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Ask to Join Hunter x Hunter: The New Era

Yinyin did her best to remove the yucky mud from her clothes and face. She walked over to her prey, that was being cut up by Theo. She was a fan of opening things up, but the way he was doing it was different. She caught the heart with her hands, the thing was big enough to take up both of her palms.

"You have to slow down a little." Yinyin said as she approached Theo, "You have to enjoy every move." The girl leaned against the body of the dead beast and smiled towards her new friend. "Each cut has to be done with elegance, style and coolness. You don't want to look desperate, that might be creepy." She giggled as she reached over passed her finger over Theo's blood and tasted it. "Not bad! I like you're style, I'm Yinyin, you can call me Yin, but I think Yinyin is more fun to say."

She adjusted the swords she had picked up before approaching the boy behind her back and looked up at the sky.

"So your beast is up there? Let's get going then, I can't wait to see how we kill it!" She began walking towards the path leading up the cliff she had looked up at before. "Oh if you see a fox mask let me know! I really liked that thing..."


Previously Night's Shadow
Myeli hadn’t had too much trouble with the first couple stages of the exams. She had been waiting for the blimp atop the tallest tree in the area, along with several other brave souls… a few of which fell to their deaths when jumping for the blimp, but that wasn’t her business. As for the windstorm preliminaries, all it took was subtle twisting of the body, something that she was acutely aware of and skillful at controlling. She was glad that the exams were picking up.

The small girl looked down at the slip of paper she’d been given. It showed a picture of what looked like an octopus or squid, blackish purple in color, that appeared to have blades tentacles. It was captioned “Carpenter Squidlet” along with some basic information like size and identifying features. Ten feet tall is a little large for something called a squidLET, Myeli thought, chewing her lip in a combination of excitement and apprehension.

Enter the forest. The direction Myeli had chosen led her to a densely packed area full of brush and foliage. The canopy was so densely packed she could barely see fifteen feet in front of her. The blades on the gloves she wore ground together as her hands slipped into fists, sounding much louder than they actually were to Myeli’s sensitive ears. She dropped to all fours, put on edge by the eerie quiet of this stretch of the woods. She thought she could smell water nearby, but wasn’t sure; the heady scent of tropical plants and rich soil made it hard to tell if anything she saw or smelled was actually there.

Something brushed up against Myeli’s shoulder, and she swatted at it, leaping backwards like a spooked cat. Her hand came away sticky, some sort of thick ropelike strand stuck to her. A sudden chattering out of the relative silence over her shoulder raising the hair on her neck made Myeli whip around again, coming face to face with the mandibles and eight eyes of a giant spider. The girl leaped backwards again, scratching at the spider with the knives in her gloves. They left five pitifully small-looking lines on the spider’s head, blinding three of its eyes, but only succeeded in making it mad. The sticky ropes were everywhere, Myeli realized; she must have walked directly into its web. Angered, the giant spider continued chattering its mandibles as it advanced a lot quicker than Myeli had anticipated. An adrenaline-soaked grin spread across her face as she braced herself to fight.