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Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Hello! Before we start, be warned, this roleplay is leaning towards the casual side and I will accept 2-3 paragraph replies, maybe 1 if the situation calls for it. This is a simple Hoenn roleplay, with anyone being able to jump in and start whenever.
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Name: Destiny Genevieve Rea
Age: 12
Gender: Female
• Lucie - Skitty (F): Cute Charm / Fake Out, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip

Destiny stroked Lucie’s head gently as the Skitty dozed, half-asleep, in her arms, awaiting the other three trainers supposed to begin their journeys today. She had only received Lucie from Professor Birch today, yet he’d already tasked her with an assignment that weighed down on her like a boulder. Since he had to run an errand for his research near Mount Chimney, he had asked her a favor, that of dealing with the three newbies. Although it was true that she’d been dealing with Pokémon for years, as she had been going to a school for it, after all, it would be humiliating to give everything to these three and then leave with them. She bet he hasn’t thought of her dignity when he’d requested it.
However, she had accepted, and this is what she was doing now. But what really worried her wasn’t the sheer oddity of teaching three new trainers who were probably taller than her. It was that he’d also told her to battle them for a test drive. And suppose she lost? Professor Birch had given them some of the best Pokémon in the Hoenn region, and Skitty was known for being a pet. Was this what he truly intended? For her to lose?
She abruptly shook off her doubts. She would win. She had to. For her pride, and for Lucie, too. Destiny hugged the Skitty tighter. “We’ll beat them, Lucie. I know we will.”
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Name: Angel T.
Age: 13
Gender: Male
• Torchic - (M): Scracth, Growl, Ember, Crush Claw. Angel walked out of his house with his Torchic waiting for them to begin there journey, He got out of his house running to Destiny, "Hello!, im guessing your Destiny are you", His Torchic was running in circles exicited for there journey, He was looking at her waiting for her response smilling happily.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
She nodded her head, suppressing a grimace at the first arrival. Instead she held out a hand for him to shake while shifting Lucie’s weight to the other. “I’m Destiny Rea, yes. This is my Skitty, Lucie. I’m here to prepare you and two other trainers for their respective journeys, as I’ve been a student of an elite local trainer’s school for quite some time before he gifted me my Skitty. And you are?“ Her pale sapphire eyes, without warning, softened, traces of realization lurking behind the irises’ surface. Wasn’t she new, as well? It wouldn’t be morally correct for her to treat the beginning trainer as if he were somehow lower than her.
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Name: Aaron Antaris
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Ralts (M), Confusion, Hypnosis, Teleport, Double Team

Aaron looked out from a distance at the two Trainers who seemed to be in conversation. A boy and a girl, one with a Torchic by his side and the other gently caressing a sleeping Skitty in one hand. He wanted to meet them, to get to know them, but it just seemed like his legs refused to move. Sensing his shyness, his Ralts slowly crept out from the shelter of the back of his right leg. It gurgled, clearly concerned, but as Aaron shot it a warm smile, it instantly felt better.

Clutching a shiny, blue stone that was supposedly said to bring good luck, he finally convinced his malfunctioning amygdala to calm down, and his legs returned to normal. Walking slightly haphazardly to the two Trainers, he decided to wait until their conversation was finished, and introduce himself then, but Ralts walked over to the Torchic immediately and nudged it hello.
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Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Destiny, accustomed to her habit of staring straight into others’ eyes when she was in the middle of a conversation, was the earliest to notice the sudden halt of movement in the corner of her vision. She glanced down at the source of the interruption. Torchic’s flank was being poked with a Ralts’ slender arm, the Ralts in question holding her jaws slightly apart when he squawked. She recognized the hairs on Lucie’s spine bristling, so she sped up her hand until a satisfied purr rumbled from the miniature body beneath her chin. “Hello?” she launched. “Does this Ralts have a trainer?”

Destiny was aware that she wasn’t paying attention to him anymore, but felt that this Ralts was more important. It was extremely uncanny to find a weak-bodied, bipedal Pokémon scavenging with packs of Poochyena for a garbage lunch. Especially in a quaint, unpopulated town like New Birch where there wouldn’t be many to stop it from sustaining injuries.
"Yes... the Ralts belongs to me." Aaron squeaked. Ralts examined the Torchic profusely before waddling back to his side. Aaron smiled lopsidedly, and Ralts babbled in ecstasy. It lifted a slender, white hand to Aaron. and it's eyes began to dazzle and glow with a curious purple light, until Aaron could feel the bright blue stone in his hand slowly edge its way out, coated by the same purple glow as Ralts' eyes. Ralts then snatched the floating stone out of the air, hugging it tightly.

