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Private/Closed Kanto Pokemon League Championship

(notice: you can ask to join up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/kanto-pokemon-league-championship-sign-ups.22983/)

It's finally time for the annual Kanto League Championship. Trainers from all over the world have challenged the eight gyms of the Kanto Region to qualify for this important tournament. The battles will take place at the Indigo Plateau where all 16 invited challengers can stay for the time of the event.

"So this is the Indigo Plateau... looks quite emty here." Leon mumbled to himself looking around. "It's normally a lot more populated here Sir." Leon turned to see a young man in uniform talking to him. "I assume you are one of the challengers." the young man said. "Yes. I guess I'm a little early." Leon replied. "Indeed. But don't worry there are a lot of things to do here." the man replied. Leon nodded and keept on looking around. He took out his phone and pulled up a map of the place. 'Let's see... where is my hotel?' he thought to himself. After a minute of searching he found the hotel and made his way there. After checking in he brought his things to his room and then went outside to see if other challengers had arrived.
"Man, this place is awesome!" Chase exclaimed as he passed all the different stalls busting with people who came to watch the league. When he caught whiff of something amazing following the scent Chase found himself staying in of a pretzel stand that styled their pretzels in the shape of different pokemon. "I'll take twenty!" Chase said drooling as he slams his money on the counter.

"Uhhh...sure" the man said a little taken aback by the boy as he went to do his ordered, "Here you go I take it you came here to watch the tournament from what I've heard there will be a lot of strong trainers competing" the man told Chase as he handed him his order.

Chase didn't waste anytime as he quickly devoured one of the pretzels, "Something like that I'm actually one of the trainers taking part in it" Chase replied to the man's surprise, "I'm really looking for to it I can't wait to test my skills against other strong trainers." The two continued to talk about what pokemon they think the other trainers will use in the tournament.
After leaving the hotel Leon started to walk around the place. 'I wonder who the other trainers will be...' he thought to himself. He spotted a young man around his age with spiky red hair who purchased a whole lot of pretzels. He walked over and started to talk to the young man. "You seem to have quite the appetite. I guess you are one of the challengers right?"
After finishing his conversation with the man working stall Chase noticed a guy around his age approaching him. "You better believe it dude who could resist the alluring smell of a freshly made soft pretzel. Beautiful golden brown coated lightly with rich grains of salt then you bite into one the gooeyness of the dough." Chase drooled as he talked about the food before quick coming back to his senses. "Sorry about that but yeah I'm one of the challengers" Chase said scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.
Leon started laughing. "Hahaha! You seem to be quite entertaining. I'm Leon nice to meet you. I'm one of the challengers as well." He smiled at Chase but then turned his head to the man working in the stall. "I'd like to take one of those too Sir." He put the money on the counter and turned back to Chase. "Sorry, I forgot to ask what your name is."
"I get that a lot the names Chase nice to meet you too Leon" Chase chuckled eating another pretzel from his bag, "So Leon how many challengers have you came across so far? Besides you I've only met one on the way here real intense guy we even battled his Charizard was crazy strong. It even gave my Arcanine a run for it's money" Chase told Leon remembering the other trainer.
"You are the only challenger I met. A Charizard huh? That's quite the rare Pokemon." Leon answered. "I wonder what rare Pokemon we will encounter in this tournament." Leon said with a puzzled expression on his face. "I hope the others will arrive soon. I can't wait to get the battles started."
As Caleb was sitting on a train to the Indigo Plateau, he wondered what his opponents would be like. His goal wasn't exactly to win, he just wanted to enjoy his time there and perhaps come up with some new strategies while he was there. And hey, if he did win the whole thing, that'd just be a bonus to him.

Eventually, the train screeched to a halt. Caleb stepped off the transport and took a breath of fresh air.

"Alright. Now I'm here, but where's the hotel?" he said to himself as he pulled out a self-drawn map of the area. He forgot to mark down areas on the map, so it was really just a bunch of lines and squiggles.

