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Private/Closed Danganronpa: Hopes Peak Academy Discussion

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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Hello! Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy, where only scouted talented students are able to participate in this school. More information will be provided once you reach the school's entrance ceremony.

WARNING!!! This RP WILL feature depictions of death, and will most likely have you kicked off the RP if your characters die. (Should clarify that if BOTH of your characters die, which is when you'll be kicked off) (Sorry, That's how Danganronpa goes :( )

Rules -
  • I don't wanna see any Makoto's or Hajime's in this RP. So please try not to make danganronpa protagonist style characters.
  • I do want each roleplayer to create TWO characters each, so that each person has a chance to stay in the RP. (Though that'll mean there would only be eight role-players.)
  • You can swear if you want, but no NSFW stuff.
  • You may use used talents (eg. Engineer, Mechanic, etc.) Though i would much more like it if it was original.
  • TWO characters per role-player please.
  • First come, First serve. You may reserve some spots though.
  • Have fun, and remember to fall into despair.
  • BTW, If you're gonna add some gory executions for your ocs, please spoiler it.
  • I might have to add extra rules if needed, but these are your current basis out-of-rp. I'll explain other rules in RP.

Character Bio -
Age: (15-17 please)
Ultimate Talent:

Roleplayers: ( 8/8 )
@Gold The Dragonite

And that's mostly all you need to know for now, If there are still questions you can ask in the discussion thread and i'll try to get back to you ASAP. A discord server will also be created for this (soon), so join that if you have discord for easier communication. Should also vote in the poll above on how many survivors we want when the RP ends.

Here's the discord link
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Our first two students of Hope's Peak Academy. i'm very excited to see everyone else come up with ideas for their characters

Name: Reimen Pokan

Age: 16

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Violinist

Personality: Reimen is a serious young man, only focusing on his goals and his talent. He dislikes talking with other people, and would much rather do his own thing. Even though his personality is like this, Reimen will normally be cooperative, and will help, if he deemed necessary. But he will ask questions if necessary to find a conclusion.

Appearance: Reimen is a 5'7 young man, with almost pale skin and a skinny body. His hair is golden yellow, while being combed nicely. He also has light blue eyes. His clothing is composed of a black suit with a red tie, with a white undershirt, while his pants are also black, like his shoes. He has a small suit pocket, which can fit small items inside.

Likes: Reimen loves to play his violin, and being in quiet places, as he feels more relaxed. He also likes to read books from time to time.

Dislikes: He hates loud places, and especially so if someone is a big distraction to what he is doing.

Backstory: Reimen was born from a family of musicians, His mother was amazing at the flute, while his father, the trombone. Both of his parents were working at a choir, which inspired Reimen to join a choir as well. He took up violin classes when he was in elementary school, where he shocked his class and parents at being naturally gifted at his now current talent, Ultimate Violinist. He practiced his violin, and only by middle school, Reimen was part of a choir, and given an award for it. He then was scouted by Hope's Peak Academy for high school, and clearly accepting it.

Name: Riku Ruimiki

Age: 16

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Vlogger

Personality: Riku is an upbeat, and exciting person, at first, annoying, but once you get to know him more, Riku is a well-planned strategist, and uses people to his advantage. Even if he isn't in a fight, he uses his wits and plans everything to mess with everyone else's heads. He also is an amazing liar, which he finds useful in some situations.

Appearance: Riku is a short young man, being only 5'1, which makes people think he is much younger than he is, except for his subscribers. He has a skinny body with white skin, with brown eyes. Riku wears a short sleeved shirt, which is colored green with a blue design on it. Above it he has a blue jacket, which doesn't have a design. He wears short brown shorts, with black rubber shoes.

Likes: Riku, being a vlogger, loves being the center of attention in the group. He loves to strategize his plans for anything, just to be sure he would be prepared.

Dislikes: Riku hates being alone, and especially so because of his childhood, and also hates dark places, shockingly. Plus, He hates being unprepared for situations.

