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IDK's art dump

Guess it's time for me to make a thread to post all my art on (or some at the very least)

I suppose I'll kick things off by showing my new pfp I made for myself (having some trouble changing it to this here on charms for some reason-)

I'll try my best to be as unpredictable as possible with posting art here lmao
Was running low on my creativity juices, but wanted to draw still so I decided to do "draw a screenshot in your style". I recommend it since you get to do some practice with something that you might not be too familiar with (ex. backgrounds for me) but also see what is unique to you and your art-style compared to what the original material might be.

Decided to redraw a screen shot from a series called "Little Witch Academia" and if you have access to the show (I think you can find it on Netflix iirc), like slice of life/high school life styled anime with some magic involved and that imo has a very nice art style and animation, I'd recommend you to check it out.

anyway without further ado here's the re-draw as well as the original screenshot:


And then the original screenshot:
ok :). But I’m wondering can you be able to redraw this fakemon i made cause I want it to look like a actual Pokémon cause I can’t draw Pokémon that actually look like there Pokémon. Here’s the Pokémon I made.
Hello I've got more art to show

So, there was this trend back in 2019 where an artist would redraw a screenshot of an animated media (movies, tv series etc.) with the most popular one being the sailor moon screen shot redraw challenge. For me this has almost become a "redraw the same premise and see how your art has changed" and I'm here to bring you my 2022 version of it (along with the two other ones for reference)

sailor moon redraw.png


Oh hey remember when I said I was going to redraw Silvalstein so I actually did not to long ago last month and this is the final product, I also scraped his masked form because it was tooooo hard to draw. I also changed a lot of his design like removing the weird waist armor and adding a arceus ring on his back because in his backstory he has a connection with the god Pokémon but it took a loooooong time but I’m satisfied with the new design.
So there’s something going on with my iPad and turns out I have to return it to my school when school starts again but I will be able to still contact and make posts but I just can post art because now I’m going to switch this account on my computer so I will not be able to post anymore art :( Ok this is kinda unrelated but I’m looking for some friends on My Nintendo switch because i need help to complete the Pokédex so I’m just wondering
Oh I see. Well there are the traditional mediums still left to use. I hope you'll continue making art still! If you plan on posting more art here on charms I'd recommend for you to create your own art thread for people to see your art.

And for the Switch thing, I sadly don't have the online features, so I wouldn't be able contribute in completing the pokedex.
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it is fine if you can not help me with the pokedex but the other thing is all art will be wiped when i return my ipad so i have to store all my art on my dads computer :\