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XY/ORAS Singles Hey, can someone rate my team?

Right now, I have these

Hydreigon Lvl 100
-Dragon Pulse
-Tri Attack
-Scald/Boiling Water

Volcarona Lvl 69
-Silver Wind
-Fire Spin
-Heat Wave

I know its mostly fire here but I'm trying to level to get Bug Buzz...

Breloom Lvl 60
-Sky Uppercut
-Dynamic Punch
-Brick Break
-Giga Drain

Again with the moves...I need some good grass type

Lanturn Lvl 57
-Confuse Ray
-Aqua Ring
-Hydro Pump

Aggron Lvl 63
-Stone Edge
-Double Edge
-Metal Claw
-Iron Head


Gardevoir Lvl 50
-Double team (What's this still doing here???)
-Magical Leaf

There, done. Please critique, and try not to change my pokemon please. It took me forever to get this team typing set up...
Although this will be written keeping competitive battles in mind, if you end up just using this casually you can forget the whole EV business altogether, because hey, casual battles(but if your friends are using EV trained Pokemon then the battle will tilt towards their favor).

Hydreigon is a good Special Attacking monster, boasting a high stat for it as well as some powerful typing and innate immunity to Ground through Levitate. Let's look at a standard Hydreigon set that you can tweak to your choosing:

Hydreigon@Choice Scarf/Choice Specs/Life Orb
252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
-Draco Meteor
-Dragon Pulse
-Fire Blast
-Dark Pulse

This set gives you a powerful move in Draco Meteor, which can OHKO many offensive threats that don't resist it, with Dragon Pulse as secondary Dragon STAB due to Draco Meteor's low PP. Fire Blast and Dark Pulse round it out quite nicely. Earth Power is a good option to take out things like Heatran that otherwise resist you, while U-Turn can be used as a scouting move(especially with Choice Scarf) or to get out of a bad situation. Flash Cannon can also work to take out the likes of some softer Fairy types, although you best be sure you can kill them lest ye be knocked out be a Moonblast. Choice Scarf allows you to bypass Hydreigon's low-ish base speed, taking many things by surprise and doing a good chunk of damage if you don't outright KO. Choice Specs will grant you insane power, although like all Choice items, you'll be locked into the move you choose until you switch. That's where Life Orb comes in, allowing you to freely choose your move at the cost of 10% of your health each turn, although you'll lose out on the speed from Scarf and will have slightly less power than the Specs.

Volcarona is a beast I know very well, so allow me to suggest my personal favorite set:

Flame Body
252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Speed
-Quiver Dance
-Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Fiery Dance
-Bug Buzz

The EVs are designed to allow Volcarona to take physical hits better, as after a couple Quiver Dances, special moves hit like a baby. The first three moves are just about mandatory on Volcarona, as Quiver Dance turns you into a nearly unstoppable behemoth, the choice of Fire STAB is up to you(Fire Blast for raw power, Flamethrower for reliability, and Fiery Dance for a chance at a Special Attack boost), with Bug Buzz as secondary STAB. Roost allows you to heal up nicely after a Quiver Dance or two, with Leftovers providing additional healing. Should you want a more offensive route, you can change the EVs to 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, with 4 in HP, and run Hidden Power - Ground over Roost, which will allow you to hit other Volcarona quite well, in addition to Heatran who just completely ignores your attacks regardless of how many Quiver Dances you have. Leftovers is still a good item choice, although a Lum Berry can work to guarantee a Quiver Dance since Volcarona is status bait.

Breloom has a few options available, you can go with Toxic Heal and become immune to status and be a pseudo-tank, or go with Technician and deal crazy amounts of damage. Ruko or KoL will need to help you with a Toxic Heal set as that's not something I'm very familiar with, but here's a basic Technician set:

Breloom@Focus Sash
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense
-Mach Punch
-Bullet Seed
-Rock Tomb

Technician boosts the power of all moves under 60 damage by 50%, which is powerful. As such, all of these moves have a base power of 60 or lower. Mach Punch and Bullet Seed are your STAB, while Rock Tomb allows you to stop a Flying type that would like to ruin your day in one hit(which your Focus Sash saves you from!) like Talonflame. Spore is too good a move to pass up, and combined with Focus Sash, you're guaranteed to get it off and put something to sleep. I personally run Swords Dance over Rock Tomb since Spore lets me get a Swords Dance off and boost my power some, but that's up to you.

