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Is Nintendo bringing new hardware to E3 2014?

Doctor Oak

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The answer, according to an increasing amount of reports, is: perhaps (but we'll say no, just in case).

IGN cites multiple sources indicating that a hardware reveal of some description by Nintendo is forthcoming, and there are even some early indications of what that might be.

The primary rumour is that the hardware is actually neither a direct successor to the 3DS, nor the Wii U - but both. A combination called Nintendo Fusion DS and Nintendo Fusion Terminal that will function as both an independent handheld device, and as a 'base system' console. The rumoured specs detail a base system that is somewhat more powerful than the Wii U (but remains on the same architecture, continuing to place it apart from the Microsoft and Sony consoles), but maintains the ability to play Wii U titles, along with new 'Fusion' titles as well as a 3DS card slot.

The handheld 'Fusion DS' specs, meanwhile, follow the 3DS on a very similar path (and, as with the 3DS, use a load of custom components that make it hard to pin a general level of power on), but ape the PS Vita in including dual circle pads, 3G and Bluetooth - along with a fingerprint scanner, because everyone has to have one of those these days. Possibly the biggest walkaway from other Nintendo touch devices is that it boasts a capacitive screen (like your phones) instead of the resistive screens of the DS, 3DS and Wii U.

One other thing it may also have, according to a patent filed by Nintendo recently, is the ability to swap out the four main input areas for a customisable controller - though there are some points (such as motorised circle pads for haptic feedback) that possibly mean these two possibilities cancel eachother out.

The source on the above specs is apparently reliable, but it's also worth pointing out that they come with a slight level of detail that we don't even have for the Nintendo devices that already actually exist - because Nintendo just doesn't normally make that stuff common knowledge. Although, if the source is in a development role, there's a good chance the NDA that they're breaking comes with a level of extra detail.

As crazy as the idea of a combined console and handheld sounds, the fact is that the writing has been on the wall for this idea for some time. The Wii U is not that far removed from the idea as it is - the Gamepad is already a limited, tethered handheld controller, and that same idea has been explored even more thoroughly by Sony in the relationship between the PS4 and PS Vita.

It's also one of the few logical paths left for Nintendo to travel on in the console space. The Wii U is a demonstration that Nintendo's falling-back from the main competition with Sony and Microsoft has put it at a massive disadvantage in the home console space now that these devices are not only about a lot more than just games, but effectively developed in an entirely different world than Nintendo is prepared to move into. The shared architecture of the PS4, Xbox One and PC make them almost homogeneous in terms of development, and this is the future of non-handheld development. Nintendo can either choose to get back into that race with a very powerful machine that can directly compete with the PS4 and Xbox One, or they can choose to get out of it entirely and walk their own path. That same decision is the one that they had to make for the Wii U in the first place, and despite being a relative failure for it, it's unlikely that they'll change tracks now.

The handheld side of Nintendo's business, meanwhile, has seen off every challenge set on it with (eventually) deft aplomb. The PSP was meant to kill it, the PS Vita was meant to kill it, Android and iOS were meant to kill it - even the 3DS itself was meant to be the final downfall of the entire handheld division after it massively stumbled after launch. However, despite it all, the 3DS is now enjoying levels of success relative to Nintendo's best platforms. Nintendo's handhelds (not in least thanks to Pokemon), are a reliably strong field for the company and have something that the Wii U does not - a lack of direct competition.

It has stood to reason for a while, then, that the most likely outcome of the Wii U's failure and the 3DS' success, is that the handheld business would take over the console business and that the two would become one. One part home console for playing more beefy games on your TV, one part handheld for playing games like Pokemon on away from your couch - and combined together, the ability to stream your console game to your handheld for portable off-TV play of your combined system library. And the fact that you can already do the majority of this through the Wii U and PS4/Vita today is what makes this Nintendo Fusion rumour so viable - it's actually the only logical next step.

