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Previously Schrift007
The small Island was deserted, apart from a few small villages that scattered the island. In the port, the Northern Dragon towered above the other ships. The villagers, all looked at the ship, half in awe, the rest grimacing about how theft was the only way it could've been taken. Chester strolled off the deck onto the port. "Manzo, get some supplies with some of the crew", he ordered one of the remaining boatswain. Manzo strolled out of the ship with four other men, compared to him, they dwarfed under his size. "Get Sop Sop here, I'm gonna need his help", one of the crewmen ran back onto the ship emerging with a dwarfish man, with a beard that ran to his waist. "C'mon we gotta find our new crew"

Sop Sop set up a stall near the ship, while Chester went to the local pub. "Smells like something died here", he muttered under his breath. "Anybody found a bottle, that talks about the Northern dragon?" he shouted, one of the men laughed at his question. Chester turned around to look him in the eye, before taking his drink and having a large mouthful. "Thanks for the drink, I needed that" he sniggered. Whoever this man was took this as an offence and aimed his flintlock at Chester before past his head. "Dumb move", he said turning around and slashing down with his machete. The man looked down and saw his belt cut in two. "Anyone who got that bottle follow me to the ship." the door slammed shut.

Meanwhile, Sop Sop was hitting a pan with a meat hammer shouting, Northern Dragon. Many eyes stared at him, a few people even shouting for him to stop. "If you got that bottle that's your ticket, get over here now", he shouted, hitting the pot even harder. Sop Sop was doing, an awkward shuffle to the beat he was making. Saru jumped onto his head, the little monkey trying to make Sop Sop stop.

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Olanian Scipio sat in a far booth of the nearest pub he could find. He rolled the odd bottled messaged carefully in his palms almost the whole trip. What words he spoke to the crew of the ship he found passage on, he had spoken carefully.

His rifle and his cutlass sat propped up beside him like they were his drinking mates, Scipio was cleaning out his third mug of whatever swill the barkeep dug up from the well when a man walked in shouting about the bottle. Olanian had figured the men might be more private than this, but what was one to expect of pirates?

He was up before the man's belt had fallen down, and he'd collected his things as the belt crumpled to the floor. Olanian sidled up to the bar and ordered a final mug as the man reiterated his call and slammed shut the door. Scipio drank faster than he had before, slammed the mug down and headed for the port

The man hitting the pan shouting "Northern Dragon!" over and over was even less conspicuous than the tavern intruder. Olanian walked on down, holding his arm up into the air.

From the sky, Waxwing swooped down, hard shelled and squawking loud as he did, though his words were often indispensable.

With the turtleparrot on his shoulder, Olanian walked up to the pan slamming man and showed him the bottle, held cautiously in both hands.
In one of the corners in the pub, Ren--a young man donned with a black cloak sat at a table with a large mug of beer in his hand, he constantly took sips of the alcohol, undeterred by it's strong taste. Ren's eyes looked up when he saw a rather tall man walk in to the bar and exclaim something about 'Northern Dragon.' Ren looked at the event that followed shortly after with indifference, if that man was annoying him and not the tall man, Ren would have killed him without a second thought... but then remembered that the place he was in wasn't Kage.

Ren downed the last of his drink and went to return the mug to the counter, only for him to accidentally bump in to a large, chubby man with a beard that covered his entire jaw. "Watch where you're goin' scrawny!" The man yelled in a hoarse voice, Ren simply looked up at the man who looked back, almost as if they started a staring contest, although as the man looked at Ren, he began to grow more suspicious. "Hang on, I feel like I've seen ye before... have I?" The man asked, his anger clearly turned to curiosity.

Ren simply scoffed as he turned to put the mug on the counter, the bartender went to collect it, but when he looked at Ren, he froze in shock. "You... y-you're... it can't be!" The bartender said as he quickly took the mug away, the chubby man looked at the bartender. "What? Who is he? Spit it out!" He demanded.

"Don't you know who that is?! T-that's The Red Crow!" The bartender explained, the man--along with several other people at the bar--stopped what they did and looked at Ren in shock, Ren on the other hand didn't care, although brief signs of a smile seemed to appear before his face returned to his usual scowl. Ren reached in to his cloak and put a small coin purse on the counter before he walked out of the pub, the people inside seemed cautious until he left.

Ren let out a sigh before he reached in to his cloak once more and got out a strange bottle with rolled up paper in it, he gave the bottle a little stare before he shrugged and began to make his way down to the docks, as he walked, a small murder of crows seemed present around him, some of which scared away the local seagulls. "Nothern Dragon!" Sop Sop exclaimed in a vexing manner before one crow flew straight in to him and tried to take a bite out of the meat hammer he hit a pan with. Ren began to walk towards the stall without a second thought and thought to himself. "Not a bad ship he's got, maybe this lil' goose chase won't be as boring as I thought." As he looked at the Northern Dragon.