Backstory: When Riku was born, his family was poor, and he had five other brothers and sisters. Two brothers and three sisters specifically. He was the middle child in the family, and wasn't able to go to school during his life. When he was only thirteen, he decided to leave home, and was a natural born comedian. He got a few thousand dollars from it, buying a phone and everything he would need for the time being. He started his Youtube channel, gaining a few million subscribers in only under a month, which gained him a lot of money. He was soon scouted by Hope's Peak Academy, accepting the offer, and became an official student.


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Mitsuko Taira
Age: 15
Ultimate Talent: Super High School Level Crocheter
Personality: Sweet and shy and most often alone, Mitsuko is very approachable. She tends to shy away from social contact, but if you engage her, she’ll give short, acceptable answers that gradually get longer as the conversation continues. Once she opens up she can be very excitable. However, Mitsuko is in possession of several mental health disorders, including bipolarity and extreme anxiety. She tends to assume the worst in every situation, either letting the weight of it crush her or thinking she can take on anything and getting hurt.

Likes: Wide open spaces (like outside), soft music, spicy food, summer
Dislikes: Small spaces, feeling trapped, people asking her about her work before it’s done, being interrupted, insects, being touched
Backstory: Living with parents who never seemed to get along was tough on Mitsuko. She learned quickly to keep quiet during the fights and just let them blow over. But in the calm moments, she couldn’t help but wonder when the situation would explode again. Mitsuko took to quiet hobbies, and tried to stay out of trouble, alone in her room most of the time. Unfortunately, this resulted in basically nonexistent social skills on her part. The only person who ever made Mitsuko feel welcome was her grandmother, who taught her to crochet. She took to this hobby almost instantly, falling in love with the yarn. Sometimes, people would make fun of her and call it a “grandma hobby,” but in her eyes if something was grandmother worthy, it was of the highest quality, so she took pride in it. Eventually she was scouted by Hope’s Peak, and she was already desperate for an excuse to get out of the house— she took the opportunity without a second thought.

Name: Tsuneo Asato
Age: 16
Ultimate Talent: Super High School Level Mountain Biker
Personality: Tsuneo acts tough and puts on a brave face for the sake of being “cool.” He prioritizes what others think of him above all else, which is both a weakness and a strength. He acts like a “gangsta” because that tends to be what people think of when they think of a biker, but honestly is just a guy with a mind for mechanics and the outdoors. He’s got a fair amount of imposter syndrome, a little afraid that one day a real “gangsta” will find out he’s not really as cool as he pretends to be. But when Tsuneo is genuine, he’s really a nice guy to be around, the type of bro-dude who would find a spider in his bed and leave it there, then sleep on the floor so it could have privacy.

Sports (especially biking), early morning weather, windy days, people, sweets, animals, surprises
Dislikes: When it rains, being manipulated, spicy foods, things that are too complex mentally (especially math)
Backstory: Tsuneo led a fairly average life, keeping good relationships with his parents well into his teen years without neglecting his peers. He made a close circle of friends on the mountain biking team of his middle school, and they’d been basically brothers since. They all tested for their motorcycle lessons together, and at some point they all had matching pompadours, though Tsuneo looks back on that fondly and thinks, man, I’m never doing that again. They were a group of misfits and wannabe-gangsters, but they were tight. Tsuneo almost declined Hope’s Peak’s invitation, since his “gang” wouldn’t be able to come with him— but a few of them put their heads together and managed to sneak in his acceptance of the invitation without his knowledge. Tsuneo wished his friends could come with him, but they were all supportive of him going, so he concluded that the coolest thing to do was to just go, and make his bros proud.
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Name: Miyuki Gima
Name: Miyuki Gima
Ultimate Talent: Lucky
Personality: Miyuki is a very intelligent girl who struggles with anxiety causing herself to be too nervous to talk and scared she will embarrass herself if she speaks or says something stupid, so she caused herself on accident to have selective mutism. Miyuki wishes she were able to just talk to people and she is very, very sweet but always seems to just freeze up if she tried to talk so she just stopped. Only talking to those who she is very close with. But she does wish she could just get over this and talk for once without freezing up. Appearance: Miyuki has long blond hair pulled into two low ponytails by two clover-shaped hair pieces. She has pale skin with two green eyes. Her outfit consists of a white shirt with two puffy sleeves and a green lace collar with a green ribbon. She wears a brown skirt with two brown straps over her shoulders. Her socks are white with green lace at the top of them. Her shoes a black mary janes, with a four-leaf clover as a button on them. She has a white and black bracelet with a Maneki Neko charm. She also has a black cat earring and a white cat earring. Miyuki is fairly tall standing at 5'7 and is skinny.

