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Mega Gardevoir


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Mega Gardevoir


Japanese Name: MegaSirnight
Height: 5'03" / 1.6 m
Weight: 106.7 lbs / 48.4 kg
Classification: Embrace Pokemon


Ability: Pixilate


Revealed: Mega Gardevoir was officially revealed by Pokemon.com following the release of X & Y.


Mega Gardevoir has a greatly increased Special Attack stat but also has increased Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats.

HP: 68
Attack: 85
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 165
Sp. Defense: 135
Speed: 100



Mega Stone:
X/Y: Held by a Ralts traded to you by Diantha within Cafe Soleil, Lumiose City, post-game.
OR/AS: Given by Wanda (Following Primal Kyogre/Groudon narrative).


Mega-Evolves from Gardevoir.




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I love Gardevoir as a Pokemon. I use it whenever I can. But, this thing...contemplates on all of my Gardevoir memories. This is tied with Mega Abomasnow for my least favorite Mega Evolution. It just looks...so dumb. It's just unnecessary for Gardevoir to have a Mega Evolution. And the Champion has it? Really? It's not bad at battling, but it just looks so dumb.

StellarWind Elsydeon

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Gardevoirs are not human. They do not give a shit about what humans consider masculine or feminine. I don't think the males would give a particular damn about being a bit poofier than usual - but I'm not going to get into this rant again because it's too early in the morning for me to get that pissed off.

That said. Mega Gardevoir looks much better as a shiny than it does normally - but frankly, the stat boost augmented by Pixilate Hyper Voice makes appearances kind of moot. Sound moves have this lovely ability to break substitutes and that alone makes it deadlier than Moonblast even with the 5 points of lower base damage.

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Whoa. Drop the caps, calm your Paridae... and learn to spell 'Game Freak' and 'make'. Actually judging by a few other posts of yours, learning to spell in general will go a long way.

Second, a Mega Gallade would definitely be interesting, but isn't really relevant to this thread.