"Um, hello," he enunciated, looking at the two Trainers. "I'm Aaron..." he paused to glance at the merry Ralts who was dancing around with the stone, "...and this is Ralts."


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“Nice to meet you. My name is Destiny Rea, and I’m supposed to be helping all the new trainers to start their journeys today. This is my Skitty, Lucie, by the way.” She offered a hand for him to shake as she’d done for the other boy. “Is Ralts your only Pokémon?” Her head cocked, her auburn ponytail swaying from its braided base.

Lucie opened her eyes, murmuring a serene tune while she clutched Destiny’s single arm like a Slakoth. “Skitty!” she pronounced, flopping her tail around rapidly. The Skitty nudged her trainer’s hand as a command to say “Bring me over there!”

Destiny agreed. She crouched down and walked towards Torchic and Ralts, mews tumbling out of Lucie’s maw. “Skit! Skit-tty,” she drawled, blinking wide emerald eyes.

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"Yeah, he is..." he said, staring at Ralts, who was now beginning to socialise with the other Pokemon. "I got him as a gift from Professor Birch..."
Ralts promptly sensed Aaron's slight discomfort and went back to hug his leg, which made Aaron smile. Ralts then stuffed the blue stone into his hand with a slightly muffled, "Rrraaa..."


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“Alright, then, we’re simply waiting on the third person,” Destiny concluded, nestling herself into a sitting position in the grass. Lucie, now lowered far enough to leap, sprang from her outstretched arm and charged straight for Ralts, head butting his chest playfully. She then glanced up at Aaron and continued to poke and jab the tiny white Pokémon. Destiny giggled, completely aware that it would probably end up with her being the only one laughing.
Aaron stared indifferently at the two cheery Pokemon. Ralts had mostly been quiet and had never been the outgoing type, so it somewhat surprised him that Ralts would show so much openness this early. Nonetheless, a lopsided smile soon was present on Aaron's face.

Ralts promptly used its psychic power on a small stone and placed it gently in front of Skitty as a sign of friendship, smiling profusely as it did so.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Lucie recoiled slightly from the pebble, still being lit with a violet glow. Soon, however, she inspected it closer, and decided that it was harmless. The Skitty pawed it around, then picked it up with her maw. She threw it at the unsuspecting Ralts.

“Lucie!” Destiny complained, rushing to retreat her Pokémon into the safety of her arms. She also reached her hand out to deflect the pebble, but it sailed past her fingertips before she could even splay her hand open. “Watch out, Ralts!”
Team/M. Alphonse. Species; Aron. Harden. Tackle. Mud-Slap. Headbutt.

Mercury walked slowly through the area, looking left and right for any signs of three other trainers, an Aron dancing around her feet as if it was a game. Sighing, Mercury stopped in her tracks, Alphonse skidding across the dirt and turning around, finding himself suddenly in front of Mercury. Tilting his head up towards her, he waddled towards her and rested his head atop the tip of her black shoes. Whispering in her timid voice, Mercury bent down to her knees and watched as Aron nuzzled her ankle. “I haven’t seen anything Alphonse. I don’t think we’ll be able to find them anytime soon…” her disappointed voice caused Alphonse to hang his head, but he quickly raised it and began waddling off ahead. Causing Mercury to stand up and walk after him, letting the steel-type to lead the way. After a few more minutes of searching, Alphonse looked left and suddenly began running towards an unknown subject. Mercury called after him, but he ignored her and disappeared out of sight. Running around the corner, she watched as Alphonse took a small rock to the side of his body for a Ralts behind him. Of course, he was fine. But Mercury was still oblivious to the fact and she quickly ran towards the group of people and pokemon. But her breathing was short and anxiety took over her body as she bent down and picked up Alphonse, placing her forehead against his as she mumbled almost barely above a whisper. “S-Sorry… he… well… I uhm..” she was silent. Completely engulfed in her social anxiety as Alphonse curiously looked up at her, but made no efforts to pull his head back.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Oh, Arceus, Destiny groaned inwardly, this is going to be harder than I thought. One energetic, two awkward. Great. With a shivering breath and a plastic smile, she gripped Lucie from under the armpits, earning mewls of complaint before the Skitty realized that it was her.