Likes: Cards. Any kind! Your average playing cards, tarot cards, any type of card, and she probably has it! She also likes cats and collecting things that seem to bring luck, even if it's from another culture. Creating things mainly little sculptures with objects or mini contraptions. Also likes the colors Green and brown.
Dislikes: On the other hand, Miyuki doesn't really enjoy board games that involve luck because they feel too easy for her. Do you really expect someone who has good luck to enjoy luck-based games?
Backstory: Miyuki was born into a family that made a lot of money, which meant they were reasonably wealthy. Miyuki went to school as most kids do and had amazing grades her only issue being that she had anxiety and stopped talking when she went to started school. Miyuki was very sweet and liked helping when she got the chance it was just, she couldn't talk. Her parents tried to help her talk in school, but they never could. But other than that, inconvenience she enjoyed school and gained a skill in creating things and playing cards. Miyuki was also incredibly lucky and when she was in middle school her mother gave birth to a little girl, Miyuki's new little sister. And a few years later Miyuki was suddenly sent a letter from Hope's Peak! Good luck had seemed to bless her

Edited Miyuki's personality and backstory

Name: Yoichi Akagi
Age: 15
Ultimate Talent: Parkour
Personality: Yoichi is a chaotic boy who basically has the brain cells of a carrot but is very athletic. He is a reasonably nice guy but can seem stupid and weird. He enjoys playing a good joke or prank in good fun but can sometimes go too far.
Appearance: Yoichi's hair is orange with a purple beanie resting with bright gold, pink and white pins. His right eye is yellow, and the other is the same purple as his beanie. A pair of black round glasses rest on his nose. His jacket is yellow with multiple pins like the ones on his hat. He has navy knee-length shorts and tennis shoes; one's top is yellow, the bottom is purple, and the other is the opposite, but they both have pins. He's kind of short

Likes: Sports, parkour, swimming, anything that involves athletic stuff. Collecting pins, music, pranks, jokes. Purple and yellow and other stuff.

He also likes ballet, but he doesn't enjoy sharing this .. (ballet is impressive, though ..)
Dislikes: Math, math, math, and math. also doesn't like anything that you need to be smart to do XD
Backstory: Yoichi grew up with his parents and his twin brother. He and his brother were complete opposites. While Yoichi was stupid, his brother was super bright. While Yoichi was super athletic, his brother wasn't aesthetic at all. But even though they were opposites, they found ways to get along, like playing video games pulling pranks, and cheering each other on.
Yoichi had done some sports for a while, mainly focusing on sports that included him using his body, and so for a time, he did some dance of all kinds! (like ballet) but soon, he found he loved doing parkour and was terrific at it and enjoyed it. And while later, he was scouted out by Hope's Peak Acadamy. He wasn't keen on going because Yoichi would be away from his family and brother. Still, his family said he should go for it and that it would be okay. And so begrudgingly, he excepted.
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Greetings, friens
it is i, your local absentee RPer <.>
I have graced schoolamogus- uh, I mean this Dangonranpa RP, with my presence.

