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Ask to Join Karma High Reboot: Superpower High School Roleplay (Main Thread)

Orion suddenly felt like he needed an adult.

"I-uh, thanks?" he blurted, caught off guard, eyes quickly darting at Tsugikuni in panic.

Jake stood there, the living, breathing embodiment of a shampoo commercial. "So, do you have a trust fund, or is 'influencer' your fallback career plan?" Orion murmured under his breath, momentarily mesmerized by the perfect sheen of Jake's hair.

Then Marcel, with an air of someone who might pen sonnets and vanquish foes in his spare time, entered the room. "Behold! The Prince of Dorm Number 3!" Orion announced dramatically in his head.

"Well, aren't you just the regal cherry on top of our roommate sundae?" Orion mused outwardly, raising an imaginary toast to Marcel's refined aura.

"Right, names!" Orion bounced back to reality. "I'm Orion, the man of many talents, few fears, and questionable fashion choices." He gave a theatrical bow.

"And this guy?" He pointed at Tsugikuni. "He's our broody swordsman. If our dorm becomes a crime scene, don't look at me, I've got an alibi!" Orion chuckled, nudging the teen playfully.

"Jake here is undercover royalty, plotting to bring back the kilometer! But seriously, don't mess with his wardrobe; it's a diplomatic incident waiting to happen."

"Ah, ground rules!" Orion continued, getting into his stride. "One: Daytime-only guests! We're scholars by day, roommates by night."

"Two: Cleanliness is next to godliness, and Marcel's our divine judge. Trust me, no one wants to face his wrath." Orion glanced appreciatively at Marcel, his eyes widening in mock fear.

"And three: Introducing... drumroll Orion's Taxi Service! Day 1 is on the house, and if you survive the trip, we'll discuss rates later!" He grinned mischievously, conjuring a miniature portal to the cafeteria.

"Any questions, comments, or desperate calls for help?" Orion concluded, eyes twinkling as if the stage were set for his debut stand-up comedy routine.

@Cryronn the Mudkip (Tsugikuni), @Void_Nugget (Jake), @MarcelGalliard790 (Marcel)
Pamela Oswald
The girl continued to go with the flow, letting the crowd of new connections lead her on towards their dorm. Eventually, they all reached the dorm they were assigned to. When there, Pamela flopped onto a bed. She latched onto the newest topic of interest; girl scouts. “So, you were in girl scouts, huh? That sounds swell! Y’all sell cookies, right?” Pamela flicked some hair out of her face, smiling. “Cool!” They all kind of chilled (If the intense activity of Riley can be called chill) until the door opened, showing a rather serious face who called herself Kim Tak…T-what? Oh, poor girl. Pamela smiled politely at the new girl’s introduction, and said, “That’s sounds rough. But no matter.” She cleared her throat and stood up. “Greetings, Kim. My moniker is Pamela, and my second name is Oswald. Pleased to make your acquaintance,” she said, the sides of her mouth twitching in amusement. Pamela was never good at taking formal accents seriously, and Pamela casually covered her mouth so that Kim would not think she was making fun of her. “I do hope that our…time together…will be informative and fun!”


Isolde Barley
Isolde was lead into the dorm by her newest associate. Upon being lead into the room, Isolde calculated the closest route to an empty bed and flung the curtain around it, closing herself inside. There was only a shuffle to be heard, followed by a meow and the turn of a book page. Isolde was instantly in bed, reading her comfort book while snuggled with her cat. She shushed it, and peered out the curtain slightly to make sure nobody followed her. Nobody did, but the cronie was talking with someone. Probably their boss, with Isolde’s bad luck. Oh, terrible her! Terrible life! Hopefully they’d forget she exists.
She sure as heck wasn’t going to leave bed until she was sure she could sneak to dinner without prying eyes on her.
Isolde didn’t detect negative intent, but she had often been proved wrong about such things before. All people she knew eventually got prickly and dangerous. So she’s stay and make sure no people got to her.

….But those pretty green eyes. At least the lackey didn’t treat her wrong. Maybe SHE could be made an ally.
Isolde wasn’t familiar with the term ‘friend’. Her dad discouraged that word’s use.
@Gold The Dragonite @Cryronn the Mudkip

Fire Boy
The tall boy had already moved on, which was understandable. Cinead didn’t REALLY expect and answer, so he wasn’t distraught. He didn’t even tell him bye, for Cinead was crushed by the crowd. Aurgh!
Eventually he did find his way to his dorm, but he was having trouble getting his breath. The crowd was an oxygen graveyard!
Eventually, he caught his breath and opened the door, looking into the room curiously. He didn’t really care if people were there or not; he just wanted to put his bag down and eat something! Friends came later! So Cinead dropped his bag right there and then and, heedless of the actual time, turned and left for dinner. He whistled a happy tune and danced a bit of fire on his finger.
Someone accidentally set something off which started blasting fireworks everywhere. He wasn't sure if it was Gina or not, but whoever set it off, Braedyn wanted to praise them.

"FUCK YEAH!" he screamed, "FIREWORKS!"

Then he looked back to Gina. "Someone set off my best friend's trap, wherever the bloody hell that is," he explained, "Speaking of Dean, you'll love him; he's fuckin' awesome.
@Cmeriwether (Gina)

Gina looked up to see what Braedyn spotted, and a bunch of Fireworks went off at once. Braedyn then said something about that.

"Fireworks," Gina whispered, "I hope no one sets them off on Omar, he's not the best when pranked, he was the one seen ending fights in middle school. Your best friend set the trap? He's going to be an interesting character for sure, if I meet him."

Gina was trying to fight flirting with him a bit. She then had an internal struggle. Should she flirt a bit, or not? That was her question. She decided it would be best not to do so right now. Besides, she would want to know more about Braedyn before she'd try to flirt with him.

Ryugetsu Asuna and Reggie Ironfist
Iori Akiyama
Iori shook her head. “Other than the strings getting crowded in areas with lots of people, there’s not that many drawbacks, at least that I know of. I’m not really a combat specialist, though, and no one’s ever tried to use the power offensively in my family, so there’s probably some downside that’s never applied to my usage of my power.” She shrugged. I’m not sure if my power has anything going for it offensively.

Leo Wright
“Good to meet you in person, Mr. Ironfist. I’m Leo Wright, the new Head of Pegasus House.” Leo extended a hand towards the slightly taller male. “Don’t worry about it; I just hope no one was severely injured.” He’d only heard about the other new heads of house in passing, but he hoped that they wouldn’t be irresponsible.
@Cmeriwether (Asuna and Reggie)

Asuna was piqued by the abilities explained by Iori.

"My dad had this issue with his powers, this power of mine was also seen in my uncle, who's a rising star in the Pro Hero Circuit in Japan," Asuna responded, "He can comprehend any language by simply hearing words from it or looking at texts from the language. Not helpful in Combat, but definitely helpful in business."

Asuna understood non-combative powers, with her parents and all. She hoped that Iori would come up with a way to use her power effectively.

As Reggie Ironfist looked at Leo, he was confused about how he was addressed.

"I'm not a teacher, Leo, call me Reggie." Reggie Ironfist responded to Leo.

He then saw the hand extended, and went to shake the hand. As he remembered his information on the other house heads, he noted that there were two that he hadn't ran into yet.

"I haven't seen Hilda or Connor yet, which is strange." Reggie responded.

Loud Fireworks went off at that moment, covering anything Reggie may have said.

"What was that?" Reggie asked Leo.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Connor Skylark
Wandering the corridors after waking from one of his many naps, Connor became aware of the commotion within the cafeteria and groaned, he trudged into the cafeteria activating his ability as he entered shifting into his larger metal form, with another unimpressed sigh, he held out his hands and with a clap sent a shockwave around the cafeteria, dealing with the fireworks and returning the cafeteria to a quieter state, then having accidentally crushed his lolly when transforming, he unwrapped a new one as he returned to normal, popping it in his mouth and wandering over to Reggie who he had spotted. Upon reaching him he stated "that racket was starting to bug me", he then noticed the other guy, "I'm Connor, you must be Leo, am I right?" he asked with a grin, "can I interest either of you in a lolly?" he added presenting a few of various flavours.
@Cmeriwether (Reggie) @EvasiveEevee (Leo)

Jake West
"We certainly are an interesting lot", Jake mused before heading towards the door, "Pleasure to meet you all, I'm heading to the cafeteria since I've unpacked, see you fellas later" he said as he left the dorm with a grin and a wink. He whistled his way down the corridor flashing a smile at people he passed, heading to the cafeteria. As he entered it seemed like he'd missed some kind of commotion, he shrugged and found a seat, he sat down and began to pass the time by checking out people to see if anyone seemed interesting.

Amaryllis Cloverfield
Having finished unpacking and setting up her stuff, Amaryllis decided to introduce herself to the new face "Hey there Kim, I'm Amary..." or she would have introduced herself except she tripped and fell flat on her face "ow" she stated bluntly, before returning to her feet, her wings fluttering slightly "What I was trying to say was, I'm Amaryllis, pleasure to meet you" she said with a beaming smile.
@Godjacob (Kim) @Inkage (Pamela)
Wind Boi
Braedyn chuckled. "Your brother seems a bit too serious," he remarked, "Maybe someone'll tell him to lighten up." He chuckled again, wondering whether or not to flirt with her. Sure, he'd want to get to know her better first, but what if--

Braedyn would've finished that thought if the fireworks didn't go out. He wanted to say something he couldn't say because it is the single most racist word in the English dictionary (Dean told him that). And then he felt the need to say something. "If my best friend were here right now, he'd just leave us to... whatever we're doing," he said, laughing.