Of course, the Fusion remains just a rumour and there isn't very much available to back it up yet. Likewise, Nintendo bringing hardware to E3 may be very credible at this point, but it could simply be a revision (ala the 3DS XL) rather than a brand new machine. However, with the Wii U failing to find any traction, it really doesn't sound like a bad idea for Nintendo to cut their losses with the hardware itself, while maintaining software support. In fact, it's really hard to see where else to go from here.

One way or another, we'll find out for sure in just over a month when Nintendo hosts their E3 Nintendo Direct (again, no press conference this year) on the 10th June.


Nintendo UK has made the somewhat uncharacteristic move of denying the rumours. But, then again, it's nothing new for a Nintendo UK representative to lie (or be legitimately in the dark) about the status of an upcoming hardware reveal...
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Doctor Oak

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I wouldn't call any of the above 'proof'. Even the quite well corroborated part about Nintendo bringing hardware to the show is still too immaterial to be labelled as 'proof'.

It is, however, more likely than not that they will be bringing hardware to the show this year - and there's a fair chance that it either is the Nintendo Fusion as listed above, or something very similar by means of shared logic.

Until the day itself (or, just as likely, the days beforehand when everything gets verifiably leaked online - like that's ever happened before...), there won't be any proof or anything more than corroborated hearsay. That's the whole point of NDAs, after all.


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I think they would wait until E3 2015 to reveal something like a brand new console/handheld. The 3DS is only about 4 years old, and it's had tremendous success. While the Wii U may be in a bad spot, we still haven't gotten Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, Zelda Wii U, and other games that have great potential to be system sellers. The idea sounds cool, but it just seems too early. (Then again, i have no idea how Video Game business works, so I'm probably wrong. :?)

EDIT: I just found this: http://mynintendonews.com/2014/05/02/nintendo-confirms-no-new-hardware-to-be-shown-at-e3-2014/
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Doctor Oak

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While that does cool the rumour mill somewhat, it's also worth pointing out that Nintendo have very plainly lied about this exact same sort of thing before.

David Yarnton, then boss of Nintendo UK confirmed to the press that there would be no redesign of the DS at E3 2006 and that there were no plans for one any time soon.

The very next day, less than 24 hours after Yarnton's comments, Nintendo revealed the DS Lite.

There's an 80% chance that they're being honest (though it doesn't mean that Nintendo won't be revealing new hardware outside of E3 during this year), but it's worth keeping that little 20% in mind - particularly since, once again, it's a statement from Nintendo UK...
Man this would be pretty cool if its completely true, but I would NOT doubt something of a new device coming out at E3 from nintendo, wether its this or not.

To be able to play wii U things on this would be really beneficial for me, considering the Wii U game pad is REALLY uncomfortable for me to hold.
Its probably a redesign of the Wii-U dropping the gamepad, or another 3DS redesign.

Remember the GBA's lifespan was cut short at only 4 years when the DS came out early in 2004. The DS wasn't originally intended to replace the GBA it was advertised as the "third pillar." Its only when the DS became a tremendous success that Nintendo realized they didn't have to continue the Gameboy line and the DS just took over as the main handheld.

Fun fact: Its now 2014 which makes it an entire decade since the original DS launched. Just goes to show you how much changed since back in 2004.
This... actually sounds very exciting. I somehow doubt 'Fusion' will be in the name, though.
On the other hand I got a Wii U not five months ago so I won't be able to buy this hypothetical for a long time.
Yay, another money sink. I was lucky as heck to get a 3DS as a birthday present, otherwise I'd be stuck unable to play X. However, if another console is needed to play the next Pokemon game so soon, I'd have to say no just on a financial basis alone. The concept is cool, combining their main television-based console and handhelds into something that can be played everywhere, but the cost better not be prohibitive. I have heard the Wii U was a bit of a disappointment.
One of the possibilities this opens is that instead of Pokemon only being played on handhelds (excluding the Orre Region games) you can sit back and relax with a Gen VII session at home on your tv.

Nintendo might also take this new console and change their friending system. Whereas instead of acquiring friend codes, you can simply send a friend request or others automatically being added to a universal friends list after playing with that person multiple times.