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Open Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 6.5): Star Bloodline

Should Stands be named after things besides for bands songs tarots and Egyptian gods? If so what?

  • No

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Yes, Planets

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Yes, Zodiac

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 25.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
The year is 2019 and Jonah Cujoh is a 17-year-old Boy visiting New York to investigate his family origin and finds Joseph Joestar who is his great-grandfather.
Nathaniel Forsyth is a 16-year old Stand-user who is from Fenton Michigan and attends Howell High School. However, both are from different worlds and suddenly meet on a journey to get back to there worlds.
Earth number(1: Phantom Blood to Stone Ocean
2=Steel Ball Run to Jojolion
3= Star Bloodline
5= Golden Wind):
Stand Name:
Stand Namesake:
Stand Appearance:
Stand Type:
Stand Stats;

Name: Jonah Cujoh
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Smart and witty with a kind heart.
Appearance: 180 cm tall wearing a silver school uniform with silver pants. He has the Joestar eyes and short brown hair.
Earth number/Name: 1/Phantom Blood
Hamon(Optional): NONE
Stand Name: Titanium Roots
Stand Namesake: Imagine Dragons Roots (Song)
Stand Appearance: A silver man who is tall and has a T-shaped symbol that acts as shoulder guards.
Stand Type: Close-Range
Stand Stats;
Power: A
Speed: C
Range: E
Durability: A
Precision: B
Potential: A

Ability(s): Hermit Silver: Just Hermit Purple just silver.
The State: Slows down, time.
Origin: Reverses living things age and non-living things are reduced to cubes of single atoms (Steel= 1 Iron cube and 1 Carbon cube)
Bloodline: Summons any living Joestar (Only used once

Name: Nathaniel Forsyth
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: kind, happy-go-lucky, smart and imaginative.
Appearance: 180 cm he is pale and has blue eyes, dirty-blonde hair and wears glasses. He wears black shoes jeans and a navy green zip-up jacket a green coat and an Aeropostale shirt (Color changes) also he wears a black top hat with a purple brim, on the brim is the symbol for Libra (Omega on top of a line segment).
Earth number: 3/Star Bloodline
Hamon(Optional): Dragon Hamon
Stand: Imagined Dragon
Origin: Imagine Dragons, imagination, and dragons
Type: ACT
Appearance: A purple dragon that grows each act in act 2 and 3 it has wings.
Power (1. C)(2. B)(3. A)
Speed (1. C)(2. B)(3. A)
Range (1. E)(2. D)(3. C)
Durability (1 and 2 B) (3.A)
Precision (1. C)(2. B)(3. A)
Learning (1. C)(2. B)(3. A)
Imagine: Creates small complicated or big simple objects which at ACT 3 become any non-name-brand object.
Time Break/ Dragontime / Dragon Break: Act 1 and 2 time-based abilities have no effect act 3 stops time-based abilities.
Name: Marise
Age: 61
Gender: male
Personality: Dio and Kira combined
Appearance: Tall with Golden businessman clothing with an infinity symbol belt.
Earth number: 1
Hamon(Optional): N/A
Stand Name: Infinity
Stand Namesake: Infinity (Songs)
Stand Appearance: Tall golden man similar to DIO's Stand with infinity symbols
Stand Type: Long-range
Stand Stats;
Power: A
Speed: A
Range: A
Durability: A
Precision: A
Potential: N/A

Ability(s): Time Line
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Name: Danny Smith or Dan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Danny is very patient and can stay clam during dangers. While Danny can stay clam he comes off as arrogant, confrontational and can be rather impulsive at times.
Appearance: Danny is a man of average height and athletic build. Danny wears a shirt with an open chest, going lower past a belt with the letter D as a buckle. He wears blue jeans with black boots. Danny has long Blonde hair that, he keeps tied in a ponytail. He has Brown eyes that matches his studs in his ears.
Hamon(Optional): N/A
Stand Name: Fantasy
Stand Namesake: Song by Earth,Wind & Fire
Stand Appearance: Fantasy is a Humanoid Stand that wears golden robes. It has blonde hair and brown eyes like Danny but also has long elf-like ears. It carries a golden staff with a white crystal at the top in it’s right hand. The Letter D it placed on the back of it’s robes and on it’s left hand.
Stand Type: Long Range
Stand Stats:
Power: B
Speed: C
Range: A
Durability: C
Precision: A
Potential: C

Ability(s): Is able to channel the enter the Dreams of others and change it to his liking. It can also bring peoples dreams to reality.


Previously Deathstalker62
Oh neat, a JJBA Thread. Prolly broken character, but it's worth a shot.