"What are we doing?" he asked himself.
@Cmeriwether (Gina)
Kimiko "Kim" Takahashi
Dorm 15
Interactions: @Inkage (Pamala Oswald) @Void_Nugget (Amaryllis Cloverfield)​

Kim watched as one of the other girls, Pamala, seemed to introduce herself though she seemed to mimic her formal approach though Kim had taken notice how she almost seemed to tease her for it even if she tried to hold back laughter. Kim's eyebrow twitched as she showed a sign of visible annoyance but had taken a breath as she kept her composure.

"The pleasure is mine miss Oswald. Though your etiquette may use some practice." Kim replied back towards Pamala with a touch of "advice" on her side of things. Another girl had attempted to introduce herself to Kim but seemed to fall flat on her face as Kim looked upon with such concern though this one, Amaryllis, seemed okay.

"Are you quite alright Amaryllis?" Kim asked, as these roommates seemed to have some quirks to them to put it lightly, but she'd least check if this girl had injured herself or not.
Orion's brow furrowed, baffled by the sudden departure of the resident heartthrob. He couldn't help but wonder if his initial approach had been too much, a bit too zealous perhaps.

The day's whirlwind of events had completely diverted his attention, causing him to nearly forget about the scheduled gathering at the cafeteria, an event he wasn't exactly looking forward to.

Glancing at his watch, he was astounded. "Already 16:40? Time's playing some real mind games today," he muttered, almost disbelieving the ticking seconds.

Turning his attention to Tsugikuni and Marcel, Orion realized he might have overdone his enthusiasm, potentially alienating his new acquaintances.

If he lost them too, this year might turn out a lot lonelier than he had hoped. Loneliness wasn't unfamiliar territory for Orion; he'd mastered the art of solitude, but he also knew the value of friendship. If anything, the isolation had a way of making him crave it more, against his own wishes.

"Guys," he began more composedly, "why don't you two head over to the cafeteria? It's almost time, and Tsugi, you look like you could eat a horse right now. Not literally, of course - apparently, there are laws against that. Learned that the hard way... Anyway, go ahead! I'll catch up - just have something I need to take care of first."

Prompting his two new acquaintances toward the door, he opened a portal abruptly, stepping through it to conceal his intended destination.

As the evening breeze caressed his face, he sprawled on the cool grass, his gaze fixated on the darkening sky above. "Ha, what a mess," he chuckled, the words tinged with self-mockery. The secluded hill on the outskirts of campus, nestled amidst the shadows of the trees, felt like a haven for him.

Shielded by the foliage, he lay there, feeling as though he might float away like a wisp of paper, carried by the wind to a distant place far beyond.

@Cryronn the Mudkip (Tsugikuni), @MarcelGalliard790 (Marcel)

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair

"Thanks," A small smile was given in response to Pearl's reassurance. "But don't worry about it. Rest assured, I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve, but I'd rather not make a mess in here," Gwen's words slowed and grew quieter, pausing for a moment to glance at Pearl's outstreched hand.

Gwen leant forward to take a closer look at the dial and three colors on display, before reclining back into the beanbag with a smirk. "Ah, the irony of heart bullets and can't make people fall in love," She gave a faint laugh, "Still! That's great, being able to do so much in one power. And all you can do is improve." Gwen stopped there, returning the hospitality she was graciously given regading her own abilities.

Pearl then went on to explain a more passive ability that'd make Gwen's tease a fault, and hearing what it did, well, she couldn't resist. "Hey, even if you turned on your Beautification, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyhow. Could've fooled me," Gwen beamed at her, still going at the impromptu compliments with ease. The first day was going swell so far!

With a satisfied sigh, she sprang up from the snug beanbag chair and started to address the dorm room as a whole. It was time to get moving!

"Well, it's not fair for all of us to hog just one person all day; we all have two other wonderful people to get to know here, so whaddya all say we head down to the cafeteria together and swap chattin' buddies for a bit? No offense to you, Pearl, as much as I love talkin' to you," Gwen looked towards the other side of the room, where the other duo of the dorm, Iori and Asuna, were having their own conversation.

@| Korutesu | @Cmeriwether (Asuna) @EvasiveEevee (Iori)


Shutting the room to the dorm behind him, Andrew strolled through the now near-silent lobby of the dormitories, save for a handful of people still scattered around the entrance. Everyone was most likely either in their dorm or, the better option, on their way to the cafeteria by now, himself being the latter.

How many that were still lingering around here was the question he had in mind. Hopefully, the cafeteria wouldn't be too crowded by now, if people were rushing there the same way they were to the dorms. He shouldn't be late regardless, glancing at the clock on the wall of the lounge, it still seemed relatively early.

And thankfully, he was right. Only a minimal number of students were present, much less talking or sat down. That, and with no sister in sight, meant that Andrew had some precious moments of silence to cherish still before they'd inevitably disappear. As much as he'd like to claim a quiet corner of the cafetera before they were all taken, food seemed more of a priority to him. And so, Andrew stood next to a wall, the wallflower he was, occassionally glancing towards the other students there until things got into full swing. Medium swing, preferrably.


Previously Schrift007
Lysander Hinokami

As Lyn went to find his dorm he couldn't help but notice how lively most of the people were around him. New beginnings for them too? His smile still lingering, not like it had anywhere to go. On a normal day Lyn would've been the one to go around asking everybody and anybody all sorts of questions in attempts to get to know them better. "So if you had to take one of your pets to space", "if there was a meteorite who'd you wanna kiss in the last minute?", "you think vegetables could maybe evolve to human society one day?", these were the sort of questions he'd pop about to people. But no. He was on a time limit, he had to prep his dorm room and get ready for dinner otherwise he'd never get it done. Lyn was under strict orders from his sister to do that.

As he was coming close to where his dorm room was meant to be he bumped pathes with someone. A tall individual, broad shoulders and rather smart wear. "Suit and tie eh? Sorry about that man! Hey, I love the fit-". Cut off again, this time with a sharp tone in response. "Dickhead, you trying to start something?". Lyn didn't reel back nor did he seem to take it negatively. The only thing he took away from it was the golden teeth that lined his mouth. The top incisors having 'K I N G' engraved on it. A fight? I mean I guess- no I'm on a mission. Lyn snapped out of his head looking back up to the guy, 'King's fist was encovered in gold. Great now he was being intimmidated. "Not really! Just a misunderstanding haha! I'm Lyn-" cut off once again. He really couldn't catch a break. "Yeah, no I didn't ask. Do that again and I'll line your brain with gold". And with that King was gone.

With that weird interaction over Lyn could go back to finding his room. What an energetic guy, Lyn liked that. Well, hopefully this wouldn't ever pop up again and that would be the last time anything like that happened. Now finding his way to his room, Lyn ignored anybody and everybody until he got to his room. He needed to set up. Choosing his half of his room, Lyn looked at the two beds. It'd do for now, he'd just need to take one wall. That's all he'd need, hopefully whoever would be crashing with him wouldn't mind the new lab set up that would be in the corner of their room. Well it wasn't going to be anything too flashy and Lyn could always find a spot to relocate it if need be, but this would be easiest.

Lyn lifted his largest bag and threw it to one side of the room, leaving himself with the rest of the bags. Until now, Lyn had been using his abilities to haul these bags. They weren't light by any means and he needed to use some of his superhuman strength to carry them. Which wasn't surprising for what they were. "hmm, I think it should be like this... maybe... oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine". Pushing two of the bags against the wall, he pressed his thumb against the locks before a blue glow was given. Mechanical whirring burst from the bag as pieces of machinery clicked together. Hisses from various pipes and clinks from glass tubes could be heard within the room. To anyone who would've walked in during this, there would've been too much happening to understand. Like some technological elderitch horror that was forming. But this was just the first part as Lyn kicked a third bag to it, only for it to be engulfed in. Vials of various colours all being clasped out by grabby robotic claws, the robotic horror chirping in delight at being fed as it blinked lights in satisfaction.

There infront of him was five million dollars of the best lab equipment money could afford him. The sleek design of the metal surface gave it a cool appearance, while various equipments all dedicated to biology could be picked out through the table. Lyn gave a nod of approval to his lab, placing his hand on the large open space in the middle. The entire lab set up was finally complete, a holographic interface now coming to life to signal the successful set up. "Evening Pug! I don't currently need you right now but I'll be back at some point!", Lyn waved at the lab as it only sighed in response. Going back into its shell, the living lab began to reclude back into its shell. Confining different equipments and replacing the metal outer with an overlay of nutty wood. When the lab had finished all that was left was a pretty average looking desk. PC below, monitor up top, keyboard ready with some crummy mouse wired in. The drawers and cabinets empty, it looked perfectly fit in.

There, room finally set up. Lyn could rest, said nobody ever. Lyn was a golden retriever at heart, he need excitement, he needed adventure, he needed people. So he decided to get ready... by switching bucket hat to a straw hat! Just put on some headphones, his I-pod and now he was ready. Yes, very fancy now. For someone who casually lugged around five million dollars to school, Lyn's own devices seemed a bit outdated, but why would he care? Lyn went out of his dorms, he was full of energy. A walking sun, he had a hop and a scotch in his steps. He had some odd rhythm in his walk, like he was doing a little dance and hopping along towards the caferteria. He had made his way to the cafeteria, bursting through the doors in dramatic fashion. Add a little spin to the end, and now Lyn just needed to find some company...
Angus Bowie
Location: Dorm 6, Dorm building

Angus’s shoulders slump as he took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. As he quickly looks at his paper looking at the large letters reading ‘Dorm: 6’. calling out a bin or two worth of insects to pick up the remainder of his bug bins and suitcase. His anxiety calming for a few seconds, before spiking as he moved indoors. Leaving the bugs and luggage inside he quickly turns around walking out again. Squatting down resting on the tips of his toes he runs a hand through his hair. The situation quickly swarming him like a wasp in a bees nest. Quickly standing, he wobbles slightly dizzy from the speed.

