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Ask to Join Fairy Tail :||: To The Sky!

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It was a stunningly beautiful, shiny day in Magnolia City, as per usual. Colonies of birds were out chasing each other midair basking in the sunlight while little children of Shopkeepers ran about in the streets of the busy city. Nothing was out of the ordinary, as spring always brought about more activity within the city as flowers and the rest of nature bloomed and attracted tourists and wizards alike that were searching for work. Today, it seemed like everyone took part in leaving their homes and took advantage of the nice day - the markets and bazaar's were all busy, the parks were full of picnickers, and the local Wizard Guilds were buzzing. Today seemed to be a day where everyone was out and about.

A young, midnight haired teen roamed down the streets of the Magnolia Marketplace himself, examining the booths. Shouta gazed upon the open tables with any type of goods imaginable on display. His keys jingled on the pouch attached to his side as he began to move at quicker paces, trying to avoid certain Shopkeepers that were attempting to haggle their useless items as if their lives depended on it - the celestial wizard had no intention on buying souvenirs, but he did have something specific in mind. He looked on within the market for what seemed like ages, until he finally came across a tent with finery decorated around a large table and standing plank. Chained to these pieces of wood were a variety of knives, staves... and a certain item that caught Shouta's attention.

"May I ask what this is?" The teenager spoke to the man in watch of the shop, gesturing to a dark purple handle that seemed to have a rounded tip with a white crystal inside.

"Ah, well that ther' my boy, is a Lacrima Lash!" The older man said proudly. "Designed it ma-self! That lil gem inside activates light magic that shoots forth out of the rod. It can deal a gooood lashin' and is useful fer' long range attacks! Gotta be used with restriction, though, since that there lacrima can be drained fairly easy."

It was.... perfect. Shouta grinned like a fool while tears almost welled in his ocean eyes as he looked on at the weapon in all of its glory. Due to utilizing a summoning, holder type magic, his body was pretty weak when it came to combat, so having something like that would be perfect. He scourged for the jewel that he had saved up.

"That's amazing, sir! I have to have it! How much!?" Shouta asked.

"70,000 Jewel kiddo!" The Shopkeeper replied, flashing a thumbs up.

Shouta was dumbfounded, but he couldn't be too surprised. In actuality, that was actually a reasonable price for a magical item, let alone weapon - and thankfully the last job he had went on had gotten him just to the point of being able to afford it. The young wizard gathered the necessary amount of money as the Shopkeeper unchained the dormant whip, and both began to exchange items.

However, just as if it were a cruel comedy movie, a flash of flames shot in between the Shopkeeper and Shouta, causing the two to stumble to the ground in shock. In an instant, three male figures dressed in all black (in which the flames seemed to come from) rushed closer and quickly gripped both the Lacrima Lash and all of Shouta's Jewel.

"Ahaha, THANKS! We've been waiting for this bald bucko to leave some of his items exposed all day!" One of the bandits said, right before they began dashing off down the street.

Shouta leaped back up to his feet, coughing and brushing the excess dirt off of his white jacket. He looked on as the bandits began to flee, and was pissed.

"W-WHAT??!! Thieves in broad daylight? It took me two weeks to get that much jewel, theres no way its slipping out of my hands like that! Somebody stop them!!" The boy whined, rushing down the road after the bandits.

There had to be someone around who could aid him in retrieving the stolen items back.
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Drake Dragoneye was walking with Izumi Fitzgerald when two bandits flew by with a ton of jewel's worth of stolen stuff, and a boy who seemed to be the owner of said stolen goods. Izumi dropped a giant shield in front of the Bandits in an attempt to stop them. Drake stood in their path to make sure of it.

"I'm warning you, I suggest you stop what you're doing and come quietly, or face what was the strongest team of Snake Horn." Drake warned.

Izumi held the shield ready to knock one out.

"Drake, be rational, we're in the town of Magnolia, the home of Fairy Tail." Izumi responded, "Besides, it wouldn't be a good idea to show your magic."
"Sorry, kid. It's bad for business, you buy in such bulk that I'm out of stock as soon as I get new items. And gold 'aint as easy to come by as it seems." A older man, with a wrinkled face and thick eyebrows sighed as he looked up at the teenage boy. "I have a few recommendations, but I'm afraid you're gonna have to find a new seller." the man added as he avoided eye contact with the broken hearted boy. Theodore's large, round eyes reflected his dismay as he nodded his head sadly.
"Yes, sir. Can't be helped." Theo sighed, though it was to be expected. He never really had enough money to make the purchases he did, but he always helped the shopkeeper out to make up for it. It's not like he took the many gold chains and weapons to resell or anything, he just... ate them. Which of course, wasn't exactly a productive use of his jewel, either, but the only way he could get his hands on gold was to buy it- and nothing filled him like the shiny metal did. "Well." Theo clapped his hands together in a gesture that proved he had quickly gotten over the let down, "If you ever need any help, please let me know. You don't have to pay or anything! Thanks for all your help!" Theodore smiled as he waved back at the old man and continued down the path of the heavily populated magnolia market place. While it was a bummer, it would take more than that to put a damper on Theo's spirit, especially on such a wonderful day. Theodore sighed as he pulled his satchel around to his chest and dug through it for a minute. Well, he had hoped to have more than 17 jewel... guess it was time for another mission. The boy sighed before smiling up at the bright sun, maybe he could take on a big mission with a couple of guild mates and split the reward- that was always more fun that doing the mundane missions by himself. As Theo began to wander deep into his thoughts, a rough shove at the shoulders caused the boy to nearly fall on his face. Theo stumbled forward before furrowing his brows in confusion at the two figures that ran away without even looking back to apologize. Bandits? The young man stood on his tiptoes to see over the crowd, it seemed the bandits were stopped by some kind of magic, before another figure raced past him. Shouta?

