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Private/Closed Duelist Kingdom 3 Beta Experiment

Psycho Monkey

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You all know what I mean. The title isn't permanent so we can come up with a better one later when it actually comes time to start this thing.

As participants already know, this RP is a brand new experiment that will combine traditional posting on the forums with posting realtime on chat to hopefully streamline dialogues and battles. Waiting weeks at a time for group interactions to actually yield results tends to be the major slowing point of RPs which can lead to their untimely deaths before we ever make it out of the first act. If this new and untested concept works, then we'll integrate it more often.

As for the plot we'll be attempting to pull off, basically what we've figured out so far is that some rich dude somehow gained control over the Unown through some arcane voodoo so now he thinks he's Arceus. Like all rich people, Not!Pegasus decides to flaunt his money and power by hosting a Pokemon Tournament for the strongest Trainers in the world to battle it out for his entertainment. Once the final eight are chosen things really get weird as combatants are dragged into the Unown Realm to fight. Things are bound to get messy and we still haven't figured out just how far down the rabbit hole we'll be plunging.

The existence of this discussion is basically to consolidate what we know we're doing to keep things organized and for posting character bios.

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I figured it was about time to re-write this character, as before she was a bit too much of an emo self-insert and didn't even have that much of a proper backstory. Though she still has a bit of a tragic past, she's not going to let that stand in her way.

EDIT: Stel has approved her Megazard-X, and as such it has been added as a spoiler in Charles' backstory.

Name: Ame Wyxm
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pallet Town
Age: 25
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Clothing: She has a silver monocle over her left eye. Often wearing a long black trench coat, Ame also has black pants and combat boots most of the time, and often a green t-shirt. On special occasions, she has a green and white dress reminiscent of a Gardevoir.
Identifying Marks: Scar over her right eye, which is prosthetic.
Musculature: Petite/slim.
Personality: Ame is often calm and collected, and in fact it is very difficult to anger her. She's not especially good with social interaction, but she shows a fierce loyalty and devotion to the friends that she has made.
Skills: Excellent sense of direction and knowledge of most of the Pokémon regions. She also has latent psychic abilities that work better the closer she is with a being.

Past: Her parents had very lucrative jobs as college professors, her father teaching during the day and her mother teaching at night. As such, she had a very educated upbringing and got to know a lot about the Pokémon world. When she turned ten, her parents gave her a very special birthday gift that they had saved up a lot of money for: A rare yellow Charmander that she named Charles. Spending a lot of time with her new companion, she started to feel like she could read his thoughts, and that she could project her own into his mind as well. Her parents noticed her seeming to just stare at her Pokémon for hours on end, so they took her to see a medical specialist. After undergoing many tests, it was found that Ame had some form of ESP that she had developed, activated by her bonds of friendship.

Knowing their child had psychic powers, Ame's parents encouraged their young child to go out on her Pokémon adventure, secretly a bit afraid that her powers would extend to humans as well. Their predictions soon turned out to be true, as whilst Ame was travelling and making human friends, she often found herself slowly able to read their thoughts as well; though it wasn't as fluidly as it seemed with Charles. The Charmander had a deep trust for his Mistress that only grew more with the years she spent in the Kanto region honing her battling skills. Ame still checked in with her parents every so often, both of them slowly adjusting to the reality of their child's abilities.

After around five years of training and beating all eight gyms, Ame thought she was ready to take on the Indigo League. It turned out she was ill-prepared, as she lost after only the second round of match-ups. Disheartened, she found herself wandering about Kanto until she met a woman named Morgan. Having heard of Ame, Morgan said that despite the failure at the Indigo League, she was impressed by Ame's knowledge. She offered Ame a research position at her company, which she refrained from naming outright. Still a child and thrilled at the opportunity to prove herself, Ame agreed eagerly, unknowing what plans Morgan truly had for her.

For another few years Ame performed her research duties until she became the age of eighteen. Having fallen in love with Morgan and blind to not being able to read the other woman's thoughts, Ame was eager to impress Morgan. The other woman seemed to be willing to give her that opportunity, and Ame became slowly horrified as Morgan introduced her to a tortured Ralts that Morgan wanted her to run experiments on. Outright refusing, she found herself caught off guard as Morgan drew a knife and stabbed Ame directly into her right eye. Despite the agonizing pain, Ame's adrenaline pushed her back to her feet as she grabbed the Ralts and released Charles, then a fully-fledged black Charizard. Running as fast as she could with Charles providing literal fire support, she found herself and her companions barely escaping as the building blew up behind her.

Eager to escape Kanto for a while after this massive event, Ame went to the adjacent Johto region and laid low for a while. Once the incident was investigated, she was relieved to find out that no connection to her was left in the ashes, it being blamed on a rogue fire type. However, then reconnected with the outside world, she learned other troubling news: Her parents had died in a car crash; unrelated to the incident but still too fresh on her raw soul. Given a sizable inheritance, Ame decided to spend a few years by herself, not really interacting with too many people unless she absolutely needed to.

After she had finally processed the pain of her old life, she decided to leave it behind. She knew better than to blindly trust someone from that point on, but that didn't mean that she couldn't build lasting friendships with humans. Ame put herself back into training and started making a name for herself around the world as someone that was adept, often getting to the quarter or semi-finals of tournaments if not winning them. Perhaps that's why she found herself with a strange invitation to an exclusive event, run by some rich person she didn't know the name of. Despite her suspicions, some part of her felt that she needed to go... and now that she was experienced with her condition, she tended to trust her gut instinct.

Family: Father: Oliver Wyxm, Deceased. Mother: Naomi Wyxm, Deceased.
Love Relationships?: None at present.
Species: Charizard
Nickname: Charles
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Special Features: Shiny.
Personality: Loyal, vigilant, aggressive in battle. Extremely protective of Ame.
History: Given as a gift to Ame at a young age, Charles has been there with her through thick and thin. He is Ame's main method of travel around the Pokémon world and her most trusted ally. They have a deep, unbreakable bond, and as such Ame is able to fluidly communicate with him telepathically.
At the research facility, the tiny Ralts that would become Garazi isn't all that Ame grabbed on her way out. It was there she learned about the mystic secrets of Mega Evolution, and that in her insanity, Morgan wanted to test the powers of a Key Stone on a lower tier PokeMon that could perform such a transformation later on in their life. Ame stole the Key Stone in her rage, afterwards affixing it to a pendant that she constantly wore around her neck.

After the incident, Ame found herself doubtful of her psychic powers. The bonds that she had built with her PokeMon suddenly became uncertain, a large weight being put onto her shoulders as she realized that she couldn't even trust her best friend Charles. After doing some proper research, she found that Mega Evolution tended to happen through the bonds of PokeMon with their trainers, and as such made it a personal mission to find a stone that matched well with the Fire type.

