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Forgotten Disaster (Comet Trail Backstories)

How should I start? After seeing Marcel written stories, I came to think like.
'Well, aint that a cool idea?'
And now I am here. Honestly didnt know what I was thinking really as I was writing this. It unravels a Little bit of Jude's past. Also, I am really sorry for my awful writing, like... I didnt do Such things in a long time.

I may continue this later, give other perspectives, introduce new characters thoughts. Reveal the mystery piece by piece.
For now... Enjoy!
Chapter 0.1
Forgotten is not Forgiven

Agent Hedrick was getting Impatient, the Man was getting late. Hedrick was scared. He didnt remember... Didnt remember for so long!
How could he Forget? What else was forgotten? He feels like he misses too many elements of a very complicated puzzle that was given to him. Puzzle that may end his life if he doesnt find all pieces.
It Just didnt feel right, something like that should not be forgotten.

Project KINGS

Project made by all nations.
Project to create human super weapons to fight Aliens, Demons... Gods.
Children that were trained/tortured, drugged, phisically and mentally punished. Children that lost their normal lives and were given numbers.
How could Agent Hedrick forget all the horrors and cruelty he was a part of.. Cruelty to which he closed his eyes and pretended not to see?

Suddenly someone knocked to the doors. Hedrick got up from his seat and slowly made his way to the entrence, with the gun in his hand.
Breath in...
Breath out...
He suddenly opened the door and pointed a gun at the terrified visitor's head.
"Wow! I never thought its possible for you to be even less friendly than last time! Im suprised!" although he tried to be cheerful, detective Kwiatkowski clearly almost got a heart attack and Hedrick knew it.

The Man in front of him was in his late fifties, 57 years old, no less. He was a rather well build individual, with a short gray hair and calm green eyes. He looked and smelled like a beggar, but Hedrick knew how inteligent this Man is... And he needed his help.

Their first meeting was a quite interesting one, in a cafeteria that Agent liked to come and drink often. It was a simple and quiet place, usually with max 3 or 4 clients at the same time. Thats why he loved it there So much. Yet that faithful day was something he wont Forget.
Some old man sat down in front of him on his table and made the worst impression of a friendly stranger that Agent has ever seen.

"What do you want?" He asked coldly, looking a new potencial threat in the eyes.
"Eh, not a social type? Young ones can be so insensitive nowadays." the other Man pretended to be hurt by Hedrick's coldness.
"Look here Mister, I may not look like it, but I can tell someone is a liar when I see one and-"
"Then we have something in common" The Man stopped him and then added "Detective Kwiatkowski, I wanted to speak with you why there is So many lies that surround your latest place of work, Mr.Hedrick"


And now they were here, in his apartament.
"Sorry about earlier... Its Just.. Since last time I started to remind myself So much and..."
"Its Alright" Detective quickly replied and smiled to him in understanding way.
"And please trust me, Mr.Hedrick. Police departament and FBI along with a few trusted heroes will give you protection So you dont have to worry. We wont let anyone harm you for what you know" Detective reassured him.

"Thats the thing... I am scared more of what I dont Remember but..." Agent then pulled out a folder with various Files under the name KINGS.
"I will tell as much as I do..."

It was evening, around 7pm when Agent had to Guard his doors again. Boy had Black hair and Emerald Eyes. Name of the Project, 'Judeas, King of Humanity'.
Code number 002.

A boy.. No, a child younger than 8 years old was kept in a cell with lasers instead of Iron bars, security cameras, plasma automatic rifles and more.
And still, everyone knew that it wouldnt even slow him down for a second.
Hedrick was Lucky of two things, that kid didnt understood his powers yet and that he was a kid.
002 probably wouldnt even try to escape, he would be to scared for his friends and too scared to harm a living human being.

He was a good kid.

