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Help I have hacked surprise trade shiny Pokémon

I have loads of shiny Pokémon I got from surprise trading in Pokémon sword and shield and a lot of them or from machamps.co a facebook group that hacks the game to get these shiny Pokémon and then sometimes hack the ai to give them moves that impossible for them to learn. These hacked Pokémon are completely safe but you can get banned if you use them in online battles. I want to keep these cool shinys but I can’t use them cause there hacked. is there someway to be able to replace these hacked shinys with normal shinys. Also another thing to know is that other shiny business are Pokeflash.co ,Vgeekz.com also known as vaultgeekz.com and PKMGen <—— pokegen.club same thing. Are all safe and not hacked but still cannot be used in online battles


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The only way to replace those shinies with non-hacked ones would be to obtain them legitimately - in other words, grind for them.

Also, all those sites are trading hacked shinies - that's why they can't be used online. Any shiny you did not obtain yourself through legitimate means should be considered hacked and you shouldn't use them.