bios are here for thine reviewing pleasure

Name: Maira Arvich
Age: 16
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Herbalist (she knows a lot about anatomy/medicine, especially from a naturalistic and herbal standpoint. If there's an ailment, she probably knows a plant for it. Capable of performing first aid on fellow students, and possibly at aiding in identifying the time and cause of death if it isn't immediately obvious.)
Personality: Maira is a kind and gentle soul. She loves flowers and spending time outside. She tends to be a bit of a mother hen to anyone that isn't in top shape, but she's quite bubbly and cheerful with her friends. At least... she is when she isn't surrounded by possible murderers. In a more hostile environment, her normally bright disposition may quickly fade into despair...
Appearance: Maira is very slightly tanned from all the time she spends outside. Her hair is auburn-brown, and her eyes are a calm green. During the day she wears a neat white button-up collared shirt, a short pale green tie, khaki pants or a forest green skirt, and occasionally a thin, dark green jacket. At night she usually changes into either a long, loose dress (light blue with embroidered flowers) or goes straight to her fluffy pajamas, soft to the touch and striped with shades of soft violet and lavender.
Likes: Plants, nature, helping others, chatting with friends, and reading fantasy novels.
Dislikes: Germs, being lied to, horror stories.
Backstory: Maira was raised mostly by her grandmother, who was very traditional. She knew everything there was to know about the plants everyone else considered weeds, and she often helped local families when one or more of them fell ill. Eventually, though, the grandmother herself fell sick, and her herbs couldn’t help her. She was a tough old lady, but she wasn’t the same after she started to get better. She couldn’t do much for Maira anymore, so Maira helped her instead. She started to drop her studies in favor of caring for her grandmother, but when the latter found out, she put a stop to it. She told Maira to focus on her education instead, and Maira couldn’t bring herself to go against her grandmother’s wishes. Eventually she was accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy in Japan, and soon found herself saying goodbye to her grandmother...
Quite probably for the last time.

(The power of Kindness shines within her soul, and the earth once lent her its strength. Should the fates be merciful, perhaps she will not again watch her best friend die... even if it means she is the first to go.)

Name: Tesaki Hayawaza
Age: 17
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Sleight-of-Hand (Due to a hobby of magic developed since a young age, he's become an expert at manipulating things on his person and moving his hands with blinding quickness. Although he needs props to perform some of his tricks, he can still easily pull a quick move on someone to leave them bewildered.)
Personality: Tesaki is comparatively calm and composed. He's quite perceptive, and since he doesn't talk much when he's not performing, he tends to pay a lot of attention to the voices of others; both words and tone. As one of the elder students, he'll sometimes take charge if he sees the situation calling for it, but he'll often defer to another who may be more suited to the task at hand.
Appearance: Standing around 5'10, Tesaki has a slim build, long fingers, and pale grey eyes. His short black hair is usually neatly parted and combed. He wears black pants, plus a white collared shirt buttoned all the way up along with a black vest and a red tie, giving him a very showmanlike look even in casual situations. Although the long sleeves of his shirt look relatively tight, they're surprisingly loose, allowing him to stow away small items quickly.
Likes: Magic tricks, juggling, macaroni and cheese, rabbits.
Dislikes: Camping, people seeing through his magic tricks and pointing out the secret mid-show, trains.
Backstory: Enjoyed magic shows since a young age, tried some tricks himself, kept practicing and developing skills until he was performing in actual events around the country. Made some money, but more importantly got scouted by the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy.
Other: Has a severe peanut allergy.

