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Ask to Join Halo: End of Reach

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It all began in the year 2525, when Harvest made first contact. War began on the once beautiful, vibrant, peaceful surface of the planet. But the new foe was relentless, unrivaled, and deadly. After they finally glassed the surface of Harvest, and made it an unlivable hunk of rock floating throughout space, thus truly began the Human-Covenant war in 2526.
The next 27 years were that of war, death, and defeat. The Covenant swept throughout the galaxy, wiping out the human race as it went, hell bent on exacting a revenge only the Covenant knew of. But on July 24th, of 2552, the tide of war would change forever.
The Covenant attacked Reach. The stronghold of the UNSC and ONI. The birthplace of the SPARTAN-II's, known to the Covenant as 'Demons'. The gateway to Earth.
Noble Team was the first Spartans able to try and defend the planet from a full on Covenant invasion, with their newest member, Spartan-B312, after the passing of the late Noble 6, Spartan Thom.
The battle lasted for several weeks, both sides barely gaining any ground, until Spartan Jorge and B-312 launched an attack in-orbit in UNSC Sabres against the invading forces. They were able to successfully defeat the Covenant, at the cost of Jorge's life on August 14th, 2552.
It is now August 18th. With the humans celebrating their victory and beginning to clean up what they can, they are completely unprepared for the unfathomable, colossal fleet headed their way. A fleet known as the Fleet of Particular Justice led by Thel 'Vadamee. The end of Reach is nigh, and no one knows it yet.


"Your excellency, we will arrive at the Human planet shortly."
Thel 'Vadamee turned to look at the Sangheili talking, clicking his mandibles quietly. "Prepare the first wave of ground units to strike immediately upon arrival. We will destroy the humans with haste." He ordered before turning away, back to the control panel before him. This didn't entirely feel natural to him. He felt at ease with the hilt of a blade in his hand, and the feel of it cutting through his enemies with ease. But his fleet required him to oversee this invasion. Once victory was certain, he might join the battle.
"Target areas with high population, and make sure to cut their communications. A Noble Prophet will be joining us shortly. I want to ensure success." 'Vadamee ordered.


Gunnery Sergeant Slade leaned back on the hard seat as he smirked at the female Marine acrossed from him. "Yeah. That hairy bastard never stood a chance." He bragged, and she only raised an eyebrow in return. "Well. Why aren't you a Spartan already?" She asked sarcastically. Slade opened his mouth to reply, but closed it as he realized she wasn't taking him at all seriously. "Whatever. I need to catch a smoke anyways." He muttered and stood. The Marine only only rolled her eyes at him as she leaned forward and continued to eat her meal that Slade had earlier interrupted.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
"H-hey hey! Guys?"

"What is it now, YapYap?"

"Turns out this humany world has a name! It's uh...reach! Yeah that's it!"

"Reach? Reach for what? Does their planet have arms?!"

"I dunno, why are you asking me?!"

The usual grunt banter filled the barracks of the grunts. They had no idea what lied in store for them, getting most of their information from human soap operas and radio transmissions. Dabflip, a spec ops grunt had been assigned to this spec ops division with his fellow grunts. His mask painted with a toothy grin that most knew him by.

"Hey! Hey! Dabflip!" A squeaky voices grunt spoke. "What do you think this human planet is like? You think they have a methane Airy air?"

"Nah, I don't think so." He said. "I mean, they are weasels, why would they breathe methane?"

"Aw nibbles, I was hopping I didn't have to wear this stupid mask on all our missions..."

"If I had it my way we'd all be on balaho, and be rid of these masks."

"Oh you always say that, silly Dapflip, hey can I eat your snacks if you die?"

The other grunts were so naive. They probably never felt the soft icy embrace of the homeworld, probably born in servitude right away on a ship. He couldn't help but pity them as they walk obnoxiously to their deaths, unknowing the horrors of war.
"Connor White, Private First Class, reporting for duty, sir!" Connor said, facing his commanding officer.

"Well White, you finally have a use. You have been tasked with repairing a very special piece of equipment today. You get to work on Spartan armor. Why they are tasking you with this, I have no clue, but command does what command does. Here it is." The officer motioned to a large case, glass on one side and steel on the other, obviously made to show off what was inside. Connor timidly walked over to the box, and what he saw was awe-inspiring. Brand-new MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VII. It sure was a beauty. But he wasn't sure what was wrong with it.

"Er, sir... It seems to be in perfect condition... What needs fixing..." He asked.

"I don't know. Something about some faulty wiring. It's an extra, anyways, one that probably won't be used. They just wanted to be sure someone had it fixed."