Hedrick turned his head away, he couldnt look at him. Nor at any other projects. They werent humans anymore and they shouldnt act like humans!
They shouldnt feel, they shouldnt think, shouldnt ask, shouldnt disobey, shouldnt cry, shouldnt dream

"They are just children" voice in his head keep repeating.
That they were.. Children...
But they were the only ones with potencial to destroy humanity enemies if all other supernatural beings like Monsters, Dragons, Angels, Demons, Aliens and Gods tried and turn against humanity.

They needed to be weapons!
And weapons dont think, Love, dream nor have free will.
They will learn about it soon.
How it happend?

He was on the ground, barely alive, with both legs and one hand in a grave, while his last hand barely hold itself in the outside world.

Complete destruction, most Experiments, including 002 and ???... Wait... Thats weird, he was about to say that ??? Escaped as we-... What in the world.

He tried to get up and looked at the cell which belonged to 002. Where was he? Oh Yes, he escaped. No, he run after someone. After ???.
Why? His mind feels like its missing something.

What is it?

He looked at the cell a Little longer when it hit him.
What was supposed to keep Experiments in cells? Well, he couldnt remember a thing, but entire security was made by dr.??????.

Again.. What was with his memory?

How could he not remember about a person that made entire security.. Wait, was there any security in the first place?

It felt wrong.. So so wrong!
How in hell did they keep the most dangerous children in the world protected from outside world. He got up and tried to get to the main hall.

Death.. He could tell by how many clothes and weapons were laying around, but there was no trace of attack, desintegration, teleportation or burning to the very ground.
Did they had an Experiment that could do something like this?
It could be only be ??? With ??????? Ability.

He didnt even try to panic again that he doesnt remember this stuff. He moved forward, each step bringing pain, but he wasnt about to stop, then he saw something that scared him to no end.
Experiment 002 was on the ground, motionless and seemed half-dead. Not so far further away, Agent saw a longsword made of Meteorite. The Weapon was given to another one of the strongest Experiments.
Experiment 006, 'Queen of Chance'
A girl, year older than 002 that was said to be able to Control probability of things, of course there were Limits to it, but as far as he know. She could say she has 75% chance to beat angel of Death or 60% to defeat King of all dragons and she would definitly have an upper hand in those fights even when the only thing she had was her sword.

But now? Sword was here, but its owner was completely gone.. As if she never existed in the first place. It was unsettling to think about it.. He already saw many could suffer similar fate. Why he and 002 were alive tho? He could call himself accidental survivor, but by looking at his surrounding here.. 002 clearly clashed with the unknown ???.

And whoever ??? Is.. Could be the most dangerous individual... How much power could it have?

Man didnt want to think about it now and so he grabbed 002 and escaped this place, promising himself to find a place for the boy that suffered all this time becouse of them.
Later in the night, the boy woke up and had to be calmed down by Hedrick who told him that he is safe now.
"Mister... Do you remembered Dr. Strauss?"
Male shook his head in answer to 002..No, in answer to Judeas' question.
"So you really dont remember who made my cage? Who kept guns at my head? Its worse then I thought..."
"Jude.. If you can tell difference then do you remember who did that to you?" an Adult asked.
"No... Only fragments...like that me and Marie werent alone... But thats it.. No Name, No Number nor Title.. No smile... The person is gone and Marie is-"
"Dead" Agent answered for him as he remember seeing 006's Meteorite sword.
"Non-existent... Completely erased" Jude corrected with a fear in his eyes.

After that they went on a small Journey, gave him to orphanage in Praga and then he was adopted by an American family.

"Thats all I remember.. After taking my time with searching files.. I noticed there is no number 001..I presume that it is who caused all the chaos back then. I also found there were more Experiments that managed to escape." Agent told the detective, who quietly listened to the whole story.

"I see.. Although I cant promise that you wont be judged by your crimes, if you help me then you wont go without a reward. Now, as we know that all goverments were connected.. To that.. I guess that I can work as openly as I used.. My Best bet? We should try and find all the Experiments."

"Are you in?"

Well, thats about it? Was it good? Bad? Horrible?
I would want to know your opinions! As said earlier I may try and continue the same thing but Maybe from other perspectives.
Detective's? Marie's? Other characters? Who knows.