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Ask to Join Error! Sans Watches

OOC chatter and Character Bios go here https://pokecharms.com/threads/error-sans-watches-disscussion.15915/
(This RP takes place after Frisk falls down but before they finish the game., but Asriel will still get six souls)

Daniel walked through the less than crowded streets of Snowdin. Monsters were happily conversating and playing around. He knew that if a single monster knew his secret, he would be dead. Daniel occasionally waved to a familiar face, but nothing more than a hello. Daniel walked by Grillby's and the familiar scent hit him like a missle. He wandered into the warm, comforting diner and sat in his usual corner. Above his head was sign that said,"Assassin for hire"

Metteton waved to his adoring fans as he entered the stage. He waved his arms and sadi," Are you Alive Hotland?!" The square robot made victory lap around the stage and said," I'm happy to be announcing my new show, Dancing with the Mettetons."
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Miku walked into Grillby's. She had an emotionless expression. She spread an eerie vibe.

Miku walked up to Grillby. She planted her knife on the counter. "Get me a burger. No sauce," Miku ordered. Grillby nodded. He got her a burger. Miku sat in the booth across from Daniel. She gave him a glare.

Sans sat in a chair at the show. He stared at Mettaton. He cheered lazily. He had a smile, though.
Daniel stared back across the room with kind of a I could kill you right here, right now face. He stood up and streched and got himself a soft drink. He sat back down and sipped his drink in the corner consistantly staring back. HE put his drink down and crackled electricty between his fingers.

Metteton pepped up his cheering fans by saying," And to mark the occasion, ONE fan gets come up on stage with me!" Metton scanned the crowd and pointed to a skeleton in a blue hoodie. he swiftly said," You in the back with the blue hoodie!"
Sans teleported up to the stage. He had his hands in his pockets. He looked at Mettaton. He was smiling.

Miku stabbed her knife in the table. She took a bite of her burger, still eyeing Daniel. Miku gave a 'I could destroy you without even trying' look. Miku stared.
Daniel coughed as his phone rang. He answered and said,"Heyyyyyy, it's King Fluffybuns, what do ya' want this time." Daniel paused for a second, stood up, and walked around his corner. "Okay, I think I understand you, but what about the 'He looks like Sans' part. Daniel paused again and started walking towards the door. His pace quickened as he opened the door. Outside he said,"Okay, I'm on my way.

Metteton greeted Sans as he teleported by saying," A quiz that everyone of my fans should take, HOW Great am I?" Metteton spun like Yuri!!! on ice fanatic around the stage.
"You are absolutely fabulous, your greatness," Sans replied. He chuckled a little.

Miku finished her burger. She left money on the table. She walked out of Grillbys, watching Daniel. Miku looked at a tree. The middle was glitching a little. Miku shrugged, and silently followed Daniel.
Zenith was in the mettaton show as audiance with US! Frisk,both where eating burgers and impressed because Sans was there because..............Well it´s not normal see a skele family in a famous talk show "Wow,i´m very impressed that smiley trashbag is on a famous talk show" US! Frisk said looking to Zenith "you´re right F" Zenith said looking at Sans
Toriel rushed upstairs from the Ruins door, smelling the burnt scent of a Butterscotch-cinnamon-snail pie. It was her favorite combination, and she used to cook it often, especially when her family was still together. She smiled as she slid the pie out. It is quite hot. I should leave it here while I go water the flowers, Toriel put the pie on the table and began to head out the Ruins. When she finally made it to the flower patch, she looked up, seeing the surface for a moment. Toriel had brought her water can, so she began to water her flowers.

Nevi smiled as she watched Mettaton's show. She had only been in the underground for a while, but she loved it here. Everyone seemed kind- mostly because she didn't enter any battles, so nobody could assume she was human. I can't believe I can see this cool robot guy's show! she thought to herself happily.

Akaria crept around Snowdin, leaving drops of odd goop around the area. Their bright yellow eyes were visible under their hoodie, in fact, their cat-eyes were the only thing visible- the rest seemed dark. Akaria slid their small pocketknife away, hoping nobody would be able to notice their ill intentions.
Metteton gestured him offstage said,' Well, it's been lovely, but I'm afraid I must go." Metteton wheeled of stage. He receievd a message from Alphyis that said,get her, NOW." Metteton responed to the message," No, I'm busy darling."