"Ew, no. I'm not touching those." Celina scrunched her nose in disgust and turned her back on her desperate costumer.
"But, please. They won't budge. I- You said you were a wizard, so I assumed that you could move them." the man began as he stroke his long beard nervously, he was a young man but rather round, in farming overalls and a confused expression. Celina groaned in response as she looked at the large pigs. GIANT PIGS- definitely bigger than any boar ever should be. Celina had expected a slightly cleaner mission when she took the job to, as the flyer said, 'Move heavy objects into moving vehicle" The girl let out a loud huff as the man began rambling again, insulting her without even realizing it.
"Fine!" the girl gave up as she flung her arms into the air in an exasperated expression, "I've just got to get them in the truck, right?" Celina asked for confirmation as she pointed a thumb at an open trailer. When the farmer gave an affirmative nod, Celina rubbed the bridge of her nose before she pointed to the sky, "Glass Make; Whistle." the girl called out as she opened the palm of her hand and a small, transparent whistle materialized in her hand. The girl pulled open the gate closest to the trailer before smiling triumphantly, "Nothing that a little spook can't handle." Celina smiled before she delicately pressed the whistle against her lips and blew a strong gust of air, creating a shrill sound which the hogs sure enough reacted to. But rather than rushing into the trailer, the pigs made their own escape by bursting through the fence and rushing towards the town. The girl muttered a curse under her breath before smiling, "All under control." she said through gritted teeth before racing after the boars. "Mirror Magic; Barrier!" Celina called out as a large mirror appeared in front of the hogs, who easily swerved around it causing the girl to growl in frustration. As much as she hated to admit it- she wasn't going to be able to catch these beasts on her own.


Despite the bustling city below, everything was perfectly quiet at the highest point of the guild hall, where Eliza had perched in order to get a better view of the city. The girl blinked slowly and shifted the slightest bit in order to maintain balance on the small roof-top surface. The girl closed her eyes for a moment and allowed the breeze to rush into her hooded face as the black cloak waved in the wind, all around her the young female could see what was happening, which was why she had claimed the roof-top perch as her favorite sitting spot. She could learn about the city and all the people in it without having to move a muscle, and that what she did. So far, she had sat near perfectly still for almost two hours as her dark gaze flicked from booth to booth and person to person. Each face she saw, she memorized- even recognizing a few members of her guild. of course, she had only joined the guild earlier that week and she hadn't gone out of her way to get acquainted. But she could tell them apart from the others based off of how the looked and acted, and some of them had a scarily large magical aura surrounding them. Eliza looked to her right where the mountains stood, a place she hadn't ventured through at all. Her teleportation magic gave her the ability to go just about anywhere without having to go through the trouble of hiking or wandering.
The girl was taught to sit and watch, observe her opponent and wait until the moment to strike. It was quick, clean, and simple. She never got the point of adventuring and exploring- through she could tell that some of her guild mates were big on that stuff. Despite being one big team, the guild was offly separate- some not everyone was ever there all at once- and yet, the few who came by acted like they hadn't missed anything at all. It was unusual, of course, but not in any way a bad thing. Nor a good thing, either really.


Previously Sarah316
On the outskirts of Magnolia Village, Noel had been seen on the main path as it seemed she had been returning from some sort of errand elsewhere. What errand? In this case she had just completed a mission and and now she had her reward jewels in a handbag secured around her body. Ever since she had joined the guild Noel had made it a point to take on as many missions as she could ever eager to prove her capabilities while also having had chance to expand her personal income. Though she preferred solo missions, which had meant she wasn't as acquainted with members of the guild as one might have expected. Not that they were strangers, just she preferred to keep to herself which may have been in the spirit of what a Guild was but so long as everyone had done their job each day she figured there had been nothing wrong with it.

Noel took a moment to double check her supplies, perhaps a trip to the market once she reported back to the Guild would have been the wise move. Either way the young albino mage made her way down to the entrance of Magnolia Town. But as she walked, the cries of a voice she swore she was familiar with cried out for thieves and for someone to stop them. A robbery? In broad daylight? With a known mage guild based here? This seemed tactical questionable, but she decided to investigate all the same as she advanced and saw the bandits confronted by some figures. Some quite familiar to her which caused Noel to sigh as she advanced to the scene.

"So I leave town for a couple days and you've already been mugged? I am disappointed Shouta. But as for you three, I would advise returning the stolen items now if you want to avoid the consequences." Noel said, as she flickered her powerful aura as if she offered a warning to the trio though had been ready to fight if need be.
"Come one come all! Don't be shy a luck of the dice and rich prizes are all yours!"

Guzan had already taken a liking to this new place. He had heard some wonderful things about the place known as Magnolia in his travels and so far the vast city had not disappointed him. The city was vast, with a diverse collection of locals and visitors and there seemed to be a little of everything to see and do here.

And with such open space an populace to work with, that created opportunity for the nomadic mage.

As he had set up "shop" at the edge of the city, Guzan sat crossed leg on the side of the road as he had displayed on a mat before him three plastic cups and what seemed to be a pair of dice in his hand. He also had an old straw hat on the opposite side that was flipped over as if it had been some sort of "collection" item. And he had made some good use of it, as the moment he arrived in the city and scouted the place out he took opportunity to set up his little road side gambling challenge. Simple enough to follow, anyone who had interest would have to pick which cup had the dice in it once they had been flipped over and if they spotted the dice they'd win what he'd wager in it but if they failed he'd get that total from the would be challenger. A simple game that mixed hand-eye coordination, memory and a dash of luck to boot that was all too inviting given Guzan's bold promises and natural enthusiasm for it.

Course, it probably helped to fuel said enthusiasm that he had secretly used just a touch of Earth magic to hide the dice under a covered little hole once he covered it with the cup so in case the right one happened to be picked the dice would not have been there so he'd have a sure win every time. Underhanded? Perhaps, but with no roof over his own head Guzan felt he needed to do what he had to to make buck and besides a fair number of them guessed the wrong cup anyway.

At the moment, he had just one a bet for a hefty jewel price as a young man with black hair groaned in frustration before he slapped his hands on the mat. "Bah double or nothing!" He cried out and with a friendly but secretly smug smirk he decided to go further and an all or nothing. Once more, the bets were placed. The dice was placed under the cups and he began to shuffle them around. Once he stopped, but before he told him to begin he prepared to subtly tap his heel to sink the dice when...

Rumble rumble rumble!

As he worked to tap the heel, suddenly rumbling had been heard which caused him to lose focus as all eyes were alarmed by what seemed like a miniature earthquake. Guzan was a relative notice with Earth Magic, had he tapped too hard? No as eyes turned to the source they saw some smoke in the distance and what seemed to be an army of giant boar that headed to the town at an alarming speed. One so much so that it dashed ahead of the pack after some object in the distance diverted their path and sent him right to where Guzan had sat.

Damn it!