“ Angus Bowie you can do this. We are not letting our anxiety and panic get the better of us. We can do this… No we will do this , not like we can go home anyway- NO not doing that. “

Quickly slapping himself he turns back around. Walking into the dorm building. His bugs leaving from the pile of bugs and bins, on the floor following him deeper into the building. He swelled his hands into fists, angus muck less turning white as he rushed through the building. He found his dorm pretty quick, as he opened the door. Closing his eyes hoping not to hear any people in there. Just his luck there wasn’t, moving inside he looked for the unclaimed room(have to relook at dorm layout then I’ll fix). The swarm put his suit case down by the closet. Looking around he studied his room. It looked similar to his own at home minus the posters and pinned insect collection he has. But that would be coming in later to decorate it, a small breathless gasp left him. Looking at the wall a large ant house of some sort was attached to it. Seems either his parents or school took the liberty to give him one. Placing the small swarm out back into the travel bins he silently inspects the large enclosed.

after a few minutes inspection he smiled slightly as it was in almost perfect condition to immediately begin putting his bugs into it. Angus walked over to a smaller bin opening it. Pulling it open revealed small decorations for a enclosure. They where parts from his at home, rearranging then in the enclosure to give the beetles a small piece of home. Loud pops can be heard, following by a mass sound of buzzing, as the beetles quickly moved into the newly decorated enclosure. There numbers only filling it up about a third of the way. That’s good he wouldn’t need to deal with over population, and the sad task of controlling it. Graining he rubs his back where his granny poked him. He plopped down on the basic bed with a happy sigh. But not before his cellphone dinged. Pulling it out of its pocket it was a text from his mom.

‘ Don’tforget to head to the cafeteria for food and that since we skipped breakfast ! -XOXO mom ‘

“ Did she really sign her own text… “

Angus groaned out before sitting up. Rereading text nodding as if he was answering her in front of him. Leaving his beetles in the dorm he left his room. Leaving it creaked so if anyone came back they know it was taken. As he left staring at his phone looking at a map to go to his destination.
Leo Wright
Leo could feel a migraine coming on as the fireworks burst, and it was only his first day back. "I hope the next day won’t be like this…" he muttered, massaging his temples as the crackling of the fireworks died down. "I'm sure it was just another prankster, Mr. I- no, Reggie. Waves of them come in every year."

He blinked at the energetic new arrival. So this must be Connor Skylark, he thought, the new Head of Gryphon House. "Yes, I'm Leo. Nice to meet you, but I'll have to say no to that lollipop."

Leo sighed, tapping a foot to the floor. Would Connor be able to handle the new students? For that matter, would Reggie? But, no matter my worries, giving them unsolicited advice would be rude.

@Void_Nugget (Connor Skylark) @Cmeriwether (Reggie Ironfist)

Iori Akiyama
Iori beamed at the suggestion. "That'd be great!" she exclaimed, getting up from the couch. "I'd like to get to know you two better too, Gwen and Pearl." She puffed out her chest in internal pride. I remembered their names!

She rolled her sleeves back up, still careful not to brush anything with her skin. "How about you, Asuna? Are you ready to go to dinner?" Iori asked the red-haired girl.

@Cmeriwether (Asuna Ryugetsu) @Gold The Dragonite (Gwen Kendra) @| Korutesu |
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Angus Bowie
Location: Campus, heading towards cafeteria

Angus studied the map on his phone intensely before growling to himself. The map told him he’s been walking in circles. It was irritating but sighing he calmed down. Stopping for a second to think he hummed, the few second break let a small swarm on beetles maybe around 30 at most catch up to him. Looking the map again he tilted his head as he sent the bugs on there way. They took the formation of a spider web then quickly dispersed keeping that pattern as they went. Using his beetles he servanced the area finally finding the path me needs to take.

“ Dad was right I really can’t navigate hehe…” The boy muttered

It was embarrassing that he hand to use his beetles but, if you have a way to cheat use it. At least when it comes to navigation. He quickly went back on his way using his beetles to mark the way for him.


( He’s open for any interaction if your not already in the cafeteria! )


Previously Schrift007
Lysander Hinokami

"Well yeah! I think the fifth film was the best, everything after it kinda lost the entire thing about street racers. Like I love the premise but its a bit over the top if they keep upping it each time because then it becomes a film of how much can we get away with till the fans stop watching our films". Lyn was locked deep in conversation. Something about films. He had found a small group of people who seemed interested in dogs and from there the conversation had spiralled. As the laughter grew amongst the group from each witty remark he dropped, Lyn took a feel for his pocket. That... emptiness? Oh, he had forgotten to take one of his formulas with him. Sure he wouldn't exactly need it but he didn't want to risk... them coming out.

"I'll catch up with you guys later!", he beamed back to them as he made a dash out of the cafeteria. Well after a good dash, he slowed his pace down to a walk as he realised he probably wouldn't need it THAT bad. Maybe a bit, just to keep any urges down if they suddenly arised but apart from that it wasn't likely. But still... should he? Looking up to the sky he spotted something odd. It was the way the bugs were moving. Beetles...? But what kind? Lyn followed them, leaving his little serum mission on a hold for now. He wanted to see what exactly it was going to lead to. Turns out all it led to was just a boy. Well a pretty looking one at that.

Lyn took no hesitation to approach the boy, coming at him from behind. "Heyo! You got pretty hair!". Lyn had a wide smile on his face, now bouncing infront of the poor guy. While his dry chapped lips touched from corner to corner, his dark eye bags and contrasting appearance made him seem somewhat odd. Like a sunflower that hadn't slept. "Oh- wait my manners! I'm Lysander Hinokami! I just followed a bunch of beetles and saw you haha!", well he certainly was energetic.

@-[ Just Vibin ]-
Angus Bowie
Location: Campus, heading towards cafeteria (Still)

angus let out a loud squeak. Jumping at the loud comment, turning his head around to see the other boy. Following the boy with his eyes till he stood in front of him. The boy named Lyn looked indeed odd. His appearance was oddly weird, but his clothes contracted that. Quests some people use clothes to express themselves.

“ Thank you ?” He responded slowly as he blinked.
“ You decided to follow a trail of beetles- Know what don’t care. I’m Angus Bowie it’s nice to meat you Lysander. “

He responded with a awkward smile. As the spare beetles quickly return to him. He was now embarrassed at the fact that someone saw them. He should’ve been more careful about that. But studying the kid closer he didn’t see anything dangerous about him.

“ I hope they weren’t to much of a bother. I know some people don’t like bugs- “

Angus apologized as the beetles he’s called back crawl into his cardigan.

@Schrift )


Previously Night's Shadow
School Campus
Somewhere between the dorms and cafeteria

Pax felt the same now in this strange place as she had when she’d first seen a dinosaur. It was extraordinarily odd—there were all these small critters about, flying, scurrying, turning into people on occasion—but no one ever tried to eat them. For the most part, they were ignored, though some other students would sometimes feed them, which was mind-blowing to Pax. If you had food already, why would you waste it on feeding your next meal? Her father had told her several times that people didn’t eat those things here, but it was hard for Pax to believe. No one was tempted by these fat squirrels that had no spikes or scales to tear through?

More than the morbid fascination, though, was the fear. Some people didn’t set off alarm bells in Pax’s mind, but a large number of students did. The steady stream of students from the dorm building — which Pax had in fact been in and out of to drop her things off as soon as the coast was clear for her to do so without being spotted — to the cafeteria was daunting to say the least: it took serious effort for her to avoid the notice of the particularly dangerous students. Maybe they didn’t know they were dangerous, but better safe than sorry. She gave a wide berth to a pair of boys talking who set her rather on edge.

As she walked through the cafeteria doors, Pax reflected on how odd the concept of a cafeteria was as well. People waited civilly for food? In organized lines? When her father had told her about it, she hadn’t believed him. But now, the biggest and smallest alike waited patiently, as if they knew there would be plenty of food when they arrived. Ridiculous, Pax thought, but if this is what it means to be civilized, I should follow the crowd. Blend in, as usual.

Pax was pretty good at reading; she didn’t particularly care for the esoteric rules on tenses or subject-verb agreement or the absolute tomfoolery that was English spelling, but she could read the signs at the front of every food line. Some signs had words she recognized, but most of them meant nothing; Pax knew about a place called Korea, but she had no idea what their food was like, nor did she particularly care as long as it filled her stomach. Since that was her stance toward most of the culinary choices, Pax joined the shortest line and stayed there, glancing around restlessly for any threats.
The White Egret

The girl's earliest memory.

It was an overcast day in Santa Fe. A gloomy day to visit the fair, but her mother was nothing if not opportunist, seizing the chance to have shorter days, and confident that rain would not consume them. The fair raged around the girl. And at first, the day was good.

She remembered sitting on a bench with her mother, musing about random things while the sweet flavor of cotton candy and the salty flavor of fairground french fries filled her mouth. She asked where he was. Her mother told her that he was grabbing his own food while meeting up with a friend, and he'd be back soon.

The girl remembered getting lost, later that day, running through the surging crowd, panicked. She looked for him, or her mother. Instead, she found a man, who extended a hand to her. He was an odd man, wearing a tattered navy suit, a cap upon his head shadowing his pale brown eyes, while matted clumps of his gray hair extended out from beneath the brim, highlighting his strange and offputting face.

"Don't worry, I'll help ya find your mom." Mom. Not parents. His voice sounded like what the girl had imagined the opposite of a church organ was- hoarse, and dead. "Come on, follow me." She didn't remember when he'd grabbed her hand, but she remembered when he started pulling. His voice spoke only when it needed. "I know exactly where she is."

The girl remembered raising a protest, but to the world around her, she looked like a bratty child getting scorned by a figure of authority. She remembered how he turned his head down to her, his smile wicked and full of dry, brittle teeth, with his eyes piercing through her soul. "You're just like your brother. You just don't know it yet. Don't worry. I'll teach you to be better than him."

