Heh heh... I got you this time!"
Against Meta Knight, Zelda, Link or Mario: "You're really good. I'm impressed."
Against Shulk: "What, you're not gonna fight me at your best?"
Against Samus, Hero, Simon or Richter: "I came out on top this time!"
Against Mega Man: "Did someone bring you back to life?"
Against King Dedede, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Lucas, Wario, Ike or Joker: "Wow, you really are something..."
Against Young Link, Corrin, Yoshi, Toon Link, Ryu/Ken, Terry, Dark Pit or Lucario: "Quit playing around and hit me with all you got!"
Against Pac-Man, Zero Suit Samus, Pokémon Trainer, Greninja, Banjo-Kazooie, Incineroar or Diddy Kong: "I know you can do better than this."
Against Byleth, Mii Fighters, Pikachu, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Little Mac, Inkling or Snake: "Look at that, guess I win this time!"
Against Ganondorf, Bowser, Dark Samus, King K. Rool, Sephiroth or Kazuya: "Never hurt anyone ever again."
Against anyone else: "Low-ranker, elite, whatever. You can beat anyone... it's called hard work!"
Kirby hat: Goku's hair as a wig

That's all I got. Most of the inspiration was from DBFZ, so uhhhh yeah. I'm a bit of a DBFZ fan. Don't worry, I'm not obsessed. XD
Character: Lr. Ferroe & Super Bros

Size: Scribbles and circles
Speed: A bit faster than mario
Weight: Villager
Strength: the same as luigi and donkey kong

Jab: the same as luigi and donkey kong and ??? means nobody
Up tilt: ???
Down tilt: ???
Forward tilt: ???
Forward aerial: ???
Neutral aerial: ???
Back aerial: ???
Down aerial: ???
Forward Smash: ???
Down Smash: ???
Up Smash: ???
Dash attack: ???
B: ???
Side B: ???
Up B: ???
Down B: ???
Final Smash: a big and a lot of punches before a big metorite explodes
Entrance: scribbles in air become bigger and turn into Lr. Ferroe & Super Bros
Up Taunt: ???
Down Taunt: ???
Side Taunt: ???
Stage: Scribbledy Doppy Dot Oh-Oh
Victory Screen 1: Jumping and moving
Victory Screen 2: Jumping and moving
Victory Screen 3: Jumping and moving
Alternate's: ???
Kirby hat: no just no
Picture: https://imgur.com/YpK783i (imgur.com)

I would love this to be on melee
Character: Captain Mega

Size: Same size as Link
Speed: Same speed as Byleth
Weight: Same weight as Robin
Strength: weaker than Pyra but a bit stronger than Mythra

Jab: Punch (3 hit combo is punch, kick then an axe swing)
Up tilt: An upward axe swing
Down tilt: low kick
Forward tilt: Single axe swing
Forward aerial: Axe jab
Neutral aerial: Same as Mario's
Back aerial: Same as Mii Brawler's
Down aerial: Same as Byleth's
Forward Smash: Axe slam
Down Smash: Same as Byleth's
Up Smash: Upward axe jab using the blue part on the top of his axe
Dash attack: Same as Link's
B: Watery axe (Works same as Mythra's neutral B)
Side B: Surprising axe (works same as Ike's)
Up B: Whale buddy (Transforms into Ocean Conqueror Mega and uses a whale to swim upwards. Anyone close enough gets caught in the whale's path and damaged until the attack ends. When the attack ends, Mega transforms back into his regular self)
Down B: Calm mind (Basically a counter)
Final Smash: Sea King's wake (Mega swings his axe and anyone caught in the swing gets launched into the air and Mega transforms into Ocean Conqueror Mega. He then unleashes a 21-hit combo on anyone who got hit by the first swing)
Entrance: Mega enters as Ocean Conqueror Mega riding a whale and then transforms back into his regular self
Up Taunt: Mega spins his axe and points it in front of him in a stance.
Down Taunt: Mega laughs while facing upwards
Side Taunt: Mega points forwards and says "Bring it, Punk!
Stage: Egor Snowfield
Victory Screen 1: Mega Spins his axe and points it upward while cheering
Victory Screen 2: Mega swings his axe three times. The third swing is toward the screen. Mega then looks at the screen and smirks
Victory Screen 3: Mega bursts out of the ground as Ocean Conqueror Mega on a whale, points and says "Onward!"
Alternate's: Red outfit, Yellow outfit, purple outfit, white outfit, Green outfit, Black outfit, Orange outfit
Kirby hat: Mega's hat and eyepatch
Picture: (Captain Mega is this picture and Ocean Conqueror Mega is the picture at the bottom underneath this one)