So the search began, and her journey across the regions of the world started proper. Her trust in herself started to grow more with time until she finally let Charles back in after realizing how many tight situations he had saved her from. Their bond stronger than ever, she changed her mission to proving that to the outside world, finally travelling to the Kalos region where Mega Evolution was well known and famous. Ame searched the region thoroughly, even going through the league there and bonding with a new member of the team, but still found nothing in her efforts.

Eventually, she'd had enough and decided to put herself into a deep meditation with Charles by her side. She had him touch the Key Stone hanging at her neck, and when he did something inexplicable pulled at the both of them. Ame decided to trust her intuition that time and followed it to the Glittering Cave, where she ordered her Flygon to dig around in the earth beneath them, and she made that a routine for a good month. Almost ready to give up on the search after finding a whole bunch of other stones, Flynt popped up one day with something that looked similar to the Key Stone she wore around her neck.

Putting it near Charles, her heart thudded with a sudden rush of power through her mind. Startled, she dropped it, only for the large Fire type to pick it back up, at which Ame's heart raced as the pendant on her neck seemed to glimmer softly. She grasped it tightly and before her eyes his skin shifted an emerald green, his fire turning a bright blue that seemed to uncontrollably burst from the sides of his mouth. After it eventually faded and he returned to normal, she put efforts into researching exactly what he had turned into. She soon learned that it was called a Charizardite-X, and that he had changed into a Dragon/Fire type. Thrilled her search was over, she swore to herself not to use it too often, as their telepathic bond linked her to the strange and powerful rush that went through his body anytime it happened.

Species: Gardevoir
Nickname: Garazi
Gender: Female
Ability: Trace
Special Features: None.
Personality: Calm and reserved, this Pokémon often communicates with Ame through thought.
History: As the Ralts that was rescued by Ame from experimentation, Garazi feels deeply indebted to her trainer. As a psychic type, she is able to have a deep telepathic bond with her psychic mistress.

Species: Flygon
Nickname: Flynt
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Special Features: None.
Personality: Very happy-go-lucky. A source of good cheer for Ame.
History: Found as a Trapinch in the Hoenn region, he has been a long standing companion on her team, and as such is considered a good friend to Ame.

Species: Walrein
Nickname: Waldo
Gender: Male
Ability: Thick Fat
Special Features: None.
Personality: Very peaceful and content. Satisfied with his lot in life.
History: Caught as a Spheal after a long search in the caves of Hoenn, he has been a good addition to the team. His bond with Ame is very straightforward - she is his trainer, and he's fine with that.

Species: Roserade
Nickname: Rosemary
Gender: Female
Ability: Technician
Special Features: None.
Personality: Very shy and timid, but still friendly. She treats Ame kindly.
History: During Ame's travels in Sinnoh, Rosemary was caught as a Budew and has since traveled with Ame on her journey. She is still working on her bond with Ame, but is at least willing to communicate at times.

Species: Aegislash
Nickname: Aegleaca
Gender: Female
Ability: Stance Change
Special Features: None.
Personality: Lively, bold, and full of spirit. A bit cheeky, but still willing to listen to Ame.
History: Obtained as a Honedge in the Kalos region, this is one of the more recent additions to Ame's team. Nonetheless, being a ghost type gives her a unique insight on having a psychic trainer, and as such was the first to initiate telepathic contact with Ame instead of the trainer using her powers to do so.
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Name: Corene Delaunay
Gender: F
Hometown: Undella Town
Age: 20

Appearance: Corene has dark purple, frizzy natural hair, extremely dark-colored skin, and bright yellow eyes. She usually dresses in sweatpants and a hoodie, running shoes, and a bit of gold jewelry. She has a metallic gold smartphone-style pokedex with various battler enhancement addons for training.

Corene loves to battle and train pokemon, and that requires... a lot of scheduling and management skills, actually. Corene is focused and driven, always looking for new opportunities for her pokemon to learn new moves and strategies, and devotes as much as her time as possible to giving them time to learn and grow, including practice, tutoring, and necessary rest.

Skills: A capable battler with broad knowledge of pokemon attacks, techniques, and abilities, although less-popular, niche, or regional combinations would likely be unfamiliar. Can interpret the sometimes-arcane (read: boring) elemental underpinning descriptions of moves and techniques developed by professors and pokemon tutors to help pokemon learn new skills. Has a great deal of patience and discipline.

Past: Corene grew up in Undella Town, a bustling summer destination that's left somewhat sleepy and lonely the rest of the year. She became a junior trainer at age 10 but was more committed to the practice than many of her schoolmates, spending what seemed like all her time outside of school training her starter and first few pokemon. Some of her effectiveness worked against her, as some of her quickly-boosted pokemon returned almost immediately to the wild to show off their new powers to their lagging peers. However, she kept at it, and by 12 had obtained the eight badges of her home region, Unova. She kept at it despite her parents' protestations, finishing high school by 15 and heading out to catch more pokemon and compete at other regions' gyms, and finished the circuits in Hoenn and Kalos as well.

Family: Parents and younger sister.

Corene's pokemon have elaborate pedigrees*, the arcane efforts of breeders to pair and matchmake dissimilar pokemon, often bringing out hidden abilities and unusual techniques. Her team setup is somewhat unsentimental, but she has seen many pokemon come and go over the years as they have different motivations, goals, and moods, and these are some of the ones staying for the long haul.

Walks-with-the-Sunset aka "Sunny"
- Blaziken - F - Speed Boost - Pedigree: Persian/Rapidash minor parents
Twelve Camellias in Bloom aka "Bloom" - Greninja - F - Protean - Pedigree: Toxapex, Kecleon through Golduck/Walrein
Rockstar Overdrive 25-to-Life aka "Star" - Garchomp - F - Rough Skin - Pedigree: Druddigon/Dragonite
Falchion Gambeson Kirkwell III aka "Kirk" - Scolipede - F - Speed Boost - Pedigree: Ninjask/Yanmega
Magenta Magenta Magenta aka "Fab" - Clefable - M - Magic Guard - Pedigree: Blissey/Slurpuff
I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man aka "Uni" - Reuniclus - NB - Magic Guard - Pedigree: Muk/Chandelure

*The process of pedigreed pokemon being assigned names is somewhat antiquated; in essence, every registered pokemon must have a unique name. And... so.

hokay so here is Corene's mega stone backstory

1) She found a keystone by mapping previous keystone ore locations while she was helping a professor. It didn't make a nice pattern at all but there seeeeeeemed to be a bit of correlation with meteorite impacts (which was a problem because it [apparently] conflicted with the legendary pokemon lithogenesis theory, lololol). She took Star (Garchomp) and a couple other mineral pokemon and scanned a few sites mapping out energy densities and looking for keystone or megastone-bearing ores. She won't reveal which sites were a success but she got to keep a keystone as a reward for her work.