Daniel walked through the woods outside of Snowdin. H could feel the air, almost thinning the further he got into the forrest. Then he saw it. Th word "Error blurred all over in the distance cables shot from that area at Daniel he started running. But, he wasn't fast enough. A cable wrapped around his leg and tripped him. He drew his sword and hacked the cable off. He got up and ran. And he kept running.
Sans teleported off the stage. He went back to his seat. He chuckled to himself.

Miku caught up with Daniel. "Having a rough time?" She asked teasingly. Miku smirked. Miku was able to keep up with Daniel easily.
Flowey popped up from the flowers to look at Toriel " Hi, My name's Flowey, and I'm your best friend!" Flowey bounced from side to side as his theme played.
Daniel stared at Miku with death in his eyes," That's not funny, I about died." The cables came back, this time there was more of them. They shot and Daniel and Miku. Daniel pulsed with electricty and knocked a few of them out of the air.
Akaria's eyes darted over to Daniel, seeing his sword and his urge to get away from... something. Their eyes stopped glowing the usual bright yellow, and Akaria's face was hardly visible. They pulled out their pocketknife and looked for any signs of danger, struggling to tell if their hallucinations of Alphys's amalgamates were real or, what they actually were, a trick of the mind. Cables began to shoot out of the ground, and Akaria, struggling to see, did their best to run.

Nevi sighed as Mettaton went off stage. Well, I'm sure there's something else to do! She happily began to skip to Waterfall from Hotlands, and then ran past other monsters with amazing speed.

Toriel looked over at the talking flower, shocked. "Oh? Have you been in the Ruins for a while?" she smiled and looked down at him with a kind tone.
Miku slashed her knife. A red slash came out, destroying the last of the strings. "You're talking to a demon, buddy. So I find death fun," Miku explained. "Hm. Maybe these strings has something to do with that glitched tree," Miku wondered out loud
Flowey looked at Toriel and said," You really don't recognize me, you IDIOT." several seeds suronded Toriel as Flowey laughed devilishly. Teh flower bounced up and down and sang," A SOUL, a SOUL, it's time to get a SOUL!"

Tenfold cables shout out at anyone in the vacinity of Daniel. Daniel slashed at them, but his bright pink soul was caught buy the cables. Error! Sans emerged from the woods and said," OCs, why'd it have to be OCs."
In shock, Toriel quickly acted on this and used her magic on Flowey, firing a huge ball of fire at him. Her magic didn't hurt the normal buttercups, though. "What are you?" Toriel stepped back, still shocked. "I do not want to hurt you, 'Flowey'. But I do not want you to hurt others." fire formed around her paws, Toriel was ready. Not even Dreemurr deserves to die to a flower.

Akaria snapped out of their hallucinations to see Error Sans. Unsheathing their claws, Akaria clawed at the cables ferociously, tearing them into pieces. Odd, white goo flourished over the snow, snapping any cables that it touched. Akaria used this to their advantage, hopping on top of the trees to avoid any danger.

Nevi rushed into Snowdin just as Error Sans began to attack. What's going on? she thought to herself, seeing others in danger. Worried, she rushed to Grillby's, hoping someone there would know.
Absolutely not, Tessa would not be late this time.

Reluctantly tying her sweater around her waist, the sphynx cat quickly slipped on some shorts and a short sleeved shirt. She popped her MTT Brand Hot Pink Headphones™ around her neck, threw a drawstring bag over her shoulders and practically flew out of the door. She'd missed the brunt of the last few concerts, but she wasn't about to miss this one. Not a second.

Soon enough, Tessa arrived at the concert out of breath. Alright, so maybe running all the way from her home had been a bit unnecessary, but hey. "Ticket, please," the dog monster at the forefront of the concert sighed, his grey moustache hairs shifting as he spoke. Tessa eagerly handed him the shimmering pink ticket she'd ordered weeks in advance, jittering with excitement. The dog monster lifted a massive paw, moving the thick sheepdog hair out of his eyes to prove the ticket's authenticity. These things weren't cheap, after all. He sighed, popping a dog biscuit in his mouth. "Entrance's to your right." With an accelerated "Thank you," Tessa bolted in, she hadn't missed a single second. The entire crowd glowed with excitement, the spotlights blazing upon the metallic star of the show, MTT himself and... who was the skeleton? She was sure she'd seen him somewhere before. Maybe he ordered coffee? Wait, now she remembered, he had asked for ketchup instead. But his name... what was it? Tessa scratched her head. Something starting with G? No, that wasn't right. Maybe it was-

