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Ask to Join MHA New Age!!! Class 1B

Ava slowly awoke in her room to the loud repetitive buzzing of her alarm clock, Ava reached out from under her sheets and blindly tried to turn the alarm off, this continued for a solid minute before she puked her arm back a little bit and punched it out causing a large needle to seemingly form from her arm punching a hole through the clock. Ava laid in bed for a few more minutes before throwing the sheets off herself accidentally poking herself with the needle in the movement causing her to jump out of bed in pain “Crap!!!” Ava yelled as she ran to her bathroom to apply a band aid. After applying the band aid Ava looked up at the mirror to see a note she had remembered writing the previous night, Ava then read the note back to herself “UA entrance exams today. Don’t be late” Ava paused for a second trying to let her brain think about what she just said “UA entrance exams today!!!” Ava squealed realising what today was before running back to her room and putting on a plain white T-Shirt and denim pants “OMG!!! I need to hurry!” Ava said to herself worried as she ran down stairs to the front door grabbing her bag and a piece of toast on the way out “WooHoo!” Ava yelled one last time before slamming the door behind her and running down the street towards the train station.
"Bye mom!" Kaito said opening the door. Kaito walked to the station carrying his bag. He went inside the train and waited. He tought to himself, 'U.A exams. I prepared for this. Know all your thechniques and be focused' His stomach hurt abit. 'Ugh, im too nervous.' He tought.

"Yay! Going to U.A!" She also went inside the same train that kaito was riding. She created a marshmallow out of nowhere and ate it "Tasty!" She grinned at her seatmate. "Are you going to U.A too?"

His toughts was disrupted by a sweet, jolly, voice. 'She was asking if im going to U.A.' Kaito just nodded, because hes just that nervous to talk.

"A quiet one huh. Hi! Im Hiroka Aki" She cheerfully said jumping up and down her seat. "My quirk is Candy! I can control candy" She looked him in the eyes "How about you? How about you?"

"Ey... Uh... I-im Kaito Adachi. Nice to meet you." Then in a very cool voice, he said "My quirk is weather. I can control the weather whenever i want." He looked down "I could faint though." Then the train started. The announcer said "Next stop, Hosu city, Then U.A High School."
Asami had been waiting by the train station, the shark girl having done her best to cover herself up with her hoodie though inevitable stares proved inescapable.

Still, in spite of her visible nerves, Asami tried her best to focus on what lied ahead as the train opened up and she went inside to take a seat. Despite the...attention, her appearance generated her or other Mutant-Quirk individuals that had not been the reason the girl was nervous. No the source of that was the U.A. Entrance Exam, the single biggest moment of her life that would determine whether she would or would not be accepted into the U.A.; the number one hero school in the world.

Asami had to be at her best, any mistake could cost her dearly. And she had not been prepared to let herself down, especially over something as silly as nerves as she tried to calm down and focus while she waited for the train to load up.
Rin hastily tied her shoe laces at the front of her doorway, hopping on one foot. She grabbed a bag near the door entrance before, blindly, grabbing the door knob and slamming it shut. With the door locked in place, Rin began sprinting.

First order of business, the train to town. My quirk is inactive... So, hopefully, I'll be fine, Rin mumbled a bit as she thought to herself. Glancing at her left hand, she felt nervous at the thought of what could occur during the exam. As much as it was nice to have an opportunity to join the school as an actual hero in-training, Rin's quirk felt more like a burden than anything at times.

