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Ask to Join Set Sail: A One Piece RP

Wealth, Fame, Power.
These are all things the great Pirate King, Gol D. Rogers, achieved throughout his journey across the world.
On the day of his execution, the man's final words sent a stir that was felt across the entire world:

My treasure? If you want it, I'll grant it! Search on! All the world had to offer, I left in that place!
With the flames fanned and the will of the people ignited, these parting words cause countless men and women to set out to sea towards the Grand Line with hopes of achieving greatness. This marked the beginning of what is referred to as the Great Age of Piracy!

So yeah, this is another One Piece RP. I have tried this concept before many times but it never managed to live for long, hopefully this one will be different. You're not limited to Pirates either, you can make a character to be part of the Marine, Revolutionary, or some other faction in the One Piece world, go wild. However, I do recommend having a character be part of the main crew as they would be who we'll be following in the story.

I do not have a set plan for where the story will start or where it will take us, we could be starting in one of the 4 Seas outside the Grand Line or already inside it, we could be an already established crew or we could be meeting for the first time, the concept is still very open to ideas so feel free to give me some.
(This will be edited when we have a more concrete roadmap).


Of course, a RP without any rules and guidelines would be chaos, so here are some to prevent that from happening.

1- Of course, follow the standard Pokecharms Rules
2- Keep it more or less civil in the thread, you can have disagreement but try to stay respectful of others
3- You can have multiple characters, don't overload yourself though
4- Romance is allowed but keep it tame, I'm pretty lenient but Charms is less so
5- No God Modding, don't be stupid
6- Have fun, the most important part of any RP

I'll also ask to keep logia powers limited during the early arcs of the RP for balancing reasons, Haki will also preferably be saved for later on in the story. If you've read the rules, mention you did so I know you're not lying.

Devil fruit(if any, can be obtained later):
Weapons(If any, can be picked up later):
Backstory(Optional, can be explore in the RP itself):
Techniques(If you already have attacks in mind for your character):

You may add any other category into the Bio that isn't listed if you'd like.

Weapons and Devil Fruit Bios

Since creative writing puts an emphasis on the creative part, all of you are of course more than welcomed to create DF or Weapons. Infact, I encourage original works as opposed to simply using Canon content. Here's some simple templates to help with that.

Devil Fruit

(Would be fun if you put both japanese and english names here):
Description(What the fruit looks like):
Type(Logia, Paramecia, Zoan):
Powers(A brief description of what it does):
How it was acquired(Optional, here if you want to add more story):


(If it has one):
Type(What kind of arms is it):
Grade(If graded):
How it was acquired(Optional like above):

Feel free to add more details.
Seems fun, except for the fact that the only 4 anime I have even average knowledge of the lore for are Dragon Ball, Naruto, SAO and Bleach. I'll try my best though. XD (And yes I did read the rules please don't kill me-)

Name: Hermes "The Trickster" Chasos
Race: Human (just didn't feel like making an actual god)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Hermes stands at 5'8", has an athletic build, blue-black hair and green eyes, which he uses to fool his enemies. He normally wears a white shirt, blue pants and a helmet with wings on either side.
Personality: Hermes may look innocent, constantly talking and not pausing to breathe due to his ridiculous lung capacity, but he is actually quite secretive, oddly enough, and is a master of tricks. He may be able to form some bonds, but he hasn't made many bonds since his brother's death.

Devil Fruit

: Sokudo Sokudo Fruit (Speed Speed Fruit)
Description: The Sokudo Sokudo Fruit is a golden fruit that looks like a wing. No joke, it actually looks like a wing.
Type: Paramecia
Powers: Transonic (around Mach 1) speed is acquired.
How it was acquired: Stolen from a bounty hunter.


: Plan Z
Type: Shotgun
Description: Plan Z just looks like a regular shotgun, but the gunshots are deadly to many beings.
Grade: Great Grade
How it was acquired: Stolen from a bounty hunter by Hermes's brother.

Backstory: As a child, Hermes was a master trickster. He would constantly steal things and will pretend he found it after said person dropped it. Days before he found the the Sokudo Sokudo Fruit, his brother was shot and killed by a bounty hunter. Eventually, he stole the Sokudo Sokudo Fruit from the bounty hunter that killed his brother without anyone knowing and, out of curiosity, ate it. He would go on to become a pirate known for stealing things without anyone knowing until it's far too late. He still mourns his older brother's death.
Edit: nerfed the weapon + several other changes.
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I have read the rules~

Also, this is my first OC I've made for One Piece in any capacity. XD Normally, my first ever OCs for any universe appear as Mary Sues, but I'm so proud of this one~.

: Rikati "Rika" Longfellow
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Tanned skin, stands at 5'11" (180.3 cm) and weighs 135 lbs (61.2 kg) with lean muscular build from training, Rikati has long green hair, bright hazel eyes, and commonly wears a short-sleeved shirt with tied sleeves into little bows, the bottom of the shirt tied to the side, and shorts with sandals. She has a drawstring backpack she commonly slings over her shoulder, with a sheath on her hip for the rapier and her clacker balls and bolas she has on her other side, wrapped around a button strap. Most of the time, she has her hair up in a side ponytail. At her hip above her front pocket, she has Log Pose. It's either there or on a necklace around her neck and hidden in her shirt, or wrapped around her wrists like a watch.
Personality: Very adventurous, curious, and bubbly, this young girl had high hopes and dreams to be the best to make her father proud. Of course, when an incident happened where she was finally able to go into the great beyond of the sea, it left her scarred. Unwilling to let it sour the mood of others around her, she maintained her bubbly, fiery nature, becoming a quick-witted jokester and taking everything with a laugh. However, when she's alone, she finds herself thinking back to when she was fifteen and how it hurt getting a taste of what it could've been like on the path to her dream. When danger strikes, she takes the same attitude she did when her father's crew took to the bandits - heroic with jeers, taunts, and a level of playful seriousness to offset the anxiety of danger, unwilling to crumble under the hollowing pressure.
Devil fruit: Hani Hani no Mi | Scope Scope Fruit
Weapons: Her Rapier, Clacker Balls, and Bolas
Being born in Loguetown, Rikati was in love with the stories of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger. Her own father voyaged into the Grand Line from the Reversal Mountains, getting to one of the first few islands before cutting through Calm Belt and coming back to Loguetown, where Rikati heard a story of how they had gotten a special Devil Fruit - ability unknown - and had to sail from a Sea King after it caught them despite their caution and preparation. The story was so riveting and terrifying that it only propelled Rikati further into wanting to be a pirate. She lived for adventure and the stories she would be able to tell, the friendships that came from it, and the treasure they'd receive from a well-fought victory. However, she was never able to go on her father's ship, until her father believed she was ready enough to go. Wanting to prove to him that she would become capable, she began using her toy - clacker balls - as bolas, training to a surprising efficiency with them. They may not have hit hard, but they were great at restraining people or tripping them up. She even bugged veteran pirates and captains in Loguetown to teach her how to just be on a ship, whether it being a captain, how to steer, how to be a navigator, how to clean, how to ration food, anything she could question, she would. Of course, this level of interrogation sometimes led to her being ousted from bars or establishments for a short time, just to prevent her from harassing people with her questions.

