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Ask to Join Marigold Highschool RP (Yeah I Said It)


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Asher laughed again, face going a little red. It wasn't often he got a lot of compliments like this, but he sure did appreciate the confidence boost it gave him. "Thanks man," he said with a grin. "I hope we do as well, you're a real fun guy, James." He put the other badges back in his bag, zipping it back up again. "Do you think there'll be any clubs?" Asher asked, sitting up, putting his bag down beside him. "I hope so, I'd love to be able to go to an art club or something if they have one here. Maybe they’ll have a few sports clubs as well.” He brushed his hair out of his face a little.
Jordan smiled and snickered as she settled into her seat, relaxing her shoulders and looking back toward the field, stretching her arms forward and then setting her hands back in her lap, looking out as a few people began to cross around the field, one of them looking like a rather formal woman, another looking like a coach, and many more looking like standard business casual teachers. It seemed like things were progressing normally. Suddenly, there was the sound of a microphone activating through the large speakers placed across the bleachers, and Jordan bounced a few times. "Hehe! Let's see how this ends up going down!" She said excitedly, and suddenly, someone spoke through the mic. It was the formal woman standing at the center of the football field.


"...testing... testing... Aha! There we are, working juuuuust fine! Now then!" the woman turned her head and cleared her throat. "...I am Headmistress Pine! You may call me Miss Pine for short though, Headmistress is a bit of a clumsy title to use when you're just talking to someone. Anyway, welcome to Marigold Highschool! All of you have accepted and now are here today! Now then, our marching band will play a song for you folks, just to get the school spirit pumping! I'll be addressing any questions or concerns that are common once they conclude!"
The band began to slowly march onto the field, beginning to play an upbeat march tune. The crowd lost their relative silence and began to fumble about.

(BY THE WAY, in the discussion, tell me any questions/concerns you want me to explain, and I will have Pine explain them in-universe! Hope this helps!!)
McKenzie tipped her head to one side and then the other as she watched all of Emi's reactions, it was kinda like watching a baby- she was cute. When Emi turned the question-answer relationship around, McKenzie puckered her lips and tapped her chin in thought. Obviously, this was a question that she had thought about before, unfortunately, she never came to a conclusion. "I don't know... I want to do everything." McKenzie exclaimed with a giggle. The smile never left the girl's face as she narrowed her eyes to focus but still failed to narrow her answer, "I guess I'm not super good at anything in particular. Which is fine, I don't mind. I just want to have fun." McKenzie shrugged before adding with a nod, "I can join the music club too, then we can be together!" her voice went up towards the end of her exclamation. "I guess I'd have to learn an instrument, though..." McKenzie added after a moment of contemplation.
McKenzie let out a content sigh and leaned backward, crossing her ankles to balance herself from falling over. "I'm excited. I really can't wait to begin." McKenzie spoke before turning to face Emi, "How 'bout you?" she asked. Before Emi could answer the question, however, the faculty on the field began speaking. The lead woman, the headmistress, spoke very briefly before introducing the school marching band. Miss Pine seemed like a nice and upbeat woman, which was a relief considering the reputation behind the term 'headmistress'. McKenzie watched the band with a smile, and she tapped one foot along with the beat of the cheery song. McKenzie turned her attention away from the band briefly to see what Emi's reaction would be.

James smirked when Asher turned the compliments to him, he simply nodded. Despite the silence, he was clearly happy with the comment. "Who knows." James shrugged at Asher's question, "I do hope so. I mean, there's all these different kinds of people and so I guess they probably would make clubs. I guess." James muttered the last part, realizing that he wasn't even following his own logic. James was more of a doer than a thinker. "There better be sports," James added. Of course, the boy only applied to this school because his brother had, and he didn't mind the apparent academic rigor, it's not like he paid any attention anyways, but without sports, he'd find the school miserably dull. He wasn't much good at anything else.
A slight frown took place on James' face and he furrowed his brows in tough thought. But, when the sound of a loudspeaker echoed across the field, it caught James' attention and easily distracted him. The boy's entire body perked up as he listened, repeated the speaker's name under his breath in an attempt to prevent himself from forgetting it. As the band came out, excitement flooded through James' body. His mouth dropped open into a wide grin and he jumped to his feet, hands balled into fists, before quickly sitting back down before anyone around him could tell him to. "Well- if they have a marching band, I'm sure they've got clubs and sports!" James grinned, his body bouncing to the music being played.