“I’m Destiny. This is my Skitty, Lucie, and these are some new trainers, Aaron with Ralts, and Angel with Torchic,” she explained. A lurch sent Lucie clinging for dear life into Destiny’s shoulder while she promptly pushed herself up. Before the new trainer could respond, she clapped her hands. “Alright! We have everyone, so I’m going to go gather your supplies! You guys just go on and chit-chat while I’m gone, and then I’ll be back to teach you about catching, battling, and using items.”

Destiny jogged down the slope towards Professor Birch’s laboratory, where she sighed, lulling herself into a calm trance and plunging the doors open. With that, the trio were alone, momentarily, at least.
Ralts quickly threw a slender hand up and deflected the pebble with ease, flinching a bit as he did so. The pebble was flung forward and landed on the ground, and as it did, Ralts quickly teleported onto Aaron's head with a bright pink flash.

Into the distance, Aaron could see a girl with an Aron by her side. He thought he saw Destiny look a bit troubled, but convincing himself it was in his imagination, he shifted his glance to the Aron. It certainly looked happy, skidding across the grass and nuzzling its Trainer. The Trainer looked rather shy, much like himself. As she got closer to the group of three, she was briefly engaged in conversation with Destiny before Destiny walked away to Professor Birch's lab.

When Destiny had gone into the lab, Aaron went over to the new girl.

"Um, hi," he said somewhat calmly, knowing that he wasn't the only shy kid here. "I'm Aaron, and this is Ralts. What's your name?"
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He was quiet not saying anything but then he said something, "Sorry i was quiet, My name is Angel and this is my Partner Torchic, And to answer your question Destiny my Torchic isnt from the lab insted its from a egg i raised", His Torchic just kept running in circles until he noticed the other pokemon, "Torchic!.
Name: Grant Redwood
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Abra (Teleport/???/???/???)



...A journey had commenced, hadn’t it?

Grant didn’t consider himself new, per se, despite being a transfer from Kanto. Even so, he’d heard tell of a group of people setting out on some sort of journey — though exactly what was going on was unclear.

‘Just go,’ his parents had told him. ‘It’ll be fine! Just say you’re researching.’

...He didn’t exactly reckon that anyone worth their weight in wits would actually fall for that, but it was fine. Approaching Birch’s lab from the west, he curiously overlooked what seemed to be four trainers, preparing to do something — was this what they spoke of earlier?

...Better to find out. He approached carefully, to watch what was due to happen — and see if he could worm his way in somehow.
Mercury was shocked by Destiny’s sudden introduction & leave, but it relieved her of trying to introduce herself. But as Aaron approached her and asked her name, the worry settled in once again without warning, and Mercury completely forgot how to speak. But after a few seconds of silence, she managed to mumble out a sentence.

“I-I’m Mercury… and t-this is A-Alphonse…” her voice was still barely above a whisper as she looked down to Alphonse, who was now staring up at Aaron and Ralts, but apon hearing the sounds of another pokemon, it immediately looked for the source of the cry. And once he spotted said Torchic, he jumped out of Mercury’s arms and landed in the dirt, his feet digging small holes in the ground from the weight of the metal pokemon. Alphonse then proceeded to walk up to the Torchic, tilting its head in curiosity, having not heard another pokemon's cry aside from his own in quite a while.
Step. Step. Step. Grant slowly approached.

The boy, who seemed to be dressed in dark blue sweatshirt and sweatpants, attempted to look casual — however, such a thing was far easier said than done when he was clearly curious about the group in question.

Something — a Pokemon, most likely — trailed behind him, but it didn’t seem to be visible from behind the baggy-clothed boy in front of it.

‘...How do I make this look natural?’
(This is nowhere near one of my best posts, but, it’s fine, as this is a casual roleplay, right?)