"Judging by your annoying talk, that giant ship there's this so called Northern Dragon?" Ren asked, indifferent about the other people present around him, despite the fact his eyes turned to look at them.


Previously Night's Shadow
Kai Tanaka had taken her skiff out for a bit of morning sailing, her loyal dragon gecko at her side. Or on her head, same difference. When she’d come across a bottle bobbing in the water, she’d immediately snagged it, opened it, and read through the message inside. She turned to Enji. Alright, buddy, she signed. Looks like we got a bit of sailing ahead of us.

By the time the two had arrived on Kage, there was already a huge ship in the harbor. That’s our ride, Enji, Kai signed excitedly, the speed of her movements increasing with anticipation. At that point, a large man and a smaller one came out of the ship, one heading into a tavern, the other attempting to make music with a real terrible rhythm. Kai sighed. What a nut job. Hopefully he knows how to fight. That guy better not be captain, jeez.

She shook the impolite thoughts out of her head and instead, with two swift motions, pulled her skiff into the harbor, tied it up, and leaped off with incredible agility. After stumbling half a step to regain her balance, she whistled for Enji, and the dragon gecko descended to her shoulder. Kai winced at the harsh sounds of hammer on pan, and made her way towards them.

When she arrived in front of the musician wannabe, she held up the note that had been in the bottle as explanation. At that point, Kai realized that communication would be a problem. Anyone speak sign language? she signed awkwardly.


Previously Schrift007
"no, I'm sorry that's the southern dragon." he jested. "OF COURSE IT'S THE NORTHERN DRAGON!! what other ship do you know that is this glorious? I'm Sop, or as the crew call me Sop Sop. I'm the head chef", Saru jumped down onto his shoulder, hiding behind of his head. Partly because of the crows and partly because of Sop Sop. "This is Saru, Captain's monkey, if you got the bottle go aboard the ship", Saru held his dagger posed at Ren. When Kai came along, Saru dropped his dagger and jumped onto her head. "Ah young missy, if you want to follow the red headed man aboard the ship then wait for the captain." he told her gesturing to the ship. "Saru, follower her to the ship" he told the monkey.
A tall, shaggy man lied shirtless in a makeshift hammock aboard the deck of the "Northern Dragon", a great grin across his face.
Hammock's slow, methodic swinging went along perfectly with the peaceful movement of the ship struck by sea waves,
and the rays of the midday sun gently caressed the young man's visage, while cool sea breeze messed his long, brown hair. A mix of black powder's sharp smell and sea's subtle scent filled his nostrils. A day of dreams, indeed!
The man's smile widened even further

"Mister Addams! Pray check once more whether the powder barrels are all safely packed and loaded. I presume our beloved lord-Captain would be very upset if one of those happened to explode mid-cruise. And fetch me a bottle of rum!" the young man exclaimed out in the open without opening his eyes.

"Aye aye" a hoarse voice replied, followed by patter of footsteps

The young man fell silent again, taking pleasure in beautiful weather all around him.
Yes... Dorian Blackhorse could hardly imagine a better life for himself.
Ren rolled his eyes, clearly un-amused by Sop sop's response to his question. "I've seen a lot of ships be considered "glorious" right before they started sinking, your captain better prove me wrong." Ren replied, with his question answered, he immediately walked up on to the ship, the breeze blew against his cloak which revealed his straps filled with many throwing knives and twin cutlasses. As Ren went to lean on one of the masts, a few crows seemed to fly overhead while some rested upon the wooden deck, the sound of seagulls was oddly replaced by the sound of squawking crows.
Olanian observed the other two waiting by the boat, doing his best to ignore the banging and screeching of the man who called himself Sop Sop. The man arrived just after he, but the girl seemed to have been waiting for a few minutes.

She threw up several short signs with her hands, and Scipio regarded her coldly for a moment, before realizing she couldn't speak. He turned to her and motioned his hands; Not well, but can talk small. He signed to her, earnest in his well meaning.

They were told to follow the red head, so that's what Olanian did, feeling his bare feet stomping against the hard wood of the docking plate, walking onto the deck of the ship.

Though he'd spent much time at sea of late, none of the ships he'd been on had near the size or the character as this Northern Dragon. He smiled and looked around, from the masts to the upper deck where the steering wheel sat, taking it all in.


Previously Night's Shadow
Kai inclined her head in gratitude to the man who understood her signs before following the line of people filing onto the massive ship. Once she was onboard, she swiveled her head around, taking in every last detail of the ship in awe. The regal sweep of the bow, the simple elegance of the masts, and best of all, the tangle of rigging that she would be climbing. She smiled slightly, relaxing against a mast as she waited for the rest of the crew.