(Rising anew like the dawn, with flashes of color and brilliant flair... but the sun must always set, and leave the earth cold.)
Name: Akayuki Shirogane
Age: 16
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Puppeteer (He has knowledge of all different kinds of puppets, and how they are used, Normally, and their materials to make said puppets, along with strings, which he could identify if someone was strangled for death cause)
Personality: Akayuki is a shy young man, known to keep to himself, although he is like this, he is also known to show hatred towards those who hurt his friends. The young man will stop at nothing to see a downfall of those that hurt his friends.
Appearance: Akayuki is about 5'9", on an average frame, he is commonly seen, if ever outside of uniform, a red coat, with brown undershirt, and black pants. He is known to carry puppet strings one would use to control puppets. He has medium length brown hair, tied back in a small ponytail, and green eyes.
Likes: Puppets, his friends, and an in between from social to loneliness.
Dislikes: people Hurting his friends, those that aren't them selves.
Backstory: Akayuki was born to a small family in the middle of Northern Japan. They were known to make Dekus (in The literal sense, wooden puppets). He was fascinated with them since childhood and learned about them, their materials and other things about puppets. Between his studies and his puppets, he was in a very busy life. He then was accepted to Hope's Peak Academy on his talent and is currently preparing for the studies offered there.

Name: Airi Wataru
Age: 17
Ultimate Talent: Herpetologist (Knows everything there is currently to know about Reptiles and Amphibians, could be useful if someone sets a venomous snake or a Toad to kill someone, to identify if a poison or venom was used from said animals.)
Personality: She is a bit of a Bookworm, but is not known to show her knowledge unless it may be useful. She is a calm soul, but, can be fearful if someone close to her is in Danger. She is open to try new things, like school, and new foods, as long as they don't use Amphibians or Reptiles, like Frog legs.
Appearance: Airi has red hair in a bun, her hair would go to her hips if undone, and is wavy when undone. She stands about 5'10" on a slim frame, there are various scars from being bitten by various nonvemonous Reptiles and Amphibians. Her brown eyes have a shimmer to them if a reptile or Amphibian were to be in her line of sight. She also wears thick leather gloves, used in handling more venomous animals in case they bite.
Likes: Reptiles, Amphibians, People
Dislikes: Getting Injured, losing the ability to do her research, or someone stealing her pet.
Backstory: Airi was born to two zoologists, who were working on specializing in Herpetology, she was always interested in snakes and other Reptiles, from when she was young, her studies were done homeschooled, her grades were great, but math was tough, other than that, she did well, she has visited a few Zoologist events and some other things relating to Reptiles and Amphibians. Her overall grades was what got Hope's Peak Academy to notice her and she gave some back and forth with her parents, and eventually was allowed to apply, but the school ended up scouting her instead, to which her parents accepted. Two years before the school year, she had gotten a hold of a Hog-nosed Snake, named Kuro.
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Danganronpa RP? Say less. I'd like to make a reservation and also ask a question: can someone choose not to tell the others their Ultimate Talent?
While I’m not the RP Leader, I’d guess you could certainly at least not tell your talent in-character. You might have to put it on your bio, though, or just DM a full version with your character’s ultimate to Koru. :)

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Danganronpa RP? Say less. I'd like to make a reservation and also ask a question: can someone choose not to tell the others their Ultimate Talent?
in-character, yeah that's alright. will still need to know the ultimate talent in the bio though

They should be ready soon, maybe some point today if I have time, Ive been busy these last couple days- Sorry for the wait-
cool! we should be starting soon anyway, since ive been drafting a post since yesterday
Ok, I finally got some stuff done- They made be rushed, and I was too lazy to type appearances so I just used gacha for it, but their done- So enjoy these two I guess-

Name: Hiroto Chihiro.
Age: 15.
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Blackmailer.
Personality: Hiroto is shy and quiet. He doesn’t like speaking up, and he prefers to hide away. But, if someone approaches him, he’s really gentle, still soft-spoken, and optimistic. He’s a bit naive, and he acts innocent. But, the innocence is a bit of a ruse. He’s pretty cunning and intelligent, but he hides that. He’s always paying attention to his surroundings, and he doesn’t stand for any evilness. He isn’t above blackmailing anyone he sees fit, but he always makes sure he has a valid reason to do so.

