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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Discussion Chronicles

RP Thread https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/legends-arceus-diamond-and-pearl.30052/#post-934643 (Ask to Join - Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl)
Better late than never! Or maybe it's not late, maybe this was my plan all along, only those truly committed will want to rp in this setting while everyone else rushes to Scarlet/Violet. Now, why the same setting of the game, why not legends Celebi, Victini or any other region? Simple, we have very little information of what those other regions looked like in the past.
This story will take place during the exact time the game does, except, we won't have an MC falling from the sky or Arceus going crazy, cuz Stellar might get mad at me for it and I'm too lazy to submit permission for it xD Instead you will be part of the Galactic Corps to explore Hisui, study Pokemon, fill up the Pokedex, confront alphas and maybe solve a mystery or two :3

Now before we go on and you get all excited and start dropping OC bios, something important we need to talk about: Commitment.
This RP will be strict when it comes to posting, how strict? Well you just need to ask yourself one question, can I post at least once a day? Now we won't be asking for you to do so, but if you are capable of posting once a day, that means we can trust you won't drag the rp down. We know real life sometimes gets in the way, but if it gets in your way constantly, work, school, being sick, daddy issues, anything that could cause you to just suddenly stop posting, then you should reconsider joining. If you feel you are able to, that's great! Again, we won't be asking for one post per day, we understand we all have things to do, we just don't want the rp getting to the point where we get a post once a week.

Now, let's look at the rules :3
Alpha Pokemon: These won't be available to catch until mid or late game. They will be extremely difficult to catch and will be causing trouble for our OCs, so getting one won't be easy. Can your Pokemon become an alpha Pokemon? Same rule, sure, but until mid or late game. We don't want everyone walking around with alphas like if they gave them away for free at Cosco.
Catching Pokemon: Will we catch a ton of Pokemon like in the games? No, unlike the games, we can actually rp studying the Pokemon and writing things down about them without having to capture them to register them in the Pokedex.
Setting: Remember a lot of people still fear Pokemon and see them as a threat, so having Pokemon won't make you that popular at first, it is up to us to show people how amazing they are!
National Pokedex: Yes. As long as the Pokemon you encounter makes sense with the environment, it's all good.
Getting Started: You're allowed to choose a first stage mon of your choice, which will be provided by the Galaxy Corps.
Items: We will ask you keep track of the items your OC has on hand and every time you use a Pokeball, roll to see if you catch the Pokemon you used it on, this is to avoid spamming objects.
Crafting: Yes.
Present day Pokemon: Things like Porygon haven't been invented yet, so how can you catch one? We will have some distortion incidents happen to give you the opportunity to get one :3
OC getting injured: Very possible, we will have a roll system that determines if your oc gets injured and if too many build up, game over! This will be included in the discord if you get accepted.

Finally, what's the plot? Your oc can be from Jubilife, the Pearl or Diamond clan, even come from another region. They will join the GC and set out to explore, facing all the dangers that the Hisui region has to offer! Maybe, there's something evil lurking in the shadows...

If you're up to the challenge go ahead and let me know, or any questions you might have about the rp!

Special invite to:
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Here is a character sheet skeleton if you'd like direction, by the way :3

Nickname: (optional)
Physical Appearance:
Skills: (Which items are they better at crafting? How sneaky are they? Can they feasibly survive by themselves out in the wild? How innovative are they? How well can they read what a Pokemon will do? How friendly/non-threatening do they seem to wild Pokemon? (yes, that's a skill lol) etc.)
Research Focus: (if any)
Family: (optional)

Optional Pokemon character sheet, if ya want :3
Appearance: (if different from average)
Nature/Personality: (nature is optional)
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Umm, so about that daily posting... i will not be able to, but... can you compromise with really long posts? Please?

Name: Tajirto Tiroshi
Nickname: Alex
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Physical Appearance: A skinny build, white skin, brown hair and ulltramarine eyes
Clothing: The Galaxy Expedition Team Unifrom
Personality: He is very open and fun. He loves Pokemon.
Skills: He can craft a lot, he is as stealthy as an Assassin, he seems threatening.
Research Focus: He doesn't have a focus :3
History: Born and raised in Hisui. His family was banished from their home by a rampaging outbreak of Raichu. He was taken in by The Galaxy Expedition Team, and was raised in Jubilife Villiage!
Pokémon: Well, hes about to begin, so none lol


I'm not exactly asking for daily post, I'm asking if you have the ability to do so, this is to let me know that you are able to commit to the rp and won't slow it down by not posting for several days or suddenly disappear. We wanna keep a regular pace on this and not have to wait a week to be able to move on, although we know life happens, record shows that once the rp slows down it's very difficult to bring it back up xD So if you guys are up to the challenge, I'll be more than happy to look at your bios, just let me know you're gonna try your best :3