Neon was walking in the forest, attempting to find a lab of sorts where a few other trainers should be. “Aw man, this is gonna be more difficult than I thought. Who knew forests could be so confusing.” He said. Blitz, his Pikachu, agreed. “Pikachu, pika chu chu.” He then came to a clearing and saw a few trainers. “Looks like I’m late to the party.” He said. Blitz jumped of his shoulder and ran ahead and got there in about 2 seconds, considering how fast he was. Blitz said hi in a friendly manner. “Pikachu! Pika Pika!” He said. Neon arrived behind him. “Hello everyone!” He said. “I’m Neon, and this is Blitz.” He said gesturing to his Pikachu, “Sorry we’re late.”


Previously Gamingfan2
Name: Ben
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hardy M.Lucario Metal Claw/Aura sphere/Copycat/Blaze Kick
Mild M.Treecko Absorb/Pound/Leer
A voice rose from the forest's bushes.
"I'm telling you man, it's not this way."
From where it came, a Lucario burst through, looking irritated. One would assume that the Lucario had spoken, until the pokemon's trainer appeared as well. Aside from his jeans and blue hoodie, he was oddly dressed, with a yellow scarf and red goggles, and an odd watch-looking thing on his right arm. The attire of a pokemon ranger. On his head was a treecko carrying a calm yet slightly confident look.
The ranger-slash-trainer was glaring at his partner, before looking forward and seeing that they did, in fact, go the right way.
"Oh." was all he could say.
His Lucario turned and gave one of his rare smiles, although this one was more smug than anything.
"Stupid styler, I gotta tell Hastings to fix the voice command." Be grumbled, before going back to his normal, cheerful self.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Destiny, once inside the lab, slowly progressed towards the back, often becoming engrossed by the various objects adorning the shelves. Her footsteps created eerie echoes in the empty building. A simple folding table was visible towards the back, with a lumpy red sack sprawled across its surface. She hastily grabbed the entire vessel. Rippling echoes grew a little louder as she speed-walked out of the place, slowing down as she burst into the fresh air. She waved a hand, then proceeded to mount the slightly sloped hill. “I’m back!” Destiny announced. “Do we have everyone?”
In perhaps the worst decision Grant had made since picking up an old, mildly malfunctioning Pokedex on purpose, Grant simply acted as if he was there all along — improv was never really his strong suit, and caught off guard by the sudden re-entry of the lady, he found himself needing to improvise.

“Looks like it!”

So he responded, casually, like he was meant to be here — only actually giving this strategy some thought after he did it.

‘...I’m an idiot.’


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“Alright, then,” she responded. “As you all probably know, I’m here to do Professor Birch’s job because he had to run an important errand. So first- I’ll show you how the most important item, a Pokédex, works,” Destiny explained, hand finally locking on a smooth, flat surface within the bag. “Lucie, can you-?”

The Skitty leapt from her shoulder. Destiny opened the Pokédex, holding a button, and pointed it at her Pokémon. An automated voice spoke, “Skitty has the habit of becoming fascinated by moving objects and chasing them around. This Pokémon is known to chase after its own tail and become dizzy.” Lucie replied to this by chasing her own tail for show. “Now, everyone line up so you can get your Pokédexes!”
Name: Evelyn Reynolds
Age: 13
Gender: Female
- Loras-Roserade (M): Poison Point/ Grassy Terrain, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Aromatherapy
- Margaery-Swablu (F): Natural Cure/ Peck, Growl, Sing
A Swablu sat perched on a tree branch nearby. She let out a squawk of surprise when a blonde haired girl emerged from the bushes below and stared up at her. The girl was very short and just stood there looking up at her with an agitated look on her face. "Margaery, get down here right this instant." she whisper yelled. Next to her a Roserade stood, kicking the tree softly.

Ev glanced at the collection of trainers and then back at her Pokemon. "Marge. Get down here. Now." she said in a low voice again. She really didn't want to draw any attention to herself. She looked down to see that her Roserade had now, also disappeared. She groaned loudly and then clapped a hand over her mouth. Loras had wandered toward another kid and their Lucario. The Roserade looked up at the Lucario and pointed one of his bouquets towards his trainer. "Rose-rose-roserade." he said.
The researcher was more surprised that his ruse actually worked — but he was as nervous as they came, and he needed to divert his attention somewhere else.

