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Other I don't see, haven't heard, and can't say a way to beat Battle Subway

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So I want to create a team using Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour in my White2 game to beat the Battle Subway and the PWT but I'm not 100% sure on the moves I want them to know so I thought that I would ask and see if anybody had any advice to give.
Some basic facts about these critters is that their best stats are Sp. Attack and Speed. Their only ability is Gluttony (except for their hidden ability and since these Pokemon are so hard to find in the first place I'm not going after that). The Ability Gluttony lets the Pokemon eat a berry when it's HP is yellow instead of red (except for status curing berries and super-effective berries).
So here is my base plan.

Simisage- lv.55
Ability- Gluttony
Timid Nature (Boosts Speed, Lowers Attack)
Item- Wide lens ( to give rockslide 100% accuracy)

Move 1- Giga Drain (For it's healing effects and Sp. Attack)
Move 2- Rock Slide (Any Rock type move to cover weaknesses)
Move 3- (a ghost, psychic, or dark type move preferably Sp. Attack)
Move 4- Energy Ball (STAB and Sp. Attack)

Simisear- lv.55
Ability- Gluttony
Docile Nature (Boosts and Lowers Nothing)
Item- Lum Berry?

Move 1- Grass Knot (covers weaknesses)
Move 2- (Fighting type move, I'm thinking Brick Break)
Move 3- Flame Charge (any suggestions on any other fire type move?)
Move 4- Flamethrower (STAB and Sp. Attack)

Simipour- lv.55
Ability- Gluttony
Docile Nature (Boosts and Lowers Nothing)
Item- Sitrius Berry?

Move 1- Ice beam (to cover weaknesses)
Move 2- Acrobactics (open to any suggestions on this)
Move 3- Crunch (open to any suggestions on this)
Move 4- Scald (Best water type move ever!, STAB, Sp. Attack, and burn chance)

And for battles that require 4 Pokemon

Stunfisk- lv.55
Ability- Limber
Lax Nature (Boosts Defense, Lowers Sp. Defense)
Item- Leftovers? (open to any suggestions on this)

Move 1- Muddy Water (cover weakness)
Move 2-Thunderbolt (STAB)
Move 3- Earthquake (STAB)
Move 4- Bounce (Dodge moves)

So any tips?
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If you're attempting the Super Subway with this you'll get crushed once the stronger stuff starts showing up with the three monkeys as your team. No moveset will help them consistently beat waves of legendary Pokemon.

Also, your movesets show a lack of understanding of the basics. Your natures don't match your moves at all, your movesets are just four random attacks of different types and you've no idea what items to use - you've not even suggested your own ideas for them.

There's a bunch of sticky topics in this board with all the basics of movesets and battling detailed. Read through them, and edit this accordingly.
Okay, I'll find what I need to fix and then edit. Thank you.
... Later
@KoL is it good now?

And yes I know that I will be abolished on Super trains but I'm planning on doing another team for that, but that's is going to take a while. (Dragon types are a pain to level up *hint* *hint*) ;)
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Okay, so after reading the thread that you posted I find my self violating two rules. The first rule that I broke is the rule that states that I shouldn't have two of the same type of attacks on the same Pokemon, but I have my reasons. Simisage has Giga-Drain for its HP restoring trait, and Simisear has Flame-Charge for its Speed boosting trait. The second rule that I violated is that I don't have any moves that do no damage. I also tried my best to match my moves with my nature but this is why I'm here, I'm here to learn how to make my monkey team the best that it can be, the team I have above is honestly the best that I can do, it might suck but if I didn't think that it wasn't I probably wouldn't be here. I need help.


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Well, I'll sum it up for you simply:

- You have reasons for having two attacks of the same type - just not good ones. Having Giga Drain and Energy Ball on the same set is completely pointless since Energy Ball does only slightly more damage but doesn't heal you, so Giga Drain will be the better move in most situations and Energy Ball isn't worth the slot it takes for the situations where it would be the better choice. Flame Charge on Simisear isn't bad, but on a Pokemon that's already quick it's rather wasted compared to other stat-boosting moves you could be using.

- You clearly didn't pay attention to the part where I said your hold items need to change. The monkeys are all fast, frail attackers, so you want items that synchronize well with that. Life Orb, Focus Sash, possibly Leftovers if you wanted a Substitute set for one of the monkeys (Simisage is by far the best option for this since it gets Substitute and Leech Seed.) The items you have now don't do much of anything, even the Wide Lens (using your hold item to boost one attack's accuracy is a complete waste.)

- Your natures are all awful except for Simisage, which you undermine anyway with Rock Slide on the set (Timid reduces your Attack stat.) Have a read:


All your Pokemon bar Stunfisk want Timid or Jolly if they're running no physical or special attacks respectively, or Hasty/Naive if they're running a mix of physical and special.

I'd focus on getting the monkeys up to scratch first before worrying about throwing Stunfisk in for doubles, as doubles requires completely different movesets.
Ok, so if I'm getting this right
  • Have Simisage forget Energy ball ( learn double team for evasion? )
  • Have Simisage forget Rock slide ( learn hidden power [rock] { I didn't realize this as a possibility until this week, silly me} hopefully, but if not what move would you suggest?)
  • Get a new Simisear and Simipour with better natures ( what natures would you suggest? )
  • Get the new Simisear and Simipour suited up with new moves that benefit off of their nature
  • Forget about Flame Charge
  • Get items like Life Orb or Focus Sash to synchronize with the monkeys low defenses
  • Leave Stunfisk for later ( but get a new Stunfisk with a new nature that you suggested)
Any suggestions on Simipour?


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5 ) Use diverse attacks on your Pokemon. Preferably, you'll want to use attack combinations that cover as many types as possible, while also covering your own type weaknesses if able. For example, many Water-types like to carry an Ice-type attack to deal with enemy Grass-types in battle. Fighting-types will often carry a Ghost/Dark move to hit Ghost types, and/or an Ice/Rock-type move to hit Flying-types unless they run dual-STAB like Infernape for example. For offense-oriented Pokemon, think about what Pokemon types they may struggle to defeat, and add moves tailored to beating Pokemon of those types where you're able.

That covers your movesets. Use the info there to decide which moves are best. It's better you learn yourself what you're looking for instead of me giving you information without you knowing why those choices work.

Everything else you've said is fine for now.

As for the natures, look up. I told you which ones to use already.
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