If you don't have discord that's fine, I'll try and post important stuff here xD
Name: Kawa Ko
Nickname: Ka
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance:
Clothing: Ka wears a traditional ninja suit when out in the wild and removes the upper part when in a safe zone, tying the sleeves around his waist. He usually has an black under shirt, like in the image. He also wears a mask to hide his face, a tradition from his family.
Personality: Ka is the quiet edgy kind of guy. He needs to be, since he specialty is sneaking around. Usually doesn't separate work from real life, always ready for the next mission, not wanting to waste time on things like "having fun."
Skills: Like a ninja, he is great at sneaking up on people, moving in the shadows and hiding. When it comes to wild Pokemon, he is able to get close enough to get a good look at them and flee if they sense anybody nearby, however, he has never actually touched any other Pokemon besides his Eevee.
Research Focus: Pokemon behavior, scout out the dangerous ones and the ones that be co-exist with humanity.
History: Son of a long line defending the head of the Pearl Clan since the creation of it. They are trained to give their lives if necessary for the leader of the Pearl Clan, Iriada.
Family: His father is currently head of security for the Pearl Clan. His mother is in charge of weaponry and traps. His younger sister is in basic training, being only 10 years old.
Species/Type: Eevee/Normal
Nickname: Kage
Gender: Female
Ability: Anticipation
Appearance: Has longer tail and ears by an inch than regular Eevee while the white spot on her tail expands longer along with the mane around her neck.
Nature/Personality: Calm Nature/Alert to Sounds
Helping Hand
Sand Attack
All these characters being stealthy, so now I gotta make a character who has shits for stealth but tries.

Name: Yua Yamamoto
Nickname: Yu, Yama
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Yua is 5'04" (162.6 cm) and weighs 125 lbs (56.7 kg), her build being a bit muscular due to her life prior to becoming a part of the Survey Corps. She has blonde, long hair she puts up in a ponytail-bun, her eyes as blue as a sapphire. Her skin is a bit tan due to the amount of sun she receives, but her usual complexion is pale. She seems cute, but her usual facial expression is rather spirited and it's the precursor to something she was going to do that may be obnoxious, dangerous, or both.
Clothing: Most of her clothes are rather brightly-colored, her favorite colors being green, pink, yellow, and a sky blue. She preferred wearing fancy kimonos, especially kimonos that reminds her of home, like the mountainscape kind. She'll also match her clothes to her Oshawott once she gets him, wearing a bright blue kimono accented with white cloud-like cuffs and bottom rim with a beige sash around the waist and an orange top underneath. She also loves patterned kimonos, and always gets the brightly colored ones. Even her bottoms are fancy and she'd wear nice and soft blue pants to fit most of her theme. For footwear, she usually wore zori sandals with colors that match her outfit at the time. When she's working though, she'll wear her Survey Corps Outfit uniform with the tan boots and white headband, the only variation being that she sowed on a symbol of her clan on the right part of her coat's chest.
Personality: Yua is a kind soul, but she is not gentle. Well, at least not naturally. She is one born from a big family of brothers, so she naturally learned to roughhouse, to measure people, pick and choose fights, and be intimidating... As well as she could be with the genetics she was born with. But what her brothers lacked was a hunger for knowledge that preceded her survival instincts. If there was something dangerous in the way, she didn't care. Just as long as no one else got hurt, she'd do what she could to mitigate as much damage as possible on herself, always able to get back home safe and sound. This fearless aspect of her made her quick to approach a Pokemon, even if it would outright attack her for getting too close or getting in their territory. Yua doesn't care if she gets hurt, she just wants to learn and have fun while doing it. In fact, most of her down time is spent having fun and pulling people into her shenanigans, especially if they don't seem the type to enjoy it. Being as spirited as she always was, it was a wonder she still had any energy left by the day's end. She truly was like an Aipom.
Skills: Due to her siblings all needing to learn some kind of trade at a young age, or at least learn how to use the environment around them, Yua found herself making medicines and salves to heal wounds and cure status ailments. She got so good that she can shave off an ingredient if she needed multiple of the same ingredient to make something (like she can make a Revive with just one Vivichoke and Medicinal Leek instead of two Medicinal Leeks), as her knowledge pertained to the processes that increases the properties of an ingredient. Due to learning about the environment, she can generally have an idea of what she's looking at and what baseline properties they have without experimentation. She can also make something without recipes.

Also from learning about her environment, she can live off the land without much, being able to find a spot to camp out. She can also sleep just about anywhere.

She also learned the behaviors of Pokemon, so she's able to discern if she's upset it or if they're agitated or docile before coming up to one. However, this isn't a foolproof strategy all the time, as some Pokemon may seem docile at first until there's an intruder, something she falls for all the time. However, she also doesn't seem very threatening, but that doesn't stop a Pokemon from attacking her to get her to shoo. Though, smaller Pokemon tend to strike her due her towering over them.

