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Open Halo Wars: The Next Generation

Looks like the Covenant's at it again. On the planet Harvest. Oh, hell no. Wait a--they're coming this way!! Oh no!!! No!!! NOOOOOOO--!!!!
22 April, 2692
To whomever this may concern,
There has been a man-killing Covenant issue on the planet Harvest.
If you get this letter, by mail, if it landed at your feet, et cetera, you have been selected to kill off these now-rabid Covenant.

- UNSC Captain Rogers.
Now what? Kill 'em off? :?
Wait a sec...
Now you must stop the Covenant, whether you like it or not.
ID Code: (5-digit code)
Type: (Marine, etc.)
Method of getting letter:
Name: Jake Black
ID Code: 95661
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Type: Marine
Method of getting letter: Mailed