With a surge of air, he jumped high overhead as the wild boar rammed right through his mat; breaking his straw hat as his various won jewels were knocked all over the place much to Guzan's horror.

"H-how dare you! Get back here!" Guzan cursed out, as his right hand began to shine with a magic crest while he made a "flick" motion with his fingers. "Frantic Firecracker!"

Guzan launched a small fireball ahead of him that landed in front of the wild boar, as it exploded in a vibrant spark of flames which startled it as it ran back to the heard and he fired a pair more to startle the herd as he tried to keep them back though he noticed a figure approaching after them as he had moved to the border of the city.

"Are these yours by any chance!?"
"I can tell you're a slayer," Drake noted, "Izumi and I were trying to stop them."

"You," Izumi taunted from behind the shield, towards the robbers, "Are Idiots, attacking in broad daylight, in the presence of multiple slayers"

Drake started cackling, his aura giving away his Devil Slayer abilities. He was not in the mood, especially with the Robbers and this unknown slayer.

"Also, We're looking for Fairy Tail, we were told to go there by S class mage Lance Lancaster of Snake Horn, two years ago." Drake asked the slayer, "I won't reveal anything else, let's get back to taking down these robbers, Storm Devil's Claws!"

Drake leapt at one of the bandits with lightning encased hands.
"Oh, thank goodness!" Shouta called as he finally caught up to the scene, noticing the two robbers standing at a stalemate in between the group of wizards and a giant shield. He was hoping not to have to go through the hassle of using magic in order to solve the scenario.

The three figures dressed in black masks had attracted way more attention than they thought... way too much. And to make it better, the majority of them were guild wizards. They stood back to back mumbling under their breath analyzing the situation, holding the jewel and stolen lacrima whip close by. The Shopkeeper came up behind the crowd of people as well, shouting southern styled curses at the bandits.

Shouta was extremely relieved seeing Noel arrive on the scene, although also extremely embarrassed. The God Slayer was a bit newer to fairy tail, but realistically feeling he only upped her in seniority by 3 months himself. Shouta hadn't gotten to close with Noel yet but he was definitely aware of her power, as he and every other member of the guild would be able to sense her presence upon her arrival, albeit her spending a good amount of time out on jobs. A comical sweat dripped down Shouta's forehead as he heard her remarks, but didn't have much time to respond as he turned and noticed two new strange faces, who seemed to be the ones who actually stopped the thieves in their tracks.

Just as he was about to thank the two, one of them suddenly emitted a noticeable of magic aura, while leaping forwards with type of magic Shouta had never seen before, but picked up on the key word 'devil'. His eyes went wide as the display of a legion of lightning sprung to life around the boy's hands.

The bandits chuckled as one of them clasped his palms together, quickly resulting in them vanishing in thin air, smoke emitting from the location in which they were standing. Panicking, Shouta looked around in every direction, until he whipped his head forwards once more, noticing two of the bandits coming down from mid air behind Drake and Izumi.

"Watch out!" He called.

"Grrrah!" They yelled in unison, sending multiple fire balls down towards the two. The last remaining bandit, who gripped on to the stolen items and money, was seen crouching and spectating from a nearby building - apparently his teleportation type magic not being able to cover as much distance as it seemed.
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At last, she was in Magnolia! Aria looked around with marvel in her eyes, this was the city where the famous guild Fairy Tail resided after all. Gazing her eyes out, her trance got broken by a squeal. Scratch that, multiple squeals that were getting louder and louder. Confused, the girl looked around and saw a herd of boars run towards her. "Ah!" Letting out a scream of fear and surprise, she crossed her arms as multiple shadows rose from the ground and formed a protective dome around her. The dome held or the boars just avoided it, but Aria got out of the stampede without any injuries. Letting the dome disappear, she looked at the stampede with both shock and confusion in her eyes.

"Who let those boars free?" Not expecting an answer, she gave chase to the animals. Surely she could do something to get those boars back to their owner, right?
Theo smiled softly as a few more wizards arrived at the scene. The boy was still hidden in the crowd, which was growing larger to watch the scene. Theodore watched the bandit's suddenly disappear, he was surprised they didn't just give up at that point. Both mages teleported, but one went for an offensive maneuver. When the fireballs came raining down, Theo looked about excitedly. "Whoops-" the boy muttered as a couple of bystanders who were two close froze up as a flaming balls were shot in their direction. "Diamond Dragon Scales!" Theo called out as his body became encased in a thin layer of shiny diamonds, he then jumped up and kicked on fire ball mid-air before punching the other two which dispersed into air. Once done, the protective layer melted away and Theo looked up with a smile, "Maybe you guys should head home, this could get dangerous." Theodore nodded cheerily as the civilians slowly dispersed under his guidance. He was never fond of combat anyways, so he figured he could help out by giving his guild mates some more room.

Celina could be seen riding a hovering piece of glass as she sped towards the boars, who had reached the city a lot closer than she had hoped they would. Suddenly, one boar came racing back towards her, causing the girl to glare at a young man who was yelling at her. Yelling at her! Celina scowled- how rude. "Calm down! I'm a fairytail wizard! I can handle this by myself." Celina called out with a growl assuming he was simply some citizens scared out of their mind. But when the girl's eye narrowed she realized the stranger was charging up an attack- so he wasn't just being a jerk. He was actually helping. The girl sighed, god she hated getting help. "Can you keep them back for a bit?" Celina asked before disappearing without a response. The girl found the trailer back in the woods before yelling "Mirror Tunnel!" with that she pointed and a two parallel walls of mirrors grew from the ground. She planned to corral the boars into the trailer through her tunnel. As she raced back towards the city, the thin tunnel followed her. When Celina got back, there was yet another wizard on the scene. Although these two were strangers, and it hurt Celina to have to stoop to such lowliness as accept help from them, she knew she'd be in a lot worse trouble if the boars actually rampaged through the city. The dropped the the floor and ran towards the boars, she looked back at the fire-wielding male "If you help me herd those things back through my tunnel, I'll give you some of the reward money." she said through panting. She had the tunnel ready, but the boars had already split up across the city- she was screwed.

