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XY/ORAS Singles Doublade Dilemma!


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From the moment I saw Aegislash, his stats and how he functioned, I've wanted one and the time has finally come in my game to evolve my Doublade into Aegislash... but I've hit a small rock, one I hadn't even considered. Right before my Honedge evolved, I received an Eviolite which sparked me into looking at Doublade's stats.

Doublade - 59 |110|150| 45 | 49 | 35
Aegislash [Shield] - 60 | 50 |150| 50 |150| 60
Aegislash [Sword] - 60 |150| 50 |150| 50 | 60​

So now... I can't decide on which to take.
Doublade will not hit as hard, but will also absorb damage much better overall, while also not being required to use King's Shield in order to re-activate its defenses.
Aegislash will hit like a truck and take hits far better on the special side, but can make less use of Gyro Ball and I'll be one moveslot shorter on it than I would Doublade, while also being tied down to the PP limit on King's Shield.

I simply cannot decide which to use as my Doublade has great IVs, and even though I'm using it in-game right now, I had hoped to take it compy afterwards. It's relaxed nature and I'm looking at one of the following two sets for it:

Aegislash @ Leftovers [probably]
Relaxed Nature
252 HP / 252 Attack
- King's Shield
- Swords Dance
- Sacred Sword
- Shadow Claw

Doublade @ Eviolite
Relaxed Nature
252 Attack / 252 Defense [may blend some HP into this, but would need calculations to know for sure]
- Sacred Sword
- Shadow Claw / Shadow Sneak [to set up and then Kill switches like Gengar/Zam]
- Gyro Ball
- Swords Dance
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I have an Aegislash as you have it above (neutral nature and meh IVs though) and it seems to do a pretty good job at the Battle Maison. I have found being able to sword dance in shield form works quiet well. I can't speak much to the Doublade @ Eviolite though. Or real world battles lol.


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I can't see Doublade's Sp.Def being good enough to warrant using an Eviolite set over Aegislash, especially with its HP stat being so low as well. Also with Steel/Ghost being nowhere near as good a defensive type combination as it would have been last generation, I'd stick with Aegislash unless physical attackers are really bothering you.