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Distorted Cityscape


Resident Furry
It has been centuries since Humanity disappeared. To this day, we still don't understand why. Many of their ruins have been explored and documented. Most of them have been lost to the ages, and along with it, any knowledge they once had. The rest have been preserved as places of study, but we have learned all we can from them. It seems that shortly, progress may come grinding to a halt.

But that might all change. Recently, rumors have come in of a city on the edge of the known world. A city like no other, in a state of preservation unprecedented in modern history. The secrets it holds could propel us far into the future. If we could only find the city!

And now, we have. No one knows it but us. It has only been told to a select few people. We are to be the first. It will save our reputation. It will save our Guild. People will one day talk about Blairsville again. Don't you want to be a part of that?

Now then, let's be a bit clearer. This is a PMD RP. We have ourselves a failing Exploration Guild, that of Blairsville. A small fishing town, Blairsville was once the center of the push westward into a new continent. For many years, it thrived. However, as the edge of the know world pushed further and further inland, Blairsville lost importance. Nowadays, it rarely even sees use as a port. The Blairsville Exploration Guild, once the most important on the continent, has dropped to a record low in membership. It is likely that the guild will not survive another five years.

That could all change now. One of the Guildmaster's old associates has located a fabled lost city of the Humans. He has told no one but the Guildmaster. This could be a chance to restore the honor of the guild, and save it from sure destruction. There was no time to waste, the entire guild was scrambled into action. It was a grueling two weeks of travel, but they have finally reached the city. This is where our RP will begin.

Beware! With the night, the real adventure will begin, as our guild finds themselves lost beyond space and time... in Giratina's prison, the Distortion World.

Liam: Scrafty, Guildmaster. Controlled by Rex.
Belle: Gligar. Guild's Second-in-Command. Controlled by Rex.
Andy: Mienfoo. Medic, closest the guild as to a scholar. Controlled by Rex.
Cyrus: Sneasel. Guild recruit. Controlled by Rex.
Dylan: Oshawott. Guild recruit. Controlled by Rex.
Shaun: Buizel. Guild recruit. Primary character controlled by Rex.
Tyler: Cyndaquil. Guild recruit. Primary character controlled by Rex.

The rules are simple.
- You can have one to three Pokemon characters. Either basic form, of second form of a three stage line. You can try for a third stage or a second stage in a two stage line, but if I don't like your justification I will veto it.
- Please note that your Pokemon can only use moves that they can learn naturally, be tutored, or gain as egg moves. No TMs or HMs. Please be reasonable about what they know, as well. I don't want to see Charmanders shooting out Inferno left and right.
- All Pokecharms PRP rules apply.

If you're interested, please fill out the character for below. I'll be making one for my own characters as well.

Name: (Please have a name.)
Species: (Self explanatory.)
Gender: (If genderless, what they identify as.)
Personality: (I understand if you prefer to show rather than tell, but at least give a little.)
History: (Not much required here, just a little about them. If you're trying to justify having a third stage, here's likely where you ought to do it.)
Identifying Marks: (If they have anything that sets them apart from normal Pokemon, be it clothing, tattoos/markings, scars, or anything else, here's the place to talk about it. Be reasonable about it. Some odd color markings are fine, as are some slight variation in hue, and, of course, Shiny coloration is available within reason, but let's keep the golden Infernapes to a minimum.)

Note for Mods: Stel has given us permission to make use of Giratina in this Role Play.