She arrived at the train station platform, waving her ticket at a booth before running towards the train's entrance. Just in time, a large crowd had formed as they forced themselves into the locomotive. Come on, come on, Rin pushed through the crowd as she tried to get into the car and scour it for an empty seat.
Ava rushed through the train station buying a ticket before running onto the main platform, Ava stopped for a moment and began trying to catch her breath “I’m not late...” Ava gasped as she tried to breathe “ok now to find platform 7” Ava said as she checked her ticket “now where is pla-“ Ava was cut off mid sentence by an announcement that sounded out over the station “all those taking the train on platform 7 need to board immediately” Ava gasped before again running towards the platform “Oh my... God... Can’t I get a break?” Ava gasped as she ran towards the platform. When Ava saw the platform she noticed the giant crowd of people who were being heard back at the door to the train, “I’m sorry people the trains full you need to wait for the next one” said a worker who was blocking the entrance. Ava stopped for a second before an idea popped into her head “I’m not missing this chance” Ava said to herself as she continued to run towards the crowd, as Ava got to the crown she jumped into the air and turned her arms into large needles making her effectively pole vault over the crowd and through the door of the train landing face first on the floor of the train “owwww...” Ava said as the doors closed behind her
Kaito heared the sound of pain and a loud clang. He looked around and saw a girl, face-planted on the floor. He stood up and hurried to go to the girl. "Excuse me, coming trough, sorry." Kaito said going trough the crowd. He helped the girl up. "Are you okay?" He asked enduring the pain of the needles. "Are you okay?" He asked once again.

"Hey! Where did you go?" Hiroka said creating a ladder out of candy. She stood on top looking for Kaito. She saw him helping a girl, on the floor. "Eh, nevermind then." She touched the ladder made out of candy and focused on making it disappear. The suddenly the candy was gone and she landed on her feet.


Previously Swirled
Itsuko woke up from his own alarm, thanks to his quirk, fortunately, no one was asleep at this time, only mildly annoyed by the noise. Once ready, Itsuko left, but not without giving his mother a goodbye hug.
"Well fourtunately this is the entrance exams, so I don't have to worry about others getting really annoyed with my quirk," Itsuko smiled to himself, walking to the train station. He got a ticket for Platform 7 and sat down to wait, a warm smile on his face throughout. Once the train arrived, he was helplessly squashed between many of people all with places to go. Fortunately, he found a seat and minded his own business, playing his music until he reached his destination.
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Ryouko had woken up at the third alarm from her phone, groggily getting ready with a bundle of nervousness building in the pit of her stomach. After getting herself ready, she started to pack her things in a bag, paper and pen for the written exam and clothes for the practical one. When she got down, Ryouko wasn't surprised to see the house empty, both of her parents had already gone to work early and left her a note on the kitchen counter. Pushing her nerves down as much as she could, she prepared herself a tea while reading the small paper. "Keep calm and do your best, you don't need luck if you try your hardest. Don't forget your IC card and keys on the counter." That was her mother's calligraphy alright, and definitely the "Love, mom and dad." was her father's.

Understanding she had her parents best wishes, she grabbed multiple prepared water bottles just in case and, after checking twice that she had everything, left towards the train station. Now, she didn't live that far, she could probably be there in 20 minutes if she went in bicycle, but of course, that would need her to know how to ride a bike. Pulling out her phone to turn on the music, the girl noticed she was already running late. With colourful cursing in her mind, off she went running towards the station.

Ryouko composed by the time she was at the ticket gate, pressing the card to the reader, she saw the train stop and suddenly a crowd of people was already at the gates. She muttered a soft "Oh heck no." and started to, awkwardly, push her way into the train. Luckily, she found a spot to sit and left her bag on the floor, behind her legs. Barely one station later she noticed a girl literally face-planting as the doors closed, but by the time she was about to get up a boy beat her to it, so she decided to leave it to him, looking back down to play at something in her phone but taking off her earphones in case something else were to happen.
The train cars were packed today. Almost as though the train cars were merely giant metallic tins just filled with sardines. Rin scanned the crowd, finding herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. The 'rock,' being a wall, and the 'hard place,' being everyone else in the vehicle. A few minutes prior, an employee of the monorail station had just arrived to hold back the massive wave of workers. Rin inhaled as people, who successfully got onto the vehicle, tried to move around, Ugh... This is a nightmare. Why would someone do this every single day?
An announcement was heard from one of the speakers in the car, yet from Rin's position she couldn't hear it over the constant incoherent conversations nearby. Hopefully that wasn't anything important. The sooner we move, the sooner I get to the exams.

