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Clearly you did not read the rules thread for this board.

2. Do NOT ask for someone to make a team for you - this is not only lazy, but it's also pointless if people recommend team members that you cannot acquire or if people recommend Pokemon that you just plain don't like. Asking for advice on one team member is fine, anything more than two will get your topic locked instantly.

Local rule threads are just as valid as the general rule thread for the Pokécharms forums. Read those those unless you want to be disfigured with a mailbox.
I need a sweeper for the battle tower in hg ss
I already have a trick choice scarf alakazam and a metagross
I was thinking maybe a salemence or a scizor?

(better, stellerwind elysdeon?)


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Sorry. Not really. Let me provide you a template with which to structure your post - you will have found it if you'd read the rules like you were asked:

Pokemon @ Hold Item

- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

You need one of these for each of the Pokémon you already have, as well as a description for what the Pokémon is used for and perhaps why you chose it. You need to do one of those for every Pokémon on the team. For instance, I might post this:

Porygon-Z @ Choice Scarf
252 Sp.Atk/252 Speed/4 HP

- Tri Attack
- Dark Pulse
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam

Porygon-Z is chosen as a special sweeper and mostly because it is my favourite Pokémon. BoltBeam for coverage, Dark Pulse to hit pesky Ghosts, and Tri Attack for dat STAB/Adaptability combo. I've chosen Choice Scarf over, say, Life Orb so Porygon-Z can actually hit things - I tend to find it's too slow otherwise.


Incidentally, because this is a Gen 4 Battle Tower thread, you can probably leave out the EVs if you don't have specific ones :)

Also, considering you've clearly not read the rules, I shall link them again: the local rules for this forum are here. I would also strongly recommend you read through the Basics to Competitive Team Making thread, which will tell you far more than we can. Read through some of the other topics in this board for more information on how to structure your post, but using the template I've shown you is the first step.

I shall leave this topic open for you to amend your first post accordingly. However, please do not expect any answers until you have clearly proven that you've read both the rules and the basics thread, because otherwise we'd just be repeating the information already posted. When you do, however, I'm sure we'd be happy to make suggestions.

ETA: Merged the two threads together ^^
gaahh! I am so bad at this! sorry I didnt read the rules, I was kinda rushed
Thia is what I have already;

Alakazam @ choice scarf
ability magic guard
nature +spatk -atack
EVs 252sp 252spatk 4def

thunder wave

trick to cripple the lead nd same with tw and flash,psychic is for when thimgs get dicy

Metagross @ occa berry
clear body
naure +atk-hp
Evs (not sure yet, some suggestions?)
bullet punch
meteor mash

eathquake for,well, earthquake meteor mash for high atrack and satb bullet punch for priority and explosion for when meagross has 20 hp left and he can go out with a bang!
Considering this is for HGSS, Alakazam does not have Magic Guard, as that is a hidden ability introduced in Gen V. I feel that between Trick, Thunder Wave, and Flash, Alakazam is just doing too much to cripple a specific Pokemon at a time. If you're dead-set on having him Trick, I'd use a setup like this:

Alakazam@Choice Specs/Scarf/Band
252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast

Essentially, Trick and sweep. Those three moves provide basic coverage for Alakazam. Signal Beam is a good alternative move over Focus Blast for hitting Dark-types(because it has better accuracy) as well as other Psychic-types(which leaves Shadow Ball for mopping up Ghost-types). Charge Beam can be used to pick off a weakened opponent and hopefully grab a Special Attack boost. In terms of hold items, I'd honestly go with Choice Specs since it'll greatly boost your offensive power until you Trick it away. Modest is an alternative nature to use if you feel like you want more power over speed.

As for Metagross, I'm quite fond of the Agiligross setup.

Metagross@Life Orb/Lum Berry/Leftovers
Clear Body
252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
-Meteor Mash
-Zen Headbutt/Thunderpunch

Lots of different choices going on here. Metagross becomes very threatening after just one Agility, regardless of nature. Meteor Mash is STAB, Earthquake is standard fare, but it comes down to your choice on the last moveslot. Zen Headbutt is great Psychic STAB, and with your newfound speed, that flinch chance is looking mighty pretty. Thunderpunch, however, offers great coverage on things that like to set up, namely Dragons and Gyarados. If you want some extra survivability, you can shift some Speed EVs over to HP, so 40 or 60 HP EVs can help a bit. Item choice is also up to you: Life Orb offers immediate power while Lum Berry can save you from an untimely status. Leftovers is an overall safe option in regards to HP, but may be better suited to a tank or wall, should you choose to have one.
Thanks Shocari, though could you add in explosion to metagross? It has helped me a lot over the first couple of battles when metagross has , like 20 hp left, does that work?

Shocari said:
Considering this is for HGSS, Alakazam does not have Magic Guard, as that is a hidden ability introduced in Gen V.

oops, my mistake ~:p~
To reiterate what I said several times above, it all comes down to what you personally want. I'm merely here to offer suggestions. Explosion is a powerful move, but it does carry with it the risk of forcing a draw. And because it's the Battle Tower, I don't find much use for Explosion in a 3v3 or 4v4 battle. I prefer having coverage rather than sheer power.