2) She applied for a Battle Bursary to purchase a Blazikenite at a huge discount from a professional organization supporting up-and-coming battlers. Easy peasy.

j/k everything was terrible

Sunny (Blaziken) couldn't use it and the pressure was on because if they didn't use the stone the organization would rescind the bursary and take back the Blazikenite for another trainer to use. Sunny started to have a Bred Pokemon Existential Crisis and worried that Corene would take her back and trade her in for a new Torchic. She got sullen and Corene got frustrated and that's the worst possible combination to try to do a mega transformation for the first time in. They tried to take time to relax and reset but a pall hung over the whole thing and the other pokemon got edgy too.

Finally Sunny went back to her breeder on her own and chilled with her extended family for a while, and Corene likewise went back to Undella Town. Both were nice getaways for a little while until both of them coincidentally started to chafe at their respective families' lack of ambition and expectation that they'd come home and lead more breedery/domestic lives. When they met back up they were able to bond over this and renew their commitments to pokemon training and battling, and Corene reassured Sunny that she wouldn't trade her away just because the mega thing wasn't clicking, all willing pokemon were welcome on the team.

They visited with a fire-type master to train and fiiiiiiinally got the mega to click after a lot of time and patience, and even then it was more work to get it under control, ironically because Corene and Sunny are well-matched-- too much energy was firehosing between them and it wasn't working at first as an instinctive reaction to protect them both from the bond.

Even now they're not sure they're quiiiiiiiiiiite in sync but it's close enough for jazz
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Magearna before it was cool
EDIT: With Stel's approval, I have added in key stone and Mega Aggron information to my character sheet.

Name: Wayland Sharpe
Gender: Male
Hometown: Driftveil City
Age: 26
Height: 6’1
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Black, with plentifully prominent grey and white strands
Eyes: Dark Brown

Clothing: He’s generally seen either in the conventional regional police uniform, or a simple civilian outfit consisting of a black and grey flannel shirt, and either black shorts or slacks, depending on the climate. No matter the attire he always wears his police belt, consisting of six Pokeballs fastened to one side, with a nightstick, handcuffs, and pepper spray on the other. His ID badge is tucked safely in his pocket for easy access if the need for it arises. His nightstick has a key stone embedded near its handle.

Identifying Marks: Aside from his prematurely graying hair, he does possess a few faded scars along his arms and face, small remnants of job-related incidents.

Musculature: Tall/well-conditioned

Personality: A firm believer in the ideals of law enforcement, Wayland is always keeping his eyes out for something amiss. Occasionally this seems to verge on near-paranoia, and it isn’t helped that he’s not the most extroverted individual. His trust can be difficult to acquire without a genuine effort, but he will nonetheless make a point to protect near-anyone from an egregious misdoing, to a fault. Make no mistake, pragmatic as he may be, he will ultimately not hesitate to risk life and limb for his principles.

Skills: His physical combat prowess is arguably on par with his training capabilities, both of which he has worked hard to excel in, with distinct tactical knowledge. He’s not an easy guy to knock down and keep down, and good luck outrunning him in a pursuit. He knows the Unova region like the back of his hand, and is quite familiar with Kanto as well.

Past: Wayland was born just north of the Unova region in a territory outside of any Pokemon League jurisdiction. As such, the training phenomenon wasn’t as prominent where he lived, with a lack of any organization to regulate battles or establish a ranking hierarchy. Still, as an outsider looking in, Wayland very quickly grew to admire the sport and the connections trainers so often seemed to have with their Pokemon. As such, when he found out his parents were moving the family south to live in Unova, Wayland was ecstatic, counting the days down to that glorious moment when he could legally obtain a training license and take on the Unova League as he’d so feverishly dreamed. Unfortunately, something would hinder that hopeful progression in a pretty nightmarish fashion…

One afternoon, when Wayland was 8, the Sharpe family had gone to Nimbasa city on vacation, a rare instance in which they could all experience a nice getaway. While strolling down the festive streets, a Drifloon floated near the young boy, who was immediately intrigued by the ghost/flying type, a supremely rare sight in a region so far from its native land. Unaware of the nefarious rumors that surrounded the balloon Pokemon, Wayland grabbed at one of its string-like hands… and it immediately latched onto him, managing to pull him away before his parents could notice he was gone. Wayland hadn’t realized he was being abducted until it was too late… and indeed, this wasn’t just the work of a wild Pokemon, but rather that of a trained one, with the trainer more than delighted to see the catch it had made.

The one responsible for the abduction had fairly prominent psychic abilities and, for whatever twisted reason, she had kidnapped Wayland for the purpose of raising a child of her own. With her abilities, along with those of her Pokemon, she managed to indoctrinate him into believing she had always been his real mother, and for the next two years, this façade continued uninterrupted. Much as one might expect, such an individual did not make the best parent, and Wayland’s desire to become a trainer, something that hadn’t been lost within his scrambled mind, merely grew to a desperate high. As soon as he had come of age, he pleaded to get the chance to leave the isolated house that had been his new home to register for the league, but his ‘mother’, knowing the child would ultimately regain his true memory if away from her abilities long enough, refused. Wayland wouldn’t take no for an answer, however, and a spark was lit within him, the start of a fierce determination that would define his future. One night, after having planned out an escape in secret for weeks, he set his plan into action, and ultimately, he was successful in freeing himself from his unbeknownst incarceration.

By the time he made it out of the forested land in which he had been kept and arrived in Nacrene city, the already-malnourished and exhausted Wayland started to feel the conflict of his memories begin, with ensuing confusion overwhelming him, collapsing onto the streets where he was ultimately found by passersby and hospitalized. When he awoke, he was asked his name; by this point, the memory of who he truly was had returned to him nearly in full, and he tearfully answered with the name he had forgotten was his own for years.

The authorities ultimately managed to bring Wayland back to his parents, still living in Driftveil as they had prior to his abduction, and though they were all beside themselves with joy to reunite, there was also the mutual desire to see the perpetrator who had nearly separated them for good be brought to justice… To Wayland’s immense frustration, the police were unable to track the woman down despite his best efforts of describing her and the location he had been in. Still, he wouldn’t let this hold him back from finally embarking on his training journey.

Acquiring an Oshawott from the professor in Nuvema Town, Wayland’s journey began… and fizzled out almost immediately. For whatever reason, whether it be the mental and emotional trauma he had experienced, a simple lack of understanding the intricacies of training, or some combination of the two issues, Wayland just couldn’t get his training career off the ground and returned home in short order, feeling rather understandably dejected.

Ultimately, when asked by his parents if there was anything else he felt was worth aspiring to be, Wayland thought back to the anger he had felt regarding the incompetency of the police force. With that thought, he realized he wanted nothing more than to bring about a change, to make it so no one else, human child or innocent Pokemon, would ever again experience the same nightmare he had, and to bring justice to the sick individuals who harbored such a despicable intent. As such, his parents enrolled him into a school specializing in law enforcement.

