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Durant the Truant


Bearded Trout Warrior
This is a nifty little set I just put together after having entrainment used on me many battles ago by a Durant. I've used it a few times now and felt it was more than worth sharing, and also marks my first successful use of a rocky helmet on a pokemon.

Durant @ Rocky Helmet
Bold or Impish nature
- Entrainment
- Thunder Wave / Toxic [Or anything, really]
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
252 HP, 252 Defense

Rocky Helmet shines here, often dealing as much damage to the attacker as Durant takes from contact moves. Entrainment forces switches easily and I personally used its opportunity to send my Swellow or Breloom in safely in order to activate their respective orbs. Rest and Sleep Talk provide an opportunity to recover and prevent anything from choosing to try and put up with your antics, and Rest works quite well on an opponent who can only attack every other turn.
Sleep talk on the other hand, suffers from the same problem your opponent does and can only be used once per rest. I don't think there would be any great loss in swapping it for an attacking move, or even combining Thunder wave and Toxic.

This Durant has quickly become a thoroughly effective Scizor counter for me, while also very efficiently putting a stop to almost all purely physical attackers in additon to anything that relies on an ability and/or set-up to get going [Poison Heal is canceled out, Dry Skin on Toxicroak, Moxie, Natural Cure, etc.]

As for the Durant I encountered previously, it had Truant and three attacks + leftovers... so no, I'm not taking credit for their set :p
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