Theodore flinched with surprise when the loudspeaker went off, his back being towards the field he hadn't noticed the head mistress' appearance. Theo glanced behind him, gritting his teeth at the predicament he was caught in before letting out a huff and sitting beside Milo. Theo put as much space between himself and the other boy as possible, but the bleachers were fairly crowded so he couldn't completely get away. The boy fixed his clothing and listened intently to the woman's speech, granted he felt that most of it was just senseless rambling. Theodore sat straight backed and attentive, but a soft groan escaped his parted lips when the marching band was invited onto the field. Theo didn't despise music, but he did despise the offensive eruption of sound that came from live bands. Still, besides the light noise and a momentary slip of expression in which he cringed slightly, you wouldn't be able to tell at all that he wasn't a fan of the band. He just focused ahead with a straight face and hoped that it would be over soon.
Emi's face lit up at the possibility that McKenzie could join the same club as her, "that's perfect, i might need to learn an instrument too, just in case" Emi replied, she didn't even know that she was opening up. McKenzie asked her if she was excited about all this, "i mean i didn't like it here first, but-" Emi didn't realize the headmistress had finished introducing the marching band, the sudden boom of instruments made her jump a little, she turned her head at the band began marching with an upbeat tune, Emi wasn't really a fan of loud music, but she thought she could hold in the complaint, seeing as McKenzie likes the marching band's tune. Emi smiled through the uncomfortable energy, not wanting to destroy this friendship with McKenzie.

Jakob half-heartedly listened to the headmistress speech about how they were all accepted. He would much rather play on his Gameboy. When the headmistress said that the band was about to start playing, he put on his noise-cancelling headphones to listen to real music. He put on a playlist on youtube which started with "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister. As he weren't expecting another speech yet, he flicked up his Gameboy to continue on his FireRed Nuzlocke challenge. It was his fourth attempt, all previous had failed because he didn't have enough patience to grind his Pokémon. He had just gotten past Lt. Surge so he knew he needed to do the grinding anyway in order to keep all his Pokémon alive through Rock Tunnel.

His current team consisted of Charmeleon (Smoker), Gloom (Hippie), Pidgeotto (High), Diglett (Mystery), Mankey (Karen) and Nidoking (Cooper). He had tried to come up with funny names because he would grow more attached to Pokémon with funny names. Nidoking was named Cooper because of Alice Cooper's song "Poison". Diglett was named Mystery because no one knew what was underneath. He grinded his Pokémon for a few minutes and managed to evolve Mystery. Then he saved the game and shut it off as well as pausing the music to listen if anything important was said.

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"SHIIIIIITTT!!!!!!!" Jade screamed as she opened her eyes. She was gonna be late for her first day in school. She quickly jumped in to the shower and put her clothes on instantly after. She ran to her motorcycle and drove of to the campus. She came right as the headmistress started speaking.

She saw a free seat next to a guy who seemed bored. She took the seat and patiently listened to the headmistress speech but as soon as the band started playing she followed the guy sitting next to her and put some headphones on but instead of taking out a game she took out a book called "Meditations" By Marcus Aurelius. She found philosophy interesting and his ideas and look on the world and life was really fascinating.

She didn't pay mind to anything around her but she noticed the guy sitting next to her taking of his headphones so she followed his example.

"Sup bruv, name's Jade Tanner mate but you can call me Queen Elizabeth." She said with a fake important voice in the end. "Kiddin', kiddin' mate. Just call me Jade or somethin', don't really give a shit." She then reached her hand out to the guy.
Jakob got confused when the girl next to him began speaking to him. Usually, people didn't talk to him so when this girl did so he wasn't prepared for a conversation. He couldn't really laugh at the joke because of his confusion. He held out his hand to shake her's hesitantly.
"Uhh... okay. Jade. My name is Jakob" he said, not giving out too much information about himself but not wanting to come off as rude. After shaking her hand for as long he hoped to be long enough, he withdrew his hand and debated on what to do next. He would prefer not to talk with anyone and just listen to music but he'd rather try to seem like a decent human being. He decided to wait but turned his head towards the center of the football field in case the headmistress was gonna start talking again, though still listening to whatever the girl might say.
The Principal tapped on the mic a few times after the band finished their upbeat march music, and began to quickly stroll off the grassy field. The speakers sounded back up and she gave a quick opportunity to clear her throat. Jordan watched in anticipation, hoping at least a few of her important questions would be answered, as Miss Pine took the podium once again. The girl swayed back and forth, as the air around the field went stagnant and silent once again now that she was returning to speaking.