Eliza tipped her head as the bandit scene exploded suddenly. It would be a fight- this would be a good opportunity to observe the newcomers. They were strong, and unique- though Eliza had yet to figure out why. The girl teleported to the ground before shifting appearances completely- it was a force of habit. Eliza now had the appearance of an elderly woman, with short white hair and a sweet face- the girl slowly made her way towards the scene where some guild member had gathered with the strangers. Eliza was taken by surprise when Theo touched her shoulder and instructed her to head inside- should she tell him who she was? The girl just nodded silently before walking towards the closest building- a cafe- and entering. She could still watch from the window.
As Guzan worked to try and scare the boars so they'd avoid plowing him over, he heard the voice of the girl who seemed to be with the pig party as she requested his aid after she announced she was a mage of Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail huh? Guzan figured he'd possible bump into one of them here but to see a mage of that famous guild in person.

Course, the fact that she seemed unable to rope in giant boar knocked a point down from possible expectations. Still, with the promise of reward for aid he avoided making a tease as he had a large grin on his face.

"Why of course, it is only natural to lend a hand if one needs it." Guzan said with a believable display of humility as with this new reward in mind he moved to the front of the boars as he adopted a simple tactic. He would extend both palms out as he fired a small stream of fire as he created a "hot spot" as he hoped to scare the boars back the opposite way of the village. And in a display of his multi-element magic he used some wind to fuel the flames from his breath to make them bigger and he hoped more imposing to the boar.

He could already taste those jewels, and the street cred of aiding a mage from the top guild in the land would get him far. As he presumed this to be a simple matter though he had noted the shadow girl present with them.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
"Goddamit," a burly man yelled across the table. "How is she winning everything!" The man was as red as a tomato, call him Santa Claus if you wanted to. Ikumi was at the other end of the table, smugly collecting all the jewels she had won from gambling. "I guess I'm just that good," Ikumi exclaimed, sliding the jewels she had earned through gambling into a decently sized satchel. At this point, Ikumi had enough jewels to pay off 3 months worth of rent. It's not like she's winning on purpose, she just gets lucky as she always says.

"Another round," Ikumi asked cheekily making the man look more red from anger than before. "I can't! You made me go all broke girly," Mister Santa Clause has risen up from his barrel seat. "How am I supposed garner customers now if you took all my money?" Ikumi could only shrug and began walking away for the stall, "That sounds like a 'you' problem rather than a 'me' problem." Ikumi didn't turn back, but she could hear the man knocking over stuff out of anger and began chasing her down. Ikumi swiftly kicked him at where it hurts most before continuing on her way.

As Fairy Tail mage, about a year or two, things have been going quite smoothly for her. Rent hasn't been ever an issue as she missions were decent enough to bring rent home, but gambling is where it's at for Ikumi. People been telling her to stop gambling for the longest time, but has gambling ever failed her since she was always winning? Sure Ikumi loses occasionally, but she always win back doubled the amount eventually.

The gambler made her way along the market place, her jewels having been stored safely in her spatial closet, like the ones Requip mages have. She intended on buying some groceries, until she saw a hoard of boars stampeding on the street over, some people chasing after it. One face caught her attention though, as she was an older member of Fairy Tail compared to Ikumi. "Celina," Ikumi called out starting to chase after the mage instead of the boar stampede.

Making her way onto the roof of the closest building, the gambler gave chase towards the Glass-Make wizard. "What did you do this time you old hag," Ikumi asked as she was able to catch up with the mage who help onto a portal which led to somewhere Ikumi didn't care much. "Quite a mess you got yourself in," Ikumi commented from the roof, watching the boars making a mess.


Previously Sarah316
Noel felt a slight surprise when one of the other mages at the scene displayed an Aura that seemed to rival her own. One that seemed polar opposite of her more "divine" radiance she released but had the same level of pressure from him as he revealed himself to be a Slayer as well. A Devil Slayer which caused Noel's eyes to widen as she had not expected to see one of those in person though she shook her head as he launched an initial attack as she quickly had to shift to process the situation.

Noel noticed the bandit get behind the Devil Slayer, but between his ally and Shouta she figured or presumed he had help if needed. Besides, part of her wanted to see what he could do as she scanned the area her eyes tracing to the faint figure in the building distant from them. While Dragon Slayers had superior "senses" God Slayers had greater perception as far as magical or energy trace as she seemed to tie that figure into one of the ones she sensed from the bandits. Had one somehow gotten there and attempted to flee? Well regardless of plan Noel had no intention to let this member get away so easily as she formed a plan to get to them.

Noel walked over and grabbed a sturdy shovel as she held it close to her before she took a deep breath. "Ice God's Breath!" Noel called out as soon the shovel was coated with black ice and she took aim for the building the bandit had fled to as she tossed it with as much force as she could before she jumped after as she aimed to land on top of it and "ride" the shovel to the building as it slammed next to the bandit before she jumped to confront him.

"Ice God's Fist!" She called out as Noel went for a punch to the figure.
Izumi whipped the shield around, allowing for the fireballs to hit the shield instead, but it was intercepted by the other slayer.

"Drake, on the building," Izumi pointed to the other robber, "I'll handle this one, get that one!"

Drake turned over to the building, and ran for it, climbing the building towards the robber, and when he got there, the lightning danced around even more.

"Drop the stuff, and you can leave unscathed, otherwise, I'll return it myself." Drake warned.
Celina narrowed her eyes at the strange mage- though she had no time to argue with him. "Yeah whatever." the girl muttered before turning away from him and cursing under her breath. Celina grumbled to herself as she tried to think of a more effective way to round up the boars. Celina chewed her lip as she ran until suddenly a yell broke through her thoughts, the girl looked up to see who called her name and she instantly scowled at seeing Ikumi. "Wow. Thanks for the insight." Celina scoffed sarcastically as she made several orbs that hovered above her head. "Just shut up and help me. I'll give you some of the award money." Celina fell back on the whole sharing the reward idea- it was the only way she could get the hands she needed. Although, the reward wasn't much to begin with. When a couple of boar ran towards the building the pair was perched on, Celina shot a few of the glass orbs in it's direction- scaring the beast into turning directions and running back towards where it came from. Celina suddenly wished that she had counted the pigs before she had started.

Theo heard the bandit in the building, but it seemed that Noel had also noticed the distant figure. The boy shielded his eyes from the sun and whistled as Noel flew towards the building, "Poor lad." Theo sighed with a smile. No doubt that Noel would make quick work of that one. It appeared that the strange male followed Noel- he must've not been aware she was already there. Theo tipped his head to the side, and watched the two bandits who were still nearby, it didn't appear that they needed his help- however. In fact, judging by those fireballs these bandits weren't very strong at all. Theo let out a satisfied huff as he spun on his heels before he paused suddenly, it felt like the ground was vibration. What might've been hardly noticeable to some, Theo easily picked up on due to his dragon slayer sensitivity. "What's going on?" the boy wondered out loud as he looked off into the distance.