Finally, for her fifteenth birthday, she got her wish.

She was allowed to go on her father's ship. The crew were a lively bunch, always joking and singing along as they kept up maintenance of the ship. Having lived on an island all her life, Rika was excited to see the wide open seas and enjoy the adventure before her. Her father - an excellent captain and talented navigator - led his crew to the first island. There shouldn't have been any issues, despite the harsh weather. They had done this dozens of times, going to one of the seven islands before returning home, then doing the same thing again. It was like they were toeing the line on their adventure, but they didn't want to go too far. It was her father's cowardice that prevented him from leaving behind his daughter for good if there ever was something that arose he couldn't fend off. He was a cautious man, but caution wouldn't lend him any good this trip. Everything was accounted for and done, they just had to follow the direction the Log Pose set them for. Only two days of them setting sail had them nearing the first island, but a bandit ship had found them.

Rika was sent into the captain's quarters, locked in to keep her safe while everyone fought the invading bandits on deck. She watched through the window in horror, her eyes unable to look away as her friends and crew she quickly grew attached to got hurt as they fought heroically. The ship began to turn towards the Calm Belt, the seastone under the ship allowing for ease of travel through the Calm Belt without alerting the Sea Kings. They got too close, and the bandits fled to their ship, letting them head into the Calm Belt as they crossed the border. Their propeller started, heading back to Loguetown before Rika could even land on the first island. Food and water had become short as the bandits soiled the food and broke open water barrels when they were wreaking havoc, causing the crew to have to head back to Loguetown anyway. They couldn't swerve back to the other islands without the bandits finishing them off.

Then, there was their second problem.

A day into their slow travel through the Calm Belt, they had almost reached the end where they could finally have currents and wind when a Sea King appeared before them. It hadn't detected them until it breached the water to their side, saw they were just about to leave its territory, and it roared mightily before descending to attack the crew and the ship.

They fired cannons at it, but their cannons did nothing to stop its descent. It dove at its backside, tearing out the propeller. They were just mere yards away from the border of Calm Belt, and they were stranded.

Rika's father yelled for her to get a weapon from the hull, so she quickly descended the stairs to get to it. While she was rummaging around, she found that there was a hole in the ship's hull from when it tore the propeller away. It was filling with water. She went for many boxes, but was unable to find anything worth of value besides more cannonballs and ammo for their flintlocks. That was when she found a strange fruit. It was blue, had black lines that divided the swirled light blue fruit into four even sections.

Was this a Devil Fruit her father had talked about before?

Not wasting a moment, she ate it, thinking it was going to give her special powers, but all it did was elongate her eyes and make her see further away. She was horrified. The one Devil Fruit she ate, and it wasn't something that was combat useful and she could never swim in the sea. Hiding her power and going to find something else, she finally found her father's special blunderbuss, packed away in a box under the box that held the Devil Fruit to protect it from potential bandits. Taking it, she ran back up to see her father holding on to a rope that the monster - now looming over the deck - had bitten onto. The hook had pierced his elongated maw, its thick yellowish hide and almost segmented sections of his body making him look grotesque. Its bright sulfurous green eyes stared at her father, who stabbed the side of his face with his rapier, which caused the creature to shake him off, sending him flying into the mast. Slamming into it painfully, he looked up to see his daughter trying to give him his gun. Chuckling tiredly and painfully, the gun was already loaded before he put it away. He took it, aimed, and fired right as the Sea King was going to bite down on them.

The inside of his mouth was peppered with the blunderbuss's ammo, which happened to be spiky pellets. The creature roared in pain, and her father fainted. Taking the blunderbuss, Rika prepped it for a second shot as everyone else scattered to avoid the thrash of the beast's serpentine body and prep the cannons for another round. Unable to find anything else to fire at the Sea Beast, she set her eyes on some cutlery. Forcing them in and hurting herself in the process, she tried to give her blunderbuss to her father, but he wasn't reacting.

Keeping her sobs to a minimum, Rika used her power, aimed at the creature, who was coming back for another bite, and fired. The spread of knives, forks, and spoons rocketed out and peppered his eye, sending the beast screeching and thrashing in pain. With a large swipe of its tail, it hit the back of the ship, sending it out of the Calm Belt, but not without casualties. Setting up their sails as the wind and currents picked them up and sent them to Loguetown, they reassessed their crew.

Three of their men had fallen off the ship and into the Calm Belt when the creature hit it out of the Calm Belt, two were lost from the Sea King picking them off like chicken to grain, and everyone was injured. Rika's hands were cut and torn up as she tried to force the sharp knives and forks quickly inside the gun, but her father... Her father was the biggest worry. He breathed shallow, and he didn't wake up.

With their rations lessened even more and the back of the hull messily patched up to prevent anymore water from getting in, they set off with a solemn air about them. It took them a few days to get back to Loguetown, but they couldn't get there fast enough even if they had gale winds sending them in the right direction. As the daughter of the captain, Rika tended to whoever she could, tried to lift their spirits, and acted as their de facto captain.

"My father wouldn't wish to see you all upset. He made you all promise that you would celebrate his death, because his death ensured our victory."

She didn't believe what she said, but the crew took it well, and that was all she needed.

Guiding the ship back home, she got some help in docking it, and ushered everyone to get medical supplies. When she returned to her father, he was no longer breathing.

She handled the funeral proceedings herself, letting that blunderbuss rest with her father but taking his rapier. He would have wanted her to keep it, as it was given to him from his father, and his father's father, who were all captains of their ships. She was always told of the dangers of the sea, but never did she so readily believe it until now. It took her father away from her, but she refused to let his death affect her so negatively.

She took the spirit of the happy, lively crew with her, becoming a joking, happy, bubbly girl, but she was breaking underneath, and she refused to see it. However, her disdain for the sea grew and she refused to get back on a ship.

That was until Gol D. Roger's execution. His last words sparked a fire in her, but she pushed it down, unwilling to let it blaze like how it did when she was younger.