Tessa's pondering over a name was cut short as soon as the cables that had been supporting the spotlights slithered to life. They writhed and glitched, snatching civilians and tearing the entire concert hall apart. The sphynx reached into her pockets for a weapon, pulling out a... chipped spoon? "Well, seems like I'm in for a bit of trouble here," Tessa muttered to herself, clutching the spoon in one wrinkled hand similar to how an inexperienced thief may clutch a dagger. On one hand, the cables were probably dangerous, on another, they had ruined her nightly plans and costed her a pretty penny in ticket fare...

Oh, how she hated picking sides.

But this, this seemed important.

A cable flew at her feet, initiating a battle. Tessa acrobatically leapt out of the way with feline finesse, landing on her toes. She fruitlessly swung the spoon, missing tragically and stepping back into the vicinity of yet another cable. She ducked, ears flattening as the black cord sailed over her head. The battle proceeded as Tessa spun, twirled and missed, but neither side was fruitful in its labours. Instead, the sphynx cat devised a plan. She slid under a cable, scrambling to her feet and dashed outside of the theatre, her wrinkled pink legs once again carrying her to another location, this time Grillby's. Surely someone there could sort it out... right?
Error! Sans fired more cables as he drug Daniel into him. Daniel attempted to draw knife he had but failed," Help!" He shouted to anyone that could hear. Error! Sans smashed Daniel's soul against the ground an through him into some trees. "That should kill a monster..." The cables left Daniel's SOUL. and attacked the others.

"I'm your best FRIEND, don't you recognize me?" Flowey screeched as he fired more pelets at Toriel. He screeched in rage and started pounding his head against the floor
iNevi rushed inside of Grillby's before Error Sans could reach her soul. What's going on, someone- Grillby! She rushed over to the fire monster, but as usual, he remained silent. "Grillby, there's a skeleton.. it looks weird..." Nevi continued rambling, worried. Grillby simply pointed to a table. Sighing, Nevi hid under the table, with no information on the event.

Akaria dodged Error's attack, slipping into goo and then back to their normal self. Their eyes turned a bright yellow color, which she used to attack Error Sans, firing "clones" of eyes at him. Hopefully, this would at least distract him to free Daniel. Akaria didn't care for Daniel, but saving him might land them more time to live.
Miku laughed. "Mess with a demon, you die," Miku murmured. The area between Miku and Error! Sans turned black and white. Miku smirked.

Miku sliced her knife. A red slash came out. It was heading straight for Error! Sans. Miku smiled devilishly.
"Monster. ehh," Daniel said as he coughed up blood," well, you messed with the wrong Human." Daniel revealed his true self and drew his sword. Error! looked at him and laughed. He shot more cables all around and as Error! fought with all his enemies.

"I'm your best FRIEND, don't you recognize me?" Flowey screeched as he fired more pelets at Toriel. He screeched in rage and started pounding his head against the floor
Akaria watched the two fight Error Sans. They're going to get themselves killed. Not that I have anything to live for, anyway. Rushing towards Error Sans, Akaria clawed at him repeatedly, their eyes glowing brighter by the moment. Slashing at cables and their enemy, Akaria began to ignore everything else around them, and focus on killing Error Sans, or trying.

Toriel used her fire to block the pellets. "If we truly are friends, then I could take you to my home." she was still wary though, but wanting to be kind. "We could have a small family." Toriel began to remember her real family and shot back tears, remaining smiling, though. "Perhaps you could put your weapon away?" she gestured to the friendliness pellets.
Flowey screeched more," You really don't know who I am? You IDIOT!" Flowey burrowed underground and disappeared.

Error Sans Had had enough, H snapped his fingers and all the cables retracted. Then he warped away. daniel sheathe his sword exclaimed,"Woe is me." Daniel than walked back to Snowdin. He sat back in his corner and started drinking more soft drinks.