Shiny Motley

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Name: Kira
Species: Luxio
Gender: Female
Personality: Though she's easily irritated and has a competitive streak, Kira is also very easily frightened by the smallest things and thus tends to rely on her partner a lot. She doesn't talk a lot, though when she does, expect a lot of snark or criticism.
History: Having grown up with parents who were explorers, Kira has long aspired to be one herself. On the day she joined the guild, however, a pesky little Noibat fluttered down onto her head and wouldn't leave. Due to a mix-up, the two became partners, and she's been stuck with him ever since.
Identifying Marks: Wears a dark red bandanna around her head, to protect herself from being scratched by Bruce's feet.
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Resident Furry
Name: Liam
Species: Scrafty
Gender: Male
Personality: Overall friendly, but at quick to anger when his orders are defied. He has a fairly laid back approach to running his guild, delegating most of the day-to-day tasks to his second-in-command. Prefers to think about long-term accomplishments over short-term goals.
History: Liam is the latest in a long line of guildmasters. He signed up for the guild when he was a child, and was teamed up with the associate that would later bring the lost city to his attention. While his partner eventually left the guild, he stayed on, his loyalty granting him the slot of Second-in-Command when the spot became vacant following the retirement of the then current Guildmaster. He stayed on as Second until the new Guildmaster retired as well, at which point he was granted the spot of Guildmaster. While much older than most of the other Pokemon in the guild, he is actually one of the youngest Guildmasters Blairsville has seen in generation.
Identifying Marks: Red bandanna tied around his left arm.
Name: Belle
Species: Gligar
Gender: Female
Personality: Something of a workaholic, Belle is the one who keeps the guild running on a day-to-day basis, organizing jobs, stocking the larder, screening applicants (though she rarely gets a chance to, these days.), you name it, Belle is probably the one who does it. As such, she is quite concerned with the here and now, not bothering herself with the future. She can be a bit oblivious to the emotions of those around her.
History: Belle never really had a partner in the Guild. She signed up alone, and did most of her jobs by herself. While she was undoubtedly good at it, she often found herself staying at the guild more often than not, helping Liam with whatever jobs needed done while he was Second-in-Command. When Liam was promoted, he dragged her up along with him, seeing as she already had the experience.
Identifying Marks: None.
Name: Andy
Species: Mienfoo
Gender: Male
Personality: Warm and friendly, Andy is something of the 'face' of the guild to newer members. He has a generally quiet demeanor, though a lot to say when he gets going. He has something of a crush on Belle, though she hasn't noticed.
History: Andy is one of the few members to have been around when Liam was still Second-in-Command. As such, he has quite a bit of experience over the newer guild recruits. His friendly nature thus means he is often the first Pokemon new recruits approach with problems. More of a scholar than a fighter, Andy is highly interested in old human cultures and ruins. He is versed in Unown writing, and, as the guild lacks a proper medic, makes use of human medical ideas such as bandages, splints, and balms to help injured recruits as best he can.
Identifying Marks: A pair of glasses somehow perched on his muzzle, and a red bandanna around his neck.
Name: Cyrus
Species: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Personality: Aloof and self important. Cyrus's ego hides an honestly helpful and perceptive nature. He's something of a gloryhound, though, and has turned several Pokemon away from working with him due to this.
History: A relatively new recruit to the Guild, Cyrus is descended from a somewhat famous explorer. However, bearing his mother's species has left something of a negative mark on him, his attitude making matters even worse. He joined the Blairsville guild because it was lead by a fellow Dark Type Pokemon, but quickly found that Liam would not tolerate his shenanigans. As such, he has come close to being booted from the guild several times.
Identifying Marks: Red bandanna around his neck.
Name: Dylan
Species: Oshawott
Gender: Male
Personality: Highly curious, and optimistic to a fault. Dylan always tries to find the best in someone. As such, he is one of the few that can stand working with Cyrus, though some of the Sneasel's more negative traits occasionally rub off on him.
History: Blairsville born and raised, Dylan was always enamored by tales of the guild's glory days. When most of his peers left town to find greener pastures, Dylan remained, and signed up for the local guild. This expedition will be his first trip to the "outside world."
Identifying Marks: None.
Name: Shaun
Species: Buizel
Gender: Male
Personality: Something of an oddball, Shaun moved to Blairsville only recently. He is friendly enough, though he seems to take things a bit too literally. Quite bad with money, he tends to buy things compulsively. Rumors abound that he's on the run from something, and his lack of desire to speak about his past only feed into this.
History: Shaun showed up in town one day with nothing but the clothes on his back. It didn't take much to get him to sign up for the guild, where he was paired up with Tyler following the sacking of the Cyndaquil's former Partner. The two get along well enough, though Tyler does most of the talking.
Identifying Marks: Cross shaped scar on his back, between the ovals. He also wears a pair of fingerless gloves and foot wraps.
Name: Tyler
Species: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Personality: Easy-going and personable, Tyler is a shining example of what a Guild Recruit should act like. Unfortunately, this often results in the other guild members making use of him to run numerous errands, some more demeaning than others. Attempts by Shaun to stop him from doing this are ignored.
History: A Blairsville local, Tyler and his best friend, a Sableye named Kevin, had high hopes for joining the guild. They did so as partners, and for a while it went well. However, the regimen proved too demanding for Kevin, and the Sableye's tendency to goof off resulted in him clashing with Liam. Eventually, the Scrafty sacked the Sableye, leaving Tyler partner-less until Shaun showed up. They were paired together by Tyler's insistence, and the two have done well together.
Identifying Marks: None.
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Name: Bruce
Species: Noibat
Gender: Male
Personality: Pretty irritating and generally extremely talkative, he's more than happy to fly ahead faster than Kira can run and defeat weaker enemies just to annoy her. Despite his size he's surprisingly tough for a first stage Pokemon, possibly due to being a late evolving species
History: Bruce was alone for a lot of his life. His parents raised him for a time, but when he was old enough to be survive alone, he set off to find adventure and Pokemon to annoy. He would eventually find himself landing on the head of a Luxio entering an Exploration Guild so he may have a conversation with her and being named her partner.
Identifying Marks: Wears a dark red ribbon tied tightly around his left leg so it does not trail.
Name: Terence "Terry"
Species: Teddiursa
Gender: Male

Terry is eager to explore new areas. Growing up in the small town of Puddlepoint, he wants to learn more about the world around him. Terry is a loyal and reliable friend and is always eager to help someone out (even if they don't want it). Terry's best friend is Marin, a young Wingull he grew up with who stayed behind in Puddlepoint. But if something is bothering or wrong with him, the young Teddiursa probably wouldn't address it thinking he'd be an inconvenience to others. Terry is also very good at climbing.

History: Terence grew up in a small forest town called Puddlepoint. He doesn't remember his parents, his mother died when he was young and he knows nothing about his father. After his mother's death to an illness he moved in with his best friend Marin.

Identifying Marks: Terry wears a dark red vest with a small nut pin pinned into the side.


Resident Furry
Sign ups to this RP are closed. The thread has already been posted, and it is impossible to work more characters in at this stage.