She flinched as something flew over her head and landed in the middle of the car. Rin looked around, noticing Ava groaning in pain, "I'm entirely certain that wasn't me this time." Quickly, Rin attempted to navigate elsewhere within the car.
Asami, who thankfully had an open seat next to her on the train, looked ahead at some commotion. It appeared some girl, who seemed to be around her age, face faulted upon her arrival in the train. Asami winced at that, though thankfully it appeared that someone else had thankfully gotten to her and offered her help.

Asami took note of some girl around her age who seemed to be navigating as she tried to find an open seat. Asami's shy nature & inner voice urged her to remain quiet and hoped that the girl would miss her. But her hand shot up on reflex as the shark girl tried to show the girl there was an open space; perhaps it was guilt over how crowded the train had been and just an impulse to help her but either way Asami covered her face with a hoodie even as she tried to wave the girl down to get her attention.


Previously Swirled
Shortly after Itsuko sat down on the train, a random girl had face planted onto the floor, but due to his music, he hadn't heard it anyway. But that wouldn't have mattered since another anonymous boy helped her up, which again, Itsuko was oblivious to. The aspiring hero decided to look around to see if there was any sort of person he could talk to since he was getting lonely listening to his thoughts all the time. Five seats across from him seated a hooded girl who he would later be introduced to as Asami. He let out a small wave to her before turning back and minding his own business.
How much longer is it going to take? I wanna get there already!
Kaito removed his hand after the girl stood up. His hand was bleeding. "Too much for holding up a girl with needles on her hands." He took his handkerchief and wrapped his hand to stop the bleeding. "No need to thank me." He walked back to his seat near Hiroka.

"What happened to your hand?" Hiroka said looking at his hand. She made a bag of n&n's and started eating. "Are you hurt?" She said in a muffled voice.

"Oh, its nothing." Kaito said putting his headphones and lisened to his favorite music. Then the train started to move. The announcer said, "Once again. Hosu city, then U.A High." Kaito tought to himself, 'I just hope i dont flunk the exams.'
Kayro woke to silence. He never set an alarm to wake up, he trusted himself to get up on time. Rolling out of his bed, Kayro quickly flung his covers back across to make his bed look slightly better, while still being unmade. "Decent enough." He said to himself before his phone rang. His father was calling from his hospital. "Allo dad."
"Morning son. UA today, right? Do good." His father said across the line. Quite a few years ago, a high ranking villain attacked and nearly killed him, sending him to a near permanent stay at the hospital.
Kayro responded while exiting from his house. "Yep, and I aim to do good. Talk later dad, gotta run." Kayro said before hanging up. He began to charge up his quirk, imagining a gearbox in his head. First gear. As the gearbox went from neutral to first gear. Second gear. The onr he wanted, as the stick slid over to the second slot. With each change, the power flowing through his body increased. First was strength, second speed. He wanted to reach second before running. Feeling the world around him start to slow down, Kayro began a sprint to UA.
She walked into several other people within the car until noticing the girl covering her face. Uncertain for a while, Rin realized that the girl was trying to get her attention, An empty seat! Finally...
Rin began to force her way through. After some attempts, Rin successfully snatched the seat before anyone else.
"Ugh... Thanks," she grinned a small bit at Asami. Rin gave a confusing look as to why she's masking her face with her hoodie. Thinking that'd be a bit offensive, she chose not to mention it.
"N-no problem." Asami said, the nerves in her voice would easily be picked up upon. As was her shark-tail despite her efforts to conceal her appearance in general. Still, the tall girl seemed nice enough even and Asami knew she should try to exchange some conversation. Perhaps this girl was also an aspiring U.A. student and some chat could help her down the road.

Or at least not think her as a total weirdo.

