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Private/Closed Imperfect Trainers (Discussion)

Does this peek your interest?

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Role play: https://pokecharms.com/threads/imperfect-trainers-rp.21523/

Trainers all around the world have had their own struggles while climbing to the top. The last thing you wanted to know is that your journey would not be easy at all. We unlucky few were chosen by luck to have the hardest time possible, while fighting many obstacles while trying to climb up top with everyone else. This role play will have different arcs as we progress, just so there is an actual final goal we know we have. This is based on a separate island than the rest of the regions, so it's smaller then the rest to keep it simple. Here is the list of all information down below, I hope you tag along with everyone!


1. The main idea of this role play is that life is not easy, so try to give yourself a challenge instead of having it easy. Make it interesting!
2. I won't try to control what happens at all. Feel free to make your own side stories, just don't stray too far from everyone else.
3. If you're going to be away for a time period, then let us know, don't go MIA (Missing in Action)
4. Don't be afraid to suggest anything that would help us or points that hinder the role play, an open discussion is always the best!
5. Romance is allowed, just keep it on the PG13 side.
6. Good grammar and spelling is appreciated, so if you are not to sure with your typing abilities, take your time to check to make sure your post is clear. Pst, please use the code word: 'imperfect' in your bio or else you will be declined until error is corrected.
6. Have fun and no serious arguments!

The Island:

This is not as much as a region as much as just an island for new trainers. The island is called Redell. It's an island where there is no order to any town, you can go anywhere and it would not matter. It's like the size of Akala and Melemele island in one. There are many events that take place on the island hosted by big companies to small groups of locals, so there is plenty to do.

Team Nova:

The main enemy team trying to control the area is called Team Nova. They mostly appear at night but when they do they make an entrance it is always big. They tend to stick around in groups during their night events. Feel free to be the enemy if you want, no stopping you there. People on the island do fear them but because they mainly attack the towns or sometimes small groups of people, the island's fighting spirit always keeps them from going through with their plan. During the Rival Arc, Team Nova is finally ready to put their biggest plan into action.


1. The Choice Arc:
- The beginning of the adventure where the protagonists meet each other and finalize their decisions. Those decisions are along the lines of choosing a group, partner (if not already got), goal, and other main choices before and during the beginning of the story. This will end when we reach the first or second town.

2. The Rivals/Enemies Arc:
- This is where problems start to show themselves more clearly. A currently unknown force comes to town and threatens everyone with great power. Depending on how we are positioned in the story at this point, characters will have to choose to go after the enemy in spite of others or go together as a team or in teams. There are many splitting points to the story at this point where relations will be tested between each character in trust and in morals.

3. The Tourney Arc:
- A bit into the story, the protagonists find a sign advertising for a popular yearly tournament for trainers of the region. This is one of the main marks the characters will be able to make for themselves in their trainer carrier. Training at this point might increase and relations can also be changed at this point for good or for worse.

4. N/A: Further arcs can be created at this point.

Character Sheets:
(Yes, you may have two characters)

Age: (11+)
Pokemon: (Cap of 3 as of now. Unless talked to about, we will start with only one.)
Relationships (friends, family, crushes, etc.):

My Character Sheet:

Name: Lucas Tailor
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Lucas' hair is blue and slightly spiky with medium length. His eyes are blue as well with a pale white tone to his skin. He is overall 5'8 with a medium build. His outfit consists of a simple black jacket and a white inner shirt with dark blue jeans.
Personality: He is a lighthearted guy and never really gets in the way of others. When it comes to being social he is not exactly the best. The only exception is if people try talking to him. Due to his many looks on life, he might very depending on how he feels, but most of the time he is just in his joking/lighthearted mood. A good battle can get him oddly fired up. He sometimes contemplates something that he feels like he is missing in life. He never talks about that to people that are not considered that close to him. I guess you can say he is imperfect.
Pokemon: Buizel (M) (Main Partner), Gastly (M), Electrike (M)
Tools: N/A
Relationships (friends, family, crushes, etc.): N/A
Other: N/A
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Previously EeviumZ
Name: Allie Silverstone
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Sexuality: Straight (Not interested at the moment)
Appearance: She has long blue hair and brown eyes. She is caucasian and stands at a height of 5'6.
Personality: Bright and bubbly, Allie is essentially filled to the brim with charisma. She's always ready for new experiences and adventures, and never backs down from a challenge. However, she is a bit rash and rushes into things sometimes. Even with all her positive personality traits, she's still imperfect.
Pokemon: Eve the Eevee (F)
Tools: N/A
Relationships: Talia Silverstone (Sister), Mina Silverstone (Mother), Liam Silverstone (Father)
Other: She is apiphobic.
Before I make my bio, which region is this taking place in? (Also, I might see about making my char more of a rival like person with a possible connection to whatever enemy Team there'll be)
@EeviumZ accepted!