(Credit to Gacha Life.)
Likes: Reptiles.
Dislikes: Loud noises.
Backstory: Hiroto was the generic shy kid growing up. Nobody suspected much of him, and he knew it. He noticed from a young age that no one paid much attention to the fact he was there. And he began to use that to his advantage. He’d collect information just by eavesdropping, and use it against anyone he thought deserved it. He ended up getting treats and payment to stay quiet, which he’d turn and share with other people like him that often got the short end of the stick. As he grew older, he found it easier to ask people for information as well, and he got better at searching the internet for social media posts, and even learned some basic lockpicking and hacking to snoop around easier. He would then use any information he needed to blackmail as usual. This gave him his talent, and got him scouted as the Ultimate Blackmailer.

Name: Daishi Hideya.
Age: 16.
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Calculator.
Personality: Daishi is a pretty calm individual. He’s brave and optimistic. He has a bit of trouble picking up on social cues, but he tries his hardest to be welcoming and sweet to people during conversation. He comes off as a bit awkward and nervous at times, but he’s usually a nice person to hang out with. He stands up for anyone, even if he’s on the wrong side at times. He may be clueless, but he’s loyal, and once he bonds with someone he’s a friend for life.

(Credit to Gacha Life.)
Likes: Grapes.
Dislikes: Sharks:
Backstory: Daishi honestly didn’t have an overly exciting childhood in the slightest. He grew up in your average middle class neighborhood as an only child, went to a decent elementary and middle school, had a handful of friends. The only unique thing about him? He’s pretty much a human calculator. He noticed that after being taught to count, add, subtract, etc, he could do any equation in his head a lot faster than the other kids. The same thing happened as he was taught multiplication and division. Adults noticed pretty fast after, that if you showed Daishi how to find an equation, he could do any form of it in his head, no matter how complex or difficult, in a matter of seconds. He was given the title of the Ultimate Calculator. He was scouted by Hope’s Peak because of this talent.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Alr, poor unsuspecting sadistic soul here to definitely not submit Chihiro with a vengeance and necessary food related student

Edit: Edited backstories

Name: Kasai Kazuhiko

Age: 16

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Hacker (Prowess in coding, computers, and hacking)

Personality: A very intelligent yet stuck-up child. Despite not having much athletic prowess, Kasai makes up for it with his perceptiveness and determination. He enjoys bragging, but is surprisingly sensitive. Kasai is able to keep a steady mind and prefers to be alone. He is best described as a coward: as soon as he sees danger, he's running the other way with no regard for the people he may be with.

Appearance: Kasai is very pale and skinny due to rarely going outside, and is somewhat short at 4'9. He has short, purple hair and purple eyes with bags under them. Wears a blue hoodie and jeans with sneakers. Wears blue light glasses as well.

Likes: Computers, the dark, sleep, coding, video games

Dislikes: Running, animals, insults/criticism, loud noises, sunlight, height jokes


Growing up, Kasai lived with his single mother, who was struggling to take care of many overdue payments.

With her mother's vast knowledge of hacking, she stole a sizeable sum of money from a bank as a last resort. When he was old enough, Kasai was given his own laptop and was taught coding as well as hacking, because it was "a very powerful tool," quoting his mother. This went on for a few months, in which Kasai had gained quite a lot of experience in a short period of time. However, before he could learn more, the bank had found out about Kasai's mother's theft. She was arrested the following day. With his mother's quite shady operations, she hadn't had any family or friends wanting to take custody of Kasai. He was taken into a foster home that did treat him quite well, but he was too distraught to notice. With not many friends, his mother was the only thing he had, and now she was gone. It disgusted him, how a woman was taken away for stealing such a small amount of what they had. Since that day, he had devoted his life to taking down large companies. It certainly wouldn't be achievable, but he did make good progress, selling a lot of company data without being undetected while getting quite a lot of money. Eventually, he targeted Hope's Peak Academy. Kasai had somehow gotten through their incredibly strong firewall. Before he could access any more information, his laptop crashed and didn't seem to turn on anytime soon. A few days later, Kasai was found by Hope's Peak Academy, and instead of arresting him, they wanted to give him a second chance. And so, the reluctant Kasai accepted and became a student at Hope's Peak Academy.