"S-so...are....are you gonna t-take the U.A. e-entrance exam..." Asami said with a meek voice as she kept her face hidden even as she asked this. Part of her wanted to engage in conversation while the other half hoped the girl would ignore her as she didn't need comments on her appearance that would fluster the shark girl right before the exams.
Ava looked at the boy who helped her up and saw he was bleeding “oh sorry about that!” But Ave then noticed that he had headphones on and couldn’t hear her “oh...” Ava looked around the train car and noticed a few interesting people though a girl in a hoodie that was covering her face who seemed to have the appearance that she was shy. Ava began to walk over to the girl to introduce herself before she heard her utter U.A, Ava instantly sprung up with excitement “U.A?! Are you on your way to the entrance exam?” Ava asked excitedly

Asami had told herself she would not allow herself to be so easily startled. She was an aspiring hero, yet when a girl suddenly inserted herself into the conversation on an impulse she let out a mild shriek. Naturally startled, though quickly she focused past the shock and on the excited girl's question as, with a hoodie still covering her face and her shark tail between her legs, as she looked up enough to give a nod to the girl as she tapped her finger's tips against each other.

"Y-yes, I was gonna take the Entrance E-exam." Asami managed to choke out, as her inner voice urged her to not be so pathetic but she could not help herself but she did speak clearly enough to give an answer. Stutter aside.


Previously Swirled
Itsuko took off his headphones, as he was bored and tired of having no one to talk to. Unfourtunately, no one was sitting next to him and it was kinda awkward to talk to someone who was five seats across from you. So he shrugged it off and went back to listening to his music.
Hiroka kept bouncing up and down her seat. She kept saying that she's going to U.A. She kept saying this until a bump went trough. She hit her head in the ceiling "Owww." Then the announcer said, "Hosu city. Next stop, U.A Highschool." The doors opened and half of the people got out.

When the doors opened, he sighed relief. He finally were free from the squeezing. He looked at his bag and half of his money were gone. "Damn pick-pockets." He opened a secret zipper and took his emergency cash. "It's good i have these." He counted his money, one by one, and said, "This is enough to last me 3 weeks."


Previously Swirled
The next three seconds that followed were filled with people getting out and squeezing through an already cramped train car. Once Itsuko was free, he moved his seat to be closer to everyone else, his headphones removed when the announcement was made.
"Finally, U.A, this should be fun!" He said to himself, a content smile painted across his face.
"Oh, we're finally going to UA?" Rin smiled a bit as she spoke. She felt like she could breathe easily with the excess amount of people now scrambling towards the door.

"And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one entering this exam," the girl had overheard Ava and Asami's conversation. She didn't realize for a while as she looked at Ava... Until suddenly, Rin shouted, "Wait, you're the girl who flew over me and splatted into the car!!"
Clearly, she didn't put two-and-two together until now, "What was that about? Nothing bad happened, right? Granted... There was that landing performance." Rin mumbled, uncertain of how to react or respond. It seemed she was hesitant in her thinking before finally, "Point* is--why did you fall onto the floor like that exactly?"

(*Huehuehue... See what I did there?)
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Previously Manu456Alola
Manuel woke up to his second alarm, having ignored the first one a minute ago. After getting up and getting dressed, he rushed out of his house with his backpack, carrying everything he needed for the U.A. entrance exams. His Bits were resting in his backpack, ready to be used in the practical exam. I'll make sure to do good. Can't afford any slip-ups!

Manuel rushed through Hosu City , arriving at the train station and making his way through the crowd. After he got his ticket, he ran inside the train that was about to take off to U.A., from which many people came out at the moment. He ran straight through the exiting passengers, avoiding bumping into everyone, and safely got inside, taking a nearby seat.

OK, next stop: U.A!
"You're all going to U.A too?" Kaito said removing his headphones and squeezing into the conversation. "I thought that were the only 2 that's going to U.A in this train." He smiled. "Let's do our best, shall we?" He happily said.

"Yeah!" Hiroka said, also going in the conversation. "So, what are your names?" Hiroka said exitedly said. The train started moving. Hiroka started to tumble and fall into the floor. "Ouch!" She said looking at the ceiling.


