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Let's Learn to Role Play!


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So I've seen recently that a lot of you guys have been trying to start a role play, only for one of two things to happen. Either, nobody joins, or, one of the staff has to shut it down because it's not up to standard, or rules were not followed. So I thought that I'd try and help out!

Basically, how this is going to work is, I'm going to take a couple of you that honestly want to improve your RPing, and help you improve it! Hopefully, by the end of our little session together you'll have learned a thing or two and will be able to make and join RPs with the best of us.

To start, I have two ideas that we can try out. If neither of them is to your fancy, suggest your own and we'll make it into something that works!

1. The first idea is the simplest, I'll take two of you on a journey through one of the six main regions. We'll turn "Fite gem and get bage!" into "Fighting Gyms and getting Badges!" in a long RP that will have a lot of input from the two of you. Along the way, there will be opportunities for the two of you to learn how to properly lead an RP as you tell your own stories as sub-plots to the main one. If this idea gets a lot of support, we might be able to split it into several RPs, but no promises in advance, okay?

2. The second idea is a bit more complex and a lot shorter. We play a team of Pokemon that was separated from its Trainer. This would be something of a crash course, with not as much room to wander as the first idea gives us. However, I'd be able to take 5 of you along at once. This RP won't give you as much freedom as the other one would, instead we would make heavy use of this topic to discuss things as a group and decide how we want to proceed, teaching the value of teamwork and communication between players.

Don't forget, if you don't like these two, you can tell me what you'd rather do. So, how about it? Want to improve your storytelling abilities?

Present classes:
- Nitros and Firestar
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Alright. That's two people, which means discussion can begin for the first idea. I would like both of you to give me a sample of what you consider your best RPing, and also leave a short message about which regions you're okay with using out of the main six.


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Either copy/paste a post you've done in an RP, or write me an RP post so I can see where you are to begin with.
"You have brought this upon yourselves," Nix said, standing in front of the soldiers that crowded his house, "You have taken from me what I have claimed as mine and that which was under my protection, you have brought war to that which I have called home and that which my family has called theirs. You who have prepared for war, ready yourselves now for I, Nix Night, Child of the Great Entity Luna, who represents the moon and who is queen and guardian of the night, brother to Celeste, who represents the stars in the sky and who is princess and guardian of the night, declare war upon you and war upon your world!" Nix then raised his hand to the sky and the moon turned to a sickly shade of crimson, the color of blood about to drip down and consume the world, and from every corner and every darkened placed the howls and moans of every monster ever feared, every nightmare that was dreamt and every fear of the night was heard.
Kyle groaned as he hit the ground, pain echoing across his body. He looked up at his opponent, another teen, except he was radiating an aura of darkness. Kyle wasn’t an average guy either, but he hadn’t been expecting a fight like this. Vincent had been trying to stop his sister, Crystal, but Kyle offered to stay and hold him off… Looked like he had to worry about surviving first.

“Just give up already.” Vincent said, getting his attention. “The being I’ve bonded with is pure evil.” He held a hand up to the sky, and Kyle noticed that the sky hadn’t just been darkening, there was now a swirling vortex in the sky, and it was huge. “You can’t stop what’s happening now. Once my master escapes his seal completely, nothing will defeat him.” He began laughing, before surprisingly, Kyle did the same. Vincent gave him a confused look before he stopped.

“Oh, shut up.” Kyle said, grinning at him.

"What?!" Vincent yelled, staring with outrage.

“Ever since I came here, everyone’s been telling me all of these cheesy sayings.” Kyle said, shaking his head. “ 'You win through power and knowledge.' 'Good always defeats evil.' 'Nothing will stop destiny.' Kyle made a gagging noise at the last one. “Your sister is really fond of those.” He added. “And you know what? Annoying as it is, she’s right. But then, she’s a goddess on earth.” He briefly thought back to all the amazing things he’d seen her do in their travels. Things no ordinary person could do. “Me? Heh, I’m just some guy with a pair of fangs.” He said, shaking his head with a smile.

Vincent gave him a curious look, staring him down. “So you’re giving up?” he asked finally. Kyle shook his head again.

"Not on my agenda. But anyway, let me tell you something.” He said, starting to get to his feet. “Crystal always said that it was her duty to save the world. That's fine with me.” He gave a quick shrug. “I don't think I'd make a good hero, to be honest."

Vincent’s look grew more confused. "Then why are you doing this?" he asked, staring at him.

"Cause I'm her friend.” Kyle said with a smile. “Hell, by now I'm her big brother, since you clearly failed that job.” He added, frowning at Vincent, who returned the gesture. “Now don't get me wrong, I don't know a thing about all this darkness and evil. And from what I've seen Crystal go through, I probably can't beat it." Kyle’s hands tightened into fists and his power began to swell up, his irises turning bright orange. Vincent frowned at the sight of his foe regaining strength. “But-“ Kyle said with a grin before dashing forward. Vincent’s eyes widened as Kyle slugged him in the chest, his hand exploding in a blast of flame and throwing him back. “I can still keep her safe by beating you!”


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Alright then. Aaron, you're already at a pretty great place, so I might enlist your help several times over the course of the RP to help out Nitros. I do think there are a few things I can teach both of you, and, even if you don't learn much of anything from this, Aaron, it's still good practice if you still want to go through with it.

However, Aaron, you didn't state which region you were looking for us to go into. Therefore, unless you have any complaints, I'm going to move forward with Nitros' suggestion for Hoenn. This RP will run from the beginning of our Trainer's journeys. So, I'm going to give the pair of you first choice on Starters.

Who wants Treecko, who wants Torchic, who wants Mudkip?


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I need an example of your current RPing skill level Firestar. Either a post you've made in a RP, or for you to make up a post.
May walked slowly towards the mysterious cave,eyes full of wonder.
"Should I go in?"she thought.Moments passed and curiosity got the best of her ,so she headed in.
The cave was rather small but it opened up to her as she ventured on.
Finally she found the main point of the cave.It glimered with crystal from the ceiling and she could hear the rushing water of a river close by.
"This place is beautiful." she breathed.Suddenly, May heard footsteps drawing close to her.The foot steps broke in to running and she heard a male voice shout
"HEY YOU!How did you find this place?!"
May turned around to see a boy about her age with spiked up black hair.
"I-I'm sorry.I didn't know..."
The boy glared at May.
"Shut up!I don't believe your lies!Your here just to take me back!"he shouted.
"What is he talking about?"May thought.
"Take you back where?"May asked.
"You don't know?"The boy said with a hint of surprise.
" Well then,I guess I should tell you my name.My names Kent.What's yours?"he asked.
"...May."she said.Kent walked over to May.
"Don't be so shy.I'll show you around the place."Kent said warmly.


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Alright. We have two! While I get the first post up for the RP, Nitros and Firestar, I'd like you to consider making character sheets for this using this:

Identifying Marks:
Love Relationships?:
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

It'll be a great chance for the two of you to start building your characters, and will allow me to point out anything you're doing wrong with them before we get started. I won't require the two of you to make these, but I highly suggest it. In the meantime, I'll start typing up a starting post.