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Ask to Join Halo: End of Reach Discussion

RP- https://pokecharms.com/threads/halo-end-of-reach.18283/

(This is a reboot of the original RP. This time, we'll try to keep things organized and active. It's a team effort, so let's all play our part.)
It all began in the year 2525, when Harvest made first contact. War began on the once beautiful, vibrant, peaceful surface of the planet. But the new foe was relentless, unrivaled, and deadly. After they finally glassed the surface of Harvest, and made it an unlivable hunk of rock floating throughout space, thus truly began the Human-Covenant war in 2526.
The next 27 years were that of war, death, and defeat. The Covenant swept throughout the galaxy, wiping out the human race as it went, hell bent on exacting a revenge only the Covenant knew of. But on July 24th, of 2552, the tide of war would change forever.
The Covenant attacked Reach. The stronghold of the UNSC and ONI. The birthplace of the SPARTAN-II's, known to the Covenant as 'Demons'. The gateway to Earth.
Noble Team was the first Spartans able to try and defend the planet from a full on Covenant invasion, with their newest member, Spartan-B312, after the passing of the late Noble 6, Spartan Thom.
The battle lasted for several weeks, both sides barely gaining any ground, until Spartan Jorge and B-312 launched an attack in-orbit in UNSC Sabres against the invading forces. They were able to successfully defeat the Covenant, at the cost of Jorge's life on August 14th, 2552.
It is now August 18th. With the humans celebrating their victory and beginning to clean up what they can, they are completely unprepared for the unfathomable, colossal fleet headed their way. A fleet known as the Fleet of Particular Justice led by Thel 'Vadamee. The end of Reach is nigh, and no one knows it yet.
Years of Service:
(Remember. The events on Reach stretch over for quite a while. We don't even get to Halo until September 19th.)
Rank-----------------------Gunnery Sergeant
Name----------------------Harvey, Slade
Years of Service----19
Qualification----------Fit for Combat
Files------------------------Originally qualified for the
SPARTAN-II Project, recent health implements made him unqualified, and ONI overlooked him during the abductions. He grew up on Coral, and enlisted the moment he turned 18 so as to aid in the fight against the Covenant. Other information is available in ONI headquarter
Identification---------ODST. Standard armor variant. Personal added red details.
Special Operations Officer
Bri 'Filkomee
Fleet of Particular Justice
Filkom lineage
Entering our holy ranks long before the cleansing of the galaxy against the vile humans began. Filkom proved to be a very resourceful warrior, able to think on his feet, and improvise all at the same time. He is also one of our greatest warriors in Blade-to-Blade combat. His rank would be higher, if not for his skill in Special Operations. Bri 'Filkomee is a respected member of our holy Covenant Empire, and a true brother to all Sangheili.
Standard Red-Black Special Operations Officer Armor Designation.
Prophet of Regret:
Thel 'Vadamee: @Dave Strider
Bri 'Filkomee: @Dave Strider
Dekan 'Kalimee: @Dapper_Cat
Dabflip: @Shen: Ghost Gym Leader
Emile: @Dapper_Cat
Noble Six: @Rykenftw
Slade: @Dave Strider
Caleb: @Dapper_Cat
Connor: @Rykenftw
Dr. Halsey:
Captain Keyes:
Sergeant Johnson:
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Rank: Warrant Officer
Name: Caleb [REDACTED]
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Years of Service: 13
Qualification: Fit for combat.
Files: Born 2528 on Jericho VII, his home planet was glassed by the Covenant in 2535. Because of his genes, he was conscripted into the [REDACTED] in 2539, part of [REDACTED].
Identification: Sierra-B818 and mixed MJOLNIR armor variants.
Physical Appearance: Caleb closely resembles a Native American man with his facial structure and skin tone. He has neck-length black hair, just within regulation, and bright blue eyes. His face has a scar going across his right cheek, which quickly moves across over through the right corner of his mouth.
Helmet: EVA [C] Variant (Like Emile's)
L Shoulder: CQC Shoulder-Pad
R Shoulder: Security (With Knife)
Chest: Assault/Sapper
Knee-plates: FJ/PARA
Armor Color: Primarily Steel-Colored, with a forest green secondary color.
Visor Color: Black (Save for the skull on it, which is white.)
Because It's you, Dapper, I'll allow it.
But I want to explicitly state; NO MORE SPARTANS. I want we as players to feel more vulnerable. Also, here are original Halo characters up for grabs right now;
SPARTAN-III: Carter A-259, Noble 1
SPARTAN-III: Kat B-320, Noble 2
SPARTAN-III: Jun A-266, Noble 3
SPARTAN-III: Emile A-239, Noble 4
Dr. Catherine Halsey
Cpt. Jacob Keyes
A'ight, I'll stick with him being a Zealot. I'm also making him older, even more of a combat vet.