Previously Swirled
After seeing many intrude on the girls' conversation, Itsuko nervously walked over to them and decided to offer his name first.
"Well, my name is Itsuko. Itsuko Matsumoto," The aspiring hero called out, also joining/intruding on the conversation.
This seems kind of rude, I mean I'm literally letting myself in on this conversation.
"Also I will be attending U.A in the near future as well, if anyone cares,"
Ryouko kept glancing over at the group teens, having heard U.A a few times. She fiddled in her place a little, considering to join the conversation, they could be future classmates after all, and knowing other students would probably be nice. When she was about to speak up, she bit her lower lip, what if she made things awkward by simply butting into the conversation? No one was talking to her after all, and she was a few sits away, so maybe she should just stay clear.

After making that decision, she remembered how some classmates from her old school didn't remember her name even by the end of the year. Not wanting that again, she stood up and walked over, sitting closer to the group before speaking, in her normal soft voice.

"I'm...also taking the U.A entrance exam, my name is Ryouko Sasaki." She kept her gaze on the floor, only half-expecting anyone to hear or respond to her.


Previously Swirled
Despite Ryouko's expectations, Itsuko did in fact hear the girl and did have the courage to respond, after all, he felt bad intruding.
"Nice to meet you Ryouko! I'm Itsuko Matsumoto," The aspiring hero introduced himself, extending out his hand for the girl to shake.
Ryouko looked up when she heard Itsuko introduce himself, surprise easily seen on her face for a moment before offered a small, friendly smile and shook his hand.
"Nice to meet you too, Itsuko." After shaking his hand, the girl held her hands together on her lap, looking at them. What am I supposed to say after an introduction? I didn't think about this properly at all. "L-let's try our best out there." Ryouko bit her inner lip as soon as she finished talking, thinking about how obvious her statement was, as far as social abilities for heroes went, she had a long way to go.


Previously Swirled
"I hope you pass Ryouko, I look forward to having you as a classmate," Itsuko replied to the girl, keeping a warm smile on his face and hoping that the train would reach U.A already so he can start taking the exams. He hoped to work with some of those who sat on the train, as one of the quirks might be compatible with his.
Ava jumped up in excitement “really? Me as well!” Ava yelled as a huge grin came onto her face before turning to the other girl who had just asked her a question “ummm... well you see” Ava said trying to think of the least embarrassing way to say this “I was running late and the doors were closing I had to kinda vault my way over a crowd of people” Ava said realising how stupid that sounds out loud before noticing the boy that helped her up earlier and another girl with him “wow! What are the chances we would all meet like this?”
Indeed, what had been the chances? Asami simply wanted to help the girl next to her find an open seat and now it seemed that everyone going to the U.A. had gathered around her area. This caused the shy girl to blush as she tried to mask it under he hoodie but once more her lips betrayed her as she spoke up.

"Y-yeah, seems like m-moths to a flame." Asami said in reference to the aspiring U.A. students all gathered in once place, her voice quiet and meek but spoken with a enough tone to be heard.


Previously Swirled
"Huh, its like we were destined to be on the same train and going to the same destination," Itsuko suggested, seeing as it couldn't be pure coincidence that all remaining passengers on this platform all aspired to be heroes. Of course, it could also mean that the villains had purposely arranged this somehow to gather as many students into one place at once, eliminating potential threats as soon as possible, but of course, all possibilities needed to be considered.
Well, that would suck if that did happen...
Rin shrugged, "It is funny that we met up on the train like this." She noticed the crowd of students were now swarming in the girls' conversation. Oh, the irony, finding a seat to avoid a previously congested train car to now being surrounded by perky students that'll most likely be attending the same class as her.

Funny how the world works.
"Im Kaito Adachi!" Kaito said realizing everyone is introducing themselves. "This is very coincidental that we are on the same train, same destination and same dream! I hope you all pass!" He said with a wide grin.

"Im Hiroka Aki!" Hiroka said exitedly. Hiroka stood up and said "Lets talk about our quirks!" She made a lollipop and changed the size of it. "I manipulate candy!"