Finally, a cry was heard, and she remembered feeling herself torn away from the man, and hid behind the strong arms of her brother, who had luckily noticed her before she was truly taken. Her eyes were full of fear as the determined older boy stared down the man, who simply grinned his horrifically malformed grin.

"Fine. Take her back. But sooner or later you'll snap like a brittle pine. And once you do, you'll realize you regret having joined us sooner..." The way his voice clawed against her ears was something she would never forget, and as he slipped into the crowd like a pale phantom, she sobbed into her brother's shoulder.

That man's name was Rowan Kingston Brown, and just two years later, he would be arrested and imprisoned for life after leveling a hero association building in Austin, Texas.

Nera Vasquez

When Nera opened her eyes next, it was like her whole body had been left to rot while her soul was tugged millions of miles away, back to New Mexico, back to long long ago. She shook her head, her mass of sandy brown hair swishing over her scalp as she gained a foothold on reality once more.

"...might as well invite her as well... but yeah, maybe we should just go... uh... sorry about that. I kinda zone out sometimes."

She stepped out of the shared room, noticing that Isolde had bunked on her side. She nodded... probably good for her, she didn't seem like she'd be a loud neighbor if she just... stayed in her space. Which... Nera was more than happy to keep her own personal space.

"All right Arielle, let's get the fuck outta here. Hey Blondie, you can come with us if you want... I don't really mind either way. But... if you're worried about getting murdered or something... just... stick by us, we'll protect you..." Or something. Nera really didn't know how she was ever going to get onto Isolde's good side... she could certainly try by offering protection- maybe she was a fan of physical showings of loyalty?

The whole ordeal made her head hurt, and the last thing she wanted was for her mind to once again convert to static, so she rubbed her temples hard to make the thoughts disappear. She spoke again. "...I'm Nera Vasquez... and... I hope you can eventually feel comfortable in this dorm." Her backup plan in case she ended up never becoming comfortable. At least someone should be. Regardless of Isolde's answer, she opened the door out of the dorm, and ushered Arielle.

@Gold The Dragonite @Inkage

Tsugikuni Ginhoshi

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Marcel."

Tsugikuni politely bowed to the boy who was in the room before he or Orion, and respectfully brushed off his shirt.

"I go by Tsugikuni Ginhoshi, I hope this dorming experience will be a pleasurable one for all of us involved- be their name mine, Marcel, Orion, or whomever else will be joining us here."

Tsugikuni made sure to unpack his things. He hung up his clothing on a rack he had brought, packed the rest into a dresser, and made sure his sheets and space were neat and tidy. None of his plants had been damaged in transport- he'd rather take the gamble that they were safe so he could care for them himself, rather than leave his rather lax younger siblings to take care of it instead. In the corner, he set up a small striking dummy. Of course, he'd mostly use the ones outside, but a few quick drills straight out of bed had become a standard in his morning routine.

Orion mentioned his hunger, and Tsugikuni chuckled in response. "I have heard that phrase. And... as far as I'm aware, it's not illegal to eat horse so much as it is to slaughter the animal of someone else- indeed the same is true in Japan. I've only visited a sparse five times across my life, but one time, I believe when I was 14, I tried horse... believe me, it's like a tougher venison- I... would recommend if you're into exotic meat flavors, I suppose."

If Orion and Tsugikuni were in a race to have the strangest first impressions they could muster, Tsugikuni was certainly putting in the footwork- not that anything he said or did was necessarily weird, just that it was... interesting.

@MarcelGalliard790 @RhythmThief

Riley Deimi

"OOOOH~! Welcome to the dorm!"

As Pamela was introducing herself to the rather collected girl that had joined the excitable trio, Kim would notice a white head of hair burst out of the bedroom, her purple eyes catching the room's light. She waved a few times, and hastily introduced herself!

"Hi Kim~! I'm Riley Deimi, this room's resident speedster and resident AWESOME COOL GAL! How are you dooooing??? I'm sure we'll all have a lot of fun!" Poor girl was almost as tone deaf as she was hopeless at flirting. She stretched herself out a bit, making sure she was in tip-top motor functions as she zoomed back into her room! "OOP! AMARYLLY!!! Are you okayyy? Well, you look fine, just let us knowww!!!"

"By the way, Pomelo~! Our side of the room is gonna be soooo cool! I actually ordered some uhhh, like, streamers to string across the ceiling! They might take a bit to ship, but I prooomise they'll be so worth it!"

She expectantly awaited the returning enthusiasm of Pamela, like a completely joy-ridden golden retriever puppy.

@Godjacob @Inkage @Void_Nugget

Maya Aofumi

I'll be honest I wrote an unnecessary lore segment, it's 1 in the morning, and finals week is dawning upon me. I am tired as fuck. I will not be writing her tonight. You can have Maya content in the next post, lmao. Also get surprised, and also I'm alive lol.
Pamela Oswald

Pamela lowered her hands from her face, frowning slightly. Perhaps she was not as smooth as she thought; Kim gave her some advice which seemed a bit sarcastic to Pamela, to be honest.

Attempt one bungled.

Pamela had to resort to what she was much better at; overwhelming people.

Instantly, she changed her expression to one of carefree joy, clasping her hands together and saying;

"Sooorry! Your talking seemed fun- I wanted to try it!" Pamela jumped forward and shook Kim's hand (never mind whether or not she had anything in it) with such enthusiasm that it shook her from shoulder to hand. Then, continuing this vein, Pamela jumped over to Riley in a casual hop, and listened to her speak.

"STREAMERS!?" Pamela said dramatically, matching point for point Riley's puppyish enthusiasm. In fact, Pamela even (God, how ludicrous) put her palms against Riley's, the way two excited teen girls might act. Pamela squealed with faux excitement, and said "Oh man! It'll be like a big old party! I could order some nice lights to hang up too! Oooh, this'll be so much fun! Are you a bottom kind of person or a top? Oop- You know, for bunks," Pamela said, flushing slightly as she clarified quickly.

"I like top bunks! It's like being in the sky...But if you're on the bottom you can get up quicker- probably perfect for you!" She beamed and turned towards Amaryllis, neatly ending her movement arc by skipping on over to her and extending a hand towards her fallen companion.
"Please be careful, Amaryllis. Don't hurt yourself, now!"

@Cryronn the Mudkip @Void_Nugget
Isolde Barley

Isolde quickly extended a finger and glared at her prison warden.
It wasn't a hateful glare; it was the appraising sort almost unique to her.

Isolde was using her power.

No negative intent…And she isn’t exactly lying, either…Hmm…

Isolde flicked her eyes up for a moment to make eye contact with the girl before her. She shivered at contact with those blood red orbs. There was something tired in them.
Isolde looked away and didn’t answer the girl- whom said she was called Nera- and didn’t even watch as they left.
Solitude at last. Isolde’s stomach growled, but she ignored it.

She was NOT going out again today. For anything.

Isolde broke in about five seconds, clambering out of bed the instant Mittens mewed hungrily. Maybe they had kitty food in the cafeteria.

Isolde climbed out in a huff, meekly apologizing and saying “Mittens….needs to eat…”

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Isaac and Ilya Ashton

"Come on Isaac! Before everything is gone!" A very large, white wolf was quickly making her way to the cafeteria, her human brother sliding close behind her.
"Slow down Ilya! We're going to collide with someone at this rate!" The way Isaac moved, you would think he was skating. He had frozen a layer of ice to the soles of his boots in an attempt to keep up with his energetic twin. Still not sure why she got to be a werewolf, but he was not complaining. He wasn't the one that needed a flee collar after all. He was, however, the one who brought her spare clothes every time she changed.
When the duo arrived, the first thing they did was find a solitary corner where Isaac handed a bag to his sister before creating a wall of frosted ice so Ilya could have some privacy. Granted, as he was unable to soundproof it, the sound of her body rearranging itself could be heard by anyone nearby. The cracking of bones, the shifting of muscle, and the squishing of her internal organs. A rather unpleasant process, to say the least, no matter how many times she goes through it. Once she finished reverting to her human form, Ilya quickly dressed in the clothes given to her, reminding herself about the strap above the seat of her pants that went above her tail. Slightly uncomfortable, but better than risking them sliding down because they were drooping. For reasons unknown, her white and bushy tail is a permanent feature of her body.
Once she was presentable, Ilya hit the ice wall, signalling for Isaac to clean it up which he did by compressing it into a more manageable size.
"I really need to figure out how to absorb ice." Isaac grumbled to himself as he lifted the heavy block of ice, making his way back out of the cafeteria to avoid trouble. On the other hand, Ilya quickly made her way to the food and started fixing herself a plate, her tail wagging at the sight and scent of everything there.
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Previously Deathstalker62
It seems as though these blasted fireworks have finally died off, even though it was another student that put an end to the chaos and not a staff member.. huh. You'd think all this noise would have attracted at least SOME attention, but maybe it was also all accounted on potentially stemming from another student's powers so there was also that. Either way, now that he could finally hear his own thoughts again, Ralyegh looked over the cafeteria again as his eyes had popped out, attached to stems and stalks, now standing tall above himself to get a better view of the place now that plenty of students were filling up the previously nigh-empty cafeteria. From the looks of things, there were lots of different stands and stalls for all kinds of taste.. Greek, Korean, Burgers, to name a few. And as much as he would like to try out something from them, there was that one that caught his attention. That one stall labelled just as 'SPECIAL' with a few, hesitant students already stood by it. Lovely, so that was his destination.

With his eyes slithering and squishing back into place like a snake entering its burrow, the man-turned-horror took humongous, yet slow steps with his slender legs over to the stand, only fitting for a giant like him. The small line that was forming by the stand of his choosing was already cleared by the time he arrived at his destination, allowing him to grab his grub on time - perfect. The staff behind the counter of the stand were momentarily shaken by both his appearance and his aura, before promptly asking the eldritch student what his specialized diet was. Of course, there was but one answer he could give.