Enji flew circles around her head, occasionally sending small bursts of flame harmlessly into the air. Kai rebuked him gently in hand signs, causing him to settle down on her shoulder, slightly crestfallen. Sorry, she signed. We don’t want to cause trouble for the captain, now, do we? Sit still for a bit. The dragon gecko growled in reluctant agreement. Good, the girl thought to herself. Now, I wonder what the rest of the crew will be like?
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-Late on the previous night-

"Quiet, mate. Don't bump."

"Aye, aye, I know. Just be ready t' fend off, James."

The two men rowing the small boat muttered quietly to one another, and to their companion in the bow. The later, the one addressed as James, shifted in his seat as the boat approached a pier. They were working only by moonlight and a few glimmerings from lanterns in the town, and it was causing the man in the bow some trouble. He was only just in time to fend off as they drifted silently up. One of the rowers took the oars and placed them in the bottom of the small craft as his companion jumped onto the pier. As they tied up and unloaded, there was scarcely a sound, just the gentle lapping of the waves and the creak of complaining lumber.

Having fully unloaded, the three men crept down the harbor street. There was even less noise here than on the pier, since it was late and even the taverns had closed for the night. The shadowed forms paused and conversed in whispers for several minutes. Then, once whatever they were discussing was resolved, all three entered a small side street and vanished for the rest of the night.





"Northern Dragon!"

James rolled out of his uncomfortable spot on the ground. One of his two companions groaned and cursed at the racket, and James shared the sentiment. He had managed to sleep fairly soundly through the morning bustle, but this infernal racket made rest impossible.


"Northern Dragon!"

James paused. He got up, picked up the small bag he had used as a pillow, and shook his companions. "That's it. The Northern Dragon is in port, and they're getting their men. Come." He picked up another small bag as his two ill-kempt companions roused themselves.

Anyone who glanced into the secluded side street where the three had spent their hours of slumber might think the sight rather strange: the two stocky and commonly dressed sea dogs were a common enough sight in the area, but the third was too richly dressed to quite fit in. His clothes were dirty and worn, but anyone looking closely enough could still see their fine quality. His boots, too, were good, and he had almost had them stolen once or twice. Most surprising of all, perhaps, was the sword that rested at his belt. While flintlocks and cutlasses were by no means uncommon weapons, the thin steel blade and ornate handle and hilt guard of the rapier quite rare.

And it was this party of three that exited the alleyway a few minutes later. They approached the man who was making all the racket and calling out the name of the ship and stood in front of him. One of James' companions stepped forward and reached into his bag. He came out with a bottle, and rolled up inside was a piece of parchment.

"We're here to sign aboard the crew of the Northern Dragon."
"There it is! Ghost Island, and the Northern Dragon, I assume!" Sparrow exclaimed to himself. After finding the bottle washed up on the shore of the cove he was camping out at, Sparrow had decided to make the short journey in his rowboat, which he had basically transformed into a small sloop, to the island. As he landed on the islands shores, he bid farewell to his faithful portable home, which he had grown quite fond of, and set off in the direction of the docks.

As he approached, Sparrow quickly realised the loud banging sound he had been hearing when he had landed was coming from outside the ship, and he could now make out the words the person was saying. He continued to walk toward the dock, quicker now and bottle in hand. He finally reached the small crowd of people gathered around the man, all with similar bottles in hand, and after raising his bottle and receiving a nod from the odd man, he stepped onto the ship with glee. He'd never been on a boat quite this large, and was happy to finally be part of a crew that weren't just enslaving him. "I wonder where the captain is?" He said aloud, though mostly to himself, "wasn't he going to be greeting us?"
Suddenly, some strange smell alerted Dorian. Was something... burning?
He dashed out of his hammock, and quickly scouted the deck in search of the flames. Something among other crew members piqued his interest. Was it a fire breathing lizard? Yes, it was definitely there!

Blackhorse started making his way towards the girl with the bizarre lizard.

"Hey! Hey, you there! Keep that frog on a short leash, will ya? Fire outside the kitchen or my beauties' fuses is the worst thing that can happen to a ship! Better remember that, you hear me?" he snorted angrily, then fell quiet and shook his head

"Pardon me, I'm simply trying to be careful when it comes to fire. I 'ave seen too many explosions and combustions in my beautiful life to take this force of nature lightly."

Then Dorian eyed the girl from head to feet, still talking.
"Huh. Our new lil' roperunner, I suppose?" he grinned and gave the girl a heavy pat on the back "Welcome to the "Northern Dragon, kiddo!"