What she is not however, is sneaky. She is incredibly loud and it's a skill in and of itself that she's able to bring so much attention to herself, whether it be purposeful or unintentional. While she's great at keeping attention from any other sources that are way sneakier than she is, she gets in way over her head and thinks she can take something on that may be in her way. While she's a good Pokemon trainer (as she'll find out later) and has great memory when it comes to Pokemon, she's not going to be that good in the beginning. However, she is surprisingly strong for her stature and quite agile and durable due to her fights with her brothers, but she also isn't that good either, unable to continue after several short minutes of fighting as her "training" (as she puts it) wasn't as intensive.
Research Focus: How abilities and moves work, like where it comes from, how it affects the Pokemon (if it's an ability) in a natural sense, and where do the power for the moves come from.
History: Being born in Kanto up in the mountains to a large family of mainly boys, there wasn't really a "disciplining" way of life. Yua had chores, six brothers to play with and learn how to fight from, parents who taught her and protected her, but that was it. Every day though, she'd always sneak out and find a Pokemon to watch. It got to the point where she started realizing there was a whole world out there full of Pokemon. Her father - an adventurer - had received a letter to bring him and his family to Jubilife Village in a new region they dubbed Hisui, so any of their older kids and him could use their expertise in exploring the region. When Yua was sixteen, Yua's family set sail with other families from Kanto to Hisui. When they arrived, they quickly realized they needed to learn how to at least be reverent and disciplined, at least around people. Yua found this boring, so while her brothers were doing their parents proud, Yua was embarrassing them in equal measure as she went to the nearby beach - Prelude Beach - south of Jubilife Village to watch the sea and play around with any kids who were there. One day, she decided to sneak out towards the east, leaving the safety of the Security Corps (to which four of her brothers found themselves taking) and heading into the Obsidian Fieldlands.

She didn't come back in the morning, and the fear of losing one of their children startled the brothers and her father enough to head out without prior permission from the Galaxy Hall members. Turned out though she was just camping out at the Fieldlands Camp to get away from the stuffy village and had only gone so far as Aspiration Hill, having seen so many Starly and Bidoof. It was when they finally found her did they see her wrestling with a Shinx of all things, it's electrical attacks were painful but she kept going despite all that. Her brothers scared the Shinx off while her father brought her back to Jubilife Village, where she had a scolding for her behavior and the scare she brought upon the family, to which Yua gave her reasons as to why she left - she wanted to learn about Hisui while she was here. That was when she was also given a spot in the Survey Corps. Just as long as she was disciplined and was safe, she could have her own Pokemon and leave the village to learn more about the Pokemon, and was slated to be given a starter Pokemon from Professor Laventon. If Yua wanted to run off in the wilds, might as well put her to work and use that curiosity of hers to their advantage, so she wasn't some obnoxious freeloader, despite her hard work in helping those in the village.
Mr. Yamamoto - Explorer; Mrs. Yamamoto - Stay-at-home wife
Kashi Yamamoto, oldest brother (twin) - Security
Tsukasa Yamamoto, 2nd oldest brother (twin) - Security
Yoshinori Yamamoto, 3rd oldest brother - Medical
Kenshin Yamamoto, 4th oldest brother - Supply
Miroku Yamamoto, 3rd youngest brother - Agriculture
Osamu Yamamoto, 2nd youngest brother - Construction
Pokémon: Oshawott
Species/Type: Oshawott - Water
Nickname: Tanta (in Japanese symbols, Tantō means dagger or short sword, Tan means short, and Ta means rice field. Literally calling her a short rice)
Gender: Female
Ability: Shell Armor - Prevents this Pokemon from receiving critical hits, even from such moves like Frost Breath, Storm Throw, Wicked Blow, Surging Strikes, or from Merciless when poisoned.
Appearance: Due to this Pokemon's ability, this Oshawott's body is more packed with dense fur and hairs, leaving no room for weaknesses. Even his exposed skin doesn't have the same weakness points. He seems to be the runt of the Oshawotts, being 1'03" (38.1 cm) instead of 1'08" (50.8 cm), and weighing 9 lbs (4.1 kg) instead of 13 lbs (5.9 kg).
Nature/Personality: Adamant | Stubborn. That's what Tanta is. She likes to fight, she likes to run, and she likes doing things her way or the highway. A very prideful Pokemon, Tanta dislikes being told what to do unless someone shows her they are competent enough to be ordering her around. Even the slightest misuse of her "power" or any disrespect her way has her guaranteeing she won't listen next time. If it's a life or death scenario however, she will fight until her last breath. Totally not because she'll actually miss her trainer if something were to happen to her, but because she wanted to prove to herself she is as strong as she thinks herself to be. Of course, any mistake she makes she pushes the blame onto others. Despite her difficulty to listen and get along with, she just as easily finds anything anyone does as being nice or kind as a compliment to her. It's a balancing act one must traverse with this particular Pokemon.
  • Detect - Fighting | Status | Detects the opponent's next move and dodges all effects of that move during the use in that turn, including damage. If it is used consecutively, its success rate decreases.
  • Aqua Jet - Water | Physical | The user cloaks itself in water and charges at the target with increased speed.
  • Swords Dance - Normal | Status | Raises the user's offensive stats by dancing with her scalchop.
  • Night Slash - Dark | Physical | Slashing with a scalchop cloaked in dark energy, this attack has an increased critical-hit ratio.
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Name: Etsuko Joy
Nickname: N/A but feel free to come up with some lol
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Etsuko is 166 cm tall with an average build with a fair skin tone. All around she seems to have a softer look to her, with a rounded face and gentle brown eyes. Her hair is wavy and light pink, a feature that she shares with her older sister and mother. It's quite long, reaching half way down her back, but Etsuko often wears it in two low ponytails and paired with bangs

