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  1. Grand Master Koop

    Ask to Join Set Sail: A One Piece RP

    Wealth, Fame, Power. These are all things the great Pirate King, Gol D. Rogers, achieved throughout his journey across the world. On the day of his execution, the man's final words sent a stir that was felt across the entire world: With the flames fanned and the will of the people ignited...
  2. Schrift

    Private/Closed 7 Seas

    The small Island was deserted, apart from a few small villages that scattered the island. In the port, the Northern Dragon towered above the other ships. The villagers, all looked at the ship, half in awe, the rest grimacing about how theft was the only way it could've been taken. Chester...
  3. Schrift

    Private/Closed 7 Seas (discussion)

    600 years ago, the world was ruled by Lord Daragon, he ruled the seas after eating the Fruit of the Heavens, making him a living god. For years he ruled the world, until seven heroes, challenged and fought him. The heavens shook and the oceans raged, the legendary battle created the seven seas...
  4. ThatDamnEmu

    Open The Mystery of Rabua Bay

    Ahoy there! Do you fancy action packed adventure on the high seas? Perhaps you're more interested in gathering priceless treasures? Maybe you just want to explore ancient ruins and solve mystical riddles? If you said yes to any of these, you're in the right place, friend! WARNING: As this RP...
  5. JacobRaze

    Ask to Join A Pirated Life.

    A story of Sky Pirates in a steam-punky America. Please sign up as follows. Name: Erik Fenton Gender: Age: 20 Appearance: usually wears a simple red shirt with a large jacket around it with Jeans. His dark hair is messy, but short. Backstory: Was a street Urchin until he was recruited by a...
  6. AgrarianAtlas

    Ask to Join The Pirates of Kalos

    Hello hello! Let's just make this introduction quick and say that everything you need to know about this RP, including plot and rules, are all posted in the discussion thread by the same name. The most basic premise involved Marcel O'Bithel, a pirate captain docked in the shores of Kalos, and...
  7. AgrarianAtlas

    Open The Pirates of Kalos (DISCUSSION THREAD)

    Hello hello! This RP starts off in the fictional seawall city of Corsaire-de-Milo in Kalos, based on the beautiful real life French city, Saint-Malo. Once we've got everyone who's joining on board, we'll be setting sail to the bowtie-shaped Laurel Region, based loosley on semi-modern day Italy...
  8. Galaxy Sylveon

    Ask to Join The Pirate Eeveelutions

    Hey guys! You are either a shiny or normal eeveelutions and your a pirate! You search for treasures and the normal and shiny versions always stick together when the team splits up. (E.G Shiny and Normal Sylveon stays together). There are great wars. Dusk the Umbreon- _Umbreon_ Eclipse the Shiny...
  9. Bluefeather

    Private/Closed A Broken Heart At Sea (Ask To Join)

    Hello! So, this is my second Pokemon role-play. Hopefully it'll go well. We are all Pokemon who forge a pirate team after being abandoned by our trainers. The location is the Decolore islands in the Unova region. I'm going to be Liepard. You can all be whatever Pokemon you want as long as it's...