"I control the weather." Kaito said happily. Then the announcer said "U.A high school. Next stop, Dagobah municipal beach park"
Then the doors opened. "I guess we'll find out in the exams. Bye!" Kaito ran with hiroka to the gates of U.A High. "This is where we will start our adventure!" Am i right hiroka?

'Woah the quiet person stopped being quiet!' Then hiroka looked at kaito. "Yeah!" Hiroka said.
Rin leaped up from her seat as soon as she heard the announcement. The exit next to her had a swarm of people and students leave through the area in almost a rush. With no patience, Rin spoke, "I guess I'll do the same, I'll see you all at the gate." The girl darted out, wanting to get enough personal space between herself and the realm known as 'social interaction'.

Aside from wanting to get out of the train station quickly, she actually wanted to be one of the first few at the entrance exam. In her mind, she expected a whole bunch of children her age attending the school to be lining up near the school gates and what-not. Rin felt she couldn't really see herself impatiently waiting to begin -- what she presumes to be -- a "rigorous" entrance examination.


Previously Swirled
Itsuko stayed silent about his quirk, for one, it added a sense of mystery to him and the other students, and two, they'd find out soon enough. He exited the bus shortly after Katio, and Rin, hoping to have both as classmates.
Asami soon saw the train as it came to a stop, and like other students ahead of her including that girl Rin who she opened a seat for as she immediately made her way off the bus and moved towards the entrance of the U.A. Asami kept to herself among the other applicants as she pulled a hoodie though by chance remained close towards the area that Itsuko, Katio & Rin had been in.
Ryouko stood up almost as soon as she heard the announcement, new found excitement mixing with nerves that came back. Hanging her bag on her shoulder, she smiled at the other teens, waving her hand. "Let's see each other again at U.A." After that, she exited the train and the platform muttering a lot of "I'm sorry" and "excuse me."

She didn't want to run, since she wanted to avoid getting tired as much as she could. However, she couldn't help her quickening steps as the fact that she was going to U.A settled into her mind. That was the high school her favorite heroes went to in their days! Like the pro-hero Shouto and Shinso! Just that thought was enough to make her want to get there right now, and guessing she would have plenty of time to recover during the written part of the entrance exam if she got tired, Ryouko tied her jacket around her waist and started to run in direction to the most prestigious high school of Japan.
Asami took note of new arrivals to the area as she remained isolated to herself before she decided to, once again, go and be "social" as her father advised her to be. With some tentative footsteps she made her way to the crowd and that girl who she waved a seat for in the train as she was the most familiar face.

"S-so...how do you...t-think you'll do?" Asami asked the girl, Rin, as she tried to make small talk so she could at least tell her father she tried to be more outgoing than per usual. He could never fault her for the effort, she figured, even if it led to nowhere.
"Hey hiroka, im tired. Make giant marsh mallows please?" Kaito said waiting for the others. "I'll eat it afterwards" Kaito said taking his phone out of his pocket.

"Sure!" Hiroka said making two. Hiroka jumped to the very soft marshmallow. "Yay!" She pulled a piece and ate it. "Your idea is a great idea!"

He turned his phone on and sat down on the marshmallow. He browsed the internet and said, "There's alot of artworks of the hero deku, that im drowning in it if it were possible." He looked around and waited. "They're not here yet!" He said with a sigh. "Hey Hiroka, who's your favorite pro hero? Mine's Uravity. I wonder why she called herself that? I know why vity is there but why ura?"

"Hm? Uhm, Bakugou Katsuki. Why?" She said eating a big piece. "Also, the Ura in Uravity's name is a part of her real name. Uraraka."
Not expecting someone from the train to try and converse with her to begin with, Rin was startled by Asami as she heard the question. She stumbled on her words as she pondered over her answer. "I'm not really sure about what will happen or if I even pass the exam, honestly," Rin started with an uneasy tone. "Not beating around the bush, I don't really know how I'll do." The girl was mumbling for a bit in silence - a habit she just seemed to have.
"Aside from that," Rin responded, "Do you think you'll be fine during the exam?"