Eliza shifted back to her original appearance before pulling her hood over her head and blinking. As Eliza exited the cafe, she closed the door behind her. The cloaked figure moved swiftly through the street, when a large creature hurdled towards the girl she narrowed her eyes. Eliza easily evaded the boar, which didn't even seem to notice her. The girl whispered something under her breath and her body split into two, the thought projection was no more than a hologram- it was intangible and useless, except when it came to gathering intel. It was her most powerful tool for spying. The thought projection nodded before teleporting onto a roof where she perched to watch the bandit scene, while Eliza's physical body continued running through the streets to find the source of the chaos.
Shouta simply watched as Noel and one of the new wizards, in whom the girl he was with referred to as "Drake", made haste for a nearby building. On the ground, the the two remaining bandits both seemed to dabble in weak fire magic, as it took both of them to send a steady stream of flames towards Izumi.

The bandit who was perched on the roof smuggly spectated as his two partners attempted to combat the group of opposing guild wizards. Although this situation was a huge pain, the bandit was convinced his magic had fooled the teenagers, and that he was safely out of view. He was wrong. He soon noticed as not one, but two of them effortlessly scaled the monument and were face-to-face with him. His eyes weren't visible under his hood, but they sure were widened in shock. Being the "escape car" of the three criminals, there was no way he could fend off two people who radiated so much power.

He frantically began to prepare another vanishing spell, but was interrupted as he was directly sucker-punched, receiving a face full of dark searing ice. He yelped, flying backwards with a huge momentum - the lacrima handle and clump of jewel sporadically launching from his grasp and into the air - over the side of the building.

Shouta comically seemed to jump out of his own skin.

"Oh no way!!! It'll shatter!" He called, fearing the precious lacrima inside the handle would crack upon its contact with the street after falling from that height. Quickly, the cyan-eyed Mage plucked one of the golden keys that were in the leather pouch clipped to his waist. He whisked the key in circular motions before him. "Gate of the White Lamb, Open! Aries!" He shrieked, resulting in the flash of a golden magic circle, followed with dazzling light. Suddenly, an attractive, shy young woman with pink hair and small curled horns appeared, blushing immensely. She attempted to slowly speak, tugging at her fluffy cotton skirt while looking at the ground.

"H-hello sir.... I'm... I'm sorry I took so lo-"

Shouta quickly cut her off as he tapped her shoulder rapidly, pointing to the items descending from midair.

"QUI-QUICK!! USE YOUR WOOL CUSHION, I JUST BOUGHT THAT THING PLEASE SAVE IT!" He cried, bouncing up and down in a childlike fashion.

Immediately, the timid Celestial Spirit shut her eyes tight and threw her arms outwards - a giant wave of pink fluffy wool blasting out in the direction of the building. Just barely in time, the lacrima handle and jewels had landed safely on the plump cotton mattress that had been formed. Shouta was relieved, sinking to his knees.

"Oof... thanks so much, Aries." The black haired teen spoke, gently patting the zodiac spirit's leg from his feeble position on the ground.

"G-Glad I could help... I should... probably go now..." Aries replied in a quiet tone with an extremely shy smile, before fizzling away into thin air.

Shouta finally composed himself, running over to the pile of pink cotton, quickly retrieving his item. He brought the money back to the Shopkeeper who was remaining in the distance. The middle-aged man thanked him.

"Are yer' sure you don't want me to call any authorities?"

"Oh, nah, it okay!" Shouta replied as he turned his head, noticing how outmatched the bandits were. "I have a feeling things will be settled very soon." He chuckled.
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Aria overheard the conversation with a girl using some kind of Glass magic and a boy with Fire magic and walked over towards the girl. "Are you getting those boars back to their owner? I can help! It is too dangerous to let them walk around like this. I can close off streets and get them together, perhaps I can be of use to you." To give her statement that extra bit of 'oomph', the girl made a wall of tightly knit shadows rise from the ground. "What do you say? And don't worry about any payment, I am doing this for everyone's safety."


Previously Sarah316
Noel managed to land a clean shot before the bandit as he had been sent flying and slammed along the roof with moment, the dark ice around her fist faded as she seemed pleased with the turn of events though as she hit him an item flew from his person over the side of the building as she heard Shouta's distinct scream as she presumed it was the item he had stolen from him. Which caused her to internally sheepishly worry she may have been a bit too eager to let the fist fly though thankfully it seemed Shouta was on top of it and one of his spirits lent a hand to protect the item.

Noel found relief, though her attention shifted back to the bandit as she moved but decided not to strike. For she had noticed yet another figure who scaled the building seemingly as easily as she had and had now grown curious over what they could do so she decided to observed the scene as if to give the other mage an opening for a follow up. If need be she'd jump in to finish the bandit but she had a feeling he could deliver a mean strike of his own and had been too curious.
"Storm Devil's Spinning Tail!" Drake yelled.

Drake went for the kick to the face as the lightning danced to his leg, at that moment his eyes suddenly turned red, adding more power into his attack.


Izumi then went for a Shield Bash towards the two on the ground.

"Requip: Spike Shield." Izumi whispered.

Izumi's shield switched to a deep purple shield with spikes on the front. The requip mage prepared for impact.
After settling everything with the Shopkeeper. he told him that everything was under control. Getting any local Rune Knights involved in the matter would seriously only make everything way more complicated. Shouta only hoped none of the other civilians took the liberty to run off to them as well - however he doubted it, due to the guild's reputation within Magnolia being solid enough for the locals to trust them.

"Don't worry, sir! The proud members of Fairy Tail definitely have this under control!" The midnight haired boy assured, flashing a smile and a thumbs up.

He turned his attention back to the action, and couldn't help but notice Theo in the mix as well, tending to crowd control and guarding civilians from crossfire. This was working out perfectly. Shouta knew that although much younger than several people within Fairy Tail, he had practically been there the longest, and could definitely hold his own against opponents with that unique slayer magic of his.