Lanturn is mostly used as a supportive Pokemon, although you could certainly use it offensively if you'd like. I'm going to go with a supportive set here, as it would round out your team nicely:

Water Absorb/Volt Absorb
40 HP, 252 Defense, 216 Special Defense
-Thunder Wave/Toxic
-Volt Switch
-Heal Bell

Heal Bell will cure status for you entire team...which they're all kind of prone to. Your choice of status move depending on if you need to slow things down with paralysis or slowly kill them with poison more, in addition to the Burn chance of Scald. Volt Switch is good STAB and will allow you to get out of a losing matchup. Water Absorb or Volt Absorb to take a Water or Electric attack, respectively, and heal off of it. I'd go with Water Absorb with your current team as you have more of a Water problem than an Electric problem.

Let's take two looks at Aggron: Mega and non-Mega.

??? > Filter
252 HP, 16 Defense, 240 Special Defense
-Stealth Rock
-Heavy Slam

Aggron's immense bulkiness makes him a great user of Stealth Rock, the entry hazard of champions. Heavy Slam deals a lot of damage even without offensive investment because Mega Aggron is THAT heavy. Avalanche will murder those pesky Landorus and Gliscors that like to use Aggron as a punching bag because Aggron isn't outspeeding anything any time soon. Earthquake is a generally good move to have. Other options include: Fire Punch for coverage, Thunder Wave to paralyze things, Roar to rack up Stealth Rock Damage, and Rock Slide for more coverage, among other moves. A regular Aggron set will be a bit different, and you have a few options there, too:

Aggron@Choice Band/Chople Berry/Life Orb
Rock Head
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
-Head Smash
-Heavy Slam
-Aqua Tail

This would be a set focusing on Choice Band, which makes Aggron hit like Godzilla. If you don't want to go with Choice Band, you can run Chople Berry to save yourself from an otherwise lethal Fighting move. Life Orb is good on set-up variants, such as Autotomize or Rock Polish, both of which will increase your speed so you can sweep(Autotomize adds the benefit of making Grass Knot less effective, but also makes Heavy Slam weaker). Additional move options would be: Low Kick for taking out heavy things, Superpower for more immediate damage against some sturdier Steel 'mons, and Fire Punch is good coverage as always. Play around a bit with different options and see what you like more!

Gardevoir also gets a little Mega/Non-Mega treatment:

Trace > Pixilate
252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
-Hyper Voice
-Focus Blast
-Calm Mind

This would be a regular kind of sweeping Gardevoir that grabs a Calm Mind boost when it can. You want Trace as your ability so you can maybe grab a useful ability(like Flash Fire, Motor Drive, Speed Boost, etc) before Mega Evolving in the hopes of potentially gaining a stat boost, or maybe just something to prevent the enemy's action against you(like Magic Bounce to reflect status on you). Hyper Voice and Psyshock are powerful STAB, while Focus Blast hits everything that resists them. Calm Mind allows you to boost your Special stats, making you even more powerful. Taunt and Will-o-Wisp are good replacements for Calm Mind, offering control over sheer stat power. Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt are offensive alternatives. Your choice between Timid or Modest in Speed or Special Attack, respectively, although Timid is greatly preferred.

For a regular Gardevoir, you can sub out your item for Choice Specs/Scarf, as it can run both quite well, Life Orb if you'd prefer to freely choose your moves, and Assault Vest could work as you already have naturally good Special Defense, but you'd be unable to use a non-damaging move. Synchronize is an option for you ability so you can share whatever status you get with your enemy.


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Heavy Slam is worse than Iron Head in most situations. Aggron may be heavy but quite a lot of fully-evolved 'Mons are at least half his weight, which would make Heavy Slam weaker than Iron Head in the majority of situations.

Unless you're aiming to kill one specific threat with it that just so happens to weigh very little, you shouldn't be using it.