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  1. Grand Master Koop

    Ask to Join Naruto: One's Nindo

    (Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/naruto-everyones-ninja-way.27159/) Not many events are as important for a Ninja as the famed Chunin exams, a test that serves to determine whether of not one has come far enough to be promoted from their Genin status into that of a Chunin. This...
  2. Grand Master Koop

    Ask to Join Naruto: Everyone's Ninja Way

    You know what this is, another attempt at a Naruto RP. However, we are using most of the same cast and characters of the most successful Naruto RP on this site to date so hopefully we'll be able to keep the RP from dying too soon. Character sheet: Name: Gender: Age: Village: Jutsu type...
  3. Killerbunny the god

    Ask to Join The War That Changed History (Todai-Ji vs Daagawa Clan)

    War rages across the country as the temple Todai-Ji is trying to keep the peace that the Daagawa clan is trying to destroy. The war cause heavy casualties for both sides forcing them to desperately search for new recruits. Monks, sorcerers or a class of foreign origin are all welcome. The...
  4. Schrift

    Private/Closed Blades, Wings and Fire

    The carts stopped at the foot of Mt Kajemeni. This mountain, was the largest dragon breeding grounds. Calling it big was just an understatement, the mountain itself went up into the clouds and on top of the mountain was the Kaisha. This tree was said to be as tall as the mountain itself, with...
  5. Schrift

    Private/Closed 7 Seas

    The small Island was deserted, apart from a few small villages that scattered the island. In the port, the Northern Dragon towered above the other ships. The villagers, all looked at the ship, half in awe, the rest grimacing about how theft was the only way it could've been taken. Chester...
  6. Schrift

    Private/Closed 7 Seas (discussion)

    600 years ago, the world was ruled by Lord Daragon, he ruled the seas after eating the Fruit of the Heavens, making him a living god. For years he ruled the world, until seven heroes, challenged and fought him. The heavens shook and the oceans raged, the legendary battle created the seven seas...