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Open (Houseki No Kuni) The Land of The Gems!

Discussion Thread here~! https://pokecharms.com/threads/houseki-no-kuni-land-of-the-gems-discussion.21060/

Hello! Hope you're all having a wonderful day, I felt like doing some roleplay of the popular (Ish) anime, Land of The Lustrous! There is little plot right now, except that this takes place on the same island with different my characters are just going to start with a lunarian fight! It's spring right now!

  • Pokecharms Rules Must be followed
  • No overpowered characters, they can't kill a lunarian with a simple slash of the sword
  • Stick your gem to the certain job it has, don't let it transition all over the place
  • When you make multiple characters, give them equal (or somewhat equal) spotlight. I also made some PCs to fill in other jobs. If they are unable to receive the biggest amount of spotlight, because we're not there at the time. For example, if we aren't at the medical area, they don't have to be roleplayed with for now.
  • Your gem cannot be already existing in the anime or manga
  • Start with two characters (or more ;))
There is no sensei, just a group of 4 "Council" gems that rule the island, and wear the same robes as Kongo (You must ask me in the discussion to make one)

Here's the character guide

Name: (Has to be based off of a gem.)
Nickname: (Optional)
Appearance: (They wear the standard gem uniform, but you can modify some parts of it. Make hair and eye color same as the gem. Rare case, but you may give them another gem addition.)
Hardness: (Same Hardness of Gem)
Backstory: (Don't go too in depth unless they are over 2000 years old. If they are, go ahead!)

Name: Charoite
Appearance: Short, straight, purple hair that ends just above the neck. She also has purple eyes. Her height it 5'4" and has purple leggings. Her powder is completely white.
Hardness: 5-6
Job: Fighter
Age: 908
Special Abilities: N/A
Personality: Charoite is serious. She isn't the most serious though. She believes in herself, but since she fights, this could get her seriously injured.
Backstory: Charoite was always loyal to her elders. Without them, she wouldn't be able to fight. This made herself dedicated to return the favor back to her elders.

Name: Jasper
Nickname: N/A
Appearance: Jasper has brown hair that is braided down to the top of her back. She has orange-ish brown hair. She's 5'5" and has the skirt uniform with suspenders, rather than the usual uniform.
Hardness: 6.5-7
Job: Fighter
Age: 1090
Personality: Jasper is kind, protective, and caring. She is always curious, but doesn't want others to be too curious, getting them in trouble.
Special Abilities: N/A
Backstory: Jasper is Charoite's best friend and partner. She never wants her to get hurt, and will try to stick with her at all times. She hates being relied on. It fills her with grief when they do so.

Name: Mystic Topaz
Nickname: Mysti
Appearance: Mysti is one of the Council members, making her have the robes that are a lot like Kongo. She's 5'9," and has hair similar to a rainbow stained glass window. This is the same for her eyes.
Hardness: 8
Job: Council Member
Age: 1979
Personality: Mystic carries a very large burden from a lot of her, but is kind and protective to all of her friends. If someone is kidnapped, she will start crying and taking the blame upon herself.
Special Abilities: More Experienced with fighting. Not that special.
Backstory: When Mysti was created, she had only a few elders, some of them got kidnapped while protecting her. This gives her a large burden on her shoulders.

Jasper and Charoite were out near the beach. They knew that a sunspot was getting close. It has been forever since. Jasper was a bit nervous. She hasn't fought a lunarian in weeks. "Come on, don't be scared..." Charoite glared at her. "You've been fighting gems for hundreds of years."

"N-No, I'm not scared! Just, excited!" She smiled back at Charoite. She pulled out her sword, noticing that a certain area of the sun was turning black... "Um, Charoite?!"

Charoite pulled out her sword as the black spot got bigger. She smiled. "We got this! Don't worry one bit!"

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Previously Super Lazy Man
As a black spot appeared, Emerald immediately came, noticing Jasper and Charoite , he sighted and pulled his own sword out, now, they were now gonna fight lunarians . Gold noticed the black spot and immediately closed the weapons and took one in case she needed to defend herself.

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"E-Emerald?" Charoite turned to the gem. "G-Get back!" Charoite sighed as Jasper held her sword down to her knees. "We got this."

The giant black spot turned into a lunarian fleet, with the giant leader dead center, and two sides that were more downward and closer to the three. Once Charoite and Jasper saw this, Jasper jumped REALLY high and lifted out her sword in the air. Behind her was Charoite, who landed on top of the sword and bounced to the left side. As she landed, she swung her sword around her, killing a few lunarians. They turned to dust.

Dead account

Previously Super Lazy Man
"Gotta admit, you're skilled girls, if you need me, i'm here" Emerald said, watching as the two slaughtered already a good number of the fleet "i really feel like the leader will be harder to beat..." he thought
((Maybe for a first epic fight, against this fleet ' s leader? ))
(The fleet's leader is not hostile. She makes the minions do all of the work until she gets killed.)

Once Jasper landed back down, she smiled at the green gem. She giggled, "Thank you! I do my best, being a couple thousand years old I do have experience!"

Charoite went on further into the fleet, killing more lunarians as she goes. "Be careful, girls!" On the opposite side of the fleet, arrows flew at Charoite. She blocked and dodged most of them, but the ones on her side fired at Jasper and Emerald.

"Emerald! Get back!" Jasper sprinted back, grabbing on to emerald's wrist. This wouldn't snap Emeralds arm, unless she resists.

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Previously Super Lazy Man
Emerald took her sword and barely blocked he arrows, she got to protect the two gems before te arrows could hit them "you can let go of my wrist now" she said

(Oh okay )
(Back from summer camp @Hungry Badass! I can continue the rp!)

Jasper let go. She wouldn't want to snap Emeralds arm. Charoite hacked and slashed through the lunarians to make it to the boss fleet. She was minorly scratched, leaving purple cuts. She slashed it off.

"Good job, Charoite!" Jasper shouted.

Charoite grinned, but they didn't notice the arrow flying directly at her face...

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Previously Super Lazy Man
"CHAROITE! WATCH OUT! " Emerald shouted as she quickly reached her sword and threw it so the arrow hits the sword instead of Charoite's face
The sword just barely hit, snapping the back half off and lowering it's speed. This wasn't enough, however. Charoite met her "doom." She threw her sword at the boss fleet, destroying it, and then getting her head snapped off by the arrow. Along with her head fell her body. Over 10 meters. Jasper tried to run and catch her, but was too late. She split into pieces. She will remain unconscious until someone repairs her. Something only a nurse could do.

Dead account

Previously Super Lazy Man
Emerald went to the shattered pieces of the warrior that just 'died' , "crap, now Gold's gonna think i haven't done anything..." she thought