Clothing: On security corp missions, Etsuko wears the standard uniform, though has a small badge to indicate her healer status with the same emblem on her head scarf as well.


For casual wear Etsuko likes soft, pastel-like colors and is most often seen walking around in a pink kimono with an asanoha star pattern on it and white everyday pants on her.

Personality: Etsuko is a girl with a golden heart and prefers to avoid conflict whenever she can. She likes to help those she can, but often ends up being a bit of a door mat and a peoples pleaser and thus has difficulty standing up for herself and speaking her own mind. She is soft spoken, calm and does her best to think before acting.

Skills: She has knowledge on the flora of Hisui, being able to recognize berries and other useful herbs for medicinal purposes or even is they're safe to eat or not. She's very attentive to her surroundings and seems to be able to read what might be ailing or bothering a pokemon. She does her best to make herself seem friendly and as non threatening as possible towards pokemon. Stealth wise she isn't anything to write home about, but is able to hide if need be. She's also quite a good cook, always carrying some extra rice balls with her as snacks or as possible distractions to divert the attention of wild pokemon.

Research Focus: Healing, status conditions, berries and herbs and how to make different medicines. Potentially with the help of pokemon even.

History: Etsuko has pretty much lived been inside of the village walls her her entire time in Hisui and things weren't much different in Johto either, her home region. The Joy family decided to join the voyage over to this new region, dubbed Hisui, at the promise of a flourishing new region. Being only farmers they thought that their two daughters would have a better chance of becoming something greater as this was going to be a fresh start for everyone essentially and they could secure a safe role in the settlement as farmers who could cultivate food. Pestelle joined the medical team of team Galaxy and climbed the ranks to eventually become the head of the department. Etsuko idolizes her older sister and joined the team Galaxy ranks in hopes to join her sister in medical duties to help others. She kind of got her wish but didn't either.. She was assigned to become a field healer, to join research missions and help the survey corps if things start to go south.

Pestelle is happy for her younger sister and hopes that in joining the Survey corps, her sister could make some friends her age. Team Galaxy also gifted her a Happiny as a partner pokemon to hopefully help her as a field healer.

Family: Peselle, Etsuko's older sister and is the head of the medical team at the Galaxy team. She also has a mother and father with both of them being farmers and help provide food for the village.

Nickname: Chamomile or Millie for short
Species: Happiny
Gender: Female
Ability: Natural Cure

Appearance: Millie is a bit larger than the average Happiny, standing at roughly 0.7m and weighing a bit under 25kg. She has rosy cheeks which often become exaggerated when angry or irritated. One other thing to note about Millie is that the practice 'egg' she is carrying has some bandages wrapped around it as the round rock has aa crack on it, but Millie is adamant on keeping it.

Personality/Nature: Adamant - Millie, like any other member from the Chansey line, she likes to help and heal people... but dial that to eleven. Millie is adamant, sometimes outright aggressive when it comes to caring and helping others. She will not leave you alone if you do not allow her to help you. She's quite eccentric, but has her heart in the right place. Even if she can cause more trouble by wanting to help.

