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Ask to Join Demon Slayer AU RP

Discussion Thread-https://pokecharms.com/threads/demon-slayer-au-discussion.21570/
The bright wisteria trees were an eye sore to Jiyuna as the their bright colors stood out from the usual dark he'd seen in the last 7 days of the selection. Two creepy children who looked blankly at the other demon slayers. "Congratulations on passing the Final selection." The two girls congratulated the remaining demon slayers. The 2 girls at the same motioned towards a table with rocks on top. "(Please come over here and choose what ore you'd like your blade to be made of." The two girls explained speaking as one." Jiyuna went to the table and examined the ores and chose the biggest rock as due to him using 4 blades it would be best for him to pick the biggest ore. "It will take bout 2 weeks to make the blade so wait patiently for it to come." The two girls in unison explained.