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XY/ORAS Singles Electric Monotype Team

So yeah, decided to work on developing a monotype team for a tournament our society is holding in about a weeks time. Since my usual suspects were already taken, I decided to develop an electric team. I have a basic idea on what I'm doing, but I need some help filling in the blanks. Also, I'm hoping to build some reserve mons too if time arrises, so I'll put my thoughts on those here as well.

The basic strategy surrounding my team so far is to use speed drops and paralysis to keep my opponents down, and then sweep them up with electro ball. This is what I've drafted so far.

Emolga @ Charti Berry
Timid Nature
- Volt Switch
- Electro Ball
- Thunder Wave
- Acrobatics

As tempted as I am to go for a Motor Drive Emolga, it's highly unlikely that someone is going to try and hit me with an electric move when I have an entire team of electric types. Static at least can help lay down some additional paralysis, even giving it to any ground types that happen to strike him. Acrobatics is a bit of a debatable choice, it give my coverage against fighting, who most likely also have rock moves, but it doesn't do much against anything else, and also takes up the item slot that could be used to press the offensive, need some input on this front.

Ampharos @ Ampharosite
Quiet Nature
Static -> Mold Breaker
- Discharge
- Dragon Pulse
- Power Gem
- Charge / Signal Beam
Ampharos is a tried and tested pokemon for me. She only held back by her sub-par speed, which should not be a big problem when paired with all my speed dropping capabilities. The first three moves all give amazing move coverage, as well as STAB for the first two. The last slot currently belongs to Charge, to power up discharge as well as add some extra defence to her already impressive bulk. The other option is adding Signal Beam, to further expand the coverage available, but making her fully exposed to Sucker Punch, which comes up more often than you think.

Galvantula @ Focus Sash
Timid Nature
- Electro Web
- Electro Ball
- Bug Buzz
- Sticky Web

Focus Sash makes sure nobody can one hit Galvantula, this gives him time to throw down a Sticky Web. Electro Web should keep the speed going down so that Electro Ball gets maximum power. Bug Buzz is mainly STAB, but if Galvantula gets a chance after focus sash triggers, he can unload some heavy damage with swarm.

Eelektross @ Assault Vest
A physical equivalent to Ampharos

Zapdos @ Leftovers
Quirky Nature
- Defog
- Volt Switch
- Roost
- Heat Wave
I received this Zapdos off of Wonder Trade a few months back, and since he's okay under OU, I'll need him in order to handle entry hazards, since he's the only electric type to learn defog and no electric types can learn rapid spin (a dangerous aspect in monotype). So he might prove vital in throwing off the entry hazard game. Edit: Now I can't use it because he can only learn defog via HM, which hasn't existed since Gen IV, I am naked against hazards :(. Can't do much to him otherwise because he's the only one I've got. Volt Switch allows him to quickly pull out after performing a defog, in case the hazard layer is still at large after setting up. Roost is there to further compliment his surprising sturdiness, if it's likely that he can take the next hit. Heat Wave gives a surprising amount of coverage, taking care of grass, as well as steel, and opening the option of burning the opponent, which is great against physical attackers.

Electivire @ Expert Belt / Life Orb (?)
Adamant Nature
Motor Drive
- Cross Chop
- Wild Charge
- Ice Punch
- Earthquake
"Herpaderp deeps to the fray!" Ahem. This is a heavy physical hitter built to break through many of the types that would otherwise wall my team. Expert Belt will allow him to exploit his coverage to the maximum, but Life Orb will allow him to even crack those his coverage doesn't reach, at the cost of the health drop.

Electrode @ Light Clay
Timid Nature
- Light Screen
- Electro Ball
- Thunder Wave
- Volt Switch (?)
Electrode's main forte is getting light screen up before the opponent can react. After that, he can monopolise on his high speed to get electro ball going, using Thunder Wave to improve it if necessary. Volt Switch is there for the early game, so that he can escape safely if needed to let something bulkier use his light screen.

So that's my team so far, still got a lot of planning to do, but I think its a good start. I'll be editing this thread constantly based on input and my own decisions. I know I need something to properly sabotage Ground-types, and I'm thinking of one of the Rotoms could do that well, though I'm not sure which one. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Finally get time to respond to this one:

Assuming we're sticking with the Electro Ball gimmick, which I question in of itself due to how much setup it demands, Jolteon is practically screaming to be included on this team due to it being able to Baton Pass Agility and Charge Beam. He could already replace Emolga who I cannot justify being on any team at all since he does nothing good.

As for general moves:

- Charge is terrible and should never be used on anything. Charge Beam does more-or-less the same while also doing damage and having the boost last longer than one turn.

- Unless Galvantula is leading, Focus Sash is a horrible item in singles due to entry hazards.

- My chosen Elektross set was Wild Charge/Crunch/Drain Punch/Filler. As an example.

- If you're going to put Thunder Wave on anything you may as well give it to Zapdos since his typing and bulk work well for a support-oriented Pokemon.

- Electivire is a poor wallbreaker at best. If you want something that can't be walled, any variant of Nasty Plot Therian Thundurus will do.

- Electrode is better off going full support rather than having the Electro Ball gimmick tacked onto him as well.

I'd say the best Rotom formes are Wash and Mow for this team. Also if you want a strong Electro Ball sweeper, Light Ball Pikachu is probably the strongest pick since he gets Grass Knot, with Raichu being a more reliable pick since it frees up a hold item, is a lot more durable and has a solid Base 110 Speed to work with as well over Pikachu's unreliable 90.