Yet, it wouldn't be hard to convince her to go. Just under the pretense she would navigate, and she would never be the captain.
Techniques: These aren't really attacks, but more like her yelling out her actions and calls them "utility moves".
  • Awooga! - Using her Devil Fruit power, her eyes elongate to telescopically see things in the distance.
  • Awooga Sweep! - Using her Devil Fruit power, she swings her head around only when someone is nearby enough to nearly get hit. Some people think she's warning them, but she's doing this just to see if people are aware that they're gonna get hit by her freakish eyes.
  • Clacker Volley! - This is her literally playing with her clacker balls. That is it. No attack, no tripping anyone, just... Playing with her childhood toy.
  • Bola Strike! - Literally smacking someone with her bolas.
  • Bola Volley! - More of a dangerous version of Clacker Volley due to the size of the bola's spheres, but this is literally her playing with her bolas as if they were her clackers.
  • Bola Wrap! - Now this is an actual attack, where she throws her bolas at someone to trip them up or hurt their limbs.
  • Bola Swing! - Ties a long piece of rope in the midsection of the bola's string and uses them as a grappling hook.
  • Pierce! - A thrust with her rapier.
  • Slice and Dice! - Slashes with the tip of her rapier.
  • Let's see what food you've eaten! - Not really a technique name, but a phrase she says when she consecutively and very quickly thrusts the rapier into someone's stomach.
  • You see me? Now you don't! - She goes for the eyes.
  • Bend and Smack - She grabs the rapier's tips, bends it towards herself, and lets go, sending the blade's tip to smash into whoever's in front of her. This is more of a joke attack.
  • Log Direct! - Literally just... Using her Log Pose... Just it. Nothing else. She may even use it when it's not able to find an island, leading her to immeasurable disappointment and her day ruined.

Devil Fruit
: Hani Hani no Mi | Scope Scope Fruit
Description: A perfectly round, blue fruit, with two black lines that wrap around the fruit from stem to its southern end. If you look at it from the stems end or the bottom, it'll look like a scope lens. Its blue surface has little swirls that are not as raised as other Devil Fruits, and the black lines section it off.
Type: Paramecia
Powers: It is a utility power. Her vision can become telescopic to see things that are in the distance with the ability to focus her vision like an actual telescope, and this scope ability also allows her to determine wind direction/speed, and how far away something is. However, as per the nature of this power, it is rather inconvenient as it causes minimal amounts of eye strain when she overuses it and makes it difficult to use in battle unless she's further away. When she's using this, it causes her eyes to bug out of her sockets in a very cartoonish way, hardening them slightly and making them harder to cut, but they are still sensitive to painful stimuli.
How it was acquired: During a Sea King's attack of her father's ship, Rika went to the hull and went to find a weapon. She ate the Devil Fruit thinking it was going to give her a direct combat power, but was horrified in realizing it wasn't that. However, the resentment she held for it quickly dissipated when she used it to fend the Sea King off.

: Karma's Toothpick or Karma. Before it was passed on to her father, it was called "Dead By A Thousand Cuts".
Type: Rapier
Description: An almost famous sword used by the succeeding Captains of the Longfellows, it was given its name when an enemy mocked its appearance and subsequently died for it. It has a corded hilt, an egg-shaped pommel, a guard with a thick wire basket around it with a protective end coming around to shield the hand. The rapier's tip is very sharp, sharper than the rest of its double-bladed edge. It can bend with some difficulty, being difficult to break because of it. However, because of that, it doesn't go very deep if there's armor.
Grade: Skillful Grade
How it was acquired: On her father when he fought the Sea King. After he died, she took it in her care.

Name: Joseph and Joestar, or Jo and Jo, or Jojo
Type: Clacker Balls
Description: Just toy, white clacker balls with dull magenta stars on them, but she's usually seen using them to annoy or harass people for entertainment.
Grade: None
How it was acquired: She had it when she was a kid, when her father bought it for her to play with and distract her from him being gone. The latter reason didn't work.

Name: Smash and Crash (each sphere is given a name)
Type: Bolas
Description: Dark grey spheres about as big as a baseball tied to a thick, durable string. They are used for tripping, capturing, grappling objects, swinging from them, and to basically play with bigger clacker balls. One sphere - named Crash - has spider cracks along it, but it doesn't seem to be weakened in durability. The other sphere - named Smash - has some dark stains on it. Engraved in a circle around where the string is attached to them, there is her father's name. Ricklest on Crash, Longfellow on Smash.
Grade: None
How it was acquired: One of her father's crewmates made them for her as he had retired from going back to sea. He did it to cheer her up, but the look on her face was indecipherable when she got it. She did hug him, but to this day he's still confused whether she liked it or not. She loved it, but it would've brought her to tears, so she had to hide even her smile lest she cracked.
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Name: Yama Uruchi
Race: Wobbegong Fishman
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Appearance: Dark brown with light brown pattern skin tone with with white spots, scars all over his arms, hands and lower legs, and is 7'4" (223.5 cm) muscular muscle fish man, weighing in at 340 lbs (154.2 kg). Has a thick mustache made out of feelers and not regular hair to speak of. Blind at more than 10 ft without his glasses that are specially made for him while he was on the Grand Line.
Personality: Measured and boisterous, but not the brightest lightbulb in Atlantis.
Devil fruit: N/A
Weapons: Way of the Five-Finger Discount - Your mind is the only limit with these hands.
Backstory: Yama was born on Fishman Island and was raised by his loving mother and father until a band of pirates landed on Fishman Island, stole his mother, and killed his dad for trying to save her and his son. After that happened and Yama was safe, he moved in with his grandparents who lived on the upper levels of Fishman Island. They were neither poor nor rich but they had enough to live comfortably closer to the light. Twenty years after he moved in with his grandparents, they passed away peacefully in their sleep. With no attachment left on Fishman Island, he left to travel the grand line... Albeit backwards somehow....

