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Ask to Join JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mad World (Application)

Before I give you guys the character sheet, I will have to politely ask you to only create protagonists and neutral characters. I will be creating every antagonist and play as them. I would like to create a protagonist myself, but you guys can vote them off if you really want to.

Character Sheet:
Character Name & Age:
Stand Name:
Stand Ability:

Stand Stats:

Make the Stand ability unique and not just another Stand's ability. No Canonical Stands. A huge thing that'll get you accepted is how balanced your character's Stand ability is. Don't make it boring, but don't make it mind boggling and don't make it useless. A boring ability make a boring fight scene, y'know what I mean? By the way, if a Stand's name isn't a musical reference, I'll name it myself.

Plot: The setting is 1945, Japan. The two bombs had just been dropped on the country, but in this alternate timeline, there was a third bomb known as the Old Geezer that wiped out all of Japan except for an island. Those who survived the bomb and are willing to survive have awakened their Stand, but many don't know it yet. The main cast must move through the wasteland while fighting enemies, recruiting allies, and clashing with tribes and possibly even tussling with or training rock animals. The RP will start once four people's character sheets are approved.

Feel free to ask questions.

My character sheet:

Character Name & Age: Little L. (Age: 32)
Stand Name: Seven Days In Sunny June
Namesakes: "Little L," song by Jamiroquai. "Seven Days In Sunny June," song by Jamiroquai.
Stand Abilities:
1. Sittin' In The Summer Sun: Seven Days In Sunny June's ability allows the user to magnify the heat in light. The brighter the light is, the more burning the temperature can become.
2. Love Foolosophy: Seven Days In Sunny June's second ability allows it to know a person's temptations and what they obsess over. If the user concentrates enough, they can also know the person's intentions.
Namesakes: "Sittin' In The Summer Sun," lyrics from Seven Days In Sunny June. "Love Foolosophy," song by Jamiroquai

Stand Stats:
Destructive Power: A
Speed: D
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: C
Developmental Potential: B

(I'm planning on adding another ability, but I will only fabricate it in the second half of the RP)
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