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Open Festival of Coalition || DISCUSSION

Alright guys, so yes theres been a couple of questions and doubts about the festival and the twist taking place within the role-play. Mostly my fault for the confusion, I probably didn't explain it well enough in the thread.

Everyone participating in the Festival, please read.

Ok, so first, to answer the question Tepig mentioned at first, no, this is not Pokemon Hunger Games. Nor is this necessarily a life or death competition >_< This is merely a tournament of sorts, but with no brackets or organized battles or such. Basically a do-it-yourself competition.

And since this isn't a Hunger Games type of festival, all human weapons (or tools that could be used as an unfair advantage) are forbidden to use. Whether its knives, hammers, shovels, etc - nothing will happen in order for you to use them, because human or pokemon deaths are not allowed either. The only danger to your well-being in the Festival will be each other and the potential weather.

The Twist
The Twist is a random change in how the tournament is played each year. In the current role-play, the twist is the 'Battle Back Bracket'. Its really not as confusing as you may think it is. Its simple.

A) You just battle as much and the best you can when you first enter the Island for the main part of the festival - however whenever someone loses a match (their pokemon faints from a battle), they are transported via underground spherical travel to a different, isolated part of the island.

B) Once at the other side/level of the Island, you will continue on as you did before, except this is more like a losers bracket in a tournament. If you get into a battle there and lose, you will have officially lost and be removed from the Festival.

C) If you successfully win every battle against the other losers, and are the only one left on that part of the island, you will be transported back to the main part of the Island, and will have been re-entered officially into the main Festival and are eligible to win it.

D) However, if you are the winner of the Battle Back Bracket and are transported back to the main Festival, but you lose a match again, you will be removed from the Festival for good.

--- Yes, not everyone in this role-play will win. Some are going to have to be mature enough to respectfully know when they have lost, myself included. Please try not to god-mod or refuse to take a loss when you know you are in the position of one ---

Current # of Roleplaying Contestants :: 7
(NPC's will be added in the role-play, of course)

If you have any further questions, please post so below ♥

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Of course! Yes I like to keep my role plays as realistic as possible, and I feel like if Pokemon were ever a legit thing they wouldn't only have the brain capacity to remember only 4 moves.

So yes for this roleplay you may know more than 4, but the Pokemon would have to know a decent amount, know what I mean?

| Ex: No knowing like 20 right off the bat | lol