After quite a few scrapes, fights, and trials just to get through the Grand Line (backwards), he barely reaches the Red Mountain on a drifting log and is told that he "went the wrong way". Enraged, frustrated, and filled with self hatred, he punched and kicked the mountain for days on end, only stopping to eat, use the bathroom, and sleep. Days turn to weeks and weeks turn into months. His anger became refined and razor-sharp, no longer angry with himself but angry for not seeing the warning signs of it getting easier. But in the end, the Grand Line chewed him up and spit him out like he was gristle from a bone. He moved on with his anger and set it aside like a warrior would set down his blade to rest, and he waited for a suitable crew to come by, living with the light house operator till the fateful day.
  • Fishman Strength: x10 human strength on land and twice that or more underwater (gm decides on specifics)
  • Fishman Karate: Is what it says on the tin
  • Whiskers: Ability to smell and differentiate between pheromones, increases hearing accuracy underwater, temperature change and if touching someone can feel the body function via vibrations (ie: can tell if someone's stressed, or heart rate increase) due to his fish characteristic he can grow feelers that can smell his surroundings and envision the battlefield in his mind. The feelers are sensitive and if harmed cause a mental shock but no real damage. These feelers grow at will and can be retracted at anytime without too much thought.
  • Kaisoku: Harakudashigeri, literally meaning "Sea-Speed Stomach Drop Kick"): While underwater, yama darts forward and uses the momentum to deliver a strong side kick to the opponent's stomach aka"High speed, laxative-induced diarrhea" or Instant Undersea Bowel Buster.
  • Appakushi Chokka Koro While underwater, grab the opponent and swims extremely fast to the ocean floor, where the high-pressure crushes the opponent's body.
  • Senmaigawara Seiken (千枚瓦正拳, Senmaigawara Seiken?, literally meaning "Thousand Tile True Punch"): A much stronger version of the Hyaku Maigawara Seiken. this is "true essence of Fish-Man Karate". It can break through one thousand tiles and will kill a human with one shot
  • Jodan Bakusho (上段爆掌, Jōdan Bakushō?, literally meaning "High-Rank Exploding Palm"): While underwater, he delivers an open-palm strike to the opponent's chin.Jodan here is written with the characters for "high rank", but is pronounced the same as the word for "joke". This is called Guffaw Palm Bomb
  • Kachiage Haisoku (カチ上げ背足, Kachiage Haisoku?, literally meaning "Rising Thrust-Kick"): While underwater, He delivers a kick to the opponent's chin using the inner sole of his foot. This is also know as the back foot jawbreaker
  • Soshark (粗鮫ソシャーク, Soshāku?, meaning "Rough Shark" aka rough shark): he uses his tremendous grip strength to crush anything he grabs.

I hope this character is deemed acceptable
And I have indeed read the rules
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Eh, it's ok. I'm just that kinda guy that doesn't really put that much effort in unless I'm dedicated.
...what was I saying? XD
If you're not going to be dedicated and put much effort in to an RP when the GM specifically states they want this to succeed and have this RP active for a long time, then I'm sorry but at that point, why join? And yes, that's a rhetorical question. If you're not going to be dedicated and respect the GM's time and your time, then don't join, because the experience might not be fun for you if you actually get accepted and continue in the RP.

It just sounds like your mocking the GM's dedication and effort into the RP by being flippant (uncaring) about it yet still trying to get in(???) which makes no sense.
If you're not going to be dedicated and put much effort in to an RP when the GM specifically states they want this to succeed and have this RP active for a long time, then I'm sorry but at that point, why join? And yes, that's a rhetorical question. If you're not going to be dedicated and respect the GM's time and your time, then don't join, because the experience might not be fun for you if you actually get accepted and continue in the RP.

It just sounds like your mocking the GM's dedication and effort into the RP by being flippant (uncaring) about it yet still trying to get in(???) which makes no sense.
Yeah, I really didn't think I'd get in tbh soooooooooooooo yeah. And it doesn't make sense to me either.

I should really keep my mouth shut sometimes-
All good now, welcome to the crew. Though if you've placed yourself at the start of the Grand Line, we might not get to you for a bit depending on where we start and how quickly we get through the arcs
That makes sense to me, if you need me to run a different character or change the backstory to where he gets past the start of the grand line then I'm up for reworking it to fit the story, if you want to discuss it more I can get medic to send over my discord over to you and then we can change it to an idea that fits best with the story narrative. If you have one in mind
That makes sense to me, if you need me to run a different character or change the backstory to where he gets past the start of the grand line then I'm up for reworking it to fit the story, if you want to discuss it more I can get medic to send over my discord over to you and then we can change it to an idea that fits best with the story narrative. If you have one in mind

We don't have a plan in mind yet. We'll figure it out when others start joining in and they can get into the creative process of building up a plot/arcs, too.
Name: Harphina Rossedell
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Mink (Pinniped: Seals, Sealions, and Walruses)

Appearance: Just as with any other mink, Harphina is covered from head to toe with fur, sugar brown fur, and divided into two layers: a thick layer waterproof outercoat, and a warm, fuzzy insulating undercoat. Despite its sheer volume, Harphina’s fur is remarkably neat and streamlined against the contours of her body, except for a large mane-like flare of fur around her neck and cleavage.

Broad-chested in every respect of the phrase, Harphina possessed a full bosom and broad shoulder situated around some of the largest lungs mammal-kin has to offer. Of course, the marine-mammal package isn’t complete with just a big chest: slender appendages, webbed and tipped with short claws, and a myriad of diving adaptations make her a magnificent swimmer, dexterous and maneuverable in the water, but awkward and clumsy on land. While Harphina is only at her best in the water, where her body and senses can be used to their fullest extent, she’s no slouch on land; an agile acrobat, capable of impressive feats of balance and control with her slender snout and flexible form.

Harphina isn’t much of a looker; poor vision from teary, blue-green eyes is further obstructed by a frazzle of sensitive whiskers scattered across a fang-toothed snout.

Personality: Boundless energy fuels a playful, high-octane lifestyle. Always eager to ‘play’ with anyone or anything, frivolity & variety are Harphina’s life spices.

Affiliations: N/A

Weapons: Hula-Hoop

Harphina's Hula-Hoop is a great deal heavier than its appearance would suggest. It is primarily composed of (magnetic) metal tubing and half-filled or weighted with water.

Home Island: Stellar's Harbour

Rules, rules, yadda, yadda
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
I DID read the rules (the rules are literally never changing in between roleplays help me)

Name: Tsuneo Shouji

Race: Human

Gender: Male (He/Him)

Age: 21

Appearance: Tsuneo is a tall young man, around 5'11, and has fair skin. He is fairly toned, while having black colored hair, which is usually messy, and not very well kept. Along with that, he also has dark amber eyes. He wears colorful clothing that stands out, usually in a pastel color like yellow, green or blue. His usual clothes consist of a colored tee, that has a white coat on top. For his bottoms, it's usually long pants that are also a pastel color. He wears knee-high boots for footwear, while his accessories include a sling that holds a red guitar that has cartoonish patterns all around it.

Personality: Tsuneo, to put simply, is someone who lives in the attention. He loves getting lots of attention, and always loves standing out. When you befriend him, he's actually a nice guy. He hopes to help and protect his friends as much as he can with the help of his Devil Fruit, and he does everything in his power to be able to support the ones he deems worthy of his friendship. Other than that, Tsuneo is a hardworking individual, and practices his guitar playing skills almost daily, even though he's pretty good at it already.

Another thing about Tsuneo is that he was previously a thief, giving him a nice sleight of hand ability, as he usually stole valuables from people, but only because he was forced to do it, just so he could survive. He's also very crafty, creating different items with items available to him. He doesn't do this anymore, of course, but he's still got the skills to do so.

Backstory: Tsuneo lived in a impoverished part of a fairly rich city, with his parents not having a lot of money to their name, along with the fact that the place they lived in was filled with bandits or people who were banished due to crimes they have committed. Because of this, everyone who lived there had a rough life, even Tsuneo. They had no way to leave the village, as it was behind a large wall, and there was also no way off the island, as most bandits who resided there had already left with the ships. Tsuneo's father, with the help of their family heirloom, the Ranseur, fended off the bandits from their home, keeping them away for as long as they could.