" ..C-carnivorous.. t-t-the raw kind.. "

Well, figures to that one. One of the staff had told him to hand over his empty tray, which he had done so promptly, and off that one member went to grab something from their food storage. It seems that whatever it was they were gone for quite some time and had returned with something on the plate.

..or, well, he thought there was still a plate underneath there. From this high up of an angle, it was pretty hard to see underneath.. anything, really. The one thing he did spot however was the food they were bringing him. Or, to him, it looked like food. To others, it may seem like a dead animal.. and that's because it was. It was just a whole octopus, as it were, unprepared and uncooked, as if taken straight from the sea and slapped on the tray. To most, this may seem like a stupid, cruel and even downright deadly 'dish', what with those suckers still easily capable of squeezing an airway or two shut, but.. it was just something about eating raw things that made Ralyeigh comfortable. Cooked, seasoned, spiced, boiled, baked, all these things sounded just so.. unappetizing when comparing to the taste of pure, perfected nature.

With one long arm reaching forward, all he had done was just reach down and grab the cephalod by its slimy, spherical cranium, raised it above his head.. and with one swift movement of a large hand consisting of the blackened, slimy substance making its brief appearance from deep beneath his open jaws, pushing past the scarf covering his mouth and, in the blink of an eye, the entire thing was gone. Just like that. Nothing left, as if it never were, as if it never had been. Of course, this display of pure, monstrous devouring did not come without its fair share of surprised, disgusted and/or horrified onlookers, Ral could feel his head dwelve deeper into the shadowed covers of his hoodie, like a turtle tucking in for safety.

" O-oh, uh.. s-sorry about that.. u-uh.. I-I think it's best I just go over there.. "

Pulling the strings of his hoodie to hide himself even more, Innsmouth had hidden his hands within the pockets of his coat as he quietly shuffled with an uncomfortable look and apologizing murmurs towards a quiet, lone corner of the room to sit down at and try to forget at what he'd just done in public, having gotten too comfortable eating on his lonsome that, for the one moment it mattered, he had not remembered where or with who he was at the moment. All he could do now however was hold his hands in front of himself, create some small, humanoid lackeys and converse with them in hushed voices and quiet whispers, inaudible and incomprehensible to anyone that wasn't directly sitting, or alternatively standing right beside him and his gooey goons.
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Previously Schrift007
Lysander Hinokami
"Why would you not follow a bunch of beetles! Like surely it's just a side quest begging to be completed! Like worst case scenario there's a giant world ending bug on the other side that devours me whole without second guessing while my insides are put on the outside with the hundreds of spined teeth inside its gut as I'm liquified alive... orrr best case, I meet a guy with pretty hair who seems a tad bit awkward and is just about to recieve a bouncy friend with too much energy and far too little sleep!". And there he goes again. Far too positive, far too loud, far too Lyn. This wasn't his first time he mushed up his thoughts into some paste before spewing it all as verbal rubish at someone. Hell if it had a colour it'd be an obnoxious rainbow.

Angus Bowie. That was the name of his new bff. His new ride or die. His new best friend! Oh wait that's not how these things worked. But it's not like Lyn would be down from it. If he had just weirded the poor kid out of his mind then Lyn would just go on about his day as if nothing had ever happened. It's not like he had the ability to get upset at such a small thing. Lyn seemed confused at the thought at why people wouldn't like bugs. Well apart from the fact they're small, annoying to kill, prick, bite, stab and anything short of try to give you a minor inconvenience, they weren't all that bad, were they?

"Wait so that's your power? That's so cool! I love bugs, they're such cool creatures! If they were the size of people, then humans would never had stood a chance to reach it to the top of the food chain! Like if a praying mantis was my size it'd eaisly hunt elephants for dinner, they're be so strong! And don't forget all the other creepies, like a human sized dragon fly would spell apocalypse with the human race, isn't that awesome?!", loud and proud about the grim. Never change Lyn. Never change.

@-[ Just Vibin ]-
Angus Bowie
Location: Campus, heading towards cafeteria (Still)

" Giant bugs- OK ok slow down abit you losing me here. "

Lyn was definitely controlling this conversation. He was bouncing from topic to topic like a puppy cashing it's own tail. Letting him ramble on about A praying mantis and elephants he awkwardly chuckled. This dude was hyper and it was confusing on why. Lyn looked like he hasn't slept in months but was this hyperactive, it was definitely scary. But Angus heard the question on his power in the beginning of the rant. Just barley though.

" My mom named it Posion swarm after I accidentally brought a bunch of false widows home from the UK on a family trip... I can telepathically control insects. "

Angus explained the basic use of his powers. As that is really all he can do. A Beetle crawled out of his sleeve onto his hand. Showing Lyn the singler beetle it waved to the best of its ability at the other boy. It was still a insect and limitations but it was easy to see it wasn't natural movements.

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Previously Shadow_Pup
Amaryllis Cloverfield
As her roommates all enquired as to whether she was ok after her demonstration of her clumsiness she simply put on a wide grin "I'm all good, this kind of thing happens a lot" she says matter of factly, she smiled to herself, they all seemed like a lot of fun and she was feeling pretty excited about the future. She glanced at her stuff, she decided she was pretty content that her area was adequately decorated and turned away as her stomach growled, "huh, guess I'm hungrier than I thought" she said mostly to herself. She then addressed the others, "I guess we should probably head to the cafeteria right?" she stated her head tilted slightly inquisitively.
@Inkage (Pamela) @Godjacob (Kim) @Cryronn the Mudkip (Riley)

Jake West
Sat in the cafeteria, Jake watched as it slowly became more and more busy. He kept a keen eye on anyone who happened to peak his interest not picking out any particular options just yet but he kept watching as he sat with a plate of assorted stuff, he was sat with his back against the table as he faced outwards occasionally reaching behind him to grab something off his plate but refusing to not keep up his people watching.
Kimiko "Kim" Takahashi
Dorm 15
Interactions: @Cryronn the Mudkip (Riley Deimi) @Inkage (Pamala Oswald) @Void_Nugget (Amaryllis Cloverfield)​

Seemed this dorm was far more chaotic than Kim could've ever feared.

As one girl seemed to fall flat on her face, another seemed to zoom in moving like a blur as Kim's eyes seemed to widen on reflex. The girl who seemed to somehow talk faster than her movements suggested, seemed to do a rapid introduction of herself which had been hard to follow given the speed of which she got these words out and the manic energy she carried.

Was this girl just perpetually hooked to caffeine in the bloodstream!?

"Uh, the please is mine miss Deimi..." Kim had began to say back to the more active member of the dorm, least she had thought that but Pamala seemed to be in a contest to prove she'd keep pace. The two of them speaking or rather yelling each other like they had double A batteries shoved where the sun don't shine seemed to cause Kim's more elegant composure to crack ever more slightly as a bead of sweat dripped down the side of her head.

This is, not how I could've expected this to go...

Kim had taken a moment to shake Pamala's hand before she retracted it as she did remember her words and nodded along. "I uh, can respect the attempt to imitate but I'd rather you all just be yourselves..." Kim expressed to Pamala, though given how uh "dynamic" two of the personalities in this room seemed to be perhaps she'd regret that decision.

Amaryllis seemed to thankfully be okay and on the suggestion for food Kim seemed to agree with the notion as she nodded a bit. "Yes would be best if we line up to the cafeteria, wouldn't want to be late for the proceedings." Kim explained, also the fact she had a bit of hunger in her probably fueled this choice as she set her stuff aside and seemed set to go.
Ilya Ashton

The cafeteria was quickly filling up as Ilya sat down with a plate heaping with mostly assorted meats before digging in. Looking around, she saw many different people of varying shapes and sizes, one of them even seemed to resemble Cthulhu from Lovecraft's story. That one was a little unnerving, but the werewolf carried on eating, wondering what was taking her brother so long.

Isaac Ashton

"Ugh!" Isaac grumbled as he carried the block of ice into the restroom, setting the ice in one of the sinks along the wall. "I can't believe it took so long to find this place."
He sighed before stretching his fingers and cracking his knuckles, and finally making his way back to the cafeteria. Of course, this time he just simply walked, not wanting to risk any collisions with anybody this time.


Previously Schrift007
Lysander Hinokami

The comment about him speaking quickly blew over his head as Lyn just didn't seem to take that in. Well that was at first, until it domed him in the head. "what do you mean you're losing me? I'm right here". And deflected it right back off with a pun following by a laugh even the trickster god would be jealous of. He sounded so happy with himself too as if it was the funniest thing in the world. Eventually his little laugh died down, leaving him left with Angus' explanation of his powers. "Oh! Volukinesis! That's super cool! It's like a subsection to Thiriokinesis, which I've never really see in an entirity. Always some subsection and never the entire animal kingdom y'know? But that's still cool to see someone able to do! Bugs especially, like that's such a cool name for a power too!". And here Lyn was throwing out his knowledge on fancy words ending in kinesis. He still seemed overly positive, overly positive about such a simple power.

Well now Lyn had the pressure of having to use his ability in a controlled manner just to give some insight in what he could do. Not too hard right? He closed one of his hands into a fist, raising it up to just about chest level for Angus to see. "My power is biokinesis, which is a fancy way of saying I have full control over my own biology. I control every function, every tissue, every reaction within my body. I can grow my bones faster, expand muscle mass, densen my skin, man the list just goes on!". While Lyn was giving a rather brief run down of his abilities, his arm was changing. At first it only looked like he was flexing his arm but that didn't seem to be the case as it was clear soon that the muscles in his forearms were moving in an odd manner. Moving in waves, eventually they were coming to surface outside the skin; making some fleshy coat around his arm. A similar process was taking place in his fist too but around his knuckles and finger tips something else was forming. Bone was starting to condense and grow around those areas, making claws at the tips of his fingers while snowcapping the tops of his knuckles.