Disarming Voice
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Name: Tatsu
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Tatsu screenshot (1).png

Personality: Quiet, hardworking, calm, helpful.
Skills: Tatsu is blind but makes up for it with his enhanced sense of hearing and smell. He can also sense Aura, but he can't fully utilize it. The best he can do is encase his body in a thin layer of aura that is resistant to attacks. This skill is instinctive however and he has little control over it. He navigates the environment through the use of echolocation. He often detects wild Pokemon long before anyone else and thanks to his sense of smell he is exceptionally good at foraging for berries and other wild foods. Despite this, he has a tough time quietly finding decent hiding places for obvious reasons, hence the shield. He also plays an ocarina to occasionally pass the time, sometimes he'll unknowingly gain an audience of wild Pokemon.
Research Focus: Not necessarily research, Tatsu is a gatherer, collecting raw materials and exchanging them with craftsmen for the finished product.
History: Tatsu is an orphan and was a stowaway before arriving in Hisui. He doesn't remember much about the Johto Region, just that he could never seem to get along with anyone long enough to establish a friendship.
Family: Unknown
Nickname: Avani
Species: Teddiursa
Gender: Female
Ability: Pickup
  • Tackle
  • Babydoll Eyes
  • Slash
  • Rock Smash
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Previously Gamingfan2
I'd say something funny but my brain is burnt.

Name: Benkyo Taipu
Nickname: Benki
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance/Clothing:
Also this came out way bigger than I thought it would...

Not Pictured:
Height: 5'05
Skin is lighter than shown here (darn lighting, you know)
Benkyo wears binoculars around his neck, his kimono and bottoms will vary in type, and will wear his survey corps uniform when on the clock.

Personality: Studious and diligent, Benkyo always puts work first. Being in the Diamond Clan clearly shows in how he refuses to waste time, though as a result he tends to exhaust himself trying to figure out anything that may interest him. The good news is that his ingrained fear of pokemon keep him cautious enough to avoid any danger, but said caution is usually thrown out the window when sleep deprived, which is when he becomes noticeably bolder. He can go from keeping a safe distance of thirty feet to his tired brain deciding that the best way to learn about a Tangrowth's vines is to cut one off for research. While he's not anti-social and perfectly capable of talking to others, he tends to focus on his studies more than anything, and will be a tad snappy as a result of the prementioned lack of sleep. He doesn't quite carry the philosophy of "human and pokemon living in harmony" like the Galactic Corps-mainly focused on learning for the sake of curiosity-but still cares for his pokemon. At a distance. Pokemon are terrifying creatures after all.
Skills: He's knowledge in pokemon strengths and weakness, and while his battling skills aren't perfect (mostly in the quick-thinking department), he knows how or where to hit a pokemon where it hurts, or at least weaken them heavily.

He's touched up on crafting basics, such as pokeballs (duh), medical supplies (safety first!), and cakes (In case some mons are being uncooperative). So he has the survival basics down, but if things get tough, Benkyo would rather flee than risk being put in a bad spot.

Research Focus: Typing (What makes a water type a water type? How can they use moves separate from their type? Can it be altered? Etc...)
History: Born and raised in the Diamond Clan, Benkyo was just an average kid, if reserved. Most of his days were spent wandering the Mirelands and asking little kid questions to his parents. (Why is the sky blue? How does grass grow? Where do babies come from?) That is, until he came upon a battle between two Pokemon, who were fighting for territory. Though he often kept his distance from pokemon, Benkyo was pulled in by the brilliant display of elements at work. He fails to remember the name of the pokemon he saw to this day, but the battle is forever etched in his mind. After that day, he tended to search around to watch any battles, intrigued by how some unimpressive looking attacks seemed to do notable damage to some pokemon, while some fearsome attacks failed to even scratch others, and his innocent questions to his parents were streamlined into one subject. (How do Hippodown move the earth? How did the Ursaring spawn ice? Where did pokemon babies come from?)
Of course, his parents and even the clan hardly knew, so Benkyo, miffed by the lack of knowledge, intended figure it out on his own. Luckily, he heard about the Galaxy Corps from members of his clan, which solidified his plan. Someday, he would be Galactic Corp, and learn about pokemon like Starly and Combee, and how they were so terrifying in the first place.
Family: A relatively average family. His father works as a farmer, his mother is a housewife, and Benkyo is an only child.

Species/Type: Cyndaquil/Fire
Nickname: Hi (Pronounced "Hee")
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze-Increases firepower(heh) in a pinch
Appearance: Hi's fur is notably unkempt, with the top fur growing over Hi's underside, resulting a wavy pattern around his body. Aside from that, his "back burners" as Benkyo calls them, are dim, but still flicker slightly. There's clearly some activity there, just not a lot.
Nature/Personality: Mild/Often lost in thought
Despite being perfectly healthy at birth, Hi was often thought to be a runt due to how...unmotivated he was. Most of his younger times were spent laying around and sunbathing, or staring into the distance for hours at a time. While it hasn't been confirmed, some think it may have to do with him being hatched in Hisui, as opposed to his siblings. Luckily, his inoffensive nature made it easy to study him biologically...but behaviorally...there not much data to be extracted.
-Nature Power
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Born and raised in Jubilife Village,
Just wanted to let you know, Jubilife Village has only been established for 2 years since the start of this RP. We completely replaced the main character of the games. Your character would have to come from either one of the two clans (Pearl or Diamond) or a random clan/family living somewhere that do not align with them if you want them to be born in Hisui, or come from settlers who came from other lands.