Previously Gamingfan2
Piran looked disappointed at his catch.
"A bottle? I don't think this is edible, no matter how you cook it." he complained, before realizing there was a paper in the bottle. More curious than anything, he opened it and read it.
Approximately three minutes later he was running through a crowd, with Fang snarling a split in it. As he passed, Piran apologized profusely.
Over the complaints and screams of the crowd, Piran heard a man yelling Northern dragon like he was part of a ritual of sorts. Actually, when he looked over, he was smacking a meat hammer and a pan together, so he may have not been far off. Ah well, a crew always has its crazies. He had to wonder why the captain accepted this guy.
Piran walked up to the man, holding his bottle. "So, from your religious screaming, I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume this is the Northern dragon. This is a bottle, and I assume you know what for." he explained with a grin.
Fang was near him, but noticably farther away from the others signing up as well.
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Previously Night's Shadow
Kai started at the sound of a gruff voice. She waved at him, bemused by the onslaught of information that had been dumped on her. And insults too, she thought, especially with the way Enji’s looking at him. She stumbled forwards a half-step at the pat on the back; she wasn’t exactly the picture of physical strength. But the guy seemed sincere, and his change from protective of his cannons to welcoming made Kai smile.

Thank you, she signed, completely forgetting that he probably wouldn’t understand her. I’m Kai, and the “frog” is Enji. The dragon gecko gave a snort at the “frog” comment, and resignedly climbed her head.


Previously Schrift007
Sop Sop was starting to become overwhelmed by the amount of people that had arrived. He didn't expect one to come, let alone five. "Um, well, uh", he was beginning to break under the pressure until Chester arrived. "Ah Sop Sop see you've been making friends.", he slurred. God that drink was strong wonder what they put in it, he thought. "Ok well I think that's most of them, stay down here and wait for any newbies", he said before boarding the ship. Onboard a bald man, accompanied Chester, following him like a dog. "You all must've gotten the letter about what you're gonna be getting yourself into, so get in line recruits". He strolled around the new poeple taking in all there different shapes and sizes. "I am Captain Chester Tamashi!!" he exclaimed to everyone.

He walked up to Olanian first. "my god you have been in many victorious fights, or just one terrible fight". He eyed his musket, half in awe another in confusion. "How do you feel about being control of cannons and anything to do with guns" he asked. "Go talk to Dorian over there he should show you the ropes", he gestured a hand at Dorian.

He moved onto Ren, "Bit gothic don't you think? Don't worry this ship is made up of a lot of colours", he prodded one of his machetes at Ren's back. "You would make a perfect boatswain, wait for Manzo to come back you can't miss him. Just look out for the moving mountain with supplies.", he cocked his head towards Sparrow. "you too". He was about to move onto the next person when he spotted a group of three men. "You three join dark side's squad, you will work for him and work your way up" he told James.

Chester stopped at Kai, he bent down to her height. "We don't need another rigging monkey, we have jackson", he told her. "Captain Jackson died, he was shot and died of gangrene. You buried him on Dragon's island yourself." chirped the bald man, finally speaking up. "He was a fine rigging monkey, okay kid your onboard, climb the mast and familiarise yourself with the mast, try not to die on your first day.", he whispered the last part.

Finally he moved onto Piran. Chester jumped back when he saw Fang, "what the hell is that thing Roscow" he turned to the bald man. "It seems to be a wolf pup Captain". Chester went into a deep thought about what to do about the wolf or Piran, but eventually his decision came. "You're gonna be our new quartermaster, get used to the crew and the deck. I suggest either following Dorian or waiting for Manzo". Saru jumped off Kai's head and onto Chester's shoulder. "You all can get to know the crew and each other, while we wait for anyone else" he told the others.
Chester Tamashi...the name rung a bell somehow. The loud and boisterous weren't often Scipio's type, but they could prove useful cover in times of turmoil. The Captain strolled up and down the lines in examination of his new crew. Indeed, he did seem the type to recruit via bottled messages.

When Tamashi walked up to Scipio the Captain let out a quick quip, to which Waxwing spread its thin, scaly wings and screeched out in what sounded to be horror. Olanian stood stone faced and still, turning to face the direction he was told to find Dorian.

He looked back to the rest of the new crew, and around at what remained of the old. With a shrug, he walked over to the man named Dorian and stood before him, arms folded across his chest.