This went on for years, but as Tsuneo's father became more and more sick, Tsuneo had to find new ways to be able to survive. Luckily, a hole that was small enough for Tsuneo to pass through was found in the wall, which meant he could go in and out of the city as he wishes. He eventually resulted to stealing from the rich, taking their valuables, and even weapons, just to be able to protect his family.

Soon, he would break down the wall even more, using explosives made with different materials found in the rickety town, so him and his parents could escape, and they did. Once free, they escaped through a boat that left for Loguetown soon. Sadly, Tsuneo's father died of his illness, but Tsuneo and his mother would live in Loguetown for the foreseeable future. Tsuneo now with a new spark of adventure, and a new dream, he wishes to go on his own adventure after witnessing the great words of Gol. D. Roger.

For a quick timeline of events, Tsuneo was around eighteen when he started stealing from the rich, then left the city he lived in when he was twenty years old.

Pierce! - A common pierce attack used with the Ranseur.
Cross-Slash! - Is done by Tsuneo by slashing with the Ranseur in a cross-shape.
Foot Sweep! - Is performed by sweeping the ground using the Ranseur.
Smash! - Can be performed by attacking vertically with the blades on the side of the Ranseur instead of the main blade.

(More Techniques will be added as the RP goes on.)


Devil fruit: (he'll get this later in the RP, but here's it's bio)
Name: Orora Orora no Mi (Aurora Aurora Fruit)

Description: A honey-dew melon coated with flat 'Q' shaped swirls and fading through a rainbow of colors across its skin, with a stem resembling an EM wave with a spiral.

Type(Logia, Paramecia, Zoan): Logia (oh no i hope this doesn't become a problem lmao)

Powers: This fruit gifts its eater the ability to generate, manipulate, and transform into aurora lights and energy at will, making them an Auroral User. With the Orora Orora no Mi, the user can transform their body into charged particles mainly located near the upper atmosphere and continually emitting ionizing energy and light, creating auroras in the sky. The user can utilize their ionized physiology to deliver electric-based shockwaves, blasts, and even cause intense damage to their opponent's nervous system. The user while not as fast as actual light, can move and travel at the speed of lightning and unleash incredible bright and quick flashes that can harm their opponent's eyesight. The user can also emit UV radiation in large quantities that can cause dangerous skin to burn to their environment if concentrated. Along with that, the user can bend their own light, allowing them to create various illusions and deceptive techniques that cause their opponents to attack at a different target and evade.

How it was acquired: He'll get it in RP.
(Idea from u/AnimeOcCreator77 on Reddit so credits to him because I really liked this idea)

Name: Ranseur

Type: Polearm/Spear

Description: The Ranseur is a Polearm weapon that's around six feet. The head of a Ranseur consists of a spear-tip affixed with a cross hilt at it's base. Oftentimes, the hilt of the Ranseur is made in a crescent shape, making it look like a trident.

Grade: Skillful Grade

How it was acquired: Tsuneo got his hands on the Ranseur when he turned of age, gifted to him by his Father, which has been a family heirloom, that has been owned by the male family members of Tsuneo's lineage.


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Artificial Intelligence Unit Model 3, AIUM-3, from which comes the human name Aiume
Race: Android
Gender: None; appears more feminine, so accepts female pronouns readily
Age: 4; knowledge level of an older teenager


About as close as I could get with Picrew, might draw a more accurate version of her later ^^

Aiume is about four and a half feet tall and wears a scarf given to her by one of her creator’s children.

Personality: Aiume is an extraordinarily curious creature. Since her creation, she has absorbed information at an exceptional rate, mimicking mannerisms of the creatures around her. Her utmost desire is to learn as much as she can before her inevitable burnout, and she strives to one day be accepted among “Organics” as one of their own. Naturally, she can tend to be rather naive, as she readily takes in all information made available to her, even if its truth is in question. Aiume often copies those whose company she keeps in order to learn more, or experience their perspective, but she dislikes being made fun of for it — ridicule is a pattern of speaking that she has become quite adept at picking out. When shown kindness, however, Aiume imprints rather quickly, and is loyal to a fault.

Devil fruit: None, and is incapable of consuming them

Built-In Defenses: Aiume’s creators endowed her with the ability to defend herself with the exception of using lethal force. Many tools to that end are stored within her body, as well as those that could be used to repair any damage to herself.

-Fingerpicks: each finger (not counting the thumbs) houses a different tool, collectively referred to as ‘fingerpicks’. These include a welding-heat blowtorch, a motorized drill bit (with other bits stored in her chest compartment), two different screwdriver heads, two different types of wrenches, and one finger whose tip opens and functions similarly to a Taser. Most of these are useful for repairs, but would certainly hurt if one was poked by one.

-Armblades: from what is generally considered the “elbow” along the “forearm”, there are large patches of plastic that can open to reveal sharp metal blades (think Gallade-ish). These compartments can also close if undamaged.

-Storage: Aside from the drill bits, Aiume’s chest compartment is more or less empty. It could be filled with rations, store a weapon, or house a small creature. On occasion, Aiume would store currency there, but she disliked the sound the coins made jangling against the metal carapace.

Scrap Island — an isolated piece of land in the East Blue hardly large enough to be called an island — is where Aiume and those of her kind were conceived. Originally, Scrap Island had been a place for discard, where the only populus made infrequent trips from nearer islands to dump those unwanted items that they couldn’t easily be rid of. Old metal piled up, along with trashed shards of glass and deformed plastic, and the island became much of the East Blue’s garbage heap for many years.

That is, until a man, troubled but brilliant, found his way onto the island of trash, and instead saw the potential for innovation. He gathered those few he knew like him, and they set upon their work. Lesser bots, like the doglike CEP-4 (Canid E-Pet, 4th generation, or Ceppas, as the scientists called them) came first, deemed ‘perfected’ after several iterations. Then came the more humanoid Walkers, which could only perform programmed functions, and did not possess the ability to learn.

Many years passed, and while folk stories of Gol D. Roger began to circulate through the East Blue, the aging scientists on Scrap Island continued their work. A breakthrough was at their fingertips, they could feel it. The island, once nothing but a trash heap, had been converted into a small but thriving community of bots and the scientists who had created them, completely closed off to tourism (though the scientists’ numbers had certainly grown since the initial launch of the project). After two iterations and complete restarting of the process to make a bot that was nearly human, they finally had it: the Artificial Intelligence Unit Model 3, which they shortened to Aiume.