"Theo!" Shouta enthusiastically called, making his way towards the boy. "Its so good to see you. I feel pretty bad about everything blowing out of proportion like this, if I wouldn't have such butter fingers this wouldn't be happening... although it looks like we have everything's being handled." He noted, looking to bandit being delivered a whooping on the rooftops.

After Noel had initially punch the daylights out of him, the bandit was able to weakly stand back to his feet, but immediately after he was able to gain balance, he was knocked senseless by a striking kick of lightning. Due to this combo, the bandit was left unconscious, smoke fizzling from his body as half of his torso dangled off the building.

On the ground, however, although the new girl seemed to have enough power to defend against the remaining two criminals, it seemed like they were ganging up on her.

"Is there any way you could help?" Shouta asked Theo. "I have no idea who they are, but they're the main reason the bandits were stopped from getting away - and I feel like you could definitely be of more help than me." He shyly admitted, scratching the back of his neck.
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Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
"Ah Celina," Ikumi commented for fun, teasing her guild mate. "Always the grouchy old hag you are. How do you get yourself into these situations." Ikumi held out her left hand as the palm of it started to glow. Appearing out of thin air is a hand of thirteen random playing cards that slowly descended into Ikumi's grasp. Quickly scanning the cards and reordering it to how she pleases, Ikumi pulled out a pair of cards and threw them below to where the boars were rampaging. "Double-Three's Black," Ikumi shouted out. The cards, which were respectively the three of spades and the three of clubs turned into seeds and planted themselves into the ground. Within moments, the seeds soon grew into massive trees that blocked out the direction the boars were running towards after being startled from Celina's glass blast. Their other exit was unfortunately blocked out by the other tree as well. "Does that work well enough," Ikumi asked. Granted though, she only caught two boars and she's pretty sure there were much more to be found and caught around the town.
Celina blinked at one girl who she didn't recognize (Aria), she was talking about helping for free. Typical wanna-be hero stuff. Usually Celina would roll her eyes and brush the girl off- but this situation was quickly spiraling out of control. "Yeah whatever, do what you can. I need them back there, or secured in a closed space until we can find a way to transport them." Celina pointed to her make shift tunnel as she attempted to muster at least a little bit of arrogance to hide her panic.
Ikumi, on the other hand managed to keep spewing insults despite what was going on in the city. "I'll show you a grouchy old hag!" Celina threatened in a grumble on her breath. When Ikumi displayed her magic to capture some boar's Celina waved her hand dismissively, "Yes, well. I suppose that will do." the girl huffed. Though she didn't know what to do now that they were trapped, Celina narrowed her eyes in an attempt to think better, until something caught her eye.
Below the pair's perch was Eliza, the cloaked figure walking swiftly down the street. "Hey you!" Celina yelled out, causing the girl to look up with a blank expression. "You know teleportation magic right?" Celina called out. Eliza looked down the street, tempted to ignore the other girl's yelling. Eliza's calmed expression didn't show how irritated she was with how she was being treated. "Well then, use it to get those boars over there!" Celina commanded as she pointed to the trapped animals and then her tunnel.

Theodore smiled when he heard his name called out, he spun on his heels to find Shouta greeting him happily. "Hey, calm down. It's not your fault, thieves will be thieves." Theo shrugged reassuringly. Theo furrowed his brows at the boy's comments, he seemed to be pretty diffident about his ability. Oh course, Shouta was new to the guild- all Theo knew was that he was a celestial spirit mage. Which was pretty awesome, he didn't understand the other male's concern. Shouta was a bit older than Theo, but Theo assumed he was just nervous because he was fairly new to the guild. "Of course, if they helped you then they've got all of fairytail to help them." Theodore gave a thumbs up and a sweet smile before he looked at the bandits surrounding the girl. He never was very fond of fighting, especially when he didn't know his opponent's reasoning for what they were doing. The girl seemed to be using Requip magic- but she was outnumbered no matter how strong she was, it wouldn't hurt to take a bandit off her hands. "Diamond Dragon's fist!" Theo called out as he jumped up before spiraling down towards one of the bandits with an extended punch as he closed fist became encased in hard diamond.
Drake turned around after the fireballs landed off the Fortress shield, and immediately jumped off the building with the intention of taking the one not being handled by another mage, yelling "Storm Devil's Spinning Tail!"

The same attack as before, except his eyes stayed red for the duration of the attack as his foot went towards the bandit's shoulder in an attempt to prevent him from attacking again.
"Oh so you have more friends eh? Good to know someone with such a cheerful personality has quite the social circle~"

Guzan had not been too busy to provide a piece of colorful commentary as more mages arrived on the scene, some who this most generous benefactor seemed to know personally, but irregardless Guzan knew what he had to do as he worked to light up around the heard of boars as he tried to create a flame circle that would be further fueled by his wind magic; the goal of which was to create a barrier around the boar so they'd have no choice but to go back to their pin.

Naturally, he'd account for other mages as they seemed to form card-based trees or other barriers and obstacles as to not interfere with their work while he worked to encircle the boars in spite of their frantic efforts to escape in the panic as Guzan felt quite sure of the situation and most importantly the pay that seemed inevitable to come.


Previously Sarah316
As Noel watched the Devil Slayer move down the building moments after he finished off the bandit she punched silly she had to admit he seemed the tenacious type and he had some good movements as he moved from one enemy to the next in rapid succession. It seemed he was quite proficient with his magic though in spite of the reputation the rare "Devil" slayers were given he seemed a noble spirit which was all she could have asked for. Either way she had been left with the knocked out bandit and figured it would be best to get the both of them down now and regroup with the others.

"Ice God's Breath!" Noel called out, as a black misty breath left her mouth and once more began to freeze what it touched this time forming an ice "slide" along the side of the building as she grabbed the bandit and pushed him down before she jumped on the black ice after him as she aimed to slide down with the captured perp as she worked her way over to where Shouta had stood as he seemed to be in a conversation of his own.

