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OR/AS Mega Beedrill


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Mega Beedrill
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Japanese Name: MegaSpear
Height: 1.4m
Weight: 40.5kg
Classification: Poison Bee Pokemon

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Ability: Adaptability

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Revealed: Mega Beedrill was revealed by CoroCoro leaks on October 10th, 2014 alongside Mega Pidgeot. October 10th also saw the confirmation of Mega Latios and Mega Latias.

Additional Info: The poison it produces from its four limbs all work instantaneously, yet the poison it emits from its tail is slow-acting. It uses the former to prevent its foes from fleeing, and the latter to deal the finishing blow.

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HP: 65
Attack: 150
Defense: 40
Sp. Attack: 15
Sp. Defense: 80
Speed: 145

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Mega Stone: Beedrillite
OR/AS: Sea Mauville (Following Primal Kyogre/Groudon narrative).

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Mega-Evolves from Beedrill

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Now this is what you call a mega-evolution! This is exactly what they need to do with the rest of the megas. I mean they took Beedrill and focused on the thing that makes him special ( his drills ) and then they boosted that attribute 100%! I hate to be caught in a swarm of these guys. Ouch!