Breaking MTT News
Mettaton sat at his News Reporter desk and exclaimed," Mysterious Cable entrap the SOULs of our Underground Citizens. More on this story later," Mettaton replaced his wheels with legs and started doing the Charleston," Don't forget to tune into Dancing with MTT tonight, Thanks Darlings!"
The color faded back to the area. Miku chuckled. "Weak. Welp. Monster, hope you enjoy fighting that skeleton by yourself. I have better things to do," Miku said. She started to walk off.
Toriel looked around as Flowey disappeared. How odd. She headed back to Home, picking up a picture frame of Asriel and Chara. It was dusty and faded, the color was dying. For a moment... that flower's voice sounded like A- Toriel got the thought out of her mind. She looked over at the pie she had made and took a bite out of it.

Nevi was able to see the MTT News report and hugged her legs, worried. What if this mysterious cable gets me?! No. I have to stay hopeful. She got up and looked out the window, seeing that the chaos was gone. Yes. We're all safe!

Akaria looked up as Error Sans disappeared. They landed onto the snow, and stayed looking at the ground for a bit. Suddenly, they began to
claw the ground repeatedly, like they were still fighting. This lasted for a while, before they got back up. I'm going to find them. Akaria began to walk off, looking for the killer, Error Sans.
Flowey dug himself out into Snowdin and gaped for breathe," Ho could she not know ME!" Flowey screeched into the woods. The tiny flower was enraged, so much that he started beating his head against the ground. Flowey surveyed Snowdin town to look for human souls, but couldn't find any.
The sphynx cat burst open the door to Grillby's, unaware of the tendrils' disappearance. "Guys!" She shouted frantically, her words bunching together into nearly indecernable sentence fragments. "You've got to comehelptheres a skeleton that kindalookslikesomeone I've seen butIcan'tputmyfingeronit and everyone is dyING AND-"

A nearby patron, a monster that appeared to be a creature somewhere between a caterpillar and a tropical bird, slid his glasses down his beak nonchalantly and addressed Tessa, who evidentially had been disrupting something "more important" to him. "Chill yae self, we've all heard about 'ta ruckus," he squaked. "''Tis all over ta news."
After taking a second to breathe, Tessa realised that the grumpy patron was correct. Indeed everyone had noticed such an event and indeed she had interrupted everyone's meal. Hoping that everyone had looked away by then, the sphynx shifted over to a nearby table and sat down in a vacant chair. She slipped her sweater back over her head and dropped the headphones back into the drawstring bag she had been carrying. Did that actually just happen, and did she actually just brandish a spoon at an approaching tendril of darkness? Tessa put her head in her hands, rubbing her temples due to her own stupidity.

The clopping of hooves could be heard gaining nearer as the only waitress at Grillby's trotted over (the restaurant could hardly be considered top class). "Er... what can I get for you today?"

"A smoothie," the sphynx said, head still in her hands. "Cherry, add extra foam."
Nikena Had Watched From The Shadows, He Had Seen Error Sans' Attack, And Been Worried By It, For Years, Neither Him, Error, Or His Friend Wona Had been Able The Physically Enter The Timelines, Hey, Nikena Didn't Complain, If It Weren't For That, He Would be DEAD, He Said
"How? I Need To Find out, I Need To Stop Him." He Sighed, And Started To Physically Enter The Timeline.
He Was In Hotland, And He Noticed A Flaw in His Plan, There Was No Way To tell Where ErROr Sans Would Go, However, He Saw Alphys Lab, And he Entered.
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A mysterious stranger was walking around the streets of Snowdin. He had his hoodie covering his face, so no one could really make out what he looked like. As he was heading to the nearest bar, Grillby's, he noticed a bunch of cables attacking two monsters and a human, but he really didn't care. When he entered Grillby's, the whole place was empty, except for the monster that was made of fire. The strange said to the monster made of fire, "Give me a beer, and make it snappy. I don't want to stay here longer than I have to." The monster made of fire handed the stranger a beer. The stranger was drinking his beer, but the noise outside was making him very annoyed. He finished drinking the beer, and stood up, and went out the door. He then walked in between the fight that was going on, and slowly kept walking towards them. "Can you guys just SHUT UP!" the stranger exclaimed with an angered expression. He kept twitching, and looked at the three other strangers, and exclaimed once again, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ENJOY A DRINK WITH ALL OF THIS NOISE!?" A cable was going to attack the stranger, but the stranger sharpened his claws and sliced up the cable with ease.