And while it all looked rather macabre, not a single bit of blood was spilt. Lyn's forearm was now clad in muscle, while different areas were bound by tendons which wired themselve at the joints. It had nearly doubled in size to what it was before. "Kaboom! And I'm ready for anything now haha!". Lyn was certainly contempt at what he did, using his power in such a simple fashion. But Lyn knew he was lying, or well keeping something from Angus. He couldn't let anybody know about Juuzou, just not quite yet. It wasn't really lying, was it? He was just witholding the information about how his blood can become so toxic it causes decay or the fact that there's some evil entity that embodies all the negativity in his mind.

Something that Lyn didn't seem to pick up was the fact that the roots of his hair had become white before they faded back to their natural dark colour higher up. His eyes, while still hanging over his dark circles, they had an odd green tint to them while a faint red marking was starting to show on his raccoon eyes. This wasn't part of what Lyn intended.

@-[ Just Vibin ]-
Angus Bowie
location: Still the same.

Angus blinked for a second thinking that his words might of actually went over his head. But when Lyn retorted with the pun he let out a small sigh of relief. He looking alittle suprized at the word ' Volukinesis '. Even with his powers he didn't know there was a specific term for it( I really didn't lol ).

" I never knew it actually had a term for it, That's pretty neat! But if someone controled the entire animal kingdom.. Thats abit to wxtreme but you never know."

Thinking about it for a second or two he called the beatle on his hand back into his cardigan. He put his hand on his chin as he thought. But quickly pulled it away when he heard the other boys powers be mentioned. ' Biokineses ' sounds intriguing enough. But when Angus saw the little display of his powers he couldn't help but flinch. How can that not be painfull or have some sort of damage to its host. His anxiety kicked in as he wanted to gag for a second but swallowed it down. Sure Angus has seen blood, decaying flesh being eaten to nothing but bone. Seeing a person a living beings muscles moving, bones growing and shaping themselves. It was different, and he couldn't tell if it was good or bad.

" Uh Im sorry I just didn't expect that... That's cool. But that seems like it would be excruciating or be atleast abit goreish... How can you do that so casually. "

He asked with a shaking breath as he tried calming himself down abit. This situation is really out of his comfort zone. But then again Who goes around shifting flesh and bone in there arm. Angus noticed the slight changes in the boys appearance but chalked it up to side effects of his powers.
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Marcel laughed softly as he heard Orion’s comment. “Please, just treat me like I’m any normal person.” Marcel spoke humbly as he unpacked some of his things and smiled. “I can agree to most of those rules, since the only person I would want to bring into this dorm is my friend Samael.” Marcel commented as he grabbed some clothes to swap into something he deemed comfortable. He went to the bathroom in the dorm and swapped out of his royal attire.

Marcel’s outfit now consisted of a crimson button up with a singular front pocket tucked into some black cargo pants which had zippers on them. He had some rings on his ring, middle, and index fingers and put on some red converses to match with his outfit. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled, he knew he cleaned up well. So he left the restroom with his bundle of clothes and dropped them off in the room inside of a basket and then left the room to go and see someone. He walked down to room 18 and knocked on the door as he waited for Fuyuko.

Samael meanwhile continued to unpack his things, he could respect Andrew for wanting to get straight to business by leaving. ‘He seems to be the kind of person to want to get the job done. I can respect it.’ Samael thought to himself as he finished unpacking and then began to walk to the cafeteria, to eventually see Marcel.

(@Cmeriwether )
"Now son, I want you to remember one thing."

He remembered it like it was yesterday. The rustling of the trees, chirping of the cicadas, the shine of the stars. His father, youthful and energetic as he'd probably always been, leaned in and rested a wide hand on his son's curly-haired head.

"Your father is always right." He affirmed smiling. "Especially if your mother says I'm wrong."

Upon hearing this blasphemy, the lady in question halted from her scrutinization of their map, materializing behind her husband.

"Ow!" The older man winced after having received a firm knuckle into his back. "I thought we agreed on no powers while on the family vacation?!"

"I thought the Bible said no lies." She retorted, her eyes narrowed playfully. "Besides, you know you love it when I catch you off-guard."

Her partner grinned, "You're not wrong."

They shared a silent, yet impassioned look. Of course, back then, the young boy had no clue what this was alluding to - if anything, he thought it was reminiscent of the glares he'd often exchange with the other boys on the playground, when they were about to race or arm-wrestle.

"Will I get powers one day?" The boy asked. "Will I blink like Mommy? Or switch like Daddy?"

As if they'd forgotten he was even there, their eye contact came to an abrupt halt as they span to face him.

They shared another brief glance, as if nonverbally agreeing on how much they should - or could - share with their son, who was genetically predisposed to reaping the same benefits, and hardships, as the two of them had.

"Who can say, baby?" Her mother sung, her surprisingly strong arms gently pulling him into their embrace. The warmth of their skin, and the campfire crackling nearby, was starting to make him sleepy. "Whatever happens, we'll always be here. And we'll always love you."

The last thing he could remember that night were their eyes looking down at him. He wanted more than anything to have one more conversation with them. He wanted to ask them why they left him alone even though they said they would always be there.

Why they weren't with him and Uncle Iggy when he couldn't control his powers properly, especially when he got angry, or depressed, or when he cried, or when he felt lost and didn't know what to do.

Why they weren't there to guide him into this new, big wide crazy world he'd been thrust into.

But even he couldn't turn back the hands of time.

He opened his eyes, the coziness of days long past now replaced by the lonely autumn wind. He checked his watch, groaned, and then rose up onto his feet, before snapping his fingers in a random direction without looking.

As the clamor and hubbub of the busy school cafeteria poured through, he dusted himself off, both mentally and physically. He was going to get in there, grab some grub, make some friends, and set himself up for a great high school experience. He was going to leave the past behind him in order to conquer new lands, and venture through uncharted territory.

Because that's what explorers do.

As expected, the cafeteria was packed.

Laughter fell softly, warping and wefting through the steady clamoring of plates and utensils against surfaces. Taking a glance around the space, he felt there was enough going on to make this a live TV set. From thick walls of ice, to the faintest smell of fireworks, Orion was both downtrodden that he'd missed the fun, and grateful that he didn't have to witness whatever had gone down here prior.

While he eventually spotted their local model, Prince West himself, sitting casually at one of the tables people-watching, Tsugikuni and Marcel were nowhere to be found. He thought about portalling over briefly to check on them, though dismissed it by convincing himself they would appear soon.

Now, came the primary objective - food. A true explorer has to be adaptable, and willing to leverage all the resources at their disposal in order to satiate their hunger! Everything and anything can be food if you apply the correct procedure.

...Don't quote him on that, of course.

The cafeteria his oyster, he perused the various stands that were on display, from Chinese to Korean, and...Greek.

Upon reading the latter, his heart skipped a beat, and a cold sweat formed on his forehead. For whatever reason, he felt as though the gyros on display were glaring back at him, and ruthlessly at that. His heart was telling him to avoid that particular item of food for dear life, though he couldn't ascertain why.

Deciding to heed the strange premonition, he decided to settle on two simple plates of burger and fries, not out of any particular predilection for fast food, but rather, to allow the next phase of his Master Plan™ to flourish. What plan, you ask? Simple.

Though there were few familiar faces to wingman for him, Orion noticed very early on that there were girls. And lots of them. Unfortunately the beautiful redhead he'd encountered earlier was nowhere to be seen, but too bad for her. The O-Man can't be held down, baby!

There was one small caveat, however - just the teensiest, tiniest shadow of a problem for our hero to overcome.

You see, most of the hot ones were already in groups. Take this absolute sweetheart for example; flowing white hair, about his height, and great posture to boot! Sure, the tail might provoke an allergy or two, and she looked about muscular enough to snap him like a twig, but hey, maybe he's into that kind of thing.

The problem was that he'd seen her with a similar-looking guy, and judging by their rapport, they must've been brother and sister. An approach there would be asking for trouble.

Still, seeing the two of them reminded him of another sweetie he'd caught sight of earlier - real cheerful, energetic, with lovely caramel hair. It should go without saying that her hair wasn't the only part of her that was lovely, so to speak, for her to have retained a place in our casanova's memory for this long.

While she may not have been present, what Orion assumed to be her brother was. The young man in question, with light brown hair and empty blue eyes, must've been practicing for an upcoming musical statues competition, because he was leaning against the wall without making the slightest movement. Was he dead? Time to find out.

As smooth as silky butter on a shoeshine, he sidled up to his new bestie. And informant.

"You remind me of a monument I met once in my travels," he began, smirking. "It was way too serious all the time. Guess you could say it was stone-faced."

After leaving a pause so his comedic genius could be appreciated, Orion offered him the extra plate he'd managed to procure.

"Anyway man, you looked kind of hungry. Figured this was the most inoffensive thing I could getcha, so dig right in. The name's Orion, by the way; refined gentleman, avid adventurer, and budding entrepreneur." He winked.

"Also can I get your hot sister's digits? Is she single? Ahh, doesn't matter! Unless the person she's seeing has some crazy power in which case you gotta-" He didn't say. An operation like this would require patience, precision, and a lot of charm.

Luckily, our hero is swimming in bucketloads of all three, and more! Dream high school life, here we go!

Interactions: Andrew @Gold The Dragonite

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair

Perhaps for the first time in his life, Andrew was spoilt for choice. And it was for food, no less!

