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  1. Grand Master Koop

    Ask to Join Set Sail: A One Piece RP

    Wealth, Fame, Power. These are all things the great Pirate King, Gol D. Rogers, achieved throughout his journey across the world. On the day of his execution, the man's final words sent a stir that was felt across the entire world: With the flames fanned and the will of the people ignited...
  2. Lemony_Cake

    Anime pictures

    This I fan art of me and su from my hero academia, love
  3. EnviousWorm

    Private/Closed Leaves and Their Shadows: A Naruto AU

    Introduction One year ago, the bright future of Konohagakure was hurled into turmoil. The Nine-Tailed Fox - Kurama - wreaked havoc upon the village, killing a large portion of the Leaf's civilian and military populations almost effortlessly. The Fourth Hokage - Minato Namikaze - defeated the...
  4. AdamIsACar

    Ask to Join JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mad World (Application)

    Before I give you guys the character sheet, I will have to politely ask you to only create protagonists and neutral characters. I will be creating every antagonist and play as them. I would like to create a protagonist myself, but you guys can vote them off if you really want to. Character...
  5. .Frostbitten.

    Open Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - The World

    Hi! So I find myself re-watching (for the what feels dozenth) time the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles series and found myself wondering if there was anyone else out there who loves this series and would be interested in doing a more original role-playing. For those who are unfamiliar with the...
  6. ohh

    Ask to Join Hunter x Hunter Roleplay Discussion

    The Hunter Association, an organization responsible for testing and licensing those who have proven themselves to be worthy of the title "hunter". Through a rigorous exam, hunters have proven themselves to be the elite of humanity. One out of every 10,000 applicants on the hunter exam pass...
  7. D

    The most civil of conversations about the anime industries's Best Girls and Best Boys

    Best girl? Best boy? The two most important questions in modern society. Shall we discuss? As I have studied this questions and have compiled years of research, I have deducted that the all time best girl is: Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) For those MHA fans out there, what do...
  8. EnviousWorm

    Open Dragon Ball (AU) Discussion

    After a space-time continuous martial arts tournament some 1,000 years in an alternate earth's future, the inhabitants of Earth-213f (as it's known to the multiverse) have found their world flooded with Saiyan offspring and powered humans they could not explain. However, the human race found a...
  9. Platinum_

    Ask to Join Fairy Tail :||: To The Sky!

    [ sign up forum; https://pokecharms.com/threads/fairy-tail-to-the-sky-sign-ups.22262/ ] It was a stunningly beautiful, shiny day in Magnolia City, as per usual. Colonies of birds were out chasing each other midair basking in the sunlight while little children of Shopkeepers ran about in the...
  10. Platinum_

    Fairy Tail :||: To The Sky! [Sign Ups]

    .......... well. [ thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fairy-tail-to-the-sky.22264/ ] ALRIGHTY!! So it's been ages since I've been on 'Charms, but this quarantine has given me a plethora of hours of free time, so it's bitter sweet! I've been dying to get back into a good roleplay, and since...
  11. Jayblade

    What’s your favourite anime?

    This is just a thread I created to see what everyone’s personal favourite anime is, and the reasoning as to why. I personally have a few anime I would consider my favourites. Though if I had to limit it to one it would definitely be Gintama. In my opinion the most human anime I’ve seen. To...
  12. Shikowara

    Would You Rather....(Anime Version)

    Hey everyone! I don't know about you, but I love Would You Rather! So I thought it be fun if we did an anime character version. Here are some examples of how it works: Would you rather meet Ash Ketchum or Naruto? Would you rather kill Serena or Lana? Would you rather be siblings with Sakura or...
  13. Rinoa Heartilly

    Digital ̷A̷r̷t̷ World!

    As of the moment, this is a request thread. However, there will be times that it turns to commissions; Paypal only. For this request thread, I will only accept Digimon related ones. OC requests will be ignored. If commissioned, I will gladly draw them for you. COMPLETED REQUESTS
  14. Jekis

    Open (Houseki No Kuni) The Land of The Gems!

    Discussion Thread here~! https://pokecharms.com/threads/houseki-no-kuni-land-of-the-gems-discussion.21060/ Hello! Hope you're all having a wonderful day, I felt like doing some roleplay of the popular (Ish) anime, Land of The Lustrous! There is little plot right now, except that this takes...
  15. Jekis

    Ask to Join (Houseki No Kuni) Land of The Gems! (Discussion)

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/houseki-no-kuni-the-land-of-the-gems.21062/ Hello everyone! I made a chat so nothing gets to unorganized. Here are some of the rules Rules Pokecharms Rules Must be followed No overpowered characters, they can't kill a lunarian with a simple slash of the sword...
  16. GalacticDeg

    The MHA/BNHA Discussion Thread! SPOILERS!

    Behind Pokemon, I think the most popular franchise on this website is Boku no Hero Academia, also known as My Hero Academia. So, I think it would be a cool idea if there was a thread to discuss literally anything to do with the series. o Discussion of Two Heroes is welcome. o Discussion about...
  17. Sylvious

    Favorite Anime Characters?

    Heyo, this thread is just about your favorite characters from all anime! Doesn't have to be in a ranking format, by the way. I'll start with a few of mine: Bakugo (Boku no Hero Academia): He was a very egotistic and unlikable character at the start, though his inferiority complex makes him...
  18. Jayblade

    Open The Lives of High School Students

    Welcome to your first day at Furusaki High School, try to make new friends, maybe even some enemies. But most importantly just live out your high school days the way you want to. Rules: Not over the top violence No Mary Sues Not too much swearing No spam Follow the rest of 'charms rules...
  19. Lil Eliza123

    Ask to Join MHA New Age!!! Class 1B

    Ava slowly awoke in her room to the loud repetitive buzzing of her alarm clock, Ava reached out from under her sheets and blindly tried to turn the alarm off, this continued for a solid minute before she puked her arm back a little bit and punched it out causing a large needle to seemingly form...