"If you've instruction to give, give it," he said, impatient, "or I'll learn what I need by myself."
Ren rolled his eyes at Chester when he was referred to as 'Gothic.' "Well being born in Kage isn't exactly sunshine and rainbows." Ren replied before he went over and suggested that he become a boatswain, Ren shrugged at the suggestion, he didn't mind having to do a bit of deck work, but it also knew that he'd be one of the most likely people to fight against anyone who would be suicidal enough to get in his way. The so called 'Red Crow' looked over at the captain for a brief moment before he went to find Manzo, this so called 'moving mountain with supplies'... or instead, have a little wander around the ship to get familiar with what it was like as well as some of the crew mates already on board, one of which flinched at the mere sight of Ren, it was likely he knew of Ren's reputation and dramatic alias.


Previously Gamingfan2
Piran grinned at Chester's surprise. Seeing a wolf, especially one as big as Fang, unnerved many people, and Fang seemed to love it by the way he raised his head proudly.
Then Chester decided his placement, and it was Piran's turn to be surprised.
"WHAT. I'm the quartermaster? I just got here though...and then there's my age...and general weirdness...and me being softie." he shook his head. It is what it is. Hopefully he won't let anyone down.
Piran bent down to Fang and patted his head. "Be good Fang. No eating anyone yet." Fang pulled back his lips, showing his fangs, in what Piran was sure was supposed to be smile, albeit a menacing one, and trotted off.
Piran stood up and took in his surroundings. There were so many people to meet and know, he wasn't sure where to begin. He may as well wait for this "Manzo" guy, whoever he was.
Meanwhile, Fang ran up and down the boat, sniffing the area and keeping clear of humans, although he would occasionally sit and watch the crew work from distance, his tail wagging in excitement.
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Previously Night's Shadow
Shut your trap, Kai signed boldy, indignant with the captain’s flippant manner, while fairly certain that he wouldn’t understand her hand signs. She was pretty sure she didn’t like him, even though his four-tailed monkey was cute; she was young, but there was more to her than meets the eye. I seem to be doing just fine without mine. She shook her head with a wry smile as the monkey moved onto the next crew member, then raced off towards the main mast.

Kai spent little time appraising the mast and rigging. She grabbed a rope, tested its strength, and pushed off the mast in a massive leap to another rope. A few more seconds and several jumps later, the girl was near the top of the mast. She wrapped her legs around it, crossing her ankles for a good hold, then fastened her quiver to the top with a quick slip knot so it wouldn’t empty itself on the deck. Enji perched atop the mast as Kai leaned all the way backwards, red hair hanging downwards, held to the mast only by her legs’ grip. What was that about not dying? she signed smugly. Still, not like anyone but the first guy she’d met would be able to understand her impertinent signs. Unless she was wrong. In which case she’d either be praised for her spirit, or totally screwed.
Dorian was in the middle of trying to figure out what Kai's gestures meant, when Tamashi started talking. Blackhorse thoughtlessly waved Kai to be silent (well...) and moved closer to the captain. When he heard his name being mentioned, he assumed a more official pose.

He smiled to Kai reassuringly as she walked away to her new assignment, then nodded to the newcomer.
"Why so impatient? Why so sorrowful? You've got yourself the most fun job on the entire 'Dragon'! You don't have to scrub the deck all day, you just have to attend to these beauties." Dorian patted one of the cannons with visible tenderness.
"You even get to blast people into oblivion from time to time!" He inspected Scopio as he was cackling and talking. The new crew member seemed to be a bit sulky, that is true, but reasonable as well, and that was what mattered when it came to gunplay.

"On the other hand" joyful half-wildling continued "you are responsible for the blackpowder. Which means that if anything explodes, even if it is the tiniest explosion in the entirety of the seven damned seas, the captain will make your sorry ass responsible for that." His face suddenly turned serious
"Speaking of... it has been a while since Addams went down there to check up on these barrels..." The master gunman started walking towards the trapdoor leading to the lower deck, and made a gesture encouraging Scopio to follow "Come! Perhaps you'll learn something."

"Ah yes, I almost forgot." Dorian said as they descended "My name is Dorian Blackhorse, the master gunman of the "Northern Dragon. And whom would you happen to be...?"
“Me? A boatswain? I just got here!” Sparrow thought to himself as he was given his title. He had just gotten on this boat and already he had been thrust into a position he most likely was not qualified for. He looked around for that Manzo guy the captain had told him to seek out, but couldn’t seem to find him anywhere. He decided he’d stay put and wait, he was supposed to be a big guy, so he was sure to stand out.

As he stood waiting, a little girl who seemed not much younger than he caught his eye. Maybe it was due to her unusual youth for a place like this, or being what seemed to be the only girl on the ship that did it. She swiftly managed to scale the mast and rigging, finishing her cli,b by hanging off the edge by only her legs. She then signed something, he had absolutely zero clue what she’d said, but he did know some basic sign language thanks to a woman who had taught him for a few months before his fateful voyage. He looked up at her and smiled as he signed Good job! You’re a- he cut off mid sign and looked down at his fingers as he realised he had no clue how to finish his sentence, signing Nevermind, I’m not that good, with his original smile now being replaced by a mildly frustrated one.