Years later, upon graduation, Wayland decided, before directly applying for the police force, he was going to give training one more shot. With more experience, a tuned mind for tactics, and a greater distance from that troubling time in his life, this second attempt was more successful by leaps and bounds. By the end of it, he’d acquired 10 of Unova’s league badges, and amassed a fairly impressive team as well, despite having limited himself to catching only three to accompany his starter. Despite having the capability to take on the league championship, he saw little need. The badges alone would be a fine resume.

Indeed, as he had suspected, he was brought into the police force without hesitation once his list of accomplishments and credentials were displayed, and he took to the policework like a basculin to water. Stationed in Driftveil, but often being called to work the busier streets of Castelia, Wayland and his battle-hardened party prepared themselves for anyone and anything to pop up. Most cases were fairy petty, even with his impressive skills, he was still a new recruit, but he was awaiting his chance for a big break… and ultimately his patience would pay off.

The Castelia Pokemon Center, without warning, had been hit hard by a criminal organization of disputable origin, the crew making off with a large supply of stolen inventory… and more distressingly, a fair number of stolen Pokemon as well. Interpol had intended to take this case as the criminal syndicate had fled the region, but Wayland voiced his protest. He made it clear to the agents that he wasn’t about to simply stand by and let outside forces handle a Unova case. Though this would have certainly fallen on deaf ears in most circumstances, much to his surprise, Interpol, already swamped with a plethora of other cases, allowed him to run the sting operation under their command, though he was going to have the bear all the responsibility if he failed.

Having tracked the syndicate to what appeared to be a makeshift headquarters in Fuchsia city, Wayland managed to get himself recruited into their organization, and once he was close enough to secure the stolen goods, managed to execute a plan to not only evacuate the supplies, but expose the syndicate’s location to the Kanto authorities in the process. Of course, in the end Interpol forced Wayland to keep his involvement in the sting a secret to the public. Though he would have certainly enjoyed being able to reap the benefits of a heroic act, at least he knew he had done the right thing.

Not long after the Kanto operation, Wayland received a letter of invitation to a private tournament of sorts… of which he could only assume had to have been run by some ultra-rich magnate. He would have paid little mind to the invitation if he hadn’t noticed that the letter had specifically mentioned his actions in Fuchsia city as a reason for his selection, despite the fact that no one was supposed to know a thing about his involvement... No doubt there was something amiss here… perhaps he’d accept the invite after all.

Wayland’s family had been rather distant from the league-affiliated Pokemon regions for a couple generations, but this wasn’t always the case. Wayland’s great grandmother on his maternal ancestry had lived in Kalos for a number of years before migrating just north of Unova. Exactly what her life was like has been somewhat forgotten by her surviving descendants, but she did leave behind a sort of heirloom from that time, a gemstone she had reportedly carried closely with her in her waning years. This was eventually passed down to Wayland, who, though he respected the sentimental value of the item, figured it was simply a cherished trinket and nothing more. It was only after his second attempt at training began that he started to realize it potentially could be much more than that. He began researching information about such stones, though most of the information had been uncovered in distant regions, leaving him to translate quite a bit of material. Though it ultimately took such a long time that he was already settled into his new police employment, he could finally confirm that his great grandmother’s heirloom, whether she knew it or not, was a keystone, the vessel that made mega-evolution a possibility. As fascinating a discovery as this was of course, without any megastones, the revelation was ultimately rendered moot.

Family: Father: Weston Sharpe
Mother: Jessie Sharpe


Species: Aggron
Nickname: BOLO
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Special Features: N/A
Personality: Protective, fierce, loyal and sometimes rather stubborn.

History: BOLO is Wayland’s first order of defense, and quite literally so, as one would expect from an Aggron. Found as an Aron, he was the first Pokemon Wayland successfully caught for himself. As such, the two are particularly close, and BOLO's otherwise highly confrontational attitude was put in check, at least to the extent where he and his trainer can work properly in tandem with one another. In many ways his aggression makes him something of a living weapon, but he seems to enjoy such a reputation. If Wayland needs to punch a hole through something, BOLO is likely the one to do it.

Wayland’s first and only megastone currently in his possession came about as a sort of compensation from his sting operation. Interpol wasn’t too prideful as to not stoop to bribery in order to assure Wayland complied with their demands to keep quiet about his involvement in the mission, and upon the realization that he had a keystone, they offered him an aggronite as a reward. It had been noted that he and the Iron Armor Pokemon had worked in near-perfect sync while evacuating the stolen supplies, detaining the ringleaders of the syndicate, barricading off all entrances and exits to the base, and tunneling a way out that led straight to the waiting police squadron on the other side. Figuring this was as positive a deal as he was going to get from the agency, the officer accepted. As this happened fairly recently, he and BOLO have very little mega-evolving experience, and they tend to only resort to it for extreme scenarios.

Species: Wartortle
Nickname: VIC
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Special Features: Shiny

Personality: A bit of a trickster, has a rebellious streak, mainly of an affectionate sort towards his trainer, and will quickly shift into serious mode with the situation calls for it... provided he's aware enough.

History: The latest addition to Wayland’s lineup. Of an uncommon coloration, the water-type had been captured by the Kanto-based criminal team with the intent to sell him off for a high profit. Wayland, in the midst of his sting operation, made it a point to look after the Pokemon when he realized he had no previous owner. Although the pokemon was naturally distrusting, he stuck around, as Wayland was a far cry from the domineering, abusive thugs he had earlier been subjected to. Still, he seemed intent to mess with Wayland more than cooperate. It took the insistence of the rest of Wayland’s party to have the Wartortle realize he had to be nicer to his new trainer if he wanted his continued companionship. Soon after, following vigorous training, he proved to have enough capability to stand alongside the rest of Wayland’s active party. Surprisingly he hasn’t evolved yet, despite the rapid progression.

Species: Arcanine
Nickname: MUTT
Gender: Female
Ability: Justified
Special Features: N/A

Personality: Highly observant, and by far the most professional of the party. One to take charge if Wayland is ever unable to himself.

History: As is the case with many a police officer, Wayland had been issued a K-9 unit upon receiving his badge. Bonding rather quickly with her while she was a growlithe, the fire-type wasted little time in becoming an invaluable team member, though one might not have assumed so at first. Much like her trainer, she had a rather slow start of things, falling behind the other K-9 units in training sessions and often being teased as a 'mutt' by some of Wayland's more insensitive colleagues. Though she was discouraged, Wayland convinced her not to let a simple name get her down, and, in fact, they ought to own it and prove this 'mutt' was more than capable of standing up to the best of them. After many sessions of meticulous practice, as well as experience out in the field, the newly named MUTT had shot to the top of her class, and has proven to be exactly the kind of second-in-command Wayland needed for his team. Generally, she's used for investigative purposes, having a keen tracking sense, but she is obviously a highly capable combatant as well.

