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The MHA/BNHA Discussion Thread! SPOILERS!

Behind Pokemon, I think the most popular franchise on this website is Boku no Hero Academia, also known as My Hero Academia. So, I think it would be a cool idea if there was a thread to discuss literally anything to do with the series.

o Discussion of Two Heroes is welcome.
o Discussion about any leaks would be preferred under spoilers.
o Discussion of the actual series is welcome.


I guess I need to start the topic.
Does anyone wish someone like Ojiro or Koda got more depth and inclusion in the series?
Well, Sato and Koda are no doubt about it: the least viewed/cared for students in Class 1-A. While they both had their moments one or two times, that was it, just once or twice. But I do think theirs hope for Koda, but for Sato, I'm not sure. Koda's quirk is amazing under the right circumstances, but Sato's quirk is really bottom of the barrel.
Or what if Sero could get the ability of using different tapes?!
That would be cool. I think Trigger could do that... possibly. I don't understand it too much but I get the basics of how it can improve a quirk. It might just cause Sero to use stronger/longer tape.
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In the manga, theirs a drug that can power up quirks tenfold, so what if, and I'm not saying Sero would willingly take the drug, but if Sero was to take in the drug, do you think he'd be able to produce more tape, shoot it out faster, or make stronger tape, not Duct Tape, but Flex Tape.


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Manga Spoilers though bro. But, I got a manga spoiler unless you read it already:
I'm legit convinced that Kuroiro is one of my favorite characters now, but it's no surprise since I love Class 1-B way more than A. Kuroiro or "Vanta-Black" as I will be calling him is very tactical. He went into Dark Shadow and used the shadow to hit Tokoyami. He is basically a god in complete darkness. Vanta-black even was stopped when Aoyama shined his light but was still hopping around on the black mushrooms. Since Dark Shadow is pitch black (actually he is, but appears purple) Tokoyami was unable to use dark shadow since Kuroiro could just control of his beast. Thas why he da man.


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What trigger would possibly do to most of the students:
Midoriya: More durability to "One For All" and increased strength even further.
Bakugo: More devasting explosions and quicker to fire off.
Todoroki: Harder and colder ice and hotter fire.
Sero: More durable, sticikier, and longer tape.
Koda: Better control over animals (complicated commands).
Sota: Durability to a sugar rush and ore strength when consuming the sugar.
Kamanari: Stronger electricity and longer discharge time.
Mineta: Stickier, more durable balls, and resistant to scalp bleeding a bit more.
Kirishima: Harder skin when his quirk is activated and more durable.
Tokoyami: Stronger 'Dark Shadow' who can stand light a bit more and can travel longer.
Aoyama: Longer firing time and stronger navel laser.
Iida: Stronger engine and longer run time.
Ojiro: Stronger tail and extended tail.
Shoji: More duplicates and stronger duplicates.
Momo: Longer create, larger create, and quicker create.
Jiro: Stronger ear jacks, more increased hearing, and more devastating sound attacks.
Uraraka: Durable to nausea and the ability to float multiple things at once.
Tsu: Longer and stronger tongue, stronger acid, and longer leaps.
Hagakure: More invisible? (?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?)
Mina: Stronger and slippery acid.
Shinso: Complicated commands.
Shuroiro: Complete over dark things and stealthier movement.
Tsuburaba: Larger lung capacity and harder solid air.
Shishida: Stronger beast and increased senses (more, quicker transform).
Tetsu Tetsu: Harder steel.
Shihai just gave Tokoyami ANOTHER thing to worry about. It's bad enough that Dark Shadow is weaker in the light, and he can't control Dark Shadow in complete darkness, but now he needs to worry about Quirks that can posses Dark Shadow. I think it's safe to say that Tokoyami has the biggest weaknesses in the show at this point.

Not to mention in that same chapter, Tokoyami and Yaoyorozu got beaten up really badly. Hagakure and Aoyama weren't even as badly damaged as those two, not to mention both Tokoyami and Yaoyorozu were the biggest helps to their team, but they were just in a big disadvantage. Yaoyorozu had actually got really beat up by Big Fist and Tokoyami had his lungs taken out by Mushroom Girl. But Tokoyami did manage to hold his own against Shihai and Mushroom girl for awhile anyways, and Hagakure might've been able to take out Comic Guy if Big Fist didn't come along. Sorry that I'm ranting on, I'll stop.

  1. Aoyama - I agree with the stronger navel laser, and longer fire time, not to mention bigger beam.
  2. Ashido - More corrosive acid, and making it more slippery are probably best course of action too, but also make it so Ashido can shoot out a lot more, a lot faster.
  3. Asui - Stronger tongue, and longer, more powerful leaps are perfect.
  4. Iida - Stronger engine and run time are also perfect, counted we take the timer from Reciprocal Burst and make it a lot longer.
  5. Uraraka - She already has the ability to make multiple things float, but maybe give her the power to make large masses float with ease and durable to nausea, and that's great.
  6. Ojiro - I think the Trigger Effect wouldn't effect his quirk. I think it'd be a regular steroid, make Ojiro stronger and durable.
  7. Kaminari - Making him able to conduct and release more electricity without repercussion sounds great.
  8. Kirishima - Think his super move, but all the time essentially.
  9. Koda - Make Koda actually a bit stronger, and the power to make complicated commands sounds great.
  10. Sato - Make him last longer with his quirk, and it's done deal.
  11. Shoji - Make dupli-arms much more versatile, and able to regenerate way faster.
  12. Jirou - Make her heartbeat increase drastically, causing for much powerful bursts of sound.
  13. Sero - Flex Tape from Phil Swift will get the job done.
  14. Tokoyami - Stronger Dark Shadow is perfect, and tolerance to light and such is great.
  15. Todoroki - Stronger Ice, and more Firepower, essentially what you just said.
  16. Hagakure - Probably like Ojiro, just make it regular steroid, and make her stronger.
  18. Midoriya - Durability to one for all is great, and I was even thinking making One For All go past 100%
  19. Mineta - Sticker Balls and less bleeding, like you said.
  20. Yaoyorozu - Make her creations come out faster at the cost of lesser body fats.
  • Shinso - Basically the same as Koda
  • Tetsutetsu - Harder Steel and more resistance.
  • Kendo - Even bigger fists without it being harder on Kendo
  • Monoma - Able to use copied quirks simultaneously.
Speaking of the Calvary Battle, and the sports festival, do you think things would be different now? Sure: Deku can control 8% of One For All freely now, but Todoroki wouldn't be prone to not use his fire attacks.


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I'll just say it...I think at this point the sports festival taking place now it might be a Class B paradise with a couple of Class A stuents making it in the final round.
It's just cause Class 1-A has plot armor really. But say they skipped the calvary battle? Or the first part, and only fought the 3rd rounds, then alot of Class 1-A kids would be decimated, seeing as not alot of their quirks are *acceptional.* Like Hagakure, she's invisible, but she's forced to wear that jumpsuit.
@J-DAWG she'd be disqualified anyways.
She would have a black tongue, be much more aggressive, which if the heroes knew was due to use of an illegal drug, then she would be probably expelled along with legal trouble
I don't know about you about but I wanna see more yuga aoyama. Who wouldn't wanna see more of this?

(If you say no your probably a liar or have no soul)