"Alright, sir, I'll get to work. It'll be done in no time." He said, and carted it off to his maintenance station. He plugged it into his computer, and removed the plating, and began working. "This should be done in no time." He smiled, as he began moving around wires.
Dekan 'Kalim slid on his helmet, the standard headdress of a Sangheili Zealot, and turned to his fellow Sangheili zealots. He was the first to speak. It was a tradition among them to repeat this among themselves before being deployed.
"All who walk the blessed path will find salvation, even in death." He began. The others joined him immediately after.
"Out of darkness, these blades will light our way.
Glory and honor guide our ascension.
On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons.
The true devotee honors our name with actions, not words.
Victory is secured not from the throne, but from the frontlines.
With this sacrament of blood, we journey into the divine beyond." With that, they finished and grabbed their weapons. Dekan looked at his two Energy Sword hilts before magnetizing them to his hips. Afterwards, he readied his plasma repeater and nodded to himself.
Caleb-B818 leaned against a wall in New Alexandria, not far away from a group of marines. They just won one hell of a victory up there, and they were celebrating. Hell, Caleb didn't blame them. But still, he had to ready, just in case. Never know what might happen next. Caleb made sure his M45 was fully loaded, then magnetized it to his back. He checked over his M6G pistols after that, and upon making sure they were full, magnetized them back to his sides.
Bri 'Filkomee strode down the light purple corridor, his massive form easily dwarfing the surrounding Sangheili, even putting many Brutes to shame. For such a large warrior, his speed and agility were definitely unexpected, but he knew how to fool the enemy. He would always put off a show, displaying his massive form to be a burden. To be a target. That was when they'd let their guard down, even a little. That was when he'd truly strike.
The door slid open to reveal the hangar. Several Phantoms hung in the air, while others continued loading up. War was coming, very quickly. The massive Sangheili turned his head to the commanding Zealot in a small Zealot Strike Team. "Are your men ready?" He asked, his voice surprisingly lighter than what anyone would anticipate from such a large, burly being.


"Your excellency. We've arrived."
Thel 'Vadamee didn't need to be told what he was seeing. The Planet that had put up the most impressive resistance by far stood before them. "Scan the planet for any Forerunner artifacts. That is our primary objective. We cannot let the humans get their filthy claws on such precious jewels." He ordered.


Slade leaned up against the wall, popping out the cigarette and lighting it, before looking up, letting out a sigh as light-clorored smoke billowed from his mouth. A glint of purple in the sky caught his interest, and as he focused in on it, he could make out not a few Covenant vessels, but a massive fleet.
Slade almost choked on the smoke as he spat out the cigarette, and turned quickly. The Covenant were back.
"Shit..." Caleb muttered upon seeing the large fleet that had just warped in overhead. He demagnetized his shotgun and pumped it. He'd be needing it very, very soon. He yelled to the nearby marines. "Ready your rifles, marines! We got more bogeys overhead!" He shouted, in order to make sure he got their attention.
Dekan 'Kalim turned upon hearing a voice behind him, asking him if he and his men were ready. When Dekan turned he had been expecting to look down on whoever it was, like he usually did. He was surprised, however, to see that he did not have to. He did not let his surprise show, however, and immediately answered the question imposed upon him. "Yes. Like our blades, they are ready to strike and secure victory for the Covenant."
Connor continued working, until he noticed a few blips on his radar he had installed on his desk. Massive. Massive vessels, hundreds of them. He ran outside, looking at the sky. "Covenant... Ugh. They don't give up." He glanced over the the armor he had fixed. "No... You aren't trained. Your body is not fit for it." He said to himself. He packed the suit back into the case it had came in. The case was closed and locked, and he stored it in a maintenance room, hidden behind rows of tools. He put his armor on and grabbed his pistol. Nothing special, just something he was required to have. He grabbed a repair kit and put it on his back as a backpack. He ran outside and saw a large figure wearing armor similar to what he was just working on.

No way... A real spartan? I knew they were stationed here, but I didn't know I'd get to see one...
He thought to himself, standing there dumbfounded, staring at the spartan.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Dabflip felt the vibration of the ship as it seemed to shift, like it were Turning, slowing down, or some other action. He propped himself up and kept his ears out.

"You hear that grunts?" He said.

"Uhhhh....I hear my stomach."

"You must be hearing things again Dabdab...or flipdab...somethin."

Dabflip rolled his eyes as he got up, adjusting his Spec op giggled as he left the barracks. If the grunts obviously didn't know anything, he'd go to the ones that did, the Sanghelli. He marched up the hallway, and through several corridors, passing several squads of brutes, grunts, and jackals before he made it to the bridge. He cleared his throat as he approached a rather big Sanghelli.

"What's the word, Zealot?"
"Excellent. We shall quell the human filth swiftly. They dared defile the God's tools. We will take vengeance, and cut them swiftly, like your blade, Zealot." Bri stated before turning his head, looking down at the Spec Ops Unggoy asking him something. "What's the word, Zealot?"
Bri clicked his mandibles before squinting at the Unggoy. "You are a Spec Ops. You're with my division." He ordered, before turning swiftly, and stalking back down the hall.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Did he just blow me off...? Keep it together Dabflip, not all Sanghelli are disrespectful

Dabflip cleared his throat and adressed the squinting sanghelli once more.