History: Unknown
Can you explain this character's history please?

Pokémon: Well, hes about to begin, so none lol
We mean your character's starter Pokemon. XD The first Pokemon he'll receive within the RP.

I'm not exactly asking for daily post, I'm asking if you have the ability to do so, this is to let me know that you are able to commit to the rp and won't slow it down by not posting for several days or suddenly disappear. We wanna keep a regular pace on this and not have to wait a week to be able to move on, although we know life happens, record shows that once the rp slows down it's very difficult to bring it back up xD So if you guys are up to the challenge, I'll be more than happy to look at your bios, just let me know you're gonna try your best :3
GLITCHSKULL, can you please respond to this? If you're able to handle having or have the ability to make daily posts, whether daily rounds are made or not.
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Previously Gamingfan2
Just wanted to let you know, Jubilife Village has only been established for 2 years since the start of this RP. We completely replaced the main character of the games. Your character would have to come from either one of the two clans (Pearl or Diamond) or a random clan/family living somewhere that do not align with them if you want them to be born in Hisui, or come from settlers who came from other lands.

Ah gotcha.
Done did an edit.
Name: Shīroi Chīsanakiyo
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Boastful and shameless, Kiyo has a penchant for the dramatic, and while he may come off as confident and cavalier he’s actually deathly afraid of death
Appearance: N/A — Kiyo actually changes clothes, unlike the rest of you filthy miscreants.
Research Focus: Anything that’ll save his life!

History: Kiyo arrived in Jubilife village one year ago, starving and bedraggled. All by his lonesome, he scraped by as an errand-running, doing all kinds of odd jobs; however, in recent months the life of a fetch-boy hasn’t been enough to support the growing needs of a teenager and with no other recourse, Kiyo signed up for the Galactic Survey Corps.

Pokémon: Myrtle (Wurmple)
Gender: Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Poison Sting
String Shot
Probably doesn't rectify the situation, but I took away my avatar's aura abilities.
You didn't have to remove the aura abilities. We just wanted to know how far you were going to go with it.

I'm not exactly asking for daily post, I'm asking if you have the ability to do so, this is to let me know that you are able to commit to the rp and won't slow it down by not posting for several days or suddenly disappear. We wanna keep a regular pace on this and not have to wait a week to be able to move on, although we know life happens, record shows that once the rp slows down it's very difficult to bring it back up xD So if you guys are up to the challenge, I'll be more than happy to look at your bios, just let me know you're gonna try your best :3
As a friendly reminder, if you don't give an answer to this, you won't be accepted. You'll also have to add the Pokemon he'll be starting with in the RP. You can still RP with him getting the Pokemon, but we'd like to know what Pokemon he'll be getting to start off with.

History: Tatsu is an amnesiac and can't remember the details of his life before Jubilife was established. All he remembers is his given name.
Draco, I apologize, but if you do not at least establish where Tatsu comes from and a little bit about his history, then we cannot accept your character either. His aura abilities are fine, just as long as he doesn't go kamehameha on anyone anytime soon and if it stays as a sensing ability (which can grow stronger, but we don't need an actual Goku lmfao). Tatsu comes off as a Faller with amnesia from a temporal event similar to how Inigo would appear from the present time of Unova to Hisui, how Looker and Anabel from another dimension found themselves in the events of ORAS and USUM respectively, and from how the main character arrives in Hisui. Please establish there's no spatial-temporal tomfoolery, lmfao.
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This looks interesting, and I have been looking for something to keep me occupied on Charms. I'm interested, but I do have a question. Would single-form Pokémon be allowed as starters or not?

Edit: Bio

Name: Kei Fudo

Nickname: None yet

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Physical Appearance: Kei is a relatively tall girl, standing at 175 cm. She has curly chestnut hair, dark skin and brown eyes. Her hair is often times kept into a high bun, to keep it from getting in her face. She has defined muscles and is proud of her form, always happy to lend a hand with something physical. Although she is lacking in other areas, she doesn't mind it at all. Often times, she has dirt on her face or clothes, no matter how many time she cleans up.

Clothing: Typical Diamond clan clothes, though her sleeves are shorter than usual to account for ease of movement. When she is not on the job, she tends to wear a black tanktop covered up by a brown jacket. Around her neck, she wears a pair of goggles that are meant to protect her eyes during heavy rain or the occasional sandstorm when the local Hippowdon get a bit too rowdy, which is often.