The bot was compact, agile, and charged on solar power. It had the capacity to repair itself, and the capacity to defend itself (though not with lethal force). It had been mostly waterproofed, as a precaution, but of course, was too heavy to swim. However, it could hold conversations, learn from its creators, and show some semblance of emotion, a great improvement from the Walkers’ programmed actions. It was not really an it, the scientists decided. It was a she, and she was a work of art.

For over two years, Aiume remained solely on the island, learning all that she could from the bots that were her predecessors and from the scientists that had created her. When she expressed a desire to go further, one of the scientists would take her to one of the closer islands, and walk her around, where she would attempt to interact with the people there. Such interactions often led to reactions Aiume later classified as ‘fear’, or ‘derision’, but it didn’t deter her from her quest to learn.

But the scientists were secretive. They were careful not to let anyone uncertified into the lab, or let any of the bots off the island unaccompanied. They had their colony, their robots, and the intent to create more. Another Aiume, a twin, or perhaps an improvement, or one more focused on the caretaking duties, or perhaps entertainment. To experiment with personalities, with primary functions, with aesthetic design. Ultimately, their goal was the same as their creation’s: to learn.

Aiume grew restless, sheltered on Scrap Island, with bots that couldn’t match her humanity and humans that didn’t quite understand it. There had to be more to life than the lab and the metal city, and Aiume wanted to experience all facets of it. Nonetheless, she was still rather content with those facets she had been exposed to, and her thirst for learning could not override her enjoyment of her creators’ company. She wouldn’t leave of her own accord.

But it wasn’t Aiume’s decision to make. Time knew no master, and the original creators were quite old. Aiume learned of death, of deterioration — of the built-in, yet unknown, expiration date of every creature. Their few children and younger associates who inherited their research deemed instead that unaccompanied exploration would be the greatest way for Aiume to learn. They placed a tracker and external camera on her frame in case of emergency, before she set off on her quest for knowledge in a small skiff.

The bot faced many new types of people, human and otherwise, kind and rude, mocking and genuine, those who taught and those who coveted their knowledge. Aiume stored all those deemed key interactions in a drive, one she intended to deliver to her creators’ offspring — in a way, her older siblings — upon her return home. Unfortunately, news reached her by bird that she may not have a very friendly home to return to.

Not quite a year after her final departure, there was a small section in the paper that described the Marines’ takeover of Scrap Island. The work of the unaffiliated scientists had gone on independently long enough; the World Government wanted such research and results for itself. All robots that had left the island — in essence, Aiume herself and a few Ceppas that had sold after they had become available to the general public just a week or so before the takeover — were declared rogue, and to be retrieved. Such creatures — or tools, as some thought of them — would need to be modified to “ensure the spread of justice”. The Ceppas were easy enough to retrieve, but Aiume was long gone.

Perhaps joining a pirate crew could assist in her continued avoidance…

Techniques: mmmmm to be added I think I’ve already spent so much time on this lmao

Other: mhm mhm totally read the rules 100% also on a ship, Aiume would likely make a good mechanic, though she could certainly fill a janitorial or cook role if needed.


Previously Deathstalker62
Name: Sinclair

Race: Devil Fruit-formed Chicken

Gender: Male

Age: 2 in human years

Appearance: As opposed to any normal rooster, Sinclair is significantly bigger and heavier. His height equates to just over 4"', while his weight is in the low 300 lbs range. And much like his size abnormality, his physique is equally as diverse. His appearance is more in fashion to that of a Velociraptor, his body taking on a more elongated shape with an extra pair of talons having grown directly above his wings, which resulted in grafting them to the undersides of his arms.

His tail feather has also elongated and become more akin to a tail, capable of being swung around like a whip. His beak extended out a bit more, but still retained its natural avian appearance - golden-yellow with a black tip. His eyes grew more ferocious and took on more of a reptilian appearance, though their amber-orange color still remained the same, as did his snow-white plumage. If it weren't for the fact that he can talk with a raspy voice resulting from his squawks and bawks mixing in with his speech, one could easily mistake Sinclair for some kind of mutant chicken.. which to be fair, he kind of is.

Personality: Sinclair's a brooding and stern, yet kind and merciful type. Due to his natural protective instinct, he'd be willing to do absolutely anything to save his friends, family or even a kind stranger from threats, even when it means putting his own life on the line. But just because he's heroic doesn't mean he won't teach you a lesson for making a stupid mistake or being disrespectful towards others, nevermind your own allies.

Devil fruit: Yugo Yugo no Mi

Name: Yugo Yugo no Mi / Fusion Fusion Fruit

Description: A devil fruit with six differently colored spherical bumps that look like smaller fruits, the colors of which combine into a swirl on the main one. All of the bumps bear the same spiral pattern as the fruit itself.

Type: Paramecia

Powers: This fruit allowed anyone who consumed it to fuse with other creatures that barred a resemblance to themselves, be it appearance-wise, species-wise or even just shape-wise, via physical touch. Depending on how similiar the target is to Sinclair, they will be harder to un-fuse. Due to his entire pen being near-identical to him and matching all three categories, they have been fused permanently to Sinclair and have completely changed up his physical and intellectual prowess alongside his biology. While fused, a portion of the creature's physical prowess and mental capabilities will be added to Sinclair's and his body will change one feature to match what he fused with (such as eyes, feathers, talons, etc.), with more fusions of the same species creating more similarities, with his flock's matching circumstances instead forming his body to a bigger, more feral-looking appearance.

While fused, Sinclair will also be capable of casting up an energy projection of what he's fused with in the form of a spectral minion to do his bidding, while still retaining their (past) memories and personalities. These minions can both deal damage and be damaged and destroyed, which will damage Sinclair himself by a small amount once shattered, making it costly to try to constantly re-summon them. Due to the nature of his original flock having become a permanent addition from being so alike, they are always active and 'summoning' them will only make them visible to- and able to interact with the physical world, much like summoning a ghost. The hens that get summoned won't be completely destroyed, but just return to being only visible, audible, etc. to Sinclair.

How it was acquired: One day, one particularly devious stranger decided it was a good idea to mix a devil fruit he stole off of someone into a poor farmer's feed.. and Sinclair, the farmer's only and favourite rooster named after his own best friend, ended up merging with all the hens he was supposed to watch over. This rooster was the first one to have given a taste to make sure these strange pieces of fruit weren't harmful to his flock, causing him to be the catalyst of it all.

Weapons: Pecking Order - There's only one weapon Sinclair needs to deal with troublemakers - himself!

Backstory: Well, uh.. he was a small chicken cooped up on a farm. And now he's a large chicken hoping to be cooped up with a new crew in order to see the world for himself now that he's got much to ponder and think about. That's about it.

Techniques: I'll just form these as the RP goes on and gradually edit them in.

Other: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions rules.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Very interesting character idea, accepted and awaiting to see what you do with him. Though only the first individual who eats a Devil Fruit gains the power so the rest of the pen eating the leftover wouldn't really do anything.
Ah, gotcha. I'll make a little edit to match this.