Species: Golurk
Nickname: GAT
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Iron Fist
Special Features: N/A

Personality: Very stoic, often comes across as little more than a statue, which can surprise people when they do move about. Sometimes they seem like they're doing this on purpose to startle people, especially when one can occasionally hear the rumblings of what may be laughter afterwards.

History: The automaton Pokemon was found by Wayland in the Dragonspiral tower, appearing rather heavily damaged and near-unresponsive. Despite this being a rare opportunity to catch a Pokemon in one of its very few habitats, Wayland only proceeded to capture them in order to more easily transport them to a Pokemon center, hoping to save their life. Once the Golurk made a full recovery, Wayland offered them a chance to go back to the wild if they so desired, but they ultimately chose to stay with him, likely as a means of paying back the same kind gesture he had shown. Since then, they have evolved into quite the tank, perhaps the strongest bruiser in Wayland’s team.
They're capable of flight transportation in a pinch, but, as it's anything but a smooth ride, that function is kept as a last-resort.

Species: Samurott
Nickname: Fuzz
Gender: Male
Ability: Shell Armor
Special Features: N/A

Personality: Patient, affectionate and cooperative, though highly defensive of his trainer to the point where Wayland has had to calm him down from occasional misunderstandings.

History: Wayland’s starter Pokemon from his ill-fated first attempt at training in his youth. Though he weathered a number of defeats and took many years to grow into his final evolutionary stage, he was very patient and loyal to Wayland throughout, a constant companion, and for a time, his only companion. he’s often seen working with BOLO in 2-on-2 battles.

Species: Braviary
Nickname: JPATS
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Special Features: N/A

Personality: Playful, jovial, and otherwise a fun-loving bird.

History: Found as a newly-hatched Rufflet that had supposedly been abandoned by his parents, Wayland took the young eaglet with him on his journey and took close care of him until he rather swiftly grew into a competent contender in his own right, especially upon his evolution, where he also became the trainer’s primary means of non-vehicle transportation, on the occasions where walking wouldn’t be practical.
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Name: Erol Sullivan
Gender: Male
Hometown: A small, now-defunct community on Mt. Silver.
Age: Appears in his late twenties, or early thirties.

Appearance: As far as appearances go, he appears fairly unassuming - not particularly tall, not particularly short, with short and slightly spiky brown hair and facial features that would probably not stand out.

What would stand out, however, is what he wears - with the exception of his face, his entire body is covered - a black leather trenchcoat over a semi-armored, leather-textile hybrid suit, complete with gloves and boots, almost resembling a motorcylist suit - black with deep bluish purple highlights. The backs of his gloves, the sides of his boots and the back of his trenchcoat feature complex runic designs in some reflective material that almost seems to glow in its own light at times. He also constantly wears a high tech visor, resembling a sleek virtual reality headset which is surprisingly not particularly bulky, that keeps his eyes hidden (in actuality, it is a device that both protects his light-sensitive eyes from excess light and enhances images it recieves to project them in a way that does not hurt his eyes and allows him to see, auto-compensating for the ambient lighting conditions). He wears a key stone embedded in a ring on his left hand's index finger. His key stone, he claims, was passed on to him from an old and much-beloved mentor to whom he owes "virtually everything he is" after completing a rather harrowing and life-changing trial of which he absolutely refuses to - or, perhaps, is unable to - speak.

Personality: He prefers to keep to himself, is rather wry and sarcastic, and is somewhat of a master of deflecting questions about himself or his past - but despite what his fashion sense appears to suggest, he isn't nearly as much of an "edgelord" as one would possibly think. There are reasons for all things about him that would seem odd - but what those reasons are, he'd likely keep to himself as well.

Skills: He is quite good at remaining unseen when he wants to be and knows his way around battles, though he admits to have been away from the competitive circuit for quite a while now (the last major tournament he participated in, he claims, got somewhat wild - and he figured it was a nice spot to drop off for a while) and that battling is more of a hobby than a career for him. He claims to have dabbled in quite a few things over the years, but never really gotten too in depth at most of them.

Past: Little is known about Erol Sullivan's past - if that is even his real name - and he likes to keep it that way. Most of what you'll get out of him is that he was born in a small, now long-gone community that lived on Mount Silver, that he's somewhat of a drifter and that he's been one for quite a while. You might pick up a piece of information here and a piece of information there, some of it might not exactly add up, but he'd be so noncommital about it that it would be hard to tell if some of the more outlandish thing is just him pulling your leg, or if there may be more to it than that - and by the time you try to connect the dots, he'd likely not be there anymore.

Family: None that he speaks of.


Janus, Girafarig M (Sap Sipper)
An atypical morph of Girafarig, with large, almost plate-like scales on his hindquarters (as opposed to the very fine scales of typical Girafarig) with a faint iridescence that makes them appear reddish or greenish depending on how light hits them. Scutes of similar properties exist on his forelegs and the fur on its his front half is longer than usual and 'feathers' somewhat around his front hooves, neck and face. The 'second head' on its tail looks a bit more streamlined and has a somewhat more 'snake-like' form than the 'chain chomp'-like form of more typical morphs. Additionally, his horns curve slightly backwards.

Janus may have been Erol's first Pokémon - or, at the very least, one of the first - and if Erol is out on a walk or relaxing and isn't in some kind of stealth mode, it's quite likely that Janus would be following close by, observing the surroundings, contemplating things and possibly engaged in some kind of psionic conversation with his own tail - though it isn't clear if the tail is sentient on its own right or if it's just a form of 'rubber duck debugging'. Sometimes Janus appears to be mildly frustrated with the tail-head's apparent operation on instinct only. When that happens, he will consider it quite rude if anyone points out that "He screm at own ass :V". He most certainly does not.

He may, however, grunt a little.

Murasame, Scizor F (Technician)
Even after her evolution she appears to have retained some atavistic Scyther traits - a slightly more elongated muzzle, a chest plate with slightly different segmentation pattern than the norm, thigh-plate spikes and three-clawed feet rather than the 'hoof' like structure Scizor typically have. Her wings are larger than average and her pincers are longer and more 'jagged' in shape, with a slight 'overbite' - an intermediate of sorts between pincers and blades. Her shoulderpads also appear to feature some spikes that were not there in the previous form.

Murasame was wild-caught as a lone Scyther, and falling before the trainer was the first defeat in open combat that she has ever experienced after reaching maturity - but she adjusted rather rapidly to being a trainer's Pokémon. Even as a Scyther, Murasame absolutely loved flying - flight liberated her and gave her an edge in escaping predators and capturing prey when she was finally gained the capability to do so in her final instar, and the feeling remained exhilirating to her even after being caught. As such, she focused much of her attention on aerial combat - and Erol, going with her natural tendencies, trained her as an aerial superiority fighter. Eventually, feeling like she was falling behind the rest of Erol's team and aware of her own limitations and frailness, Murasame made the choice to evolve into a Scizor, in spite of the imminent loss of mobility and the risk that she may even lose her power of flight in the process. Rather than being traded, Murasame's Metal Coat coated body has been exposed to the electromagnetic waves incurred in the trading process by a different means - and maybe this, her particular emphasis on flight training and her strong will came together to result in the slight quirks of her final Scizor form. She was still flight-capable following evolution - and though it took some training, it wasn't long before she returned to top shape. She still serves as Erol's aerial superiority fighter, because you can't take the sky from her.

