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Private/Closed Lily of the Valley Island Sinnoh League Tornament (Discussion chat(If your not invited don't enter)

I tend to ramble a lot so I'll try my best to make it brief and to the point.
PLOT: The annual Sinnoh league tournament of Lily of the Valley Island is well underway and you are one of the lucky trainers that have progressed to the semi finals! This means you'll be fighting in 6v6 battles to gain a place in the finals where you'll go against the winner from the other bracket in a battle for 1st! If you loose in the semi finals you'll face off against the other looser in a battle for 3rd

RULES: 1) Be fair and humble, don't have your Pokémon dodge all the moves and never faint. Basically don't God mod and accept defeat as everyone will get to battle in 2 battles whether they win or loose.
2) All the normal rules o-o ... yup
3) Your allowed Pokémon from generation 5 and 6, I only set it in Sinnoh cause I adore that season of the Anime. Mega evolutions are allowed IF they are approved by the mods and admins and that.
3.5) No fan made Pokémon, sorry
4) Please be nice, this is the first room I'm trying and I'm terrified.

ADDITIONAL INFO: You are allowed more than six Pokémon, what I mean by that is if you use one team for one battle you can switch to a different team for another battle. The way the winner and looser will be decided is ... Well ... I'm unsure but lets all be civil about it. Trainers can like communicate across the field if they shout and stuff so it won't just be pure battle (Mostly though)

Home town:
Description (Have a picture if you like)
(I don't add personality because we'll figure it out through the Roleplay)

other info:
(I don't say items or abilities as that can be figured out through the Roleplay)

So that's it, if any mods are viewing this and want to point out if I've missed anything or done anything wrong please do so :p
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Here I go!
Name: Carah Moore
Age: 19
Home town: Johto, Goldenrod City
Somewhat tall girl with dark skin, who's dark eyes are covered by her largue, black glasses. Her dark brown hari is usually tied in a braid that ends as the begginings of her back. Her body is like a traingle, with hips larguer than her bust.
(Is the one in my profile pic)

Species: Jynx
Moves: Sweet Kiss, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Psychic

Nickname: Plosh
Species: Typhlosion
Moves: Flame Charge, Dig, Eruption, Smokescreen

Nickname: Dilla
Species: Dedenne
Moves: Parabolic Charge, Nuzzle, Volt Switch, Electroweb

Nickname: Madame
Species: Liepard
Moves: Hone Claws, Night Slash, Double Team, Aerial Ace

Nickname: Colombus
Species: Tropius
Moves: Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Synthesis, Earthquake

Nickname: Nana
Species: Bibarel
Moves: Water Tail, Double-Edge, Swagger, Curse

Nickname: Kiri
Species: Girafarig
Moves: Rest, Sleepwalker, Hyperbeam, Double Team

Nickname: Titan
Species: Golem
Moves: Heavy Slam, Protect, Smack Down, Dig

Nickname: Sala
Species: Clefable
Moves: Wish, Moonblast, Metronome, Cosmic Power
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Name: Finion Charles
Age: 15
Home town: Farm outside 2 miles away from Pallet town
Description: Fin is 5'8 and has a rather thin build, not being physically strong though and weak if anything. He has a pair of square lens glasses in front of his green eyes and a grey fedora usually on top of his head. From the top of his head sprouts long mousy brown hair, it being long and reaching his shoulders.

Nickname: Sparky
Species: Pachirisu
Moves: Discharge, Superfang, Iron tail, Dig
Extra info: Fluffy

Species: Monferno
Moves: Thunderpunch, Flare Blitz, Dig, Firepunch

Nickname: Hop
Species: Politoed
Moves: Psychic, Icebeam, Hydropump, Earthquake

Nickname: Tox
Species: Toxicroak
Moves: Double team, X-scissor, Poison jab, Drain punch

Nickname :Coconut
Species: Tropius
Moves: Solar beam, Sunny day, Steel wing, Synthesis
Extra info: Shiny

Nickname: Garfield
Species: Garchomp
Moves: Stone edge, Iron head, Dragon rush, earthquake

Nickname: Gaia
Species: Flygon
Moves: Dragon tail, Boomburst, bide, Giga drain

Nickname: Spuddy
Species: Sceptile
Moves: Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Frenzy plant, Iron tail
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Name: Diana Roxwell
Age: 17
Hometown: Fallarbor town (Hoenn Region)
Description: Diana has caramel brown skin, blue eyes and black hair. Below is pretty close to how I imagine her looking (Shantae with black hair essentially lol)


Nickname: Lola
Species: Liligant
Moves: Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Petal Dance, Teeter Dance

Nickname: Desire
Species: Mienshao
Moves: Meditate, Bounce, U-Turn, Drain Punch

Nickname: Essence
Species: Frillish
Moves: Water Spout, Rain Dance, Brine, Absorb

Nickname: Beauty
Species: Cinccino
Moves: Tickle, Sing, Tail Slap, Rock Blast

Nickname: Poppy
Species: Maractus
Moves: Sweet Scent, Sunny Day, Growth, Needle Arm

Nickname: Sandra
Species: Leavanny
Moves: Sword Dance, Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor

Nickname: Lovely
Species: Serperior
Moves: Leaf Tornado, Leer, Slam, Coil
Name: Deo (While the name on his trainer card, not his actual name)
Age: 17
Home Town: Rustburo City (Hoenn)
Description: Deo stands at 5'4", shorter than most. However, his broad, sloped shoulders and typically grim expression don't reveal his age but in-fact cause him to appear even older, as if there was no further room for development, all visible remnants of childhood erased. His orange hair is straight but fluffy, extending just above his eyes if brushed slightly sideways. His attire is characterized by either cargo pants with a million pockets or sweatpants - depending on his daily preference - and a simply-designed, slightly oversized green open coat. His eyes are a dark yellow-green, but one wouldn't notice since they're covered by the thick red Go-Go goggles he's almost always wearing.


Species: Breloom
Moves: Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Drain Punch, Seed Bomb

Nickname: Porygon-42
Species: Porygon-Z
Moves: Conversion, Conversion2, Tri-Attack, Hyper Beam

Nickname: Vectis
Species: Eelektross
Moves: Parabolic Charge, Dragon Claw, Acid Spray, Flash

Species: Reuniclus
Moves: Psyshock, Protect, Recover, Trick Room

Species: Swampert
Moves: Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Waterfall, Avalanche

Species: Sandslash (Shiny)
Moves: Rollout, Dig, Sandstorm, Crush Claw

Species: Flygon
Moves: Steel Wing, Dragon Pulse, Boomburst, Draco Meteor
Alright since my thoughts and opinions have changed slightly as well as my character (Once again only slightly) could I potentially add another Pokémon to my roster? I'm asking you guys because I'm fine with not doing it if you are uncool with it and you guys can do it if you wish too. Although there is one rule and that is it can't be in the team your currently using in a battle, so that really only applies to me and Blue at the moment.