Personality: Kei is a bundle of energy, always up and about doing something. As a member of Diamond Clan, she always wants to make the most out of each minute and rarely takes a break. She is always eager to help anyone with a smile, though she is a bit less helpful when it comes to Pearl Clan members. If one is in danger, she'll try to help, but she won't try and befriend them. After all, the rest of the clan dislikes them, so why should she stray from that? She is not afraid of Pokémon, or atleast the smaller ones. She knows well enough to not mess with Hippowdon, but often times hangs out with Psyduck or Geodude. That being said, she is deathly afraid of Parasect. Something about the sudden change in personality they had as a Paras and their blank eyes just rub her the wrong way.

Skills: Physical labor and carrying a larger amount of items. She can craft items quite well, but can't sneak to save her life.

Research Focus: Weather. (How do different types of weather affect Pokémon, how have they adapted to the weather, how come some Pokémon can create weather, how can humans use this to their advantage, etc.)

History: Born into the Diamond Clan, Kei grew up in the Crimson Mirelands, always playing around in the muck. As she grew older and learned more about the customs of the Diamond Clan, she channelled her energy into being productive and helpful, though she had a hard time stopping once she got into the groove of things. Her constant physical labour and her training in her free time has granted her quite the musculature, though that didn't mean she was immune to the elements. One day, after getting caught in the rain and catching a cold, she wondered why she got sick from the rain. After she recovered, she saw that the Hippopotas and Hippowdon liked playing in the sand and the muck, but absolutely hated the rain. Yet a more volatile weather type, like the sandstorm they made, didn't seem to bother them at all, nor did it bother any Geodude nearby. Meanwhile Psyduck and Golduck loved the rain, yet hated the abrasive sand. This made her curious about how Pokémon and weather interacted with each other, and how humans fit into this puzzle.

Family: Diamond Clan members, Kei is the oldest sibling out of five.

Pokémon: Hippopotas

Species/Type: Hippopotas

Nickname: Mochi

Gender: Female

Ability: Sand Stream

Appearance: Average female Hippotopas

Nature/Personality: Relaxed. Mochi is not the brightest Hippopotas around, preferring to eat instead of think. She only really gets active when food is involved, moving at quite impressive speeds for such a hefty Pokémon. She doesn't care what condition the food is in, it will all go down the trash chute that is her mouth. She can get quite possessive of her food, and often gnaws on new objects to see if they taste good. This ranges from a potato mochi that has fallen on the ground to a large boulder.

Moves: Bite, Yawn, Stockpile, Swallow
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Pokémon RP in a medieval setting? Yes please, I'll take! As for the posting rate, won't be able to do it daily, but I'm pretty sure I can do every 2 or 3 days. Depending on what was posted before I might actually do some days in a row.
If, for whatever reason, I fail badly, I reserve the right of "accidently" killing my OC, 'cause that's fitting for the game's setting as Captain Cyllene gently reminds us.>:D

Just need to do a little research on what people used to wear back then, just to make sure I don't use modern stuff out of ignorance (if you're wondering: no, I don't like Kimonos).
Here is my character I had a bit of fun writing him and getting into the story I have had for the backstory.