Belenus, Ampharos M (Static) @ Ampharosite
Belenus is a melanistic individual - Most of his body it muted greyish hues - save for a few stripes in deep gold on the neck, tail and ears - and the orbs on its forehead and tail are a deep orange color. When in Mega-Evolved form, the wool it sprouts is black and sparks of electricity often crackle through it, giving him the appearance of being wreathed in storm clouds.

Belenus is a black sheep in more ways than one - as a Mareep it was essentially impossible for it to control its electricity - its tail light virtually never glowed and it was unable to use electric attacks. With its wool not achieving the degree of static-induced fluff regular Mareep wool did and its seeming lack of electric abilities, the breeders who owned Belenus' original herd had no real use for it - and so when Erol expressed interest in the creature, they were more than happy to entrust the 'defective' Mareep to his care - and certainly gave him a weird look when he named it a name which meant 'shining one', as the Mareep did nothing of the sort. He was determined to prove them wrong.

After training the Mareep to refine its physical attacks somewhat, Erol turned to bringing out Belenus' potential - working with the Wool Pokémon to help it connect to the electric elemental plane by exposing it to comfortable, then gradually increasing levels of electricity through use of Thunder Wave and Charge Beam attacks from Janus. Oddly enough, the Mareep seemed unusually resistant to electricity - far more than the average electric-type. It seemed that storing electricity was not a problem - Belenus' wool seemed to have particularly powerful super-capacitor capabilities - but releasing and controlling it was difficult and potentially dangerous - as Erol would find out the hard way when a highly charged and somewhat jittery Belenus suddenly released a burst of extremely bright light from his tail bulb, discharging all his stored electricity at once and temporarily blinding the trainer. The damage was not irreversible but his eyes were left with some lingering light sensitivity issues. The Mareep was terrified, but Erol reassured it - and, after taking a little time to recover (and acquiring some pretty heavy duty sunglasses), the two resumed their training - this time with a focus on sensing and controlling the flow of power. After a while, Belenus started catching up with the rest of its species in terms of electric manipulation, its dim tail bulb now softly glowing a deep orange - and through continued training, Erol and Belenus bonded further - and eventually, when Belenus evolved into Flaaffy, and then into Ampharos, the Light Pokémon's control of electricity was as natural as breathing, whatever short-circuited its system was essentially gone. Belenus lived up to his name - he was now shining brightly, but not overwhelmingly so unless he very well wanted to.

It is this training in taking in and controlling electricity that prepared Belenus for taking in and controlling a very different power - the power of Mega Evolution. Erol came by an Ampharosite in the ruins of an ancient lighthouse in a far-away region, still clutched in the claws of its former wielder's skeleton. The lighthouse was now home to a flock of Ghost Pokémon which - perhaps drawn to the power of the stone, or perhaps through the remaining traces of the long-dead Ampharos's memories - combined their forces to become a spectral projection of a Mega Ampharos and attacked the trainer. Illusory or not, the creature posed a vast challenge for Erol's team - more than half of the team fell before the projection's onslaught before Belenus himself figured out how to copy the creature's Dragon Pulse attack and deliver a final blow to the projection. Following this battle, the Ampharosite fell from between the skeleton's claws, seemingly all by itself, and rolled towards Erol and Belenus, who claimed it for themselves.

The first time Belenus Mega Evolved, the influx of energy released a burst of light so bright it could be seen from the next city over and triggered a thunderstorm of its own right as the Ampharos struggled to maintain control of its body and the electricity surging through it - Erol's voice calling out to it to remember its training, and repeating the phrases they used to practice channeling electricity before helped the creature calm down. Fortunately, as the dark wool that burst from the creature's head and tail appeared to have the same super-capacitor qualities of its Mareep-form wool but greatly enhanced - training Belenus to direct excess energy into the wool and form internal circuits linking its now numerous glowing orbs together did not take nearly as long as the initial training Belenus required to master electricity at all. Even so, Erol and Belenus only use the power of Mega Evolution if absolutely necessary.

Dione, Vaporeon F (Hydration)
A 'deep sea' morph, darker-colored with bioluminescent nodes at the edges of her various fins and spikes, slightly more pronounced teeth and fins and markings resembling those of chimaerae, or 'ghost sharks'.

Somewhere, there is an isolated island - little more than a blasted rock with a chain of tunnels and caverns stretching deep beneath the ocean. Somehow, a breeding colony of Eevee established itself on this island. Sometimes, primal elemental energies trapped beneath the surface ebb into the rocks of the caverns beneath, transforming them over time into Water Stones and charging once-depleted water stones that have already become. Natural selection took its course - the need for sustenance drove the Eevee colony to take on a more aquatic lifestyle, becoming almost exclusively Vaporeons. In time, the Eevees moved into the caverns where they had more convenient access to the water and to the elemental energies that allowed their cubs to rapidly evolve, exploring deeper and deeper waters with time, slowly changing to accommodate their new habitats - relying less on their eyes and more on electroreception and developing bioluminescent markings to draw prey closer, spending most of their time in the water and returning to their home caverns to whelp. The obscurity of the island, its relative out-of-the-wayness and the haze the Vaporeons now covered the island in to protect their breeding grounds meant that this now-insular population was left alone to thrive.

Through another string of events that he does not talk about, Erol ended up on the island in question - where he was attacked by a young and rather territorial Vaporeon, defeated and captured her. After concluding whatever business he had on the island and returning to the mainland, he became better acquainted with the Vaporeon who was equal parts fascinated and equal parts terrified of the surface world away from the mists and the sea of her home - but ultimately when given a choice to return to her home or travel with Erol, she made the latter choice.

Garuda, Blaziken M (Speed Boost)
Garuda features unusual plumage - his feathers are larger and laced around the edges with black, with the distinctive 'mask', beak and exposed skin on the arms and feet being a nearly black deep blue. The 'spiky' bits of the mask are notably shorter, his tail features a fan of orante feathers. He is also fairly short for a Blaziken, standing approximately 158 cm.