Name: Anzai Arisu

Age: 17

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Baker (food made by her tastes great; doesn't apply to drinks)

Personality: Anzai is someone who nearly always tries to keep a positive mindset. Although a bit naive, emotional, and distractible, with a clear mind, Anzai can actually be very perceptive and has a great memory. She's easily influenced by food and loves to bake. She's a friendly and forgiving person who can act quite childish if she doesn't get her way.

Appearance: Anzai is 5'4 tall, has tanned skin, and is average weight. She has medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a mole on the right side of her mouth. She wears a white, sleeveless shirt and a cyan skirt, though it's not very noticeable from the front due to her black apron that seemed to disappear after entering Hope's Peak. Anzai also wears a pair of green and white earrings, and a white ribbon.

Likes: Food, exercise, nature, positivity, also food, baking

Dislikes: Stomach-aches, rude people, loud noises, loneliness, writing, cleaning, lying, arguments

Backstory: Anzai was born into a struggling family that refused to give up on their mostly failing restaurant. At a young age, she was subjected to mainly cleaning, which she grew to hate quickly, and this happened for most of her life. Anzai's parents weren't the nicest to her, with her failing grades and constant failures when given any task. As she grew older, Anzai took an interest in cooking. However, she wasn't given the chance as her parents didn't take her seriously. This was until her mother was diagnosed as terminally ill. There wasn't much Anzai's father could do; her mother handled most of the cooking, and without her, they would surely go out of business. Before he could give up, Anzai proposed the idea of her cooking. Running out of options, he had allowed her to, and to both of their disbelief, it went incredibly well. They got more customers and more attention, but with their opening and closing times revolving around Anzai's schedule, they were only open for a short amount of time. Her father had pressured her into dropping her studies altogether, but before Anzai could consider, she was scouted by Hope's Peak Academy and accepted the offer.

Other: Anzai's allergic to pineapple.
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Name: Eri Nomi
Age: 16
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Fantasy Author
Personality: Nomi is a quiet person, preferring to keep to her books. She is very sensitive and tends to avoid conflict at all costs. Heck, she is actually a pacifist who will only use self-defense to get away from her attacker. Despite being quiet, Nomi isn't shy. She just doesn't like to speak unless she has something to say. Or she is caught up in another world in her head. Or she is going over how realistic a scene that she is working on really is. Or she is reading. Basically, if she has something to say and she isn't distracted. It doesn't help Nomi is also soft-spoken as well, half the time people not hearing her. This doesn't discourage her though, nor does she care. Nomi also finds fiction to be mandatory, as she adores escaping into a fantastical fantasy. There is a way to get her to talk a lot though, talk about books, or especially fiction. Nomi takes things quite seriously, despite being so focused on the fictional world. Nomi is also a perfectionist and will not reveal her projects to anyone unless it is perfect.
Appearance: Nomi is pretty pale, contrasting with her long dark hair. Her bangs cover her left eye. She also has a braid to help keep her hair out of her face while she writes on the left side. She also has some of her hair in a tie on the left side. She has soft blue eyes and a gentle smile. She wears a white button-up covered in a black formal jacket with gold highlights around the collar. It also has golden buttons. She has a large red bow tie that flops down. Her jacket is fully buttoned up most of the time, making her seem extremely formal at all times. Her jacket also has pockets, but Nomi hardly uses them. Nomi has a pleated skirt that stops three-quarters down towards her knees, the skirt sharing the same color palette as her jacket. She wears black loafers with white socks that stop at the start of her shins.
Likes: Escapism, fantasy, reading, people actually listening to her, quiet
Dislikes: People looking at her unfinished work, real-life violence, real-life death, people not listening to her, people disregarding fiction.
Backstory: Nomi as a young child always liked to read. It was how she connected to her father, him being an avid consumer of fantasy novels. She quickly consumed the reading material that she could actually read, and she desired more. She started writing her own stories. While it wasn't what one would see on a bookstore shelf, nor was it considered amazing, it was certainly a good start for the young six-year-old writer. Her father eagerly read her books, always telling her what a great job she did and giving her tips on how to do better. She eagerly took his advice and always tried to read the more advanced books.
One day, however, this dynamic had changed. On his way home, her father was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He died in the violence. The young girl, now eight, was heartbroken. She blamed the violence for his death and believed that violence in the real world was always wrong. Though she was very accepting of it in books, especially when there were clear heroes and villains. After the incident, she dove deeper into her writings and reading, it becoming an obsession of hers. At the age of 12, she first published a book, and a year later she was a best-selling author with many positive reviews. She personally saw over the English translation of her novels and now has two series that she is actively working on. While her releases are a bit slow to her audiance, she claims she is faster than most other authors that are not actually a bunch of ghost authors under a single pen name.