Name: Phoenix Joy
Nickname: Fire Flower
Gender: Trans Male
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: Phoenix is a short guy at 5'. He has fluffy hair that falls into his eyes often. It is shaggy with the way it is cut, in a soft but bright pink color. He has pale skin that brings out his light blue eyes. His jaw is angular and very strong looking. He tends to wear a bit of eyeliner around his eyes to make them stand out. On his left wrist he has a golden tattoo of vines wrapping around a grass stone. No one but Phoenix knows the true meaning of the tattoo.
Clothing: Phoenix tends to wear a pointed hat that curved downwards at the back. He tends to wear a long tunic that comes down to his knees in deep rich purple. Underneath the tunic he wears a pair of black leggings and black midcalf boots. He will also wear the uniform of the galaxy corps. Though he would only wear in meeting, and then it would be changed into his usual outfit.
Personality: Phoenix is a very calm person who tends to be slow to anger. Though he does not put up with much in regard to most of what others think of him. He is kind of withdrawn at times, but once he makes friends, he will much more outgoing. Phoenix loves pokemon and tends to help them when he can.
Skills: Phoenix has some psychic abilities. He tends to get feelings of pokemon and can communicate with a psychic pokemon that he bonded with. He is also really good with crafting medicines for pokemon. He also has self-defense training by a pokemon that he met when he first left home. He also has great cooking skills and tends to find the best kind of food for different pokemon. He can survive in the woods for long times as he had done so before when he was kicked out of his parents' home.
Research Focus: Phoenix wants to learn about things that different pokemon would be able to teach him. He wants to be able to learn things that other humans are not able to learn. He also wants to learn more about his psychic abilities.
History: Phoenix grew up in a small village in would have been in the Kanto region. Though before he was Phoenix, he was known as Alexandra, and was born a girl. Phoenix had never been comfortable with how he looked as a woman, so with some help of his latent psychic abilities he tapped into them at a young age, which caused his body to slowly morph into what he wanted to be as a child. Which was what he looks like now. Though because of this as he grew older, and his voice got lower, his parents started to notice and decided to go on a trip on a raft. This would have been fine, but his father threw him out to see. A starmie was the only one to have helped him in his life, by bringing him to the shore of Hisuni and thus him going into the forests of the region and study and grow as he learned to treat himself and other pokemon with what he finds in the wild.
Family: (optional)
Species/Type: Eevee
Nickname: Kit
Gender: Female
Ability: Adaptability
Appearance: She is a bit slimer then most of her species with a bit of a darker coat then most.
Nature/Personality: Kit is a very loving pokemon and can be bit excitable when around others of her kind. She is also very calm and collected like her trainer.
Quick attack
Sand Attack
Character Bio:
Rick (PLA).png
*Made with Hero Forge
Name: Rick
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: He has a slim build, standing at about 1,70m tall and weighting about 50kg, with short brown hair, light skin, and hazel eyes.
Clothing: He wears an ash tunic laced at the colar, beige trousers, and brown strapped leather boots. He also wears a leather belt with a belt pocket attached to it where he stores general items, and a vial frog tipicaly used for medicine or other substances. He'll occasionaly wear the official Galaxy Corps uniform during meetings or for other formalities, but he finds those clothes to be unpractical for field work.
Personality: He's not a very sociable individual. Unless he needs something, he'll rarely be the one starting a conversation. If no one asks, he would prefer to do things by himself. That being said, he's a very dependable person that will offer help to anyone who needs it, as well as receive help from others. Also, once he starts getting more familiar with those arround him, these interactions will start to come out more fluidly. He has a very strong sense of exploration and is very commited to his goals. He tends to keep his cool in stressful situations, and often tries to avoid confrontations.
Research Focus: None specificaly. He'll just do whatever he's assigned to do from the Galaxy Corps' higher-ups.
History: Rick had a pretty standard life up until 18, at which point his family joined an expedition team to Hisui with the intent to help with the constrution of Jubilife Village, where they would eventualy settle in and live a merchant life. While their skills in woodcrafting and tailoring proved helpful, Rick's contribution towards the village's development was... lackluster, to not say none. Not that he could do much of the heavy work anyways. Most of his time was spent in the wilds watching the nearby pokémon and exploring the surounding area, and even that was just for recreational purposes, not for actual research. He would eventually sign up for the Galaxy Corps two years later to be part of their team, where he could actually be useful at doing what he liked.
Skills: Having spent many years of his life exploring outside, he got used to both humid and hot climates. Snow and hail are a different matter though, as he never went to areas where those kinds of weather are frequent. He can make some basic shelter depending on what materials are available, but he's rather slow at making them and would rather spend his energy on something else, so most of the time he won't bother. While most of the time he'll just use the raw ingredients, he knows how to make simple remedies and potions, as well as some basic tools, tipicaly out of wood and stone. He doesn't know how to craft Pokeballs though, and fails miserably when it comes to cooking.
While he tries to avoid confrontation with pokémon, sometimes it's inevitable that he'll have to defend himself. He's above average when it comes to stealth, but a more attentive pokémon or one with acute senses will probably detect him, especialy when you add the fact that he doesn't know how to make stealth sprays or smoke bombs. He's quite athletic and has pretty good grappling and dodging skills, so he can at least fend from certain species, although he can't take much from the creatures either. Should he need it, he can also craft some basic weapons. Eventualy, he'll become very good at riding Iris, once the two can fully trust each other and the latter doesn't burn him for just trying to pet her. Surprisingly, he's not a very good swimmer.
Starter: Ponyta


Name: Iris
Species: Ponyta
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire (eventualy, she's too young to absorb heat yet)
Appearance: Her size is above average, standing at 1,10m and weighting about 40kg, though at this stage the size difference isn't much noticeable until you put them side by side.
Personality: She's a curious and very jolly pokémon that likes to run freely and explore the environment, although she can also take on a more serious demeanor when circs demand. She really dislikes to be encased, and especialy after getting yanked from the plains by the Galaxy Corps, she sees humans with a bit of distrust.
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Seems great! @Ridge your oc has a ton of skills, which is fine, just keep them at an average level though, we need people to work as a team and we got two nurses already, so for example crafting medicine won't be that necessary unless your oc is alone or without one of the two healers nearby. Making tools is great though and I don't think we have anyone who can do that, so welcome to the rp!
You guys are welcome to join still since you did post before we closed it.
I would recommend reading the rp so far so you guys can get caught up and find a way to put your characters in. If possible today latest tomorrow so we can move on.
I'll send you guys the link to discord, just let me know when you're ready for it :3