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Ask to Join Jojo's School of Stands, Hamon and Spin. JJBA High School RP

Foreword: This is my first time making a thread so please give me some advice so I can make it better! :)
STORY: A school has opened up for people with unnatural abilities such as Stands, Hamon, Spin, or even just vampires. It will be run by people across the JoJo universe like Zeppeli, Gyro, or even Kira. The school is not run like other schools, fights between students break out almost every day! (Though the teachers will step in if they get deadly.)
Character: Since this is so new there is no antagonist yet. You can choose to either be a teacher or a student. You can be a canon character or an OC but you need to fill out the OC form

  • I'm lenient when it comes to short posts. Just don't say stuff like, "Yes", "No", That's nice". Make it at least 7 words.
  • Don't say 18+ things. Dating and stuff like kissing are ok, just to a certain extent.
  • No killing off characters unless the people rping are ok with it.
  • Up to 4 characters per person, unless your stand is sentient where it adds more characters.
  • No op characters. Everyone should have a way to be beaten. If I see your powers are breaking this rule I will tell you to fix your character or you will be banned.
  • No swearing too much. It's ok if you do it once or twice

OC form:
(If OC has stand)
Stand Name:
Stand Namesake:
Stand Ability:
Stand Stats:

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This is not an RP thread as it contains zero in-character content. Sign-up threads and the like belong in the discussion boards - moved to the appropriate forum.

It is pretty clear that you did not read our RP forum rules (and our global rules) before you started posting, and that really doesn't fly. Read those before posting anything else, please.
Well, I suppose I can do this if its still up~

Name: Yin Lavigoron
Age: 18
Abilities: Stand User.
Personality: The mute Female keeps to herself, keeping out of Groups as much as possible. Despite this, though, She'll help out if she needs to.
Appearance: She is around 5'2, and has Tan Skin. She has Black hair with Purple Highlights. She has Cyan-like Eyes. Clothing wise, she wears a Black Kimino with purple Markings around it, Sweatpants-like Pants, and White Boots.

Stand Name: Mirror
Stand Namesake: "Mirror"
Stand Ability: Reflecting and Counter-Based
Stand Stats:
Power: A
Speed: C
Durability: B
Potential: B
Precision: A
Range: C
The Mirror is the Stand of Yin Lavigoron, and Reflects upon her Reflective attitude. It looks to be a Transparent Raven, with a “Za Hando”-Type looking Helmet. It’s a Humanoid-like stand, being Lightly armored from the Neck-Down. It is able to mold itself into other forms, used as a Defensive tactic.

Name: Nitro Pantarei
Age: 38
Abilities: Stand User.
Personality: He is a Headstrong Person, usually putting Passions first. Of course, he believes that Everyone with the Abilities needs to learn how to use them.
Appearance: He has Dark Blue Spiked Hair, Tanned Skin, and Grey Eyes. His attire is as follows: A Brown Coat with Orange Outlines, covering a Grey Undershirt. He has Dark Grey sweatpants, and Blue Boots. Simplicity at its finest.
Extra: He's not necessarily a Teacher, more of a Substitute, or Helper.

Stand Name: Repede Conviction
Stand Namesake: Conviction
Stand Ability: Repede Conviction is a Long Range stand capable of shooting Bursts of condensed water out of his mouth, while also being able to Stand Rush opponents. Though a long ranged stand, he is fully capable of close combat if the time calls. Using Gale dog, he can have moves pass through him and Nitro for a short period of time. While summoned, Nitro gains even more speed.
Stand Stats:
Power: B
Speed: A
Durability: B
Precision: A
Repede Conviction looks to be a Dog stand, having a Dark blue top and White bottom. Behind his head, there is a strand of Light blue. It has a Chain around it's Neck that acts as a Scarf, and has a Gold Ring-like thing on its Tail.

I also have a Requiem thing if you want to see that. It's definitely too Overpowered for the start, but I have it for a Side project.