@Red Gallade this is not as much as a region as much as just an island for new trainers. The island is called Redell. It's an island where there is no order to any town, you can go anywhere and it would not matter. It's like the size of Akala and Melemele island in one. The main enemy team trying to control the area is called Team Nova. They mostly appear at night but when they do they make an entrance it is always big. They tend to stick around in groups during their night events. Feel free to be the enemy if you want, sounds like a cool idea!


Previously 5DigitNeb
Name: Noah High
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Noah wears a black and white layered long sleeve t-shirt and black jeans. He also has a white backpack and socks and wears black sneakers. His hair is grey and his eyes black. He's 5'9" and weighs 134 pounds. He's not tanned since Eastern Sinnoh isn't exactly a sunny place. He has a skinny build and basically no muscle.
Personality: Noah has turned out to be more mature than the average teen due to having to take care of two younger siblings but is pretty relaxed around his friends. He cares about his Pokemon and spends a lot of time with them when he's by himself. Noah is usually prepared and likes to be organized about things.
Pokemon: Sicarius the Scyther(M) (Main Partner), Ryukyo the Nincada (M), Gonfluer the Drifloon (F)
Tools: N/A
Relationships (friends, family, crushes, etc.): Father, Mother, Little Brother and Sister back in Sinnoh
Other: He was born in Sinnoh but went to Redell to start a journey as a trainer. He acknowledges that his journey may be imperfect.
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Previously SwiftSwoobat
This looks stunning, it really looks like it has some serious potential.

Name: Quentin Silas Borough
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Quentin has light brown hair and blue eyes, with black glasses that signify his appearance. He wears a dark blue sweatshirt with a black pentagon-like shape on the bottom near his pockets. He wears black sweatpants and carries a school backpack and wears black shoes. He wears a rather retained smile, slightly curving near the end.
Personality: Quentin is very prudent, though likes to act gallant at times. He is a deep thinker, usually getting lost in thought. Quentin can be felicific sometimes, though not a lot, usually retaining the prudent vibe. He never plans ahead, always wanting to see what life will throw at him rather than pacifying himself by preparing. He likes to be sincere about his emotions, though scoffs about people who do the same. He can get irritated easily, but what can he say? He's imperfect after all.
Pokemon: Larvesta (F), Deino (M)*, Venipede (F)
Tools: A Calculator, Ruler, Pencils, and a Gluestick.
Relationships: Albert Cole Borough (Brother), Thomas Julian Borough (Father), Brittney Harold Borough (Mother)
Other: * It is very stubborn, so it isn't overpowered at all, can be switched out if needed
Is it too late to join? This sounds interesting!

Name: Tabitha Dearheart
Gender: Female
Age: (11+) 15
Sexuality: Straight
Tabby has waist length chocolate brown hair that’s usually up in a ponytail or in a bun and large, childlike dark brown eyes. Although it isn’t noticeable, she is blind in her left eye. She has a light ivory skin tone and a button nose with full coral colored lips.

In one word, Tabby would be considered cheerful. She isn’t one to let things get her down usually and she is always trying to stay positive, helping others. Unfortunately she’s quite clumsy however, usually ending up in hilarity.
Pokemon: (Cap of 3 as of now. Unless talked to about, we will start with only one.)
Pokédex, fishing rod, bike.
Relationships (friends, family, crushes, etc.):
Mother: Tanya Dearheart (two sisters with kids)
Father: Thomas Dearheart (Only child.)
Grandparents on both sides.
Tabby was born in Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh but she moved with her parents when she was young. She is an only child.


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Sorry for the gap in time, I got sick ;-;
So to make everything clear around here, we can honestly start whenever we want, so I am going to put up the thread right now.... bingo! The link is here and if you don't think you're ready then that is fine, I just suggest we all get our intro's out of the way and the general beginning stuff in case if others want to tag along before we get this show on the road!

@SwiftSwoobat looks great, accepted!

@5DigitNeb and @Tabby Dearheart yours are great, but there is one thing you probably both forgot to put in. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but double check the rules real quick to see what you forgot. (^-^) Either way you are both accepted!

@Red Gallade sounds good, if you want I can @ you before we get too far unless if you're planning on sticking around to read the posts.