Previously m1h4jl0
It was early in the morning and Mickey was walking on the docks as usual. He found a strange letter in a bottle yesterday. It said that Northern Dragon will arrive at the docks today, and that if you had this bottle, you can join the crew. Since it was early, Mickey doubted that they'll arrive soon, so he went few miles east from the docks to rest on the beach.

He fell asleep and woke up after few hours. It was already afternoon and after he went to the docks, he saw that Northern Dragon had already arrived. It was a truly magnificent ship. Mickey saw a guy in front of it that was yelling Northern Dragon, and he went to talk to him.

"Is this my entry ticket?" Mickey asked with a smile while showing Sop Sop bottle that he had found yesterday.
Olanian Scipio shrugged. He may have seemed sorrowful or impatient, but he simply felt he was ready to begin. But part of him remembered his brother's warning to always seek out new forms of knowledge. So, he relented, letting the seasoned crewman ramble on a tangent while he inspected the canons.

As he was beckoned, so they descended to the lower deck. When the were back standing on solid ship he replied, "Olanian Scipio, former son of Hikari, conquerer of the Kemono Field of Illusion." He stopped for a second to look around the lower deck of the ship, adding with a smile, "And, now, pirate gunman."

He paused, but added, "And I apologize if I seem impatient or unfriendly. I just feel I know my way around a gun." Scipio offered a hand to Dorian, "I promise I won't allow the blackpowder to blow."
"Oh, so you can smile after all." A great grin cracked Dorian Blackhorse's face, as he accepted Scipio's hand. "Looks like you are going to have loads of titles to remember, all that former master Hikari gunsons and illusion conquerors... how can you conquer illusion?"
The elder gunmaster spotted a scarred man limping towards them.

"You'll tell me some other time. Olanian Scipio, meet mister Toker Addams, my main assistant. Addams, this is Scipio, our new gunman. Looks like your promotion will have to be postponed..." Addams spat on the boards beneath Dorian's boots and snorted

"The barrels are fine, we are not going to blow up. Not yet, at least." the old sailor croaked "No piss in them this time."

Dorian nodded with approval "Great. It seems you will have to wait for your lesson in storing powder a bit longer." he told Scipio
"If everything is fine, then let's head back up. Perhaps Captain will give us something to do." Blackhorse started walking back upstairs, followed by grunting Addams.


Previously Schrift007
Chester spotted the new recruit below him. He looked at the helm of the ship and back, "And there's our new Pilot" he muttered, before jumping off the deck of the ship. He landed with a thud, as the bones in his leg snapped, like sound of canon fire. Chester sat up, blinking profoundly at the pain of both his legs broken. He pushed them back into place, smiling at his little joke on the newbie. "Welc-" crack! "ome to-" crack !"the north-" crack! "ern dragon", he finished, the misshapen legs were starting to reform back to normal. "I'm Captain Chester Tamashi, you're a tall one wonder if you could beat Manzo in a fight? Anyway I'm getting side tracked. Welcome to the ship, I'm assigning you role of pilot, since we need one now. Do you know where Sea serpant island is, near Sakana? We're gonna head there, talk the helm, while we get ready. Ship leaves in 15 minutes".

Chester reboarded the ship, "okay crew, get ready we're leaving for sea in 15 minutes, you three " he pointed at James and his little gang "help Manzo pack the supplies in the south of hull. Rigging monkey drop the mast, Boatswains lift anchor and get the ship ready, Sop Sop get up here anybody" He called out the instructions, before turning to Piran. "Overlook the ship, make sure everybody does their part, once done come to my quarters". He went to the captains' quarters, to go check on the logbook and see if he could decipher anymore meaning. Saru went up the mast to follow Kai, on top he signalled, monkey know sign language monkey like girl monkey will let girl borrow his knife. Saru pushed his back towards her, pointing at his knife.
Dorian kept smiling as he watched sailors preparing the "Northern Dragon" to set out from the port.