Name: Kaori Nakayama
Age: 15, 16 in a month
Ultimate Talent: Ulitmate Dog Trainer
Personality: Peppy and seemingly always in a good mood Kaori is extremely patient and never seems to anger. She says this is because dogs feel our emotions and feed off of them. While being energetic, she seems to be able to turn this off suddenly, claiming that working with dogs for so long made her realize just how much energy we feed them. She firmly believes under the right conditions, anyone can change and she is a strong supporter that a person's environment and upbringing matter more than their genes in personality, just as she believes that to be the case in dogs. She also often says that all bad dogs have a bad owner and that when a dog acts out, it should be blamed on the owner, not the dog. She is a strong believer in positive reinforcement. Kaori often refers to her friends as a pack and is adamant that alphas are those who care for their family and friends, in other words: pack, not creeps talking about being dominant.
Appearance: Kaori has red hair that is tied up into a ponytail with a blue bow that has white paw prints on it. She has a minor tan and stands at around 5'5, or 152.4 cm. She is average weight, having an athletic build. Kaori wears a light blue, almost white, button-up short-sleeved shirt that is tucked into a black pleated skirt that goes halfway down to her knees, some black shorts under the skirt, just in case. She also has a bright blue fanny pack on her hip, filled with treats, a clicker, and various other items a dog trainer would need. She also has knee-high socks with some nice-looking tennis shoes. She also has a black tie with three blue pawprints in a diagonal line coming from the bottom left of her tie, one big one sandwiched between two small ones. Sometimes she properly wears her black blazer, but she often ties it around her waist, claiming that it's too hot or that it is limiting.
Likes: Dogs, walks, the outdoors, good pet owners, other animals, and good food.
Dislikes: People who abandon their pets, especially dogs; people who disregard a dog breed as violent; bad owners; and animal abuse in general, dog shows that only care about the breed of dog and what they look like
Backstory: Kaori was raised around dogs and doesn't remember any time without one of her precious pooches. From an early age, she started growing interesting in training them. Not because she desired control or power, but because she wanted to help dogs who were deemed unsuitable for homes, most of her inspiration coming from the large population of dogs in shelters and dog shows. Around the age of five, Kaori started going to dog training seminars. Though she quickly surpassed them at the age of seven, so she improved all on her own. It really helped that animals, especially dogs, naturally gravitate toward her. At age 13, she decided to start training other people's dogs, stating that she eventually wished to be paid for it. Her services were sought after across the city she lived in, though it was not as public as many other people, it was certainly enough to draw the attention of Hope's Peak.
Pet: While Kaori has many dogs, all rescues, she only brought two with her to the school. One of which is a Chihuahua she was actively working on rehabilitating due to multiple behavioral problems. He is a deer-head long haired red and white chihuahua named Kataro. She also brought with her a fully trained Lagotto Romagnolo to help with the training of Kataro. The Lagotto is a female on the smaller side of the breed, being 15 inches. She is an orange and white dog, having yellowish-orange markings all over her coat. Her name is Nami.

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