"Of course I forgot to do that... Whatever, guess I'll just wander." Caleb said as he started slowly walking through the city.
Damon arrived and got registered relatively quickly at the service desk with a Primeape beside him. He was given a room key for his room. Damon took it and thanked the receptionist before quietly walking out of the lobby. Walking out he noticed Chase, who he had battled prior with his Charizard, what a waste of time it was, pointlessly battling someone for no reason. Damon scoffed and kept walking, soon beginning to make his way around town, it wasn't long before he noticed another trainer who seemed to be wandering about the city.
During his conversation with Chase, Leon noticed two people walking around town and his attention was drawn to one of them, a young man with black hair and a rather condescending look in his eyes. "Alright! See you later!" Leon waved to Chase and made his way to follow the mysterious young man his attention was drawn to as stealthy as possible.
Damon's Primeape's ear twitched as it stopped, Damon stopped when his Pokemon did, "What is it Primeape?" he asked. Primeape's eyes narrowed as it scanned the area, both glanced around for anyone, "If someone's out there you can come out!" Damon shouted out to the path behind him, not seeing Leon at first. Primeape took this as an attempt at a sneak attack from an enemy it began screaming and crying out loudly as a form of intimidation, but Damon put his hand out to stop it.
"Alright nice talking to you Leon" Chase waved goodbye to the other trainer as he watched the other boy walk away. As he went back to eating his pretzels that's when Chase noticed Damon walking with his Primeape and Leon sneakily following behind. "Oh, no this will not end well I should go stop him but Leon is a big boy he can handle himself" Chase said to himself as he turned around continuing to explore around.
"Your Primeape has sharp senses." Leon said with a calm voice. He held Gengar's Pokeball in his hand just to be sure that Primeape won't attack him. "So you are one of the other challengers I assume." Leon smirked as he put Gengars Pokeball on his belt. "I will look forward to fighting you." He shifted his focus over to Caleb for a second and then looked back at Damon. "This is great!" Leon said to himself.
“Primeape needs a sharp eye, otherwise it’ll waste movements and time,” Damon commented. He listened to Leon and grinned, “You’re such a child, if the competition acts anything like you this should be a cakewalk!” Damon laughed before turning to the new boy who had shown up. He just scoffed at Kaleb and walked away with Primeape by his side.
Leon's expression changed to a slightly sinister stare at Damon. "I would advise you not to underestimate me. Where I come from you either grow up quick or die a child. If you think I'm a child you are gravely mistaken." his fists trembled with anger but as Damon walked away he calmed down. "Well, that happened..." Leon turned to Kaleb who just joined this weird situation. "Sorry you had to see this. To answer your question: yes I will be competing too. My name is Leon. And you are?" he asked with a slightly forced smile on his face.
"Wow, as cold as ever" Chase laughed a little disregarding Damon's cold tone of voice. "I only wanted to ask have you came across any amazing trainers that peaked your interest since you been here after all any trainer that get your attention is worth looking into" Chase said while putting his hands in his pockets.
A horse Pokemon with a flaming mane galloped up to the Indigo Plateau. "Wow this is the spot Rapide!" said Isabelle as she hopped off her pokemon and fixed her skirt. Right behind her, Zuzu the Golbat flew right behind her wearing a special harness made for smaller pokemon to lift people and in Zuzu's case, Isabelle's Suitcase. "Thank the both of you. With your help, we got here much faster." both of Isabelle's pokemon nodded as if they said, "You're welcome". She returned the pokemon to their respective pokeballs and ran into a pretzel stand. She wanted to get one, but due to an "uncommon" order so she just went with an order of soft pretzel bites. She popped one into her mouth and loved it. "Wow, I should share this with my team. Would Kanga's son like this though? Speaking of Kanga's son I should probably come up with a name for 'em" she said lost in thought. She then ran into two boys, one in a Hawaiian shirt and one in a sleeveless vest. "Oh Hi. I'm Isabelle. Are the two of you participants in the tournament?"
"Hey Chase, do you have some kind of connection to this arrogant guy?" Leon asked after seeing Chase and Damon interact. 'Chase seems way too nice to have connections to such an idiot like that..' he thought. After that Leon saw a girl approaching him and Chase. "Yes we are. I'm Leon and this is Chase." Leon replied. He scanned the girl and asked "What's your name?"
"My name's Isabelle," she said before popping another pretzel bite in her mouth. She then noticed a popping noise of a Pokeball from her backpack and a Jolteon happily pounced on Isabelle's head, knocked her down, and tried to eat one of Isabelle's pretzel bites. "Hey get off Jolty," said Isabelle while laughing and nuzzling her body. Isabelle slightly pushed the Jolteon off and she got up while she thankfully didn't spill any pretzel bites. "By the way, this is Jolty, and he can never stay in his Pokeball, even when he was an Eevee," she said while Jolty sat down right next to Isabelle. "Here you go!" she said while tossing the pretzel into the air. The Jolteon jumped up and grabbed the bite right out of the air. Isabelle pet his head and Jolteon "purred" from it.
Caleb, frustrated at his poor map making skills, ripped up the map and threw it into a nearby trash can.

"So, I've gotten lost in a giant city, I can't find that hotel I need to get to and I don't even know anybody here. That's awesome." Caleb said to himself. He looked to his right and saw an old man, sitting on a park bench and feeding a few Pidgey and Spearow. Maybe he could ask this man for directions.

The old man turned to Caleb after tossing a handful of bird seed onto the floor in front of the birds and said: "I'm assuming you're one of those trainers participating in the championship?" Caleb nodded, and the old man continued on: "Well I believe the hotel where all of the challengers are staying is about 3 blocks that way," he said as he pointed to his left.

Caleb looked that way and saw the huge sign for the hotel that was impossible to miss, and then immediately shook the old man's hand and thanked him. The man simply smiled and went back to feeding the birds.
Caleb sprinted over to the hotel, noticing a few people having a conversation. He assumed they might be his opponents, since they were standing pretty close to it. The trainer ran past them and entered the hotel.

Approaching the front desk, he said: "Hey, I'm a participant in the Pokemon League Championship."
"Caleb Jenkins."
"Ah yes, we've got you on the list. Here's your room key," the person at the desk handed Caleb a key with the number 204, "That's a key for the second floor."

Caleb thanked the man and went to his room to unpack his things.
"Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to inform you, that all 16 participants have officially arrived and registered. That means the first round will begin in 2 hours from now. For more informations about your first round opponent please visit our reception. Thank you all and good luck with your battles." A loud voice said through the speakers all over the city. Leon smirked and turned to the other trainers. "Okay looks like we can finally get on with this. I'll be looking into the braket and my first matchup now. See ya." He turned around and left for the main hall.
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