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DPPt/HGSS Singles I love my team but...

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I adore my team, but they aren't the best. At least, not the way I'm using them.

Currently I have,

Currently they're all level 45-50, so keep that in mind. This is my team for Soul Silver (which I've played through too many times to count lol) Advice?
Personally, it depends on your play style, But here is what i would change.
Togetic is good when it evolves into Togekiss.
Gengar is great speed and special offence wise.
Typhlosion i never personally use, but its good.
Kingler is Very good physically but very frail when it comes to special attacks. (Thank god for 4th generation)
Jumpluff is good early game but isn't the best in 4th gen. (I would get Oddish or Tangla)
Parasect is like Jumpluff but worse. if i could recommend a great Bug type i would say Syther. Its really good as a Syther but if you could get Scizor, you would get more defense.
Hope this helps~

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There is a specific formats to how teams should be submitted to review here, and this? isn't it.

See all the sticky topics in this forum, including its rules? Read them. They should give you some kind of a clue where you went wrong. If after you read all these threads you still have problems... well, post a thread according to the right format. Until then, thread locked.
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