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So, this is just kinda a thing I was curious about, and wanted to see other people's opinions on this. The issue on the table: Guns in Pokemon.

Do guns even exist in the world of Pokemon? I dunno. They've been shown in a few episodes *cough* whichhavebeenbanned *cough* and none of the games. Also, the villains don't use them. But then again, who needs a gun when you have a powerful creature under your command that you can pull out of your pocket?

But anyway, what do you guys think?


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On a more serious note...

How effective they would be is debatable, considering there are Pokemon that have psychic powers that could quite easily stop bullets telekinetically, as well as a plethora of Rock and Steel-type Pokemon that are very likely bulletproof, not to mention the numerous Ghost-type Pokemon that probably can't be hit by them at all. Other than the speed of the projectiles (and there are a lot of priority attacks like Quick Attack and Bullet Punch in the games now to match that) a lot of Pokemon probably just bring more firepower than a gun would provide anyway.

Nothing much stopping a villain from simply headshotting the trainer mid-battle though, so there's that.
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With the concepts of firearms in Pokemon, we cannot look at the games or anime for a few reasons. First off in the games and anime, they are based around children and those types of characters wouldn’t be involved with the types of characters who would own/use guns. The world in a sense, has been bubble wrapped, to the point where dangers like that wouldn't be an issue. Secondly, we have to remember that this world is marketed toward 10 year olds so things like Guns and dangers would be avoided by the developers.

So if determining whether or not guns exist, cannot be done by using the games or the anime as primary sources, then how can we figure this out? Well we need to look instead on how they would be used. We already know that the technology is advanced enough in the Pokemon realm to allow or the creation of guns, as we see more advanced forms of weaponary throughout the anime, like Bakzookas and tanks. And like Kol pointed out, guns would be useless when compared to the strength of Pokemon, any day. Except for the simple concept that guns are at a base if you will. They cannot grow stronger nor weaker, while Pokemon can. And there is also the concept that Pokemon, aren’t always these massive powerful creatures but need to be trained. So without a gun or weapon along those lines, you would need to train a pokemon a whole bunch for the simple act of killing a single person or entity. Not very efficient. A gun would be a Pokemon that needs no training to be deadly. ‘

So why don’t Team Rocket members, pull out a gun and shoot a trainer in the head during battles? Well this is where things get a bit more interesting, in my opinion. We must think of the types of people who would use guns instead of Pokemon. In the picture above, it shows an elderly man pointing a revolver at Ash Ketchum’s head with it ready to fire (unfortunately he never does, ruing he dreams of many). Now this man, if memory serves me correct, runs the Safarai Zone and he would protect the Pokemon inside from outside threats. So maybe he wouldn’t use Pokemon for 1, to keep the pokemo inside feel safe and keep any other species that didn’t belong, out of the safarai zone (introducing other species can be bad for natural species of that habitat, as they would play the role of an invasive species) and 2 to keep the Pokemon inside, away from fighting. So we can conclude that the people who use guns would actually have guns as an alternative to Pokemon.

And now, I’m gonna answer the Team Rocket shootout part. Guns, like I said previously, are at a base level. So if both sides have guns, then it might as well be a 50/50 chance for victory. So if evil teams use Pokemon, which can outclass guns, than so would the police. So then it would stick to which Pokemon is stronger. And if we look at these leaders they are all top notch, implying that they will have a better win percentage with these leaders on their side, with those stronger Pokemon.

So in conclusion, guns do exist in the Pokemon world, but are obsolete. Not just because Pokemon outclass them, but because guns are at a base strength level, that with guns being the only weapons, the sides are more balanced. And then the only people who would use guns would be those who wish to fight, without using Pokemon.
I think gun exist. That's why there are moves like water 'gun' and 'bullet' punch, and iirc in one episode of anime Misty said Pineco looks like a grenade. Maybe it only used by military unit and the distribution is so strict that not even villain teams can get some.
Would tranquilizer guns count? I mean, they're not really the firearms in question, but could we assume they exist to tame wild Pokemon that may present themselves to be dangerous when a trainer is not readily available? It's a stretch, since everyone has Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, but there's probably special cases where at least a Tranquilizer may be necessary?
i remember another old episode that had a gun.

the episode is titles "the case of the k9 caper" in the episode there is a brief scene in the beginning where the man has a gun.
All I can think of now is when Team Rocket held up that convenience store in the Indigo League. "These are ice packs we're gunning! I mean, ice guns we're packing!" :D

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Technically guns have been in the anime already, just censored. So if they have already appeared, I wouldn’t mind more and more popping up. Kids don’t need to be coddled with censored guns anymore lol
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