"See? This is one of these moments when this job starts to shine" he made his way towards the ship's prow and sat in the shadow of the sails "you can simply enjoy the nature's beauty and allow others to do the hard work. We only have to make sure some that things blow up, and that some don't. Perfect, isn't it?" Dorian bared his teeth in a wide smile, and waved at Scipio to sit down next to him. Addams sat down too, and immediately started snoring soundly. "They always talk about 'the sweet life of a sailor', but they never mention that gunman's life is even sweeter"


Previously m1h4jl0
Mickey was really confused by this situation. First captain just comes and says that he is the Pilot of that beautiful ship, then he breaks his legs and then they just magically fix themselves. Without a word and with a really dumb look on his face Mickey climbed the ship and went straight for the rudder. Mickey really liked it. Northern Dragons rudder looked beautiful in his eyes, it was old, but clean and in a great condition. You could really see that people were taking good care of it. Mickey just sat there admiring the rudder and waiting for Captain's orders. He said that they were going to Sea Serpant island. Mickey has never been i that part of the world, but he knew easiest and the fastest way to get to it.
Scipio joined Dorian in looking out over the still sea sitting ahead, ready to engulf them. They both seemed content to ignore the Captain's antics, whatever they were. He nodded along as Dorian spoke, taking a seat beside the senior crewmen, until the end.

"I don't find beauty in the gunman's life, I find beauty in spite of it." He explained, carefully tapping into the power of his blood gem just long enough to create a lily in his palm, and then Dorian's. The smell was right, though Olanian still struggled with the object's physicality.

The lily faded and Scipio shrugged.


Previously Night's Shadow
I assume he meant to "drop the sails," not the mast, Kai signed to the monkey, grinning. It's okay, keep the knife. With that, she righted herself and jumped off the mast, snagging a rope on the way down. Using her crossbow on the rope like a zipline, she swung towards the rigging she needed, landed on the thick strands, untied the knot, paid out the slack, gave Enji what remained, and continued. After two more times, she held three bulky ropes and the sails were halfway lowered. She tied off the ropes where they needed to be, allowing the sails to fall open and fill with wind. Her job done, Kai grabbed her crossbow and perched atop the mast again, looking out at the shimmering waves.


Previously Schrift007
He ain't the brightest candle, but he isn't the dimmest, Saru, signed back. He jumped down from the mast, he landed on Sop Sop, before jumping back to Chester. He headed to the Captain's quarters and sat Saru down next to him. "Stay here for a bit, I need to go check some things". Chester left the room and went to the ship's kitchen, unlike most ship kitchens, Chester had made sure the chef had the equipment they needed and wanted. "Cook up a feast tonight, I'm thinking some chibbit and some dragon fish", he told Sop Sop. "You mean you're making them official members of the northern dragon?!", Sop Sop gave him a nervous look. "Of course, Sop Sop they answered the dragon's call" he replied. "Tonight we're having a feast".
After being pointed at and given instructions, James and his two swarthy companions set off to get to work. While the two sea dogs had no problems moving crates, James had a much more difficult time of it. Although he was fairly strong, the crates were heavy and despite months on shipboard James wasn’t used to this heavy work. As they worked, his two companions began alternately singing a working song and making jests about ‘storing cargo in the ‘south’ of the ship’. They both got a good laugh out of it, and even James chuckled a bit. He had made the same mistake once himself and been laughed out of countenance. Now he could make light of it, but it had been humiliating at the time. James gave the man the benefit of the doubt, supposing that as captain he must have a lot on his mind.
"Don't be so stiff, you'll like it in the end..." suddenly, Dorian was interrupted by a strange phenomenon. A white lily materialised on his hand, ethereal and partialy transparent, but the flower's sweet scent was definitely there, hanging in the air.

"What... what is this?" he studied the lily closely before it faded away
"What magic is this?" Dorian remembered their previous conversation "You said something about conquering illusion earlier, didn't you? Is this what you meant?"

The gunmaster studied Scipio's face carefully, but saw nothing but a stone mask, with no feelings to read.
Addams sneezed, snorted, and went back to snoring
Scipio smiled, "To be quite honest I haven't mastered it, truly. Making something tangible is difficult, even at a small scale. The larger the size of the illusion, the more transparent it becomes - ghost-like, easy to spot."

Then he remembered all he had lost to the gem, before and after he had conquered its magics. Olanian found it difficult, not being stiff. He still dreamed of his living dreams haunting him in a foggy waste. His brothers, caught in a turquoise web, whispering of cannibals.

He shuddered before collecting himself, opting to change the subject by asking, "How'd you end up sailing on the Northern Dragon?"
“Hm? We’re leaving already?” Sparrow said to himself, snapping out of the daze he’d fallen into as he heard his rank called. “Raise the anchor. Right, where’s that capstan then?” He spent a little bit of time searching for it before he eventually found it. He tried his best to push it himself, and made a little bit of progress, but it was just too heavy for one person. “Where’s that other boatswain? Could use some help over here!” He called out as he continued to push.
Ren blinked in surprise when he saw Chester's legs break and suddenly fix themselves, he saw his fair share of broken bones, but to see them miraculously heal in seconds was something new, he turned his head over to where the anchor's winch was and saw the other boatswain there. "Here." He said with a bored tone of voice as he put his hands on the opposite side to where Sparrow was and began to push, Ren's help made the job a lot easier.


