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OR/AS Mega Altaria


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Mega Altaria
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Japanese Name: MegaTyltalis
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 45.4 lbs.
Classification: Humming Pokemon

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Ability: Pixilate

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Revealed: Mega Altaria was revealed by the Coro Coro leaks on the 8th of August 2014. It was later revealed internationally on August 10th via the Pokémon Company's Youtube channel and Pokémon.com.

Additional Info: It's said that "Mega Altaria's body is enveloped in its unique feathers, which glimmer with an iridescent sheen. They have grown even larger as a self-protective measure. It sings with a voice that is even more beautiful than before it Mega Evolved. It has a sociable personality and is not timid."

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HP: 75
Attack: 110
Defense: 110
Sp. Attack: 110
Sp. Defense: 105
Speed: 80

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Mega Stone: Altarianite
OR/AS: Given by a Collector in Lilycove City, outside the Contest Spectacular Trainer Fan Club, when you show him an Altaria.

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Mega-Evolves from Altaria.

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Yay for just gaining loads more fluff :'D

I always liked Altaria, but mainly for just being a fuzzy Cotton Candy bird-dragon thing. I had one on my first playthrough of Ruby back in the day. Hopefully getting a Mega Evolution will give this fellow a boost, I can't wait to see the stats :)


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Well, that's one hell of a boost. Dragon/Fairy is an interesting type to have - gives three extra resistances (most notably to Fighting and Dark), plus a Dragon immunity, in exchange for Steel and Poison weaknesses, all on top of Dragon still being kinda overpowered :p I think Mega Altaria could be a very viable option, even in competitive. (I suspect it'll eat half of Ubers...)
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If it can Mega evolve before SR is set up it has a lot of potential to be a really annoying wall. Heck with access to Roost, it doesn't even have to worry too much about that 25% hp drop. Pixilate can make great use of Hyper Voice, but since it already has Moonblast, they could have given it a more suitable defensive ability; Assuming it's stats remain defensive in nature anyways.

Definitely the Mega I like the most between the three revealed today. And just look at that glorious fluff!

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The overfluff is... well, a bit much XD But I'm really liking that they gave it a Fairy typing along with Dragon~ And overall, I'm just happy Altaria got a Mega. ♥
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" :p
But in all seriousness, I think this could definitely boost Altaria's competitive use (just imagine combining Pixilate with Hyper Beam or Dragon Dance + Return on that thing:'| ). Plus, I now know that I'm definitely going be adding Altaria to my team since I have one that's been sitting in my PC since B2 & I've been waiting for the right opportunity to use it
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SANTA CAME EARLY THIS YEAR *Intense staring* its probably gonna be OU just sayin with that fairy dragon typing:'|………………………

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After testing this thing out with @Ruko, I'm relatively pleased with how it turned out. It's currently my favorite mega to use competitively, mostly because it's relatively versatile both defensively and offensively. That said, it does die pretty quickly against certain Pokemon (I'm looking at you, Mega Mawile), but I'm extremely pleased with its performance and I love it to bits and pieces. ♥


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Just to further elaborate on @Kyubeon above:

Altaria @ Mega Stone
Nature of Choice
- Return / Hyper Voice
- Dragon STAB or coverage
- Heal Bell or further Coverage
- Roost

Altaria excells at fulfilling exactly the role your team is missing: Pixilate gives it a surprisingly powerful fairy STAB and it comes with just enough coverage to keep opponents unsure of how to approach until all four moves are apparent [flamethrower on special, Earthquake on physical pair for near perfect coverage with either STAB alone]. Slap on the possibility of Heal Bell, and even status afflictions aren't a safe approach.
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I feel like they lacked effort on this one. It's just more fluffy and looks like a cotton ball..... My opinion tho XD
It's fluffiness...........SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! :love: Now that I know how to get the stone, my Altaria in Alpha Sapphire is really going to be useful.