Garuda was bred and trained as a contest Pokémon for some rich coordinator with way too much money and way too little sense - and the end result was a jaunty, prideful showoff of a bird with an independent, impulsive streak - and after one or two contests that he won almost begrudgingly the Blaze Pokémon simply decided that this isn't his scene and flew the coop. His original owner, being too self-important to go after him himself, put up a wanted ad for passing trainers to track him down for a reward. Erol picked up that particular 'quest', as it were - eventually tracking the bird down and convincing him to return with him (after dispatching some more violent 'competitors'). By the time the trainer and the Blaziken returned to the coordinator's mansion, the coordinator in question revealed that he has already had a replacement commissioned, that the Blaziken was now useless to him, and that the 'lucky finder' was welcome to him, 'consider this your reward, now kindly leave my house'.
The Blaziken took this with some rather mixed feelings. On one hand he seemed almost - relieved. On the other hand, his pride has been hurt and he was not going to stand there and be cast away like yesterday's garbage. After Erol managed to talk him down from setting the man on fire right then and there, the Blaziken and Erol decided to team up and defeat the coordinator in his own game.

Erol allowed the Blaziken to construct his own routine, providing a little bit of feedback and ideas as for how to build on the bird's vision of the routine and some training for combination attacks and additional "wow" factor, as it were - eventually entering the finals, facing off against the rich coordinator and his 'replacement' and handing them a humiliating loss. This was the Blaziken's final contest - as they only entered the contest season to prove a point and nothing else - but the bird decided to stick around with Erol anyway and became a welcome addition to his team. He is still a bit of a showoff and can be a bit of a brainless feathery asshole at times, but he puts himself on display on his own terms - and his speed and creative use of moves to create special effects have proven to be quite efficient in more standard battles as well.

Coeurl, Mimikyu F (Disguise)
Coeurl's disguise is not based on a Pikachu, resembling more of an indeterminate monstrous feline creature of her own design. It is of noticeably higher quality than the typical Mimikyu disguise - having access to higher quality materials and the confidence to do her own thing rather than constantly seek the approval of others has its perks. Coeurl usually keeps her 'tentacles' extended rather than concealed, and her costume is designed to accommodate this.

Like other Mimikyu, the one that eventually became known as Coeurl sought the companionship of other living beings - but unlike most of her species, who attempt to do so by disguising themselves as a well-loved species, she sought to be accepted for her own merits - and her own creativity. Unfortunately, as a wild Pokémon with limited access to good materials and training in the craft, her "disguises" tended to be rather convoluted, misshapen and quite amateur - and quite frankly, tended to make everyone around her quite nervous. It was quite disheartening for her, but she still refused to give up.

Erol met the Mimikyu when she was foraging for materials to mend her latest failure and followed her to a hiding place where he found her sitting on a pile of fabrics, attempting to figure out a pattern. Unfortunately, the Mimikyu caught wind of his presence, spooked, and attacked, forcing him to battle the creature - a battle that lasted an incredibly short while before, inexplicably, she surrendered. As it turned out, her latest covering was fraying and if the battle would have continued, it would have fallen apart and - like all Mimikyu - Being Seen felt like a bigger threat to her than fainting in battle.

Erol apologized for alarming the Mimikyu and offered her a berry to heal her wounds - and she graciously accepted. The next day he came to visit the Mimikyu again - but this time brought some higher quality fabrics, tools and even a basic pattern book with him, and offered to help her put together a sturdier outfit. The Mimikyu was a fast learner - within about a week her costume attempts actually started to resemble something recognizable and didn't fall apart in a stiff breeze - and the trainer and the Mimikyu formed a bit of a friendship. He suggested that, if she was interested in honing her craft further, she could come with him - as he knew a person or two who would be happy to teach her how to do things he could only dream of doing with fabric. She took on his offer - and true to his word, Erol introduced her to an artist friend who specialized in costumes and plush dolls - who took the Mimikyu on as an apprentice. A few years later, when the Mimikyu learned all she could from this friend - and now toting her signature outfit, she opted to resume traveling with Erol in search of new inspirations. It was then that she took on the name she now bears and joined Erol's team officially. He still carries and occasional purchases new supplies for her - so she can keep herself and her outfit in tip-top shape.
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The Mega Evolving Trainer didn't want to exist and neither did half their team so I'm bringing out the OG

Name: Brian Nosurname
Gender: Male
Hometown: Born is Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. Lives in Pallet Town, Kanto now. He's generic like that.
Age: 28
Height: 6ft even
Weight: 151 lbs
Hair: Spiky black
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Black wardrobe consisting of long pants, combat boots, a trench coat worn over a T-shirt, and fingerless gloves. Wears his Unova Championship Ring on a chain around his neck. Owns a green backpack, but keeps it stowed in an Item Ball due to the wear and tear it has endured.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Lean muscle resulting in a strong thin build
Personality: Loves nothing more than to have fun and is quite the goofball most of the time, yet can be mature if the situation demands it. Always unpredictable in his actions. He is also pretty wise for his age.
Skills: Capable of holding his own in sparring matches with Axel. Thinking on his feet.
Brian was born in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh but moved to Pallet Town, Kanto when he was nine due to his Mom’s job. This left the child very disappointed because he wanted nothing more than to become a Trainer with a Chimchar as his starter. While Prof. Oak offered up Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, Brian was too stubborn. In fact, it could be said that he was relentless as he constantly sent letters to Prof. Rowan requesting a Chimchar.

Then one summer when Brian was fourteen, he got a letter back from Prof. Rowan saying that there was a population spike of Chimchar living in Mount Coronet. Knowing this to be his one and only chance to become a Trainer, Brian set off back to Sinnoh to visit relatives and take Rowan up on his offer. While searching the mountain range, a Chimchar just happened to fall from a cliff right into Brian’s arms. Noticing the young monkey’s unusual gold fur, the teen became more determined than ever that this one would be his Pokémon as they were both had their unique quirks. After beating the Chimchar in a hand to hand battle, Brian used one of Rowan’s Pokéballs to capture the Pokémon and named him Axel.

Brian decided it would be best to go back to Kanto so that he could introduce Axel to his parents and give them a proper farewell as he officially started his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. However, just three days into his journey, Brian was soundly defeated in his first Trainer Battle by Raiden Arka, a formidable Trainer who specialized in Electric-type Pokémon. Due mostly to Brian’s arrogant behavior at having his first Pokémon, Raiden left the novice Trainer with the words “A Pokémon is only as strong as its Trainer.” Brian took this guidance to heart and trained himself along with Axel and the many Pokémon he would later catch.

Over the years, Brian has travelled all throughout Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos earning the eight badges from each region, all ten in Unova. After all of his and his Pokémon’s hard training, Brian finally won his first Championship in Unova. He considered challenging the Unova Elite Four, but chose to travel to Kalos instead after hearing about Mega Evolution. He had hoped to discover the secrets of Mega Evolution with the intent of one day helping Axel ascend to a higher form but after three years of searching he came out empty handed. Instead, they went to Alola to see what the deal was with Z-Moves. This time they were more successful as after training under Kahuna Hala for a few months Brian was granted a Z-Ring and Fightium-Z.

