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July CoroCoro Leak!


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The latest CoroCoro leak has been quite kind to us in terms of new information. New Pokemon, new Trainers, and just a few Type reveals as our October release date comes closer and closer.

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AHA! Finally, some different typings for the legendaries. I do wish that they would have given Xerneas a second typing to make it a bit more equal with Yveltal, but maybe its for the best. Also, I think Xerneas is supposed to have an attack called Geo Control and Yveltal is supposed to have one called Death Wing, both really cool sounding moves.

I'm also really starting to like Pancham after seeing Goronda, but I am saddened to see that Clauncher is a version exclusive, and to X ;A; but maybe the void will be filled by another water type~ Also, Shushupu is so freaking adorable~
Professor Platane is my new boyfriend. Apparently you get to battle him sometimes so I'm looking forward to that.

Saving my thoughts on the new Pokemon for the cryptidex entries but Pilopuff is the cutest thing ever. I was leaning towards Y version, but I might get X just for the cotton candy.

Holocaster is a terrible name I hope that gets changed for the English (and German) games.

I like Zakuro, I'm guessing he's the Rock type gym leader? Either way I think it's neat that he's a rock climber. And his hair is cool. And I want his Pokemon water bottle.

EDIT: Oh yeah I really like the new evil team too. I hope they have a good storyline since their plan is just to get money.

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So Xerneas and Yveltal represent Life/Creation and Death/Destruction. Huh. I was kind of expecting Xerneas to be dual-typed, but eh. I like them both a fair deal, but I'm leaning towards Xerneas now.

Also what are we betting that "Death Wing" gets changed into "Dark Wing" or something in the localized version? Yveltal hardly has enough CHIN to be Deathwing. XD

I like the fact they didn't go the obvious Kung Fu Panda route with Goronda and instead opted for a "'Scuse me, bad ass MFking bear, coming through!" look instead. Mind you, with the "Heart of gold, protecting the weak" thing, the "coat" like looks of its fur, that twig, and the fact its pre-evolved form is a Juvenile Delinquent type... Yeah, my mind automatically wanders to BanchoLeomon of Digimon Savers fame. xD That is not a bad thing, mind as BanchoLeomon was awesome.

Sure makes an improvement on its bratty looking pre-evo.

I am extremely torn about the squiddles. On one hand we finally got a squid at LONG EFFING LAST. On the other hand, as typical for Japanese media and their inability to get Cephalopods right... They got them -dead wrong-. I appreciate the fact that the evolved form got a beak, but the mouths on both forms are rather ass-backwardly located (which I guess is appropriate as the entire THEME of this line is Backwards?). On the other hand, they have shifting bio-luminescent markings, a cool type combination and possibly contrary (but do they have the moves to go with it? And furthermore, will it blend?) Ends up looking a bit too much like an Owl in a Cowl for my liking. But on the other hand, yeah, Squid. RELEASE THE DARK/PSYCHIC KRAKEN or something.

Honedge DOES get an awesome ability, it seems. I think I may absolutely have to train one now. XD

I have little to say about Peropuff. The ice cream line was bad enough, did we -really- need a cotton candy ball with a derp face on a stick? Well, at least I can see how that is effective against dragons. They'd choke on it as it gets stuck in their throat. <<

Shushupu is a mario enemy. Next.

Clauncher/Skrelp being version counterparts heavily suggests that I will probably be getting X version. I don't like Skrelp (although we'll see what evolutions do to both lines, if they do) and Clauncher is a god damn pistol shrimp and pistol shrimps are more awesome than your face.

Citron looks oddly familiar for some reason (and is probably a DOCTOR OCTAGNOAPUS BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH type trainer) and Zakuro... Why do I get the feeling he may be a dark gym leader? Lots of dark types this gen around, and he's supposedly all "mysterious" and shit... who knows. then again he's also all about SPORTS, so. *shrug*

The Professor is fabulous as eff. it cracks me up. He's also named after the FRENCH NAME of a tree. This region keeps getting more OH HOH HOH by the moment.

And Team Flair are probably the most hilarious thing I've ever seen coming out of the series in a while. LOOK at these people. Miror B's Best and Finest. Wall Street Saturday Night Fever. Their Mission: GET MONEY. DOMINATE THE STOCK MARKET.

... And they wear shades. And have a red theme...



I'm dying squirtle. XD
Just by looking at him, Citron might be the steel or electric gym leader.

Zakuro on the other hand might be a ground or more likely, a rock

I am going to assume Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are going to be in the pokedex because they have appeared A LOT in clips and pictures.

Also, Houndour might appear in the pokedex since he did appear in a video. I think it would be cool if Houndoom got an evolution Houndemon or something like that for pokemon #666. Though I find it very unlikely because, if Chespin is #650, that is only 16 pokemon away. In other gens, that will be around the bug types to the first bird pokemon.