Name: Andrew Darkner

Age: 20 (5/1/1989)

Gender: Male

Personality: Andrew is the quiet, collected type who always seems to just be calm in every situation possible. He likes to be sarcastic, give snarky and mocking remarks and comments, and shows respect only to those who he believes to deserve it. He will never show respect to those disrespecting him, no matter how many times he loses to them and often shows no fear around things that most people would run away from, showing more of a dark curious interest. He may seem like a bit of a shady piece of crap sometimes, but can and will be fierce and tough when he has to be. The reason for him to dress so warm is because he always feels cold no matter where, but when it comes to actual, proper cold places, he thrives, and feels little need to actually dress that warm. He enjoys to annoy others, speak openly about enjoying death and gore and laughs at his own pretty dark humour, much to the disgust of others which just makes him all the more happy. He also likes to joke around by pretending to reveal his willingess to do horrible things that most people wouldn't even dare to think of, upon which most people respond with wide eyes and a gaze of shock and disbelief. When he's on his own, he sometimes talks with inanimate objects, animals, his stand or even himself and 'the voices'. He's like a really screwed-up anti-hero. While his stand's stats may be high, he rarely ever uses is it in close quarters, and is experienced in fighting physically with his stand. Usually, he hides away somewhere (or runs away first and then hides) and lets the illusions do his job. He also tends to just stand back and watch how things play out, regardless of what he has to do currently, as most dark things take his interest.

Appearance: Elder signs carved into his hands' palms and on his back that let him control and seal the eldritch demon that Shivers is in actuality inside his body. A black cultist robe with the hood usually worn over his head. Underneath he wears a torn light-purple sweater and torn, worn-off jeans aswell as brown boots. He also wears black gloves to hide the elder signs carved in his palms. Usually he wears a wolf skull mask to his hood to completely hide his identity and add to his fear factor. In his robe he secretly carries a serrated sacrificial dagger stained in blood, blade shaped like a thunderbolt.He also carries a leather-bound book with notes of every bit of information on everything the user had experienced in his life, from other stands to notes about his own, to even his rituals to the outer gods. Also used as a journal and to scribble in. He keeps his dagger in the sheath at his belt hidden underneath the robe.

Earth number: 5/Golden Wind

Hamon: N/A

Stand Name: Shivers

Stand Namesake: Master of the Moon, Ronnie James Dio's latest and last album before death.

Stand Appearance: A bit bigger than tusk, there's an image attached here. While noone except Andrew knows this, Shivers is actually a demon from the depths of the eldritch realm who attempted to take over Andrew, but had been sealed within by the elder pentagrams on his hands and back. Thanks to Andrew's seemingly turning soulless, insane, and generally mentally worse and lack of a stand, 'Shivers' was turned to his stand, having to follow his every will until Andrew looses his cool, in which Shivers can and will take over his body. Image of the Stand attached. (Sources: Artists' Page, Screenshot of me starting the order and getting the completed comission)

Stand Type: Long-Range Sentient

Stand Stats;

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: B

Precision: A

Potential: C

Illusion Creation:
Shivers 'hooks' onto the enemy's conscience and reads their minds to create illusions made from the victim's and the user's memory to combat the enemy. Only the Victim(s) and the Stand User can see these illusions. The illusions cannot harm someone physically, but when an illusion (for example) shoots the victim with a gun, the victim will feel the pain equivalent of being shot in the head and fall into a coma, the brain simulating as if it were shot in real-time. A maximum of 10 victims can be hooked at once, but with each conscience linked together, the range of the stand decreases. The illusions are only visible to those who are currently hooked to Shivers.

Conscience Traversing: When only one victim is hooked, the user can transfer their own conscience into the enemy's mind, leaving his body and becoming a disembodied voice echoeing in the victim's head. From that point on, the user can neither control the body or use his stand or the enemy's. He can only talk in the enemy's mind until he's swapped himself out into another body or his own or the enemy dies, at which point the user will be forced into the closest alive mind.
What is earth number exactly?

Name: Hisato(first name) Kimura(last name)
Age: 17
Gender: male
Personality: Hisato is a mostly friendly guy who often gets confused and occasionally contradicts himself. He's polite but unapologetic. Sometimes he acts modest and sometimes he acts overconfident. He's a jokester. A prankster. A real comedian. He enjoys messing around to see how people react.
Backstory: Hisato has a very large interest in psychology, and was greatly inspired by the works of Wilhelm Wundt and René Descartes. He enjoys seeing people's reactions as he enjoys learning how the mind works. He's pissed off, frightened, disgusted, surprised ,and all sorts of reactions from people this making average people to be cautious around people. He often tries to be nice and explain his reasons, but has at times come off as strange or bewildered.
Appearance: 5'7 ft. Slim, somewhat muscular, slightly tan, dark brown eyebrow length hair combed to the right(slightly messy), one green eye and one blue eye, a small vertical scar on his right cheekbone. He wears a blue t-shirt that says "friday is my second favorite F word" in green, a checkered hoodie with pink, red, purple ,and maroon squares(unzipped, dark blue jeans, black and yellow sneakers ,and a fancy chrome colored waterproof watch.
Earth number: 1(I may change later...)
Hamon(Optional): 108 palm strike
Stand Name: Ace Spades
Stand Namesake: Ace of Spades motorhead
Stand Appearance: Ace Spades looks like a buff harlequin with pale skin, glowing purple eyes with brown sclera, jagged teeth, four faces, a smiley face(front), frown(left), scowl(right), sadistic grin(back) a diamond checkered outfit that is red and blue on the right side and orange and green on the other. With frills around the sleeves and smoke and gas coming out of the sleeves as well, matching top hat, white gloves with claws sticking out the tips and matching harlequin shoes.
Stand Type: short-mid range
Stand Stats;
Power: A
Speed: B
Range: B
Durability: C
Precision: A
Potential: A
Punch line: Hisato yells emi/笑(japanese, translates as haha/lol) when he punches.