EDIT: The change has been made! The fusion's permanence now depends on how similiar the target is to Sinclair, which would still allow the Hens to stay fused to him.
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Name: Antonio

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Standing at an imposing 5'10", Antonio emanates a captivating ruggedness that immediately captures one's gaze. His untamed, ebony hair cascades untidily just below his brows, partially concealing his entrancing amber eyes that seem to harbor untold mysteries. His dark bronze-like skin showcases a tapestry of scars, each telling a unique tale with its varying sizes and depths. A touch of stubble adds to his aura of intriguing roughness. Antonio's 187-pound frame strikes a perfect balance between muscularity and agility, embodying power in its lean form. His attire is modest yet utilitarian — a roughly tailored pair of pants crafted from coarse animal fur. Secured at his hips are two commanding knives, exuding an air of primal readiness. Smaller blades are discreetly tucked into makeshift pockets, a testament to his survival instincts. Draped across his shoulders, a majestic gray wolf's pelt commands attention. The creature's head forms a hood, cascading over Antonio's own, symbolizing his profound connection with the untamed.

Personality: Antonio's youthful aspirations are rooted in the tranquility of hunting and culinary craftsmanship, a quest for a life uncomplicated by burdensome responsibilities. However, beneath this longing resides a persistent sense of being adrift, a puzzle concerning his place in the world that eludes comprehension. Amidst the primal cadence of the hunt, Antonio momentarily escapes this unease, finding solace for his uncertainties. Yet, the enigma of his tribe's history and the void left by his father's departure persist at the fringes of his understanding. Antonio emerges as an inquisitive soul, finding grounding in the hunt while wrestling with the intricate interplay of identity and belonging. He traverses the wilderness of existence, seeking authenticity and clarity in a world often clouded with complexity.

Devil Fruit: N/A

Weapons: Antonio wields two distinctive blades: "Cleave" and "Cut."

Cleave: A substantial meat cleaver, nearly as wide as it is long, measuring 40 inches in length.

Cut: A substantial chef's knife measuring 60 inches.

Cut's: Antonio possesses around 16 knives of varying sizes, primarily employed for food preparation but also adeptly employed as throwing knives. These knives feature dark iron blades attached to equally dark wooden handles.

Backstory: Antonio's origins trace back to an extraordinary tribe of renowned hunters, celebrated worldwide for their unparalleled expertise in tracking and capturing elusive prey. Yet, this distinction comes shackled to a heavy price, as the tribe endures perpetual servitude to world nobles, who indulge in the spoils of the hunters' labor by savoring their finest meats.

Raised in the refuge of his father's escape from servitude, Antonio's early years were nurtured by the teachings of a hunter. However, at the age of 15, his father's abrupt and enigmatic departure thrust him into an uncharted realm of solitude and uncertainty. Guided by his father's wisdom and his tribe's legacy, Antonio embarked on a deeply personal odyssey, yearning to carve his own destiny. Fueled by an insatiable drive for self-improvement and a fervent ambition to shatter the chains of servitude, he embarked on a dual path. This transition from a skilled hunter to a dedicated chef showcased his multifaceted character, as he transformed raw ingredients into culinary masterpieces that encapsulated his journey's essence and his distinct identity.

Techniques: Antonio's approach to combat revolves around the primal application of his blades, employing them with a combination of slashing and hacking techniques.

Other: I confirm that I have thoroughly reviewed and adhered to the rules.


Previously Shadow_Pup
I had some old characters I've been meaning to use and I thought they'd probably fit in pretty well here so figured why not.
Name: Jack "Wrench" Dawson
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Jack has a rather slender but muscular body type. He is 5'8" and has golden blonde hair and yellow eyes. He wears his hair in a ponytail and it has several flecks of oil in it. He usually wears a dirty white t-shirt with denim overall with both straps off so they work more as trousers. He also has black boots and gloves and wears a pair of welding googles on his forehead.
Personality: Jack is pretty chilled out, he tends to go about life letting whatever happens happen. He does have some passions though in that he is a cracking good blacksmith and metal forger which has made him surprisingly strong for his build. He cares greatly for his big sister but can be a bit of a nuisance. He has Urbach-Wiethe disease which is a disorder that prevents him from feeling any kind of fear, no matter the situation, this usually results in him biting off more than he can chew.
Devil fruit: None currently
Weapons: A large wrench
Relationships: Katelyn Dawson (Sister), Trey Dawson (Brother)(Deceased)

Name: Katelyn "Spanners" Dawson
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: Katelyn is very pretty, her mother used to say she had the body of a model and the face of an angel. She has strawberry blonde hair (so kind of ginger) and golden yellow eyes. She wears her hair loose so that it reaches down to her lower back and she has a spattering of freckles around her nose and under her eyes. She usually wears short shorts and crop tops that are almost always covered in oil and dirt. She also tends to be barefoot and has a leather bracelet on her left wrist.
Personality: Katelyn is very motherly bit she wasn't always, she was once very hyper and reckless similar to her brother but after her older brother Trey died, she had to grow more mature and start looking after Jack like Trey did for the both of them. She is brave and headstrong but can get easily agitated and hates blowhards. She is a very tech savvy engineer, she can fix most vehicles and utilities.
Devil fruit: Will get the Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Flame Fruit) at some point in the rp.
Weapons: A pair of spanners
Relationships: Jack Dawson (Brother), Trey Dawson (Brother)(Deceased)

(P.S. I read the rules XP)
Name: Orion D. Vance
Race: Mink
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Vance is a Water Deer Mink, orange brown fur covers his entire body. He has dark brown eyes and short hazel hair that sits atop his animal head. Vance is of average height, standing at 1.75 meters tall with an athletic build.

Vance wears a pair of dark grey pants with black boots. His upper body is clothed by a simple short sleeved white buttoned shirt under an open black jacket with a hood.

Personality: Vance is a logical person who is good at looking at the bigger picture. He is adept at keeping calm during stressful situation and finding the best solutions out of those predicaments. Being a Mink, Vance is a skilled fighter from birth, possessing a keen mind for battles and is good at improvising on the spot. With that said, he is almost clueless when it comes to social interactions. Vance is extremely awkward when engaging in casual conversations and often words things very badly. A stark contrast to his demeanor during combat situations.

Nevertheless, Vance values his allies and does make an effort to speak with them. The mink is a laid back individual who doesn't let himself get swept away by emotions. However, the man isn't one to sit idly if someone he cares about is being mistreated.

Devil fruit: Suraimu-Suraimu No Mi/ Slime-Slime Fruit
Weapons: None
Unlike most Minks, Vance was born outside the Grand Line. Long before him birth, his parents had set off from their home to pursue their own adventure. Sadly, things did not end well for them as a series of unfortunate events eventually led to them ending up outside the Grand Line.