Rank: Zealot
Race: Sangheili
Title: Dekan 'Kalimee
Age: 56
Fleet: Fleet of Particular Justice
Family: 'Kalim Lineage
Lore: Dekan 'Kalimee was a member of the Covenant before their war with the Humans. On Sangheilios, he lived a life as the eldest son of the House of 'Kalim, a prosperous and wealthy Sangheili house. They were known for helping enhance Covenant technology and upgrading their warships. Many also served in the Covenant military, though they were not known for producing intelligent and capable soldiers. Many Sangheili of House 'Kalim never even made it past the rank of Minor. Dekan, however, always wanted to serve the Covenant, and enlisted when he was twenty. He surpassed the ranks quicly at the start of the Human-Covenant War, and was renowned as a skillful, intelligent, and honorable Sangheili, even making it to the rank of Zealot. His wife, Neio, died when Dekan was forty-seven. His son, Khero, serves in the Covenant, like his father, and is currently twenty. He serves as a Special Operations Sangheili on the Fleet of Retribution.
Identification: Dekan's smooth, black skin and bronze eyes, and monstrous height of 9'10 make him stand out among his fellow Sangheili. If these do not, then his red zealot armor or his missing upper right mandible should. In combat, he wields a green-bladed Energy Sword, and has a second, though he rarely uses it.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
So how open is this? Can I be from a high prophet to a lowly grunt or what exactly? Just so I can narrow down the type of characters I can choose from

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rank: Spec ops
Race: Unggoy
Title: Dabflip, or the Genocider Gruntmaster
Age: 22
Fleet: fleet of particular Justice
Family: ??? Unknown, but says he has ties with the Founder of the Grunt rebellion
Lore: Born in a crashed DAV class corvette on balaho, he was raised a year with his family before being shipped into a military ranking into the covenant lines. He was given the rank of minor. He pitied his fellow Unggoy on his assigned fleet, calling them covenant dogs. Actually growing up with a family, he was thought about the fabled grunt rebellion, and keeps that story to heart. He 'accidentally' defeated a heretic's wraith single handily in battle by setting the fuel reserves for the spirit drop ships in a hanger bay, giving him the rank of Spec Ops, where he earned his nickname amongst his grunt comrades. He has a playful personality, but also a dark, resenting tone to his voice.
Identification: he has steel colored armor and a fuel rod cannon he almost always carries with him. He has a plasma pistol side arm alongside a toothy grin that was painted on his breather mask.
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Just wondering if this was okay, if not I can change it, but I thought it'd be interesting to see a young failure grow as time goes along in the RP. Also, can we have multiple characters?

Private First Class

Connor White



Years of Service:

Fit for maintenance duties only.

Year of Birth: 2534
Bio: White signed up for the military as soon as possible, but he was unfit for combat in many ways. He was shipped to Reach as part of a maintenance crew, with basic military knowledge, but very little experience and ability.

Standard M52B Battle Armor and Helmet. Connor is a slightly tanned man of average build. He has blonde hair cut in standard Marine Corp fashion. Dark blue eyes.
I'd like these characters to be taken by you guys. I'll be taking Thel 'Vadamee, however.

SPARTAN-III: Carter A-259, Noble 1
SPARTAN-III: Kat B-320, Noble 2
SPARTAN-III: Jun A-266, Noble 3
SPARTAN-III: Emile A-239, Noble 4
Dr. Catherine Halsey
Cpt. Jacob Keyes
After the assault on New Alexandria is in full swing, Six will wake in a remote area after the orbital fall. Jorge is dead, and Noble Team doesn't know if either Jorge or Six made it out alive.