Ability(s): Smoke men: the smoke that comes from Ace Spade's wrists will often take the form of a mannequin(he can create five at a time). Once they turn into mannequins they turn solid and will take the form of whatever will likely cause a strong reaction from the opponent. The purpose of smoke men is to excite the opponent whether through fear, anger, sorrow, disgust... ect. They will be loud and obnoxious in an attempt to distract and further annoy and cause strong emotional reactions from the opponent.

Gas men: gas men are puppets(just the upper torso) with the appearance as mimes with strings extending from Ace Spade's wrist's(he can create five at a time). the purpose of gas men is to feed off the strong emotions of the opponent. This process stresses opponents and hinders their will to fight.
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I don't think diamond unbreakable was tarot cards... nonetheless I can't think of any off the top of my head ,but I'll do some research... hopefully I'll find something that fits his stand.

Edit: I just did some research and realized diamond unbreakable is named after bands... did not know that...
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Ah! Just realized something. @ThAtGuY101 Earth number refers to what timeline/part of timeline your character is from. Considering that all character are coming from different timelines. Y'know...

1- Phantom Blood
2 - Battle Tendancy
3 - Stardust Crusaders

etc, etc
question... would the current group be 9 then?
maybe jonah just walks across into each of the characters... okay it should be a little more interesting than they just bumped into each other on the side of the road ,but then again stand users do attract stand users... how will they meet up? will it be friendly or will they fight who knows. Its all about context I guess... I'm guessing each character is going to meet in a different way.
(this is just an idea of course.)
Who is "and co", is Jonah already rolling around with some other crew or are you referring to our characters slowly meeting up?

Edit: I have a second question, will characters be able to have a requiem form later on should they get hit with a stand arrow?
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YES JOJO! Lemme add in a character. I made my own stand users for a story and i guess i can add in the main character from that story cuz why not. Obviously he's not the main jojo in THIS story.

Name: Takoda Haijono

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Overall a nice kid to be around, and usually cares about his friends that are with him. But whenever someone insults him or his friends in a way that comes off very offensive, he can go off the wall and try to send the person to the hospital. He also likes saying "Fantastico" a lot whenever he gets in any bad / good situation (AKA fight with another stand user or finding a new ally that's a user)

Appearance: Fair-skinned, Long brown hair, Green eyess, Grey and green striped scarf, light grey jacket, red t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown sneakers. (Pretty short description, but it does the job)

Earth number: 5

Hamon(Optional): NOPE

Stand Name: Mr. Blue Sky (This could have been Earth Wind and Fire because of the ability, buuut it already exists in JJBA canon)
Stand Namesake: "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra

Stand Appearance: Mr. Blue Sky’s appearance normally changes whenever it switches through the elements. The body shape of Mr. Blue Sky stays the same, just the texture looks different (you'll see why in the ability section). It looks like it's wearing rainbow skiing goggles, but that's it eyes. It’s pretty muscular with hair similar to Star Platinum’s, but a little bit shorter and made out of either thin clouds, mist, fire, or sand depending on, again, the ability. And it has four arms. It has no mouth, but it looks like it has a nose similar to Lord Voldemort's.

Stand Type: From the stats it sounds like mid range power. I have no clue
Stand Stats;
Power: B
Speed: A
Range: C
Durability: B
Precision: C
Potential: B

Stand cry(?): Y'know how Bruno says Ari and ends with Arrivederci? That, but it's Re for the rush and Au revoir (French for goodbye / until we meet again) for the finishing punch.

Element Manipulation: From its four arms, Mr. Blue Sky has the ability to control one of the elements of nature. Those elements being Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Mr. Blue Sky controls these types of elements, each having their own names (also the names of different songs by ELO):

“Above the Clouds” (Air)
“Standin’ in the Rain” (Water)
“Fire on High” (Fire)
“Turn to Stone” (Earth)

Mr. Blue Sky also has the ability to take said element away from an object. (Example: Taking the air out of a human body. Or filtering dirty water to make clean water)

As of now, Takoda only knows how to use Mr. Blue Sky: Above the Clouds
Unfortunately, Mr. Blue Sky can not control all four elements at the same time. It would take serious skill to pull off.
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I'm guessing Nate will... After that they will meet up whenever people get the opportunity to post. The order doesn't seem too important. I like this Idea so whoever the last person to meet jojo doesn't have to wait for everyone to post unless that's what they want to do.(just a thought.)