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LoN's Hospital Thread

If anyone wants the details, just ask and I'll reply here. I won't bother posting it if no one's interested; I don't consider it a major thing at all, though looking at the amount of paperwork and stuff thats been done and considering its built up over the last five years and will probably go on for longer... it might be :p


Tuesday 21st, its Hospital for me for about a week, so I expect I won't be around for at least that long. However. Awesome Hospital is awesome. Hospital has Wifi. :D Knowing me, I might appear to most of you as completely normal from an internet point of view.

Just to explain any potentially unexplained absence in the near future, really :D If you want to know why, reply here and all such gory details will be yours and everyone elses' too :p
Whatever it is, I wish you a minimum of malicious curveballs! (Awesome curveballs like "yeah, uh... it appears to have simply vanished on its own overnight" are probably ok.)
Having some metal plates in my knees removed. Plates were there to slowly bend my legs back from this: Linky

To this: Linky

So those are being removed.

Also having various procedures on my feet (which look like the bottom example here, plus you'll have to imagine that the toes are in a claw like position: Linky) to make them actually usable as feet. For now, I can walk constantly for about 30-40 mins until they start hurting intensely.

So yeah. That's my Tuesday, how about yours? xD


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You posted before meeeeeeee! Well anyway, I'm leaving my post as it was, so thar :p


Be it getting the braces removed, or something totally un-related, I wish you all the best.

WiFi in the hospital sounds awesome! I can just imagine the doctor or someone coiming in saying "It's time for your operation" and you saying, "Five minutes, I'm winning a Pokemon battle here!"
I also can't wait to laugh at myself when (if) I'm hobbling around on crutches afterwards. I'll have lots of plaster and stuff this time around and I could barely walk the last time when they put ma titaniumz in... it'll be fun :D

And being as clumsy as hell doesn't help :p
Well, I hope you come out safely and not in too much pain.

I can't actually believe that hospital has wi-fi in it. You can go on your DS while your waiting for the operation. :o

On Tuesday when I'll be doing my normal stuff (going on pokecharms) I'll be wondering "I wonder how LoN's doing now...".
I hope you come out fine, LoN. You lucky hospital-WiFi person. XD ^^ I don't trust hospitals ... and I hope your knees & feet'll be fine, too. x3
I can only say that I've been in one once, (as in being treated in one) when I broke my arm and wrist. D:

I don't like hospitals for two reasons. o.o
1. The food. Ewwww. @~@
2. My Nan died in one two weeks ago.

NOT to disturb you with the Nan bit. XD I hope you get better, and you continue to do ... erm ... stuff. :3
LoN, sad to see you're in hospital, but it's very good it's only something so minor. You had me worried there for a second. I hope the op's on your feet and knees go well, I'm sure you'll be sitting around doing nothing again in no time!

I jest :p You'll probably be doing awesome stuff, like walking. Hope you get better soon.
I am so sorry that you're in the hospital. I hope you will survive what you are in for. Don't ever forget that God and all of Pokecharms will be with you in your heart.

Also, glad you get Wi-Fi. :D
And you skateboard....?
Too clumsy for that sort of stuff :p

Cheers for all the huggles and nice messages and stuff, everyone.

I have the kind of feeling inside that you get when you know you're going on holiday/vacation/christmas/birthday on the next day. Hard to explain, but you know what I mean. I don't know why I have said feeling, although I'm not complaining. :)
Leaving tomorrow morning. Woo.

You may all breathe a sigh of relief, I'm gone for a few days :p

And also - whoops, realised that a link in one of my previous posts decided to link to somewhere other than the image... changed now. Might explain Quilava's question about Skateboarding, though why that's on a physicians site I do not know. o.o'
Had the obligatory bad night last night, but at least there shouldn't be another :)

40mg of liquid morphine didn't touch the pain, and codine/paracetamol didn't touch it either. Had the morphine pump back in and got a good few hours sleep. Pain, to put it in perspective, made me cry my eyes out and I described it as a 17/10. :'(

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I may not know you really at all, but...*hugs* That sounds like a terrible night, man. But, to look at it in a positive light, it can only get better from there. ^_^

I'm just glad that you're staying your upbeat self, cuz I think all of PC would have to sue that hospital if you weren't.

Here's hoping you recover quickly, LoN.
Oh LoN, that sounds awful! I hope the pain subsides sooner than later, it's hellish to not be able to do anything about it and not even get any sleep D:

You'll get better soon though!

People, people...

They're casts, here's a picture from their wiki page -


See? Not socks ::)

LoN can has standing skillzzz. I have just stood for 10 secs vertically :)
Sorry about being in the hospital and all of that...

It's nice to see your making the best of it, though! :D I'm sure it is nice having wifi. I'm not sure if the hospitals around where I live do or not... Anyways, good luck with everything!
5:25 am, I'll get some more sleep thanks :o

Got some more sleep, and, well...

I've now stood for over a minute and walked around my room with a frame! I'm happy, and if I keep improving I should be out tomorrow.

However. Man down. Pink cast was too tight so they've cut it in places :'( Will have to go back on Monday regardless to get it repaired, I'm edging towards yellow patches if they've got it :p

Walked around a lot more... just waiting to fall asleep now. Should be home tomorrow, if all goes as planned.
YaY! Congrats on getting of hospital. Now you should heal quickly and be fine.

Be fine I say! *shakes her fist meancingly at LoN*
I'm home (and have been for eight and a half hours), business as normal as soon as I get to my PC/PC gets to me :)

They're all upstairs, hence still on laptop.