"Now then, everyone, I'm back, yes, me, Headmistress Pine. So then, here are some frequently asked questions. You came in from one of two north entrances, the first one coming from the parking lot. The two gyms are to the northmost section of the building. To the south you'll find a way to the Performing Arts Stage and the Indoor Pool, which are east of the main hall that runs through the entire building somewhat. You'll also find the elective wing that way. Then, keep going south and you'll find stuff like the math, science, and history curriculum wings. Finally, below that is the lunchroom, which is also sharing it's spot of 'southmost point' with the warehouse, the woodworking room, the computer labs, and the computer programming labs. Phone policy- we don't mind you guys using your cell phones around the school, though individual classrooms have individual policies. Dorms will be based on gender, and in the center, westmost, and eastmost of the dorms, an individual set for all four years, there are common areas for all students, that are quite large and accommodating."

She ended her answering of the questions, and Jordan gave a slow nod in response, not having much to say about the entire thing. The principal finished with one more thing-
"Your dorm number and closest common area are marked on your schedules, which you should already have sent to your emails. Everyone may clear out and take the designated path to the first year dorm building, where all of you will set up for the night. All bags and suitcases you may have brought have been stored already, so you can move in immediately. All students will have a roommate, and any who don't will be given one at soonest notice!"
Jakob finished listening to the principal's speech and then stood up to leave.
"Well, it was nice meeting you" Jakob said as he began to leave. He picked up his phone and opened the email app and sure enough, the schedule along with his dorm number was in there. He moved along the edges of the giant crowd of people so no one would get in his way. He tried to be the first to enter the dorm building but that was not going to happen. So he waited until the first giant group got in and then entered. He went to find his room immediately so he could set up his things. He got to his dorm and looked through the rooms to find which one had his things in it. Wondering who his roommate was, he started unpacking. First he unpacked his clothes and put them in a drawer and when that was done he unpacked his snacks, Switch, 3ds and gaming laptop. Then he went back out into the hall to wait for whoever was gonna be his roommate.

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Milo was infinitely amused once Theodore committed to sitting down, though in an attempt to restrain himself he settled for his typical ever-so-friendly smile. Despite that he was well tuned in to the headmistress. Contrary to what one might expect, the boy managed quite a broad attention span.

Miss Pine then introduced a marching band which began performing for them. Milo eventually started with his own highly mediocre but quite cheerful humming, mimicking whatever music that the band played. He glanced over at Theo, quite certain his peer wasn’t enjoying the show as much as he was.

Once the performance was over, attention was back on the Headmistress, and after the short bit of entertainment, Milo’s ears were once again focused. He listened diligently to wordful cartography of the school grounds as well as the few policies mentioned. After being dismissed to their dorm building, the boy finally stood up. He looked over to Theodore. “Well Theo, I guess this will be adieu for now. I’d love to stay and hang out some more but I’m hoping that if I can get there early, I’ll get first pick for sleeping arrangements” He began to walk off still facing the taller student. “Let’s hope we have classes together!” He spoke excitedly before zooming down and off the bleachers.


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Cassandra blinked at the headmistress’s speech, then pulled out her phone when the marching band began to play. She scrolled through her inbox, deleting every spam email she came across, before finding an email from the school including the details of her schedule. She chewed her lip as she read her dorm assignment. As the marching band’s song ceased, the girl stood up, hefting her book bag on her shoulder and beginning to force her way through the crowd of tightly-packed highschoolers. She turned to Rin with a grin and a small wave. “Guess I’ll be seeing you around,” she said brightly. “Probably to get you to decipher my handwriting. Seeeeeyaaaa!”