Time had slipped by unnoticed, enough for his early arrival to be rendered effectively ineffectual. The cafeteria had now become much more alive as students began gradually pouring in and either flooding the stalls of cuisine or simply retreating to the seating. On any other occasion, his plan would've rerouted to the latter, however he was too deep in a reverie. Too entranced to fully acknowledge the handful of passersby sending a 'hey', 'what's up?' or question about his solitude his way, all of which were met with a blank stare or the rare blink in response. Although that was a pretty standard reaction even if he was paying attention to them.

In reality, he was overwhelmed. The myriad of options that were on display had him questioning his tastes (or lack thereof). Typically, decision-making would never take more than a few seconds for Mr. Pragmatism, yet this of all things was giving him trouble. Before this, he was sure he would eat whatever he was given with no issue. When did he become so picky all of a sudden?

His mind continued its wandering, plagued by the irritating feeling of vacillation. Even his body began to reflect this by its deathly stillness, restraining him from aimlessly drifting around like a child who lost their parent in the mall. It was at this point he was able to muster a conclusion: skip out and wait for the day to be over. Turns out social anxiety truly was the biggest obstacle of them all.

By the time he snapped back to reality, alas, it was too late to make an escape. His eyes diverted from the clusters of eager students to the approaching figure, Andrew now internally groaning. "Don't do it." He thought. "Turn back 'round and just head for the tables, I'm not worth your time."


"Wait, who the hell gets two separate plates for themselves instead of fitting it all on one?"

However, he quickly dismissed the senseless query he formed, as he now remembered spotting the initiator on the way to the dorms that was in the company of a redhead that seemed to need directions for a pretty straightforward layout. He probably just grabbed food for the both of them and is making a quick detour to check on his wellbeing, the saint.

Dwelling on it now, thinking about the girl from before gave him the strangest sense of nostalgia, like a haunting memory that was just a bit too foggy, despite believing he's never seen her before. Then again, when did he care about keeping mental notes on people? Perhaps they crossed paths in another life or something dumb like that.

Andrew's train of thought came to a halt as the indiviual did, and tried (keyword being "tried") to crack a joke.

She wasn't even here, and he was still getting tormented – incredible.

The guy's pause for comedic effect was met with Andrew's own silence as he blankly stared back, a disappointed look on his face. Although the source of Andrew's chagrin hadn't come from his disappointment, he was sure Gwen'd already told a similar punchline in a near-identical scenario before.

No, it came from a dreadful thought of correlation; the mannerisms, the same terrible sense of humor, that stupid grin. They both even exuded that same sickeningly spry aura. The thought of the two ever meeting made him feel nauseous - heaven forbid, or else he'd be at heaven's gates begging to be let in early. His psyche could barely handle his sister in the first place, let alone two of her.

The next time words were spoken, one of the plates he was holding was extended towards Andrew, which he took after a second of hesitancy, taken back by surprise as his hypothesis was proven wrong. A meager exhale he didn't know was being held within his lungs left his body, now actually showing signs of life. Never had he felt so grateful to see such a simple and unassuming meal.

Furthermore, a name was now given, prompting Andrew's eyes to lighten ever so slightly (three whole reactions in the span of mere seconds! Gwen would be punching air at the sight of this)."Oh, like the constellation," He mused aloud at Orion's name, his curiosity genuine.

"Andrew," was his best attempt at matching his benefactor's energy. "Thanks for the food, I guess." Despite his wish to continue this oh, so riveting conversation, he began walking off to one of the many tables present within the cafeteria. Sadly, his time spent doing absolutely nothing meant the fellow introverts already claimed dibs on them, the lucky lot. So he had to settle for one near the middle, cast aside from the center-most.

Hopefully, Orion would just stumble off somewhere else in a futile quest to get a girl's number or whatever he was doing, after finishing his good samaritan duties. But seeing as luck hadn't been on his side for a while, Andrew's 16 years of experience perfecting the art of ignorance would have to step up if he was tailed in the end.



As Arielle had left the dorms at Nera's instruction, she found herself walking at a brisk pace towards the place of interest, fueled by trepidation. Once realising her walking speed had become akin to the haste of her train of thought, she paused mid-stride.

Was Nera naturally this quiet, or had she left her dormmate in the dust by accident?

"N-Nera?" She called out, making sure to add volume to her voice this time.


Well, the pure silence that followed answered her question, as did the guilt that washed over her when hearing no response. And after summoning all that courage to even ask for her company, all for naught... A mental note was etched into her mind to apologise for such heedless behavior later.

As much as Arielle wanted to send one of her all-seeing swarms to search for Nera's location, one of them had already slipped behind the cloth covering her eyes as she left, restored to its original form as her right eyeball. She hadn't realised how prolonged her power usage was today, until feeling the heaviness upon her eye. She'd have to hurry before the other exhausted itself as well.

The now bustling cafeteria caught the girl's attention, a stark contrast to its desolation moments prior, as observed by the green congregation of specks parading the area beforehand. Finally reaching her place of interest, the blindfolded girl, who had just taken her first steps into uncharted territory, effortlessly darted through the horde of ravenous and roving people to her destination.

A hushed "Sorry!" and "Excuse me!" escaped Arielle's mouth as she weaved through the sea of students to the Mediterranian section with minimal collisions, taking a Greek salad accompanied by a handful of falafel for herself. Great! Food secured; next was finding somewhere to take refuge. And thankfully, that was already dealt with. It wouldn't be long before she would be able to find solace in the comfort of no-one's presence.

At her journey's end laid an almost vacant table near the far-back of the cafeteria that would've been in high demand for the awkward, reclusive teens such as herself, if not for the ominously glowing, green humanoid figure sat there alone. People had steered clear from it, as she expected, and rightfully so - if Arielle didn't know any better, she'd assume the school had a massive oversight and admitted someone with radiation powers. However, that was still a more logical explanation than her sitting down as the faceless figure dematerialized into a cloud of particles and zipped right underneath her blindfold.

She could already anticipate the weird stares in her direction, though not being able to confirm so due to her lack of vision gave her the smallest ease of comfort, which was still better than none. Arielle began taking small nibbles of her food every few intervals and patiently waiting either for Nera to appear or for something to happen, whichever would come first.
Kimiko "Kim" Takahashi

Kim walked down the hall and entered through the doors of the cafeteria. Her first meeting with the girls she'd be sharing a dorm with was...interesting, far as she'd best describe it but she ultimately saw they seemed to be good enough people so she figured she'd learn to handle their quirks as the year progressed.

For the time being Kim focused on what was important, as the Takahashi family member took her plate and secured herself some goodies. Kim seemed to favor a balanced diet; several cut carrot and apple slices, a pair of cooked chicken sandwiches and some peanuts complete with a bottled water. Kim would find a seat at one of the tables as she kept to an end of it while she saw others had began to fill in ahead of her and she was sure more would be coming before long.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Marcel made his way to the cafeteria in his new attire. Ditching his whole royal look and looking like a normal teenager. ‘Hopefully this is surprising enough for Fuyuko.’ Marcel thought to himself as he walked inside and was surprised at how packed it was already. But he didn’t mind that. He went and grabbed some Chinese food. Settling on some lo Mein and orange chicken with some fried rice. He tried to figure out where to sit so Fuyuko could see him. Eventually settling on a spot, not out in the open, but enough to be noticeable.

Samael meanwhile was already down at the cafeteria. Grabbing some pizza, he didn’t go and sit with Marcel. He knew Marcel needed time with Fuyuko, so he went and found someone he knew. His dorm mate, Andrew. He sat down and looked at him. “Hello again, I couldn’t help but notice your exit earlier. Straight to business. I can respect that comrade.” Samael’s Russian accent was potent almost like he was using it intentionally for Andrew.
(@Cmeriwether @Gold The Dragonite )
Angus Bowie
Location: Cafeteria

After escaping his pervious conversation, he quickly headed for the cafeteria. His beetles already stationed around the path. As he went the beetles returned to him hovering behind him as he pushed open the cafeteria doors with a huff. Looking around he found the stand for specialty diets (I can't remember what a previous post called it so make do). The swarm of beetles landed on his shoulder little by little hiding in his cardigan as he walked. Angus already getting some looks for the bugs as he went. Greeting the lady working the stand he gave her a information card. And explained his powers, getting a quick glance she went into the back, she then brought out a decently sized box of flowers. Quickly handing them over to Angus.

" Thank you, this should last for about a half a week to a week depending on how fast they go through them. " Angus gave her a smile before a quarter of the beetles drop from his cardigan to the floor. Placing down the box the floored beetles lifted it up and carried it away back to the door for the others in the dorms. Watching them leave he heads over to the normal lunch lines, grabbing something random from the options. Happy with his choice he turn towards the cafeteria and freezes.

Where to sit ?
((Ill change any details that need to be changes, if brought to my attention))
Omar Shieldson

Omar had noticed people in his dorm leaving, and figured it was best to start heading for dinner after he made sure everything was good. His suitcase had an extra outfit in it. He pulled that out and got ready. His longcoat had been dropped and his shirt was changed fpr a long-sleeve, collared gold shirt, black pants, and a pair of black boots. His necklace was still on his neck as he left his dorm, walking towards the cafeteria. As he walked, he saw a fight, and he just walked into it. He was glaring at them both, his Right sleeve was rolled back, revealing bar tattoos. It was a good thing Wall was active, otherwise those would have hurt. The two were mortified when they had seen him not even flinch. The two had ran off as Omar spoke for the first time.

"That tickled." Omar responded, "It takes one who hits as hard as Dragon Spirits to make me feel much with this power, after it's Extensive Training."

"W-what, he said d-dragon Spirits!?" The two ran off.

Omar then went on his way, arriving at the Cafeteria. He had a sinking feeling that entering the Cafeteria fully was going to take Analytics to get to the food. He then took his time to enter and find himself some food. There were so many stands around, he went to one at random. He found a stand for some Chinese food, and grabbed a mix of dishes. Omar then walked past a girl on his way to the back wall so he doesn't have any more accidental punches to his face. A brown haired girl with green eyes, however the girl wore an eyepatch. He noticed she was sitting alone, however, he was nervous to talk to her, especially with how cute she looked at the moment.