"Well one of them is bested, and the Slayer there seems to be lending a hand to the mage to deal with the other two. Though I will step in if need be." Noel said as she offered her report to Shouta while she tossed the knocked out bandit at his feet. Though she noticed the figure, Theo, with which he had been speaking to as it seemed he tried to request his aid. Naturally, she was also of service if needed for anything.
As Theo's fist made contact with the bandit's abdomen, the thieve's body seemed to contort before spiraling backwards. The boy winced as he watch the bad guy hit the ground and sputter before begging to get down. "Oh, I guess I didn't hit hard enough. Please don't get up." Theo said as he gestured for the other bandit to stay on the ground, the criminal had no intention of listening, however. Theo sighed before a shadow was cast over him, the boy looked up in awe as another mage seemed to soar through the sky before landing an attack with his foot on the unattended bandit. "Wow." Theo smiled- he sure seemed strong. While his back was turned, it seemed Theo's opponent tried to take advantage as a barrage of fireballs as sent in his direction- the boy muttered a whoops as his skin was once against covered in diamond that easily dispersed the fireballs on contact. The boy let out a sigh, trying to think of an attack that he could use that wouldn't seriously injure the bandit. Theodore scratched his head before shrugging as he ran towards his opponent, "I highly suggest a career change." the boy smiling right before jumping off of one foot and launching the other, hardened leg towards the bandit. Theo's kick connected with the bandit's head and almost immediately after his opponent collapsed onto his back. "Gee, I hope that wasn't too much." Theodore muttered as he reached down and examined the bandits injuries. Theo looked back up towards Shouta, Noel now residing beside the mage, "Well, after causing a scene like that I guess you're a real fairy tail wizard." Theodore chuckled as he referenced the guild's reputation for destruction.
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Eliza looked over her shoulder to blink at the boars, she then looked back at Celina- though her gaze held an empty stare she was thinking hard about whether or not she should help the girl. Eliza sighed before a whisper escaped her lips and her thought projection disappeared, the magic being reabsorbed into her body. Then, without warning, Eliza moved swiftly towards the boar's that were trapped- she jumped up and upon touching the animals' backs they vanished. Celina huffed, "Jeeze, why is everyone around here so hard to work with." the girl huffed, glaring at Ikumi.
Suddenly, after a barrage of attacks being dealt with the plethora of Mages, the bandits had officially been rendered unconscious. The two flame users had laid with a decent amount of injuries, both having a dragon and demon sized portion of diamond and lightning attacks. Shouta's eyes widened as the teleporter was thrown nearly lifeless at his feet by Noel. He had to admit, he'd always admired Noel's strength, but at times she could be quite terrifying. Same could be said for all of his fellow guild mates, to be honest.

"W-Wow... well, thanks so much you guys!" Shouta said, attempting to keep his voice from shaking from the baffling expression he had after seeing his guild mates at work. "It seems like these three didn't even stand a chance!"

After offering his praise to Noel and Theo, he had turned to Drake and Izumi, extending his thanks to the them as well.

"You guys, too! I really appreciate your help. Without you, who knows how far they could've taken off with my things! I'm Shouta Akamine. And these are my guild mates, Theo and Noel, from Fairy Tail!" He happily stated. Being quite new to the guild himself, that phrase still chimed like music to his ears. "I don't believe I've ever seen you guys around before... are you new to town?"
Aria jumped to her feet and grinned. "You can count on me! Those boars will be back in no time!" Merging with her shadow, she followed the boars and closed off any alleys or streets they might run into that didn't lead to the destination with her magic, causing large shadow arms to rise from the ground and close the potential exits off until the boars passed. Aria suddenly realised that there were a lot more boars than she first imagined and they were a lot bigger up close. "My god, how many people could be fed from this herd? This is at least a year's worth of meat!" She exclaimed in wonder before merging with her shadow again to keep the live buffet together.
"No this is our first time in Magnolia, we're looking for Fairy Tail, our old guild, Snake Horn, was destroyed, leaving Myself, Izumi, Two God Slayers, a Dragon Slayer, a Fire mage, a Fire-Make mage, a water mage, and a Crush Mage, who sent us to find Fairy Tail, The Crush Mage died two years ago." Drake explained as Izumi took his hand, keeping close, and calming him down.

Izumi turned to Shouta and the others, noting, "I'm Izumi, and I believe you've already met Drake."

The Devil Slayer waved, and asked, "Which way to Fairy Tail Building?"
Shouta listened on at the two's news of their old guild being destroyed and disbanded. A look of empathy grew on Shouta's face as he thought of what that could possibly be like. It sounded pretty traumatic. It sounded like there were a couple others who were left out to dry upon the guild's disbandment as well, so he wondered how only them two found their way to Magnolia. However, towards the end of their explanation, a gleaming grin formed on his lips.

"Well, lucky for you guys! Just as I mentioned," Shouta replied, lowering his white coat and exposing his left shoulder, exposing a white sigil of the fairy logo. "We're the perfect ones to ask! Come with us and I'd be happy to show you!"

He enthusiastically waved his arms along as he turned about and began heading for the guild hall, in which was just a couple blocks away from the current marketplace. Shouta was also half-heartedly hoping to clear the area, since he had feared the peace within the market had been disturbed by his own carelessness for too long.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Ikumi throws her hands up, pleading innocence as if she didn't do anything wrong. In all honesty, she really didn't do anything. Celina is just a grouch. She been in Fairy Tail longer than Ikumi yet she would be acting like some sort of diva. Ikumi could only shake her head at that. "I caught the boars like you asked sweetie," Ikumi replied at Celina's glare at her. "I'm honestly just here for the pay, it's literally free money." Ikumi casually says, greed oozing out of her eyes.

Spotting two more boars, Ikumi flicked out a consecutive hand of five cards ranging from a seven to jack, all alternating with different suite symbols. "Straight: Seven to Jack," Ikumi chanted. The five cards left Ikumi's hand glowing and headed towards the pair of boars. The cards merged together to create a giant grey cloud, placed right in front of the boars pathway. Out of the clouds blew a strong gale that pushed anything in front of it backwards, including the boars. The boars tried to resist, but a quick thunder and lighting that barely hit the foot of one of the boars finally made the duo turn around and run away from the mini storm placed in their way.
As Guzan worked to keep his boars continued, he could not help but pass a glance at other mages present who seemed to be joining in the fun. The aforementioned "friends" of the one who verbally hired him for this little odd job. And it seemed these other figures were quite impressive in their own right, one who seemed to command shadows and formed large arms and the other who seemed to be able to channel from these magic cards that had dazzling effects.

Guzan normally cared little about one ups man-ship, but in this case he worried these two may cut into his possible profit if their impressive skills secured more boar than he could. So he needed to step up his game, and as he moved between those two aforementioned mages he began to try a little something as he channeled his magic and began to take various steps side to side.