The initial band of 6 has now shrunk down to just Vance's parents. The mink duo wandered around the East Blue before landing on an island where the locals didn't immediately chase them off. Vance was born on that island.

Growing up amongst humans, Vance was often ostracized by the other kids his age. While he didn't quite mind it, he did still find it rather lonely to not have any friends his age. As such, he spent the majority of his time with his parents, learning about their culture and home. The stories told by his parents filled the young mink's mind full of wonder. So, Vance has decided; once he came of age, he was going to set sail and visit his people's birthplace. His day to day life remained rather uneventful for most of his early life. However, that peace didn't last forever.

One day, while Vance was training with his father, a pirate ship docked on their little island. They had learned that a couple of Minks were living on here and were looking to make a some easy money selling them off to slavery. Not wanting to get the villagers involved, Vince and his parents went to face the invaders by themselves at the edge of the island. While the enemy were numerous and well outnumbered the family of Minks, the animal people's innate battle prowess and Electro were too much for the pirates to handle. However, these scoundrels were not planning to fight fairly. Just as the battle was almost over, the ship's cannons began firing, causing chaos to erupt on the battlefield.

Amidst the sea of explosions, one of the opposing pirates took advantage of the situation and attacked a disorientated Vance. His mother jumped in and took the blow for her son, sustaining a fatal injury from that action. This also drew his father's attention for a second, leading to him also getting impaled by a sword. Despite their injuries, the seasoned fighters continued to fight on and drove the pirates to retreat, leaving the island and sustaining considerable losses.

Victory wasn't without its costs, unfortunately. As they kept fighting, the wounds sustained by the Mink couple only worsened. The pair were now beyond saving, bleeding out on the beaches of an island far away from their birthplace. Before they passed, they exchanged their final words with their son, who vowed to return to their homeland in their place. Soon after that, they passed away, leaving Vance truly alone.

  • Slime Rocket: Vance creates a layer of slime over his fist and draws it back. He then releases the tension, launching the slimy construct out towards it's target.
  • Slime Cannon: Vance coats his arm in slime before throwing the slime fist forward as a projectile.
  • Slime Armor: Vance coats parts of his body with his slime, increasing his defence as well as his attack potency.
  • Slime Whip: Vance extends a slimy tendril and uses it for long ranged attack or as a grappling hook.
  • Slime Shot: Vance creates small slime pellets which he can throw at his opponents. These pellets can either be simple concusive projectiles or can be made to stick to their target to trap them.
  • Slime Slingshot: Vance creates a "Band" between his index and thumb which he can then use as a slingshot to fire his slime pellets with, increasing their accuracy.
  • Shock Fangs: Vance runs his Electro though his fangs and shock whatever comes in contact with them.
  • Conductor Slime: Vance channels his Electro through his slime.
  • Electro Combat: General use of channeling the Mink's innate electrical abilities into his attacks.
Devil Fruit

: Suraimu-Suraimu No Mi/ Slime-Slime Fruit
Description: The fruit is in a container like shape, consisting of a cylinder being topped by another shorter and wider cylinder.
Type: Paramecia
Powers: This fruit gives the user the ability to create and manipulate a slimy substance from their body. This slime can either be bouncy or sticky at the user's will. The slime is resistant against physical attacks but is vulnerable to cold or heat based attacks as the substance is prone to freezing and combusting respectively.
How it was acquired: Vance bought this fruit from a merchant who did not know the true nature of the Devil Fruit, believing it to simply be a strange looking fruit. He was glad to get it off his hands since no one was willing to buy it from him. As such, the mink was able to acquire it for cheap.

I, of course, have read the rules. I wrote them after all. Sorry it took me this long to finish, I had some writer's block with my backstory and ended up procrastinating for too long.
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By request, I'll be switching characters from Harprhina to Toyoji here!

Name: ??? — Toyoji
Race: Mink - Sea Otter
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: Toyoji believes in love. She believed that redemption and forgiveness should be met out to even the vilest and most heinous criminals. Everyone has a second, third, and even fourth chance to make amends, to turn their life around and renounce their villainous ways; but, as is often the case, ‘the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak’. The path to salvation is one of sacrifice and hardship and rarely can it be completed in solitude.

True justice is not only stopping evil but expunging it. This requires not just stopping the person committing the crime, but—where possible—removing the driving force behind committing such evil.

Toyoji believes the aspiration to love is the greatest trait a person can have, something people should strive towards even if they don't always meet it.

Weapons: Sword
Backstory: Toyoji was born within Wano Country, a descendant of a group of Minks who washed ashore after a disastrous shipwreck. The Minks were often discriminated against by the inhabitants of Wano but their combative nature caused them to fight back against the oppression. After a short and unsuccessful revolt, the Minks were relegated to the Country's underclass.

Toyoji has never known her parents and instead was raised by an Oiran, before her departure from Wano, she was a zashiki-mochi ranked Oiran.

Extra: I have indeed read the rules.


Previously Deathstalker62
I've been thinking about it and I think Sinclair may be most fitting as a Lookout, given that he's already got instincts to be as vigilant as possible, that and his senses being the equivalent of about 12 chickens at once which could grant him an easier time keeping watch over the ship's surroundings. Otherwise, he could just simply act as the ship pet or possibly as Quartermaster, depending on which roles are gonna be left for him to cover.
I've been thinking about it and I think Sinclair may be most fitting as a Lookout, given that he's already got instincts to be as vigilant as possible, that and his senses being the equivalent of about 12 chickens at once which could grant him an easier time keeping watch over the ship's surroundings. Otherwise, he could just simply act as the ship pet or possibly as Quartermaster, depending on which roles are gonna be left for him to cover.
I love how our characters sound like original One Piece characters but also a slight parody of the canon cast, and that's absolutely hilarious.

As for my character, while she is a navigator, you'll find her on the last island she set sail from (because she sailed back) and won't want to join the crew. At first. Enough probing and she'll join the most tsundere way possible after saying she won't and leaving, and then just appearing on the ship begrudgingly before anybody gets there and be like "heard you guys need a ship? Might as well have me as your navigator" or something like that. lol
She also still has her father's ship with sea stone on the underside, however it's been cracked and hasn't been fixed up in a long time because she hasn't had the funds or been doing any jobs to get it fixed. But it's their first ship and she wouldn't mind using it and then trading it in for something better along the way, she just wants to keep the sails and a few of the other things.

She just really doesn't want people to die for her on their journey, but considering it's dangerous, she's gambling with that, but she secretly wants to go out on an adventure to experience what her father did and go further than he had on the Grand Line.

If your characters end up getting stuck trying to recruit her, she has her father's crew in the same town she's in and they can give your characters some insight as well as say some key words to get her to go on it again, even if she denies it at first.