"Then I'll assemble my grunts, but what I were thinking was what's the situation?"
Once the Spec Ops Commander was leaving, Dekan turned back to look down at the Unngoy who'd asked them a question. However, his focus had gone to the commander. "Best of luck to you, Unggoy. And like the rest of us, may the gods grant you and your men safety on the field." He said to Dabflip before turning back to his Zealots. "Ready your blades and your weapons, brothers! Today we take this pitiful world from the Humans!"
Caleb-B818 kept a lookout and stood near the marine encampment. They had to be ready, no matter what they had to face.
"I thought the Shipmaster's announcement was straightforward enough." Bri replied. "Listen now, Unggoy. Grab your troops and board my Phantom. I'm sure if you're smart, you can find it. Our mission is separate from the initial strike force." Said the Sangheili as he continued to trudge away. "You were sanctioned into my division earlier 'Dabflip'. Do try to make a good first impression."


"All hands at all available stations. This is not a drill. Covenant Strike Teams en route to our position. I repeat; All hands at all available stations. This is not a drill. Covenant Strike Teams en route to our position." The voice overhead spoke. While his words and message were urgent, his voice simply drawled on in a bored fashion, as though this second invasion was already old news.
Slade slipped the ODST helmet over his head as the visor activated, and his HUD appeared. Grabbing the SMG, his magnetized it to his hip before grabbing the side of the Pelican, and pulling himself on board. Multiple other ODST's and Marine's alike were already on board, waiting for the Pelican to take off.
Slade gripped the combat knife handle, still in it's sheath as the docking doors closed, and the Pelican took off. The Covenant had already begun bombing the hell out of New Alexandria. Why they were focusing almost all of their fire power here was anyone's question. But the bigger question was... could they keep a hold of the city?

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
He was suprised that a Sanghelli had managed to remember his name, and on top of that address him by it. Most, especially Sanghelli adressed them as 'unngoy', 'maggot', or other derogatory terms. He kept his mouth shut, and his comments to himself as he walked down the long winding halls with the elite, stopping by the barracks he had left earlier, opening the door.

"Come on, Balaho bruisers, it's time to show the our might to the enemy!"

"Aw yeah!"

"Does it come with snacks? I like snacks..."

"If it keeps the food nipple pumpn'."

The five grunts in his barracks flushed out wearing their gear and assembled in front of the elite, waiting for orders
Bri paid no attention to the assembled Unggoy as he made his way around them, entering a separate hangar. Most of the Phantoms here were already hovering in the air, prepared for a drop-and-strike. Several Phantoms, however, rested on the cold metal floor of the hangar. In one, several Sangheili loitered about the entrance, all wearing dark armor. This was Bri's Spec Ops unit, not including the Unggoy. Upon noticing their Commander approaching, their hunched shoulders stiffened, and their backs straightened. They quickly came to full attention as Bri approached. "Into the Phantom. We have Unggoy joining us." He instructed. Two of the three Sangheili did as told, but the third looked around Bri to the following Unggoy troop. "I thought you said this mission would consist of solely us."
Bri raised a brow. "Plans change." He growled. The Sangheili discovered his fault, and quickly turned, entering the Phantom.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
"What? Didn't expect Grunty power to be with ya?" One of the grunts spoke.

"I'm still waiting for those snacks!"

Dabflip entered the phantom, his unngoy troops following behind him carefully. He turned to the third Sanghelli, his dark colored eyes locking with that of the taller species.

"This is human world, Sanghelli need all help that can get."

The grunts lined up in the middle of the room in two rows behind Dabflip as he confronted his Sanghelli comrade.
Dekan and his Zealots turned and boarded their Phantom. Other Covenant lances were assigned to their Phantom, frontline soldiers. Sangheili and Unggoy, along with a few Kig-Yar. They wouldn't be deploying with the Zealots, though. They were to be deployed wherever they were needed. Possibly with the Special Operations Commander Dekan had seen earlier. Dekan looked at his fellow Zealots. They were ready.
Connor snapped out of his daze and ran to a nearby pelican that was about to take off. He jumped in and found an empty seat right before it took off, barely making it. He looked around, seeing multiple marines and apparently ODST. How... I thought ODST dropped from the sky, and weren't deployed with ground troops. He wasn't too worried though, and he just sat there, acting like he knew what he was doing. Actually.. I probably should have stayed at the base. I bet they could use some maintenance there... Oh boy...
"You there, on me!" Caleb shouted to a squad of marines. The marines were immediately on the SPARTAN as they walked through New Alexandria. "We're helping the evacuate civilians, they'll be easy targets for the Covie bastards, so we need to get them out before the alien freaks get here." He explained to them. He looked back at the marines, quickly assessing their equipment. Five of them, standard Marine armor, two with assault rifles, two with DMRs, and the other had a Magnum. Wouldn't last long if they got split off from Caleb and ran into a couple of Brutes or Elites.