"Tremor Barrier!"

With movements that could only be described as that of a drunk chicken, Guzan moved around as each step he took from one side to the next caused some light tremors to shoot towards the panicked boars. And with each step, a slab of Earth rose up and caused it to block a path that they'd try to escape from as his goal was to further drive them back and hopefully box them all in. Course, being Earth Magic had still been a work in progress compared to Air or Fire his slabs looked more like deformed jagged chunks, but they served the same function as more appeared around them and he worked to try and aid with the capture process.


Previously Sarah316
Noel listened to the story herself and much like Shouta she had some sympathy for the pair who lost the guild they once called home. She could not have imagined that as being easy for anyone to deal with and as she pictured what would happen if Fairy Tail had met a similar fate she felt a knot in her stomach. No, nobody should have had to go through anything like that, this story had been a sad one to be sure but it seemed Shouta was quick to offer aid to them as he began to lead the pair back to the guild hall. Normally Noel would have taken exception to just allowing any pair to be led to the guild without knowing them proper first...

...but for these two, the God Slayer had been willing to make an exception. And naturally she followed Shouta back to the guild hall to help escort the newcomers to Magnolia as she had a spring to her step though kept her expression for lack of better word cool and composed.
Eventually, Guzan along with the rest of the mages present successfully managed to round up the wild boars as he seemed satisfied with his display and decided it was best to bot collect what he was owed and to get a sample of these other mages who lent him a hand.

With a spring to his step, he leaped over to the mages as he landed with a bit of an audible thump, perhaps a consequence of his earlier Earth magic that made him heavier on his feet but he quickly worked to correct it as he flashed a sporty grin towards all as he sized up each person he could see before his eyes trained to the one who "hired" him though he kept all within his gaze best he could.

"So I say that went well, didn't need the help but not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. So...I presume you guys are from that Fairy Tail guild I've heard so much about?" Guzan asked as he had made the natural presumption.
"Let's follow, they're members of Fairy Tail," Izumi told Drake, taking his hand.

The two followed Shouta as well as Noel. They were mostly talking amongst themselves, as if they were much closer than most would expect. Drake was on lookout, in case any more bandits would appear from nowhere.
There was a cheerful pep to the celestial wizard's step as he and the other Fairy Tail members led the two new acquaintances to the guild hall. After only a few minutes of roaming the streets of Magnolia, the small herd arrived to the gigantic, marbleized gates that stood firm before an even larger building of several levels, adorning the gigantic sigil of the fairy logo.

"Well, here we are!" Shouta called, continuing on through the gates and into the hall.

Upon entering, a vast main floor came into view, filled with lively conversation, laughter, bickering, and even random spouts of less than talented singing. People could be seen in the hall all bearing the guild's symbol on some variant part of their physique, joined together in fellowship; albeit the occasional chair flying through the air.

"And this is.... well, Fairy Tail!" Shouta told Derek and Izumi, spreading his arms before the scenery. "I'm still learning my way around, but I think it goes without saying that the Guild is pretty...unconventional." He chuckled.
Aria popped out of the ground and flashed a grin at Celina, Guzan and Ikuma. "I don't know about the rest, but I'm not a member of Fairy Tail. I'd love to be though, but who wouldn't? My name is Aria Verletzt, unaligned mage and user of Shadow Magic. Nice to meet you all!" The girl waved at the other three mages, deciding to not extend a hand for them to shake as there were more mages than she had hands. "What's your name?" She asked no one in particular, hoping someone would answer her.
Drake and Izumi looked around the magnificent guild hall, impressed by the size and everything about it. The two walked into the main floor, finding a lot of things to do.

"From what Lance Lancaster told me, Fairy Tail isn't Fairy Tail without it's rowdiness." Drake noted.

Izumi tightened her grip on Drake's hand due to her shyness. Drake looked around and suddenly shocked a chair into pieces when one accidentally came flying towards Izumi.


Previously Sarah316
As Noel entered behind Shouta and the latter gave a little welcome to the aspiring new members he had to mention Fairy Tail's infamous reputation which caused the God Slayer to sigh out. Needless to say such an image had not been a point of pride for her, but it was the reality for how their little Guild of "organized dysfunction" worked she suppose. "Yes, that is true...though I do hope we make strides to help correct that to some degree. But we are a high energy guild for better or worse." Noel admitted to the new pair of mages though she gave a somewhat intense gaze upon the pair.

"Though just because of that, doesn't mean I don't expect you two to be respectful if you are to join us. We welcome you with open arms, but just keep in mind your conduct." Noel said as she hoped they'd bring something other than chaos to the guild. One knows they needed it, least in her opinion.
So one of them was not a Fairy Tail mage? Well the shadow user seemed talented in spite of not being a guild mage if her shadow skills had been anything to go by, though Guzan figured it had been only fitting if he gave his own introduction to everyone present as he faced the larger group.

"As for me, you can call me Guzan. Traveler and well as I like to refer to it a high risk trader." Guzan said with details to what he meant but the second part of it deliberately made vague. "I happen to use Elemental Magic, though at the moment I have two main ones I am more comfortable with and others that are still...works in progress."

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Ikumi stared at the Earth Mage, asking her and Celina is they were a part of Fairy Tail. The Playing Cards Mage simply raised a singular eyebrow, looking at the male before slightly lifting the hem of the denim shorts, revealing a gold Fairy Tail insignia, a common symbol around these parts especially. Before Ikumi could say more, another mage showed up peculiarly out of nowhere.

Suddenly, the group was on a introduction spree. The girl who Ikumi didn't notice before introduced herself as Aria while Guzan, who Ikumi thought was an Earth Mage is actually an Elemental Mage, introduced himself shortly afterwards. Easily, Ikumi could presume that they wanted to join Fairy Tail, especially since she couldn't recognize them off the top of her head as familiar faces of Fairy Tail.

"As if the Fairy Tail symbol doesn't make it obvious enough," Ikumi said, pointing at her guild mark on her upper thigh. "Fairy Tail member Ikumi with Playing Cards Magic, if you haven't witnessed it firsthand." Ikumi slightly scrunched her nose at the cringe for introductions, but might as well go along with it.

The job of capturing the boars is already complete anyways. She needed her pay from Celina as soon as they make it back to the guild. "If you want to join, I'm going to head back to the guild. I don't know about Celina over here though." Ikumi said, gesturing to the hag besides her