Previously Gamingfan2
Piran looked over at Chester, still looking confused at his position " Yeah, okay. I'll get on it." So far only the rigging monkey and the boatswain got orders, so he would have to check them out.
First things first, he looked up to check the rigging monkey. His brows furrowed as he saw no one climbing the mast, then nearly popped off his face when he saw someone already on it, who already comepleted her duty. The rigging monkey, a girl from what he could see, was hanging impressively by her legs, and doing something with her hands. Piran squinted, it was either an insult, a gang sign, or a form of communication. Hoping it was the last one, he gave a salute before continuing.
He went over to the boatswain. Quite a sight it was, two people pushing the anchor. It looked understandably hard, as anchors aren't known or supposed to be light. Piran considered helping them, but he still needed to report back to Chester. The two seemed to doing great on their own, so he gave another salute before walking away.
He opened the doors to Chester's quarters. " 'Sup cap. Everyone seemed to be doing their job well, so I'm sure we'll be able to get this puppy going soon."
Yeah, Piran wasn't the most formal person.


Previously Schrift007
"Good, I might need your help with this logbook. The only clue it gives me about the resurrection is to go to Sea serpent Island. The only problem apart from that is the fact that most of the book is either coded or blank. I'm gonna need your help with thinking of how to decode it. At first I thought it used blood script, so I used some cloth to brush some of my blood on it but that only revealed the sea serpent Island. Can you get your wolf to smell for any other things so I get an idea of where to check" he asked Piran.

Chester felt the ship lurch forward, he ran to the helm, before shouting "The anchors have been raised, set sail to Sea Serpent Island!!". The ocean was like a never ending blanket of blue. The day was slowly rolling by. The clear blue sky, soon turned to night. At night the ship changed, from hard working crew to partying animals. Songs ranged from "you are a pirate" to "Spanish Ladies". "they're a musical bunch, probably one of the reasons why I won't be leaving this ship. If only I can play instruments like them." he said to Mickey. "If your a recruit get down to the dragon's belly we're having food" chester yelled across the ship. He made his way down into the hull. The room he entered was like a bar inside the ship. Tables rounded the Main table, a large circular table.. On it lay Chibbits and fishes from the furthest corners of the map. But the centre piece was the Dragon fish. It was a crimson fish with light blue highlights on the fins. What stood out most from the fish? The two massive wings that sprouted near the fins. He picked up a bottle of rum, before downing it completely. "Dig in when you want".


Previously Night's Shadow
Kai nodded and slid down the mast, feeling the sting of friction as she went. As she headed towards the Dragon’s belly, she whistled along to the music, falling silent again when she reached the table. It seemed she was the first recruit there, and she blinked in confusion as the captain downed a whole bottle of rum. Shouldn’t he be sober if he has a boat to run? Or am I just ignorant because I’m a kid? The last thought was wry as she absentmindedly stroked Enji’s smooth, warm scales, waiting for the other recruits to arrive before digging in.
As the sun began to set and the sky darkened to night, Ren remained on the bow of the ship to try and get as far away from the annoying singers as he could and just enjoy the calm crashing of the waves beneath the ship. He raised an eyebrow when he heard the captain call for the recruits to join for dinner and silently walked over to the Dragon's Belly, a few crew mates gave him a stern look. "This guy's not even trying to socialize, I mean, you'd have to be a loser to not enjoy some good singing." The man said which caused the pair to laugh. Vexed by this, Ren threw a throwing knife which landed on the wood right next to the man who spoke, the knife traveled with the speed of a bullet and caused him to flinch.

Ren simply gave the trio a cold stare which immediately silenced them before Ren proceeded to the Dragon's Belly to see the food laid before the on the table, he silently say down and went to help himself to a little bit of fish. When he was told to dig in, he did just that, although he didn't pay much attention to those around him... although part of him thought that the food was rather delicious, even if his indifferent expression didn't show it.


Previously Gamingfan2
Piran tilted his head, but obliged "Um, okay." As Chester left the room, Piran ran over and kept the door open. He gave a sharp whistle, his way to call Fang. The wolf was previously napping on the hull of the ship, before waking up and quickly running for Piran, going through his legs and into Chester's quarters.
Piran closed the door. "Okay bud. I need you to sniff this." he asked, presenting the book to Fang. The wolf loyally began sniffing the pages, before straightening and motioning with his head, swinging it to the left.
Piran grinned. "Good job" and flipped the pages and stopping in a random spot. Fang motioned again, and after a bit of trial and error, they finally had the right page.
Piran placed down the book and went out the door. "Hey Cap! We found someth-are you drinking? Y'know what, nevermind. We found something interesting. You'll want to check it out."