Before having the chance to acquire more Z-Crystals, Brian got an invite to a private tournament hosted by some rich dude.
Family: Parents live at home
Love Relationships?: Too busy training to settle down.

Pokémon Party:
Nickname: Axel
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Hidden Power: Ice-type
Special Features: Gold fur
Axel was born different than the rest of the Chimchar living in his pack on Mt. Coronet; he had gold fur. One fateful summer while getting picked on by newly evolved Monferno, the young monkey fell off of a steep cliff into the arms of a human. The Chimchar was still riled by his recent encounter and so attacked the human only to get beaten down and caught in the spherical prison known as the Pokéball. The human introduced himself as Brian and bestowed the name Axel upon the young Chimchar. Axel instantly took a liking to his new name and to Brian as the human accepted his coloration.

After being introduced to Brian’s family, the two were soon on their way to gain strength. Not long into the journey Axel was given the chance to prove himself by taking on a Magneton belonging to another Trainer by the name of Raiden Arka. Much to his shame, Axel couldn’t even produce a flame and was only able to deal minimal damage to his opponent before being completely defeated. Axel quickly learned that his new Trainer wasn’t the type to give up so easily and decided that if the human was willing to improve so would he.

While travelling through the Rock Tunnel, Axel was yet again in a tight spot against another Trainer’s Pokémon, this time a Graveler. His fire attacks were doing nothing, he needed an extra boost, and then it happened. The Chimchar felt a reservoir of power within explode resulting in his evolution to Monferno. Two Mach Punches later and Graveler was finished. A year later, the same thing happened while Axel battled with Whitney’s Miltank. He evolved into Infernape for the added boost in power and made quick work of the cow.

After his final evolution, Axel was finally big enough that he and Brian could have frequent sparring matches without being horribly mismatched in size. It was during one of these matches that Axel took the opportunity to destroy his Pokéball so that he could walk along side Brian instead of in a container. This led to their bond deepening to the point that they are practically identical in personality and mannerisms and can understand each other perfectly. After learning about Mega Evolution, Axel eagerly sought the ability to become stronger but to no avail. He’s now made it his personal goal to defeat every Mega he faces in battle to prove to himself he doesn’t need the power.
Personality: Much like his Trainer, Axel embraces his wild side but knows when to rein himself in. Like all Infernapes, he also has a very fiery personality, and he can be a bit naughty at times. He has become very proud of his power and hates to lose.

Species: Metagross
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Clear Body
History: A few days after placing third in the Hoenn League Conference, Brian entered and won a drawing to take a walk in an exclusive area called Winner’s Path. Basically, he was allowed to go on a stroll through Winner’s Path accompanied by any one Pokémon and was told that he could catch any three of the rare Pokémon living in the area as well as keep any items he found. Travelling the area with Axel, Brian encountered a wild Beldum. Not only was Beldum an extremely rare Pokémon, this one had moves the average Bedum did not. Brian had to have it! One battle later, and the Trainer’s wish was granted. Beldum evolved into Metang in an ordinary, everyday battle while Brian trained in Hoenn. Metang then reached its final evolution of Metagross during the grueling battles of the Unova League Tournament.
Personality: Metagross is an odd one in Brian’s team. It seems to always be aimlessly wandering around in its own little world. Despite its quirkiness, Metagross is a capable battler who is capable of taking even the strongest hits.

Species: Piloswine
Gender: Male
Ability: Snowcloak
History: Brian first encountered Piloswine in the Ice Path in Johto as a Swinub. When the trainer arrived in Blackthorn City, he battled the Gym Leader Claire only to get beaten down. While the Swinub was dispirited at having failed to prove himself to his new Trainer, Brian wasn’t the type to give up. He trained all of his Pokémon on Route 45 and rematched Claire a few days later. Once again though, Brian was having trouble against the formidable Dragon Mistress. That is until Swinub evolved and finally had a chance to prove his loyalty as Piloswine. He has been one of Brian’s most trusted Pokémon ever since. Brian once had the opportunity to teach Piloswine Ancient Power which would allow him to evolve, but Piloswine refused. He wanted to keep the form that he had proven himself in.
Personality: Piloswine is the quiet type and is extremely loyal to Brian. Piloswine is very persistent in all of his endeavors to honor his Trainer.

Species: Aerodactyl
Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
History: What started as a tooth encased in amber was found some years ago in Mt. Moon and made into a necklace, then eventually sold to Brian at a pawn shop near Mt. Moon. It wasn’t until Brian got to Cinnabar Island that he learned the true history of his trinket; that it was a fossil of an extinct Pokémon and could be revived at the lab. Brian wasted no time in handing over his accessory that inevitably gave life to the most feared prehistoric Pokémon of all, Aerodactyl! Initially, the Pokémon couldn’t be controlled. While it was born in the modern era, Aerodctyl still had the instincts of an apex predator from the Cretaceous. Aerodactyl even refused to take orders from Brian at first. After some work and training, the Trainer finally got the ancient flyer to accept him. Aerodactyl is grateful to Brian for giving him life and now willingly battles for his Trainer and flies him all across the world. That is, as long as he occasionally gets to mess with the human and his monkey partner while in the air of course.
Personality: Aerodactyl is snarky, wild, and a bit of a prick at times. He is hardy, but also quick tempered and somewhat vain in his abilities.

Species: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Ability: Immunity
History: He was caught by Brian in Sinnoh as a Munchlax. The Pokémon had gotten into a bit of trouble having ransacked a Combee hive looking for honey and was being attacked by an angry Vespiquen. After defeating the wild Vespiquen, Brian ended up getting chased by the Munchlax as he had honey on his clothes from the battle. For his own safety, Brian caught Munchlax and gave it food. A few meals later, the Trainer was the proud new owner of a Snorlax as the meals made the rotund bear extremely happy.
Personality: Snorlax is a gentle giant who loves to eat and sleep.

Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
History: On his way to Sinnoh, Brian found a mysterious egg in his cabin on the ship he was taking. He asked the captain about the egg, but the captain had no answers. In the end, Brian ended up keeping the egg. In an ironic twist of fate, the egg hatched in Snowpoint City of all places. The baby Riolu was spunky at birth, challenging both Brian and Axel to a battle and making sport of both of them as neither expected a newborn to be so fast and strong. In the end, the duo was able to subdue the baby Pokémon, inadvertently earning the Riolu’s respect. Brian started training Riolu slowly because of his young age and inexperience, but eventually the Fighting-type was able to hold his own against many opponents. In a battle against a strange doctor, Riolu evolved into Lucario after beating the doctor’s Breloom.

Personality: Being the youngest member of Brian’s team, Lucario is extremely naïve, even after evolving, and is highly curious about the world around him. Lucario is very respectful to everyone he encounters especially to his Axel-senpai and Brian-sensei. Like most members of his species, Lucario is very energetic.