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Good Team For Blue???

Hello everyone,so I wanted to ask what do you think is a good team for Pokemon Blue because I am going to play through Pokemon Blue and I need a team of 6 or more pokemon. My starter will be Squirtle BTW.
Hmmm, if I had to call out some Pokemon then

Eeveelution to cover whatever base remains.

Seems like a solid enough team to cover the Elite Four and Champion.
Looks good!

The hardest battle might be...Agatha because you don't have any super effective Pokemon.

Between Hitmonchan, Jolteon and Magmar, Lorelei should be an easy battle.

Victreebel and Fearow should mop up Bruno quite nicely

And you might wanna equip Blastoise with Ice Beam for Lance.

Last battle if your Rival so you shouldn't have any troubles~

good luck~
At the time my favorite Kanto starter was Charmander, even if it did horribly in the Kanto region. Badges and Elite 4 combined, Charmander is just a bad pick overall. But I loved him and still do so my team will be based around him. (But just change it to Blastoise haha)

Charizard (Blastoise)

Nidoking (Not the greatest stats, but versatile and you can get it by Mt Moon)

Ninetale (Easier to get than Arcanine, but if you want to wait for the doggo, then Arcanine's better.)

Vaporeon or Lapras (Easily the 2 best water type in the Kanto region in my opinion and both relatively easy to get, but you'll have to wait until you are at Celadon or Saffron city to get either one of them)

Fearow or Aerodactyl (I know the popular esthetic choice is Pidgeot, but it's weak, it's move pool is kinda average and his stats are pretty bad overall. Or if you want you can get a Dratini (Pokecasino) and train it until you get a Dragonite if you are really that motivated haha).

Persian or Snorlax (Know hear me out, this is only by personal preferences haha. I always used to have a Persian in my team back in the days. I love his design and I'm a fan of cats and dogs so I had to have it in my best team for you. But if you prefer having something stronger, tankier, but having less speed then for sure go with Snorlax.

I hope you'll have a great time with this game :)