Namely — a young lady trying to get her Swablu down from a tree. Now, he didn’t want to be rude, but he needed to get his mind off the stress of that sudden slip-in.

So, he’d watch the bit of chaos with the Swablu instead — namely observing the Swablu, since it wasn’t too often he saw one of those.

...Meanwhile, his Abra seemed to catch on to Grant’s curiosity — now floating over to the lady and her Swablu to look from up close.

...And to test out that ‘hello’ that his trainer was very insistent about.


Previously Gamingfan2
Lucario glanced down at the roserade, then nudged his trainer with his elbow. Ben turned around, confused, until he saw the roserade. He bent down to it's level.
"Oh! Hi there! Are you wild?" Ben asked the pokemon. He stood up, and searched for anyone who looked like they were missing a pokemon.
Lucario remained quiet, studying the roserade with cold, calculating eyes.
Ev continued to try and get the Swablu down when she noticed an Abra approach her. She paused her attempts to cock her head in confusion. Margaery looked at the Abra and the squawked loudly, puffing out her wings. "Swab-swablu!" she said. Ev turned her head to the side, looking to see if the Abra had a trainer or if she could spot her other lost Pokemon. Her eyes landed on a Male around her age who was watching her Swablu intently. "Um...excuse me!", she said softly, "Could you help me?" she asked, anxiety creeping up her throat like a worm.

Loras looked at the trainer and shook his head violently. He then continued to point in the direction of his blonde trainer furiously. He looked back at the Lucario. "Rose! Roserade!" he tried to explain the situation to the Lucario, ignoring his cold eyes. {Can you help me? My Trainer is having some trouble with her other pokemon!} He looked at the Trainer and started to try and motion to follow him.
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Previously Gamingfan2
Lucario sighed, shrugged, and took Ben by the arm, leading him to the trainer the roserade was pointing at. As he did so, he explained the situation with an aura message.
Ben was still confused, but went along with it. "Um, okay."
As soon as they reached the trainer, Lucario let go of Ben;s arm and put his own on his hips, looking impatient. Ben gave a greeting smile at the other trainer.
"Hi there! Is this your roserade? He's telling me that you need help with a pokemon? I'm not sure why I was chosen but I'd be happy to help."
Grant nodded, quickly running over to give the lady a hand.

“—Right! Abra, lend me a hand here!”


The boy, after reaching the tree where the Swablu was, reached for his Abra — which allowed itself to be grabbed, letting Grant position the Abra upon his head.

The Abra forced itself to float just a bit higher up to be at eye level with the Swablu — then opened its arms, silently, as if offering the Swablu to be carried down.
Ev looked up bewildered as not one, but two trainers came up to help her. She looked at her Roserade and glowered at him for a minute. “What did I tell you about running off and bothering people everytime we need help?” She asked. Loras rolled his eyes and kicked the ground. Ev turned to Ben. “Hi! I’m sorry. My Roserade, Loras, has a bad habit of giving up on things quick and immediately running off to ask the closest trainer for help! I’m so sorry he bothered you! See my Swablu is up in this tree and is refusing to come down.” She said and glanced up at Marge. “I asked this other guy over here for help already but I guess Loras has run off before that.” She said and swatted the flower Pokémon’s head affectionately. He giggled and grasped onto her leg.

Meanwhile Marge was dealing with a threat to her tree. She glowered as an Abra raised to her height. She shook her head when he opened his arms for her. “Swab-Swab-Blu!” {No! I don’t need help! Go away!}
“—You say that, but it’s not going too well. Abra, try a different plan.”

The Abra nodded — and then simply sat on the tree branch beside the Swablu, staring at it for a moment before responding.

“Abra. A...bra — Abra, Abraa.” {“I’ll sit alongside you, then.”}

Plan B — The Friendliness Scheme. Either the Swablu gets weirded out and flies back to the trainer, or the Abra talks the Swablu down in a more friendly manner.

Then again, the Abra remained floating a little bit above the tree branch, just to make sure it didn’t snap.

“...Well, that should do, maybe. Probably. They’re a stubborn one, eh?”

Grant scratched his cheek, laughing awkwardly as he did so. ‘Hopefully Abra can actually talk them off the tree,’ he hoped, ‘or I’m fresh out of ideas.’
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