"Cute." Omar thought, "What?"

Omar was surprised at his own thoughts. Especially since he was not expecting that kind of thought. He would try to figure this out, why this happened and what he needed to do about it.

Gina Shieldson

Gina had gone towards the Cafeteria due to the Time, she will try to find her dormmates later, but now her stomach was growling. She hoped that Braedyn was okay, especially with his nose. She headed in, passing by her brother, who seemed to be in deep thought. She then noticed his face. Gina Shieldson internally guffawed, knowing that when her brother's like that, something serious happened to him. She'll figure that out later, however, now was the time to find food for dinner. She saw so many different varieties of foods from around the world.

"I wonder about him, what's going on in that ever-so-serious head of his." Gina whispered.

Gina then started thinking about what her roommates were going to be like.

Asuna Ryugetsu

Asuna had heard Iori's Suggestion of going to the Cafeteria. She nodded, then heading off.

"If you need a path to the Cafeteria, just follow the steam." Asuna called out to her roommates.

Asuna then headed off, a light mist following her as she started walking around the area to get where she was going. When she got there, she looked around to see what was going on. As she arrived, she saw all sorts of people, and all kinds of powers. As the line allowed her to select her food, she went for something interesting, like French food, with water as the drink. On her tray was Beef bourguignon and ratatouille as she looked to find a seat.

Redtail Sisters

Fuyuko and Melanie had finished unpacking and had to rush off to dinner. As they walked, they saw steam, looking like it led to the Cafeteria. As they followed the steam, they entered the Cafeteria, seeing everyone around them. Melanie looked to see a Mediterranean section, and went off.

"I'm getting Mediterranean, I'll be back."

"Go for it," Fuyuko responded.

Fuyuko then turned to the left and blushed, unexpectedly, when she caught Marcel in normal clothes in her Peripheral vision. She then went off to get some food of her own, finding things that suit her taste better than anyone would expect, such as a bowl of Venison Chili, and some more typical sides. She was trying to process her thoughts when she approached Marcel after getting her food.

"H-hi! M-Marcel, D-do y-you m-mind i-if I S-sit h-here?" Fuyuko was trying her best not to be a nervous wreck, "H-how w-was y-your d-day s-so f-far?"

Pamela smiled at her roommates, and then turned away and left.

She saw Kim leave, and thus decided to follow suit. Something told her that it would be best if she simply observed the retreating figure. They were heading in the same direction, so Pam took the time to appraise Kim’s movements and to perhaps get an understanding of her demeanor.

The walk wasn’t terribly long, and Pamela entered a bustling, hustling place filled with people.
Pamela went pale. She wasn’t a fan of crowds or group events. She should’ve figured a lot of people would be there. But Pamela assumed a blank, neutral and calculating expression that was her resting face, wiping her trepidation from her face.
She’d get some food and leave. Chicken, or beef. Something meaty. Pamela stood in the associated line and swung her arms with a bit of nervous energy. It looked quite silly, her serious expression undermined by her swinging arms and posture. But this didn’t occur to Pamela.


Shuffling swiftly past her captors, Isolde practically ran down the hallways to the eating location. Upon entering the room and seeing so many people, Isolde balked.

The room was small; maybe half the size of her father’s dining hall. Isolde thought it would have been more grand, and was appreciative of the simple adornments and pillars. She wasn’t aware that most people considered her father’s kitchen overly excessive in quality, and in actuality the dining hall was quite grand and slightly intimidating.
It was full to the brim with people. Terrible, terrible bloodthirsty humans. Isolde’s eyes swam with tears.
So many people…But…It’s for Mittens!
Steeling herself with the power of cute kitties, Isolde threw herself in the crushing, suffocating throng. She wasn’t even aware of what was going on, and was shuffled from line to line like a forlorn, half-dead hermit.
Isaac Ashton

Having seen everyone else run through the hall to the cafeteria, Isaac simply shrugged his shoulders and froze a layer of ice on the soles of his boots again and started "skating" to his destination. Knowing his sister, she probably started eating already, if she was not finished by now. Hopefully she managed to stay out of trouble while he was gone.

Ilya Ashton

As it happens, Ilya had no need to look for trouble as it found her first. Some tough guy thinking he was some kind of big shot tried hitting on her while she was eating and, in her terms, tried asserting himself as an alpha. Needless to say, Ilya was feeling very irate at this guy's persistence, not to mention the sheer audacity of interrupting her meal! Having grown tired of this male, Ilya partially morphed her face into a wolf's muzzle and snarled at him, revealing teeth that could easily stab through flesh. Thankfully, the nuisance lost his nerve and left her alone, allowing her to finish her meal in peace. Even if she still had the jaws of a wolf on full display.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
“Hmm? Oh! Um…h-hello Fuyuko…” Marcel stuttered as he adjusted his crimson hair as he tried to look perfect for her. A tide of crimson flushed on his face as he looked at her. “Y-Yes. Yes you can. C-Come…sit next to me.” Marcel gestured to the seat next to him with a smile, a very blush heavy smile. He had a lot to talk about with Fuyuko. Like getting to know her better and showing her something he doesn’t tell a lot of people.

(@Cmeriwether )
Isaac and Ilya Ashton

Having finally returned to the cafeteria, Isaac was surprised by just how full the place was since he last saw it. Noticing his twin wiping her mouth with an empty plate in front of her? Not so much. He knew how dangerous Ilya could be when she was hungry, not to mention her appetite. Deciding to grab a plate for himself, Isaac walked over to see exactly what kind of food was being served. It did not take long for him to notice the wild looking individual and so he decided he may as well find out who she was. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked over to Pax and greeted her. "Hello, I'm Isaac, nice to meet you." @=Nightshade=
Ilya licked her wolfish chops before sighing contently, happy to have a full belly. Looking around, she noticed her brother in line trying to introduce himself to a girl. It was about time he returned, but she decided to leave them be... For now.
Marx arrived in the cafeteria, looking around at the groups of people in the surrounding area. He took a few moments to soak it all in before taking a deep breath, and then exhaling softly, smacking his cheeks slightly as he made his way forward. "Okay then, I might have been a little late but that's fine, besides as long as I made it here it should all be fine." Marx's nose twitched as he sniffed the air, he quickly turned his head towards the plates being served, his mouth watering slightly. "And since I made it here, I should grab a bite to eat!" He exclaimed, turning both of his hands into honey, stretching forward while evading and moving past his fellow students in the process, before getting his hands on two plates and reeling his arms back in before they reverted back to normal. "Now to find a seat."
The Disorderly Duo a couple minutes later
It took a while, but Dean managed to properly snap Braedyn's nose back into place. "Seriously, mate, you gotta be more careful," he said, "I know I'm reckless but I know what I'm doing-"

"I fuckin' know, bro," Braedyn interrupted, "Also, I met this girl-"

"I know," Dean said.

"What?" Braedyn replied.

"I saw everything," Dean joked, "Maybe you could finally get a girlfriend."

"Fuck you," Braedyn jokingly shouted. Dean and Braedyn both broke out into a fit of laughter while they were walking to the cafeteria. Finally, the laughter died down between the two. "By the way, you gotta learn to catch a hint," Dean finally decided to tell Braedyn, "I already know she likes you." Braedyn stared at Dean blankly.

"She does?!"

Dean left to talk to someone else, but not before giving Braedyn a pat on the back. Then they both remembered something that they did three days ago. Dean went back to Braedyn as fast as possible and tell him not to tell anyone he hacked into secure servers because of his curiosity.

This Hellhole's Only Spider-Man
Miles finally got back on his feet. Finally, as in after about 10 minutes. "Why do I feel like I have PENIS CANCER?!" he said to himself. Some other guys behind him started laughing like idiots. And no, it wasn't the disorderly duo, as I called them. Miles zipped at his top speed to wherever the hell he thought Dean was. That is, until he realised he was moving one hundred and two point nine meters per second. "Stupid fucking piece of-" he shouted before he was cut off by impact.

He slammed right into the wall. He put a small dent in the wall. A dent in the walls of Karma fucking High of all places.

How was he not dead? I don't know. Now back to the point.

Miles stood up with the worst headache of his life and he decided to walk back to the middle of the cafeteria. That is, until he realised he had no idea what was going on. And there were people watching.

"I'm OK," he said, "Just got a bad headache from that." Except he didn't just get a bad headache. He accidentally put a crack in his skull. The pain he was in was pretty bad. But he was OK. He lived.

(OOC: The reason he feels like he has penis cancer is he fell on it)


Previously Night's Shadow
Dino Nugget
Interactions: Isaac, @Draco Nightshade
The hairs on the back of Pax’s neck stood up as she sensed something approaching from behind. She turned almost before the boy began speaking, not necessarily startled but certainly caught off guard. She grimaced, trying to crush her instinct to snarl and jump back defensively, the words of her father in her head. Just try to make friends, okay, Paxie?

When the boy introduced himself, Pax’s mind went blank for a moment. Speaking to strangers was something that the wild girl had mixed feelings toward— people weren’t like animals, one couldn’t just assume their motivation was naivete, starvation, or predation. But while none of those were particularly benign motivations, they were at least finite, unlike the infinite number of reasons a person could have for approaching another.

Pax shook her head violently. She was overthinking this. Just try to make friends. It’ll be good for you. Blah, blah, society… When Pax realized the boy — Isaac, she noted, people had names — had finished speaking and was looking at her expectantly, she blinked and cleared her throat. “Pax,” she said after a moment. “My… name. It is Pax. Good to… meet you?” After a moment of hesitation, she offered a hand. She had seen other people shake hands before when they met for the first time.