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Happy 16th Pokécharms Day!

StellarWind Elsydeon

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It's that time again! March 17th is here, and that means we've officially completed another revolution around the sun.

Things have been pretty busy for all of us - and so we haven't really had the chance to put together anything particularly special this year (as you can probably tell by the fact we took this long to even make a post about it!). But nonetheless, existing for 16 years is an achievement of its own right - and with a new generation of Pokémon games just around the corner, we will probably have some interesting things in store this year regardless.

So, er, Here's a Pikachu with a Sword and a Shield to commemorate the occasion?

Happy Sweet Sixteen! I don't know if a website can drive, but it certainly is an accomplishment for this place to last so long. I'm glad to be a part of it. :D
I was late.....

OH WELL! Happy birthday Pokecharms! Since you're in the U.K., you'll have to get that PIP thing before you can drive I think.

(no idea on driving licenses sooo... :halo:)
I'm really late but happy 16th birthday to the site I got my start on qwq

I made so many memories and friends on this site and the community here really gave me a new found confidence and drive for my art. While I am not on as much as I once was, this place still brings me back to my roots and I have friends here that welcomed me back with open arms after my year long hiatus, and hadn't forgotten about me. I love this place and hope it lasts another 16 years ♥

Sorry that got a bit rambly but aaa this site means a lot to me ;w;