On another note, I will be keeping a journal like guide book for the story just in case if anyone new wants to join some way in.
Name: Isaac Burns
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Standing at 5'10" with a slim body build and potential signs of an athlete. His skin is somewhat Pale, his eyes are Dark blue like the ocean, his hair is short, light Brown and smooth without a single hair sticking out while his bangs cover his left eye. His main choice of clothing consists of a bright Red ankle length trench coat with brown fur linings along the bottom, cuffs and collar, underneath his coat is a white tank top, a Black neckerchief scarf, Dark brown pants and Black boots with straps. He carries a royal Purple messenger bag with him to hold his items.
Personality: Isaac mainly comes off as a calm and stoic person with little care for anything around him at first glance, although he's a lot more open minded and talkative as one would expect and cares about Pokemon very much, especially his own who he almost sees as his own children and wouldn't hesitate to do what he can to help them. When it comes to training, he can be a lot more serious than one would expect and has a strong passion for Pokemon battles... this passion however isn't as strong as his hatred for losing.
Pokemon: Litten
Tools: Pokedex
Relationships: N/A
Other: N/A
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Name: Paratmos Maple
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Tall lanky dirty-Blonde hair blue eyes black glasses frame and pale skin. Black shoes blue jeans electric blue shirt and orange sweatshirt
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, Charismatic, Naive
Pokemon: Rotom (Future: Eevee and Magnemite)
Tools: Pokedex (Rotom dex style without rotom in it)
Relationships: Geolithe Kōri(Rival)
Other: He likes spooky things
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@Paratmos Maple you are missing something for your character sheet. Let me know if you find it and fix it and then I might accept you again.

@SwiftSwoobat The trainers can meet up any way honestly, and Mr. Johnson is not really an important character, he is just the supervisor over new trainers of the town.
Name: Paratmos Maple
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Tall lanky dirty-Blonde hair blue eyes black glasses frame and pale skin. Black shoes blue jeans electric blue shirt and orange sweatshirt
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, Charismatic, Naive and Imperfect
Pokemon: Rotom (Future: Eevee and Magnemite)
Tools: Pokedex (Rotom dex style without rotom in it)
Relationships: Geolithe Kōri(Rival)
Other: He likes spooky things and is imperfect
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Name: Johnathan Lockwood
Gender: Male
Age: (11+) 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Due to a healthy body and an average height of 5'9 ft, Johnathan possess a tall and sleek frame. His complexion is a smooth and pale one, his dark blue eyes sticking out against his white skin. His mousy brown hair is short but not too short. It can still be styled and brushed to change its direction and shape which he sometimes doe. He typically wears black converse, black skinny jeans, a plain white top and a black corduroy jacket with white fur in it. Depending on the weather his outfit will change or be accompanied by sunglasses or a hat, scarf and gloves.
Personality: Quiet, harsh and a little bit selfish to put it simply. He tries to maintain an uninviting exterior, pushing all the people he can away from him however underneath all that there is a rather enthusiastic fan of Pokemon. His people skills are not well developed, something which someone would come to understand should they chose to try and get close to him. Deep down he wants to be kind and friendly but its clear he doesn't know how and he has had little experience of it.
Pokemon: Torchic, Aron, Shroomish
Tools: Roller skates
Relationships: David Lockwood (Father), Delphia Lockwood (Mother), Ben Lockwood, Ophelia Lockwood, Serena Lockwood, David Lockwood (Siblings)
Other: Johnathan comes from a rather rich family in Kalos. All his siblings are older than him and they're all rather successful Pokemon trainers. Due to this Johnathan has always felt like the imperfect one out of all his siblings
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Name: Atticus Gryffin
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Atticus has dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer his entire life and looks the part. He has tan skin from being outside all the time, and wears a white hat with a red section blocked out in the front (Like an inverse of Red’s hat from the Manga). His hat pushes his spiky brow hair down to the level where it reaches his dark brown eyes. He wears an unzipped black sweatshirt that has a white hood with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows over a red t-shirt that has a white outline of a pokeball design in the middle. He also wears dark blue jeans, white athletic shoes, and a silver one strapped backpack. He is about 5’8 and weighs around 140.
Personality: Atticus is simply a good guy. His genuine kindness and compassion make him an easy person to befriend, and also motivates his Pokémon to battle their hardest for him. He does not think things at face value, instead he remains open minded and investigates the meaning behind everything. He hopes to live up to the example set by the book character he was named after, and as a result has become very wise and intuitive for his age; this makes him a common source for advice amongst friends, and is advantageous in battling as it enables him to often predict what his opponent will do. However, above all else, Atticus prides himself on being honorable and would much rather fail than succeed in what he views as a “dirty” or “cheap” way.
Tools: Pokédex, Pokenav+
Current Pokémon: Rockruff, Plusle
if its not too late to join i'll go ahead and join.

Name: Dolan Larch (i gave him a tree last name... I doubt it will happen in this rp but one day he wants to become a professor and study fossil pokemon. there is a pretty good chance he may talk about it though)
Gender: male
Age: 17
Sexuality: straight but is generally oblivious to the sorts.
Appearance: silver eyebrow length hair, yellow eyes, slightly tan skin. He wears a light brown dress shirt, with a dark brown leather jacket with grey fur around the neck, brown pants with a light brown belt and a bronze belt buckle, black steel toe boots, green canvas messenger bag, and brown fingerless gloves. (i took a little inspiration from Indiana Jones.)
Personality: friendly, optimistic, quiet, overconfident, unapologetic, but respectful and mostly polite.
Pokemon: Saba the sableye(shiny)(M), Taben the shuppet(M), and Marr the cubone(M).
Tools: excavation tools (cause he likes fossil pokemon... duh) and a bike (having a bike in the world is like flexing pokemon flexing if you think about it. in the original red and blue games bikes were crazy expensive.
its a good thing you got a bike voucher...
Relationships: he has a father named Roland Larch but his father is a pokemon ranger so he rarely sees him, (his mother is no longer with them, so they don;t talk about her), and he has a twin brother named Doran Larch(slightly older brother, he's a computer whiz that likes electric pokemon and greatly idolizes Bill)
Other: imperfect, a characteristic that dolan isn't... because he's perfect. (that's a joke... he's far from perfect)

EDIT: his bike will stay at home and will most likely just be used in him home town or the nearby routes.
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@ThAtGuY101 accepted. If you think you can fit a bike around in the story by all means go ahead, but keep in mind that it can't just appear and reappear.

Update: A lot of things are going on rn in my life and it's hard to check hourly or even semi hourly for updates on here. If I take forever, go on without me unless if it's about being accepted. The role play is still open for those who don't know, so still go ahead and post.
Name: Petra Timor
Gender: Female
Age: (11+) 16
Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: Petra’s hair is a disheveled mess of black curls, coming down just past her shoulders but sticking out in several different directions. This, along with her sharp features, are at odds with her soft brown eyes and her outfit, consisting of an airy teal blouse and long light pink skirt. She stands at a somewhat tall 5'7", with a rigid, box-like frame mostly hidden by her choice of clothes. Lastly, she carries a white messenger bag over shoulder.

Personality: To most, Petra is a very sweet, if somewhat quiet young woman. She does her best not to jump to conclusions and likes to make sure she completely understands things before forming her own opinions. However, this also makes her very indecisive when presented with new situations, which causes her to follow to follow others until she has time to think things over herself. That being said, once Petra has her mind set on something it is very hard to convince her otherwise. She holds her friends close to her heart: perhaps a bit closer than she should. She often tries to prove herself “worthy” of people’s friendship by trying to help them with random tasks or problems, often to no avail. She means well, but her insecurities make her social skills, to say the least, imperfect.

Pokemon: Ciel (Mawile, F)
Tools: Private Diary, pens, mostly blank notebook.
Relationships: Edgar Fort (Father), Marie Timor (Mother), Paul Fort (Twin Brother)
Other: Aspires to be a novelist one day, especially if being a professional trainer doesn’t work out.

(EDIT: Sorry for the suddenness of this application. I understand if it's a bit late to apply now.)
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Previously Lily May
If it's not too late to join:
Name: Lyla Nikme
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Sexuality: Straight (not interested in love though)
Appearance: Lyla has lilac hair up in space buns. She also has yellow eyes. She wears a green sweater, black shorts, brown cowgirl boots, and she has a gold chain necklace with a yellow orb on it.
Personality: Shy, honest, and brash.
Pokemon: Inkay (in the future she will get Shinx and Lucario)
Tools: N/A
Relationships (friends, family, crushes, etc.): TBA
Other: Imperfect little girl
@Kasumi Daiyamondo you are accepted.

@Eis sorry for the late reply. Everyone is able to post in the role play thread, so go ahead.

Notice: The Role Play is now in Closed/Private mode. Unless if we find more space, we have enough people to have the story really start. I am worried about the lack of posting despite the amount of people and the amount of time passed and times